How Many Volts Is an AA Battery And How to Check

Double-A batteries require several cells chemistry. Being sure of cell variations, AA battery is considered its voltage. The standard nominal voltage onsets from 1.2 Volts to 1.5 Volts. But, 1.5 volts is highly recommended to jump the maximum number of AA batteries. Once the battery can be discharged down to 1.35 volts. 

This info is a little bit to focus on this topic. Are you willing to know the details? We come here to represent all essential data about AA battery voltage. First, find the major point in this tutorial then others. Let’s get started. 

how many volts is an aa battery

How Many Volts Is an AA Battery?- Details

The AA battery is also known as a double-A battery and comes with a standard size single cell. These batteries are useful portable electronic devices. The AA batteries are designed for a single electrochemical cell. They can be either disposable or rechargeable batteries. Multiple chemistries are used to construct. Depending on the cell chemistry, the AA battery requires the exact terminal voltage and capacity.

The manufacturer designed the AA cells that will take 1.2 to 1.5 Volts. But, most of the standard double-A batteries can move on 1.5 volts of power. After using it frequently, the voltage may be down. It goes to drop under 1.35 volts. This seems to be a dead battery although it still has an amount of power. 

How to Check the Voltage?

By using the voltmeter it is extremely easy to check the voltage of an AA battery. The basic voltage of a double or triple-Alkaline battery is 1.5 Voltage where Athe A rechargeable battery has 1.25 Volts. Before checking the battery, you should know this information. Now, turn on the voltmeter and set it on DCV. Take it far from the specific battery voltage. 

Generally, if you put the red probe to the battery’s plus (+) end and the black probe to the battery’s flat side minas (-) end, you get a reading on the voltmeter in front of you. Sometimes the reading can be more than 1.3 volts. It happens for maximum alkaline batteries, not rechargeable batteries. For this reason, an alkaline battery has left some juice. On contrary, you need to discard it soon

However, a typical AA battery continues working for at least 240 minutes of powering a remote control. For powering small speakers, it will end after 95 minutes and 38 minutes using an RC toy. You enjoy a 1.5v charge from AA/AAA batteries that can be discharged down to 0.6 volts.  

So, there is no confusion that the proper starting voltage of AA or AAA alkaline & Zinc–carbon cells is 1.50 Volts even though many alkaline cells jump from 1.6v to 0.9 volts. So, alkaline cells come with different voltages but 1.5v is highly used. Its cycle life is 80% of 1.5 volts. 

On the other side, the NiMH along with NiCd cells will be able to provide 1.2 volts that are their cycle life. Plus, NiZn cells have 1.60-1.65 volts. 

Get a clear-cut idea? Look at the comparison table of several AA battery voltages. 

Chemistry / IEC NameNominal Voltage Rechargeable 
Zinc–carbon / R61.50 volts    No
Alkaline / LR6 1.50 voltSome
Li-FeS2 / FR6 1.50 voltsNo
Li-ion / R15/503.60–3.70 voltsYes
NiCd / KR61.20 voltYes
NiMH / HR61.20 voltsYes
NiZn / ZR61.60-1.65 voltsYes

What is the Minimum Voltage for AA Batteries? 

The minimum voltage for AA batteries is 1.5 Volts. AA batteries are different types. Among those rechargeable AA batteries are more familiar than lithium batteries because of lengthy usage features. Even though it’s comfortable. Though AA lithium batteries are not rechargeable, they are powerful enough and suitable for long-term use. 

Maximum AA batteries are the exact choice for quicker term use in high-drain as well as low-drain equipment. From digital cameras to smoke alarms, a AA lithium battery is used. It has long-lasting cells of more than nine years and short leakage trouble. Plus, alkaline batteries are affordable and ideal for home devices. 

How Many Volts Are in a AAA Battery

The AAA battery or triple-A battery is quite similar to the AA battery proper size of a dry cell battery. Most of the AAA batteries are used in low-drain small electronic devices like double-A batteries.

Generally, Alkaline batteries AAA batteries have an initial voltage of around 1.5V that is higher than Panasonic Eneloop Its AAA batteries may have a proper voltage of 1.2Volts lower than others. But, these are awesome to maintain a proper discharge rate like 1.0V.

Appliances and devices also offer standard AAA batteries. Those batteries ensure a good voltage range that is 0.9 to 1.5V. Although Alkaline batteries provide a higher range of voltage, they will lose it quickly after use over time. 

Want to get a straight-cut answer to several AAA batteries voltage requirements? Yes, you would like to see the table below. 

ChemistryIEC nameAverage voltage (V)
Zinc–carbonR031.5 V
AlkalineLR031.5 V
Li-ionAAA3.7 V
NiMHHR031.25 V
NiMH  ½ AAA1.20 V

At What Voltage is a AA Battery Dead

Each battery maintains a limited voltage. It starts from the battery’s active to discharge level. Discharge means that it reaches an end voltage or becomes dead. So, end voltage indicates the specific number of voltage and cells which are already drained. When your battery voltage, as well as cells, is lost, this battery is not capable of storing enough charge so also fails. 

Many batteries are rechargeable but you don’t charge them as many times as you need. Once it can be dead due to numerous drainage. Alternatively, electronic gadgets are designed to ensure a particular voltage. That is why the battery fails. Do you think what’s the amount of voltage for any compact device? 

The answer is very simple, just from 1.0 volts to 1.1 volts. Sometimes this amount can be dropped and goes down to 0.9 volts. But, a typical battery that means an alkaline battery has a nominal voltage charge is 1.5 V. If you have a brand new AA battery, it will start at 1at .65 volts depending on the quality.

No matter what, it also has an end voltage. It is considered dead while reaching the amount of 1.4 volts. Occasionally, the device has an end voltage and allows you to maintain a longer period using a good battery. 

What’s the nominal voltage of rechargeable batteries? It will be 1.2 volts. But, at the time of fully charged level, it may reach 1.65 volts maximum charge. When is it dead? 

If rechargeable batteries voltage goes down less than 1.2v along with reaching their 100% depth of charge. Ultimately, end voltage is sure of the chemistry of batteries as well as devices that are used. So, End Voltage considers many factors. 

At What Voltage Should a 1.5 Volts Battery be Replaced

Don’t think that 1.5V is the end voltage or becoming a dead battery. If the voltage of Athe A battery or 1.5 volts battery is less than 1.3v, it will reach a discharged state. Yes, you can say it’s dead. This type of battery doesn’t work properly and does not adjust any device. In this case, you should replace it soon. 

Some Final Words

At this moment we have reached the bottom line. This article provided information on how many volts is an AA battery. Plus, other important things that you expected.

Be sure the AA battery’s standard voltage is 1.5 volts. When you use it frequently, the amount may decrease. Once goes down dead in the cycle. The common thought is that when it reduces 80% of the main volts, it reaches the dying state.

So, enjoy your gadgets by using AA batteries!

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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