How to Wash Hair With Extensions (Easy Steps)

how to wash hair with extensions

You are advised to wash your hair extensions each 15 to 20 years or so, depending on how many items you use. Keep in mind, since hair extensions are not really attached to the skin of your head, they are not as smooth as your regular hair and should not be washed frequently later. That …

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5 Ways to Protect Your Hair Extensions While Sleeping

5 ways to protect your hair extensions while sleeping

As a beauty enthusiast, you would like to stay in healthy, silky, and smooth hair. It depends on how to take proper care of your hair. Most of the people spend their full day working outside. So, their hair will become rough and smooth for the whole day’s pressure.  In this case, nighttime is the …

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How to Make My Pandora Bracelet Shiny Again

how to make my pandora bracelet shiny again

On my last birthday, I received a beautiful Pandora bracelet from Ben. It was nicely designed with tiny charms and beads. After using it for a long time I removed it and simply store it in my jewelry box. But after a few days when I get that to wear at a party, I found …

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How to Clean Pandora Bracelet with Baking Soda

how to clean pandora bracelet with baking soda

It was really shocking for me when I found my most favorite Pandora bracelet become tarnished. I was planning to wear it at my best friend’s wedding. It matched my bride mate dress so well. I decided to buy a new one for this special occasion. At this point, my mom helped me with her amazing idea …

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How to Clean Pandora Charms At Home

clean pandora charms

It is heartbreaking for anyone to find the favorite jewelry dull or tarnished. Definitely, you can take your pandora charms to a professional for cleaning. But it won’t be possible for an emergency. So it is better to learn to clean your charms, bracelets at home. Many of us didn’t dare to clean them at …

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How to Make Extensions Look Real in Short Hair

how to make extensions look real in short hair

Hair extensions can enhance your beauty by adding volume and length to your short and thin hair. But the most important thing you should remember while applying them is they must look like your natural hair. You may use hair extensions for your own reason but you don’t want to expose them to all. Blending …

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Do You Need a License to Do Hair Extensions

do you need a license to do hair extensions

Hair extensions are growing famous due to trendy stars who change their appearances every other week from shorts to great longer locks. Now, hair salons need skilled people who can accustom their skills to match the increased demand for this field. So do you need a license to do hair extensions? Yes, you just have …

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How to Protect Eyelash Extensions When Sleeping

how to protect eyelash extensions when sleeping

There are specific points to have in mind when it comes to eyelash extension aftercare and sustenance. One of the difficult things to manage after eyelash extension is to protect eyelash extensions when sleeping. Eyelash extensions are safe to sleep with. You should sleep on your back if you want your eyelid extensions to last …

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Hair Extension Color Chart: How Do You Know What Color to Get?

hair extension color chart

The secret of a soft and natural-looking finish with hair extensions is to match the color of your natural hair with your hair extensions. Although it may appear to be a complicated process from selecting a hair extension color chart, especially when looking at colors online. But it’s not that much difficult. It is crucial …

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