Best Cushioned Treadmills: What Defines the Perfect?

Published on: April 19, 2022
Written by Camila Avery / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Is it mandatory for healthy people, as well as the skinny to jog on the treadmills for better health? Does the cushioning system depend on the price range? Running shoes better than finding a cushioned treadmill?

Such questions always arise in customers’ minds to navigate popular treadmills listed online and offline, especially in case of burning excessive fat from body. From the overall concern analysis, manufacturers have produced such good and less quality cushioned treadmills and you only have to keep as much as possible tension on your joints and feel free to run by maintaining speed and as per the pulse rate too. 

best cushioned treadmill

For getting the best shock-absorbing pads integrated and properly cushioned decks and ridges, you have to remember a thumb rule. The higher the cushioned treadmills price, the better the quality you can avail by sophisticated technology and the paramount systems, for instance, suspension and Elastomer with a rubber grommet. Even programmable workouts are well-organized on a cushioned treadmill. 

Therefore, for our prospective customer’s concern, we have experienced and in detail informed all experiences intending to assist in a quality workout equipment purchase. Let’s reach the pinpoints of different cushioned treadmills for a fair and relaxed exercise regularly.  

What Defines Cushioned Treadmill the Best? 

Belt Material 

Ranging from soft to rough, belt materials vary in different categories according to fabrics. If you are aiming for strong outdoor simulations, strong fabrics are a must to get used to. In contrast, if it is for a softer and smoother choice, then a stable and soft material-made belt is the smartest one for every footfall.

Besides shock-absorbent fabrics, belt layers you must not forget to check before purchasing. Not only cheaper but there also are multiple expensive treadmills that have a single-ply belt in their construction. Even faster, smoother and more durable construction you will get inspired for jogging. 3-4 plys are also better and robust and there is nothing left to do with any arguments against the featured materials. 


What are ridges? Well, this is a feature to help treadmills in folding and stand against a wall with a soft drop system, in particular, this is a treadmill elevating feature. However, the entire ridges are designed to allocate the super fast impact of a workout, for instance, running or jogging, which assists in preventing joint damage along a wide surface. 

If you are a prospective user, have a closer look at the edges that the edges are properly flat or elevated. Elevated extents are completely cushioned with overall shock absorption pads. 

Shock Absorption Pads

As the shock-absorbing treadmills require heavy maintenance in terms of providing comfort and convenience to the user’s footfalls. In fact, after 150MPH running, some of the reputed manufacturers advise that the treadmills should be repaired after a long term of usage. 

Varying on the models, air shocks are available instead of springs to absorb shocks and pressure from your body parts, especially you’re back. The landing spots and take-off may be the positions to deploy shocks, in fact, such cases need high-end Bowflex integration with machine design. 

Adjustable Cushioning

Some well-established and generous suppliers completely provide adjustable cushioning systems in terms of perfect exercise. If you are a NordicTrack user, you would have experienced outdoor walking with a breeze, especially on an outdoor track by continuing on a comfortable running surface.  

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cushioned Treadmill?

Cushioned treadmills offer several benefits for those looking for a comfortable and effective workout. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Reduced impact: Cushioned treadmills have a softer deck that helps absorb shock and reduces the impact on joints, especially knees and ankles, reducing the risk of injury.
  2. Improved comfort: The cushioning system provides a more comfortable workout experience and reduces muscle fatigue, allowing users to work out longer and more effectively.
  3. Better posture: The soft surface helps maintain a proper gait and posture, reducing the risk of strain and injury.
  4. Increased stability: The cushioning system provides a more stable base, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  5. Reduced noise: The cushioning helps reduce the noise level of the treadmill, making it a better option for home use.
  6. Better shock absorption: The cushioning system helps absorb shock and reduces the impact on the frame, extending the life of the machine.
  7. Improved performance: The softer surface helps reduce muscle fatigue, allowing users to work out longer and more effectively, resulting in improved overall performance.

In conclusion, cushioned treadmills offer numerous benefits for those looking for a comfortable, safe, and effective workout.

Which Treadmill Has the Best Cushioning?

Treadmills Cushioning Technology Supporting Weight Material Running surface 
Advenor 8 layers Elastomer 250 pounds 3-ply 47.3″ L x 17″ W
3G Cardio 5-layers Orthoflex 400 pounds 1-ply 22″ x 62″
Sunny Health and Fitness 77505-layers Elastomer250 pounds 3-ply 51” L x 19” W
NordicTrack T Series Flex Select 300 pounds 3-4 ply 22” x 60”
NordicTrack 2450 Orthoflex400 pounds 1-ply 22” x 60”
Sole Fitness 580 Flex Whisper Deck 400 pounds 1-ply 33 x 80 inches
NordicTrack 1750 Flex Select350 pounds 1-ply 22” x 60”

View Our Top 7 Cushioned Treadmills Details-

1. 3G Cardio Cushioned Treadmill


Weight 110 pounds 
Supporting weight 400 pounds 
Speed rating 5-12 MPH 
Horsepower 4
Running surface 22″ x 62″
Display 8”
Incline 15%
Shock cushions 5 layers Orthoflex 

Running surface: 22″ x 62″ wide and lengthy running area to maximize your jogging and reduce the slippery-caused accidents within a moment. Moreover, such a platform, fortunately, provides enough amazing workout experiences in the long run.

Motor: Unlike the previous cushioned treadmill model, this one comes with a high-powered motor to drive the entire treadmill system along with better control through the in-built programs. However, a 4HP motor may create noise, yet it is at the beginning of your task. Accelerate and 1 MPH in 1.5 seconds we have tested during a regular workout. 

Incline: Though the incline feature you can use and reach it manually at 15% and in between 5 inclination levels is 2%, 3%, 4.5%, 6%, and 15%.

Suspension system: Its cushioned deck is quite different in terms of integration with different suspense systems. It is an Ortho Flex Shock suspension mechanism which is a combination of an external spring and an internal shock-absorbing system. Not only creates the utmost cushion under the desk but also a 13mm thicker belt to let the user perform in a more comfortable area. 

Runner console: This feature never lets you get bored or overwhelmed during your turn to select in-built programs. The 3G Cardio manufacturer has programmed 8 regular (pre-programmed courses) and 2 customized options with single touch speed and elevation settings. 

Built-in speakers: For sophisticated workouts, Bluetooth speakers let you enjoy music, even by connecting your mobile phone or tablet to the left corner holder. 


  • 0-15% incline settings;
  • High-speed range;
  • Heavy-weighted and maximum user weight support;
  • 10 programs;
  • Continuous duty motor;
  • Powerful. 


  • Non-foldable;
  • Hefty-priced. 

2. Advenor Cushioned Treadmill


Weight 110 pounds 
Supporting weight 250 pounds 
Speed rating 14 MPH 
Horsepower 3
Running surface 47.3″ L x 17″ W
Display 5” 
Preset Programs 64 
Shock cushions 8

8-layer cushioned: In our first multifunctional cushioned treadmill category and to exceed your expectations, keep running on Advenor cushioned treadmill. Also, it is a light-commercial treadmill to let you run until one day you can enjoy inseparable eating and sleeping in life. 

What makes it stand first among other cushioned treadmill choices? Well, as per our treadmill review topic, it has an 8-zone cushioned mechanism to secure your bad joints painlessly on each footfall. Including zero noise protection, your attitude should turn it to start with a 15mm belt, enough depth of mat, steadiness, and rubber or elastomer integration makes it more powerful for applying to every type of jogging.

Speed range: Advenor manufacturer has mentioned that it can drive the system, as well as compose your fitness, you can accelerate the speed power ranging between 0.6 to 14 miles per hour. Isn’t it enough? We hope much better than expected.

Running surface: 47.3″ L x 17″ W and this is approximate according to our experience. However, this long-running area has been cushioned with a thicker rubber belt to bring good impacts on your joint and knee portions. And yes, if you 

have previously doctor operated anybody counterparts, nothing can beat the optimization with its Elastomer power in terms of durability and flat, yet thicker surface based on treadmill OrangeTheory.

User weight support: Fortunately, we have tried with our most fatty team member to lose his weight which was more than the manual mentioned, and guess what? It could successfully optimize 280 pounds.

5” transparent monitor: A large, backlit 5” LED monitor has been integrated to give the exact reading, for instance, real-time speed, distance, heart rate, and weight loss issues. 

Motor: Though we have measured the horsepower and it turned up to 3HP and reached 3.2HP within a moment, let’s take control over starting 50DB sounds. 

Soft drop system: It has an in-built feature to lower its overall machine down to the floor in a gentle process. However, the soft drop mechanism continues with the hydraulic capacity to ensure the safety of the folding and hands-free folding. But placing a thick mat gives genuine steadiness to your no-time exercise. 

Sensitive pulse sensors: Want to start or stop? With a convenient speed button to get easier time shut down and effortless start to its programs, in-built sensitive pulse sensors are there on both of the handrails at your service. 

64 preset programs: A gentle collaboration with the iFit application, there is a wide range of trainer efficient programs for your regular fitness chart.

3 manual incline position: Adjusting different inclines, for instance, 2%, 3% and 5% to build different jogging strengths on the different areas integrated cushioned deck to diminish the knee injury caused. 


  • Perfectly assembled;
  • High-speed range;
  • Multi-purpose in-built programs;
  • Sensitive pulse sensors;
  • Soft drop mechanism;
  • Transparent monitor;
  • 3 manual incline settings. 


  • Nothing noticeable. 

3. Sunny Health & Fitness 7750 ASUNA SpaceFlex Electric Treadmill 


Weight 127 pounds 
Supporting weight 250 pounds 
Speed rating 0.6 – 8 MPH 
Horsepower 2.5
Running surface 51” L x 19” W
Material Aluminum body and Alloy Steel frame 
Programs 8 in-built and 3 customizable 
Shock cushions 5-layers Elastomer 

Material: Though this is a heavy-weighted treadmill weighing at least 130 pounds with 250 pounds maximum user weight support, it has an Aluminum body and Alloy Steel frame in its construction. Steel brings no corrosion until it gets expired to its date, and Aluminum makes it lightweight with a foldable option.

Structure: Not only the soft drop system but also thick materials under the desk has been applied for better cushioning. Counting 5 zones of elastomer to reduce slippery workouts and increase comfortable and compatibility of the treadmill for any aged users. 

Handrails: With a 51” L x 19” W workout area, handrails are too rigid to let you grip while you are on the fastest mode of exercise. Moreover, it assists in getting on and off of the treadmill with automatic sensors attached in different handrail areas to place feet safely, in fact, opens floor stabilizers and emergency stop clips to control everything during workouts.

Foldable design: Soft drop system not only helps in treadmill floor placing but also assists textured handrails to get folded and transported with a paired set of wheels. However, it is compatible in itself by folding completely flat and storing against a wall or a flat surface.  

Connections: Like other treadmills, it has 8 in-built functions and 3 user customizable programs you will enjoy like we have had, including Bluetooth stereo and remote controlling functions. However, you can only chat or play music with friends until it becomes dead unless the battery gets charged. 

Speed rating: Its super soundless motor can raise speed up to 8 miles per hour, including a remote controlling option that we have enjoyed a lot. There are incline buttons too to collaborate your comfort programs. 


  • Sturdy, yet lightweight body and handrails;
  • Durable;
  • Powerful motor;
  • Versatile controlling options;
  • Wide running area;
  • Customizing option. 


  • Found nothing. 

4. NordicTrack T Series Cushioned Treadmill


Weight 110 pounds 
Supporting weight 300 pounds 
Speed rating 12 MPH 
Running surface 20” x 60”
Material Steel 
Preset Programs 12 
Shock cushions Flex  

Cushioned Deck: Integrated with 8 layers of Flex select type thick mat under the desk to absorb body shock with huge pads. If you have an earlier joint or ligament operation, then you can easily run over the deck as it absorbs the highest shocks. Specially curved design as per the foot structure for complete satisfaction on each footfall.

One-touch incline control: Though mentioned about 12MPH, we have experienced a bit more than that edge. It is a smart one-touch speed control tech that brings automated power in collaboration with iFit trainers to auto-adjust sessions, as well as the speed too.

HD LED touchscreen: Compared to other treadmills’ LED screens, it is a 14-inches interactive touchscreen that has streamed all our on-demand fitness programs powered by iFit.

However, the feature brings easy stats tracking, as well as you can enjoy a smart response motor for impactful jogging and cardio training. As the screen size is bigger, you can enjoy big-screen reading of time, distance, calories burned, and pulse rate as it has console programs regarding the themes. 

Wider tread deck: 20” x 60”, and suitable for more than 6 feet taller joggers, in fact, wider running areas and steps get stronger, especially for professional purposes. 

5 individual exercise profiles: Interval training, Yoga, cross-training, Begii, Bootcamp, and some customized trainers offered workouts.


  • Google maps functioning system;
  • Bigger touch screen for live interactive training;
  • Stat tracking;
  • Multiple users and equipment;
  • Durable and enough cushioned deck. 


  • Expensive;
  • Slippery belt. 

5. NordicTrack Commercial Series 2450 Cushioned Treadmill 


Weight 100 pounds 
Supporting weight 400 pounds 
Speed rating 12MPH 
Horsepower 4
Running surface 22” x 60” 
Display 14” LED touchscreen 
Incline percentage -3% to 15% 
Shock cushions 6 layers Orthoflex 

Heavy cushioned suspension system: another Orthoflex suspension mechanism integrated cushioned deck for professional purposes, for instance, Athletic training, Marathons and similar sports people use it carefully. Sturdy and flat surface with a minimum 16mm thicker mat under the desk to let yourself positively affect joints. 

-3 to 15% inclination control: As per our experience, accelerate up to 12MPH speed control with a single touch on your profile. Its 14” LED touch screen allows users to take control over all in-built programs including an auto-speed adjust button on the right corner of the enlightened screen. 

Innovative space-saver design: This is not a soft drop system that will let your treadmill automatically fold and save space and again unfold during your workout period. Such an easy automated sensor applied folding design to save your home space and stand against your room wall. However, a tread belt for elbow and leg space will be noticeable to you for maximum fitness flexibility in its design.  

Multi-pose live training: Not only does the broader screen let you get identified and started workout with world-class trainers but also lets those trainers control your tread belt speed. In short, this is a studio class coming home. 


  • Full body training facility with in-built programs;
  • Studio classes come home;
  • Automatic trainer control;
  • One-touch speed acceleration and control;
  • 14” smart HD touchscreen;
  • Folding space-saver design;
  • Better inclination. 


  • A few preset programs;
  • Not fully assembled. 

6. Sole Fitness F80 Foldable Cushioned Treadmill 


Weight 140 pounds 
Supporting weight 400 pounds 
Speed rating 0-12 MPH 
Horsepower 3
Running surface 33 x 80 inches
Display 7.5”
Preset Programs 10
Shock cushions Bowflex 

Cushioned Deck: Unlike other cushioned treadmills, it has an 8-zone of Elastomer under the desk to absorb your body shock. Such body shock absorbing pads are popular, in fact, before manufacturing heavy-weighted treadmills, such 5 or 8 layers of cushioned Bowflex deck reduces affect more than 40% on your joints and knees compared to running on other Asphalt included running devices. 

Continuous duty motor: It is a 3HP drive motor, though not that compatible to run a big treadmill instantly, a good thing is it does not create sounds at all. 

Material: All Sole Fitness compact treadmills are outfitted with powder-coated Steel which is Alloy Steel to make it anti-corrosive. Even all Steel welded frames in their construction including handrails sensors make it heavy-duty and stable inclines until it reaches 12% from 1%. Its Zinc-Steel coated flywheel becomes a well-balanced and quiet, vibration-free running surface.

Folding deck design: For small spaces either in a gym or inside your home, it features a special folding deck design. Not only allows you to step back and unfold the deck but also tunes to fold position itself. 


  • Hand pulse grips;
  • Wireless chest strap;
  • 6 standard programs;
  • Cooling fan;
  • A large stop switch;
  • Armest speed and incline controls;
  • Low profile running hood. 


  • Difficult to assemble;
  • Hefty-priced. 

7. NordicTrack 1750 Commercial Series Cushioned Treadmill


Weight 150 pounds 
Supporting weight 350 pounds 
Speed rating 12 miles per hour 
Horsepower 3.75 
Running surface 22” x 60”
Display 10”
Preset Programs 50 
Shock cushions Flex Select 

The personal training facility at home: Though the screen size is similar to other cushioned treadmills which are only 10”, you can enjoy workout training with world-class lead trainers. They can not control only your screen and speed but can optimize the workout profiles also to make you fit. However, it has unlimited programs based on your demand, yet we have experienced 50 at least including high-energy Live streaming videos on Yoga, Begii, internal workout, and more. 

Smart response motor: From the 3.75HP responsive motor, it has enabled you to start off the entire device instantly with zero effort. Moreover, no noise and no vibration until you complete and during a workout. Equipped with different area-attached cooling technology and engineered to support a wide range of cardio training by auto-measuring weight, calories burned capacity, compatible running speed, and time. 

3% to 15% incline control: Ranging between 3% to 15% by auto incline matching technology including 12MPH speed rating adjustment collaborating with the iFit application.   


  • Flex Select cushioning; 
  • Autobreeze workout fan;
  • Durex commercial plus motor;
  • High-range incline matching;
  • Wider and longer running surface;
  • Spacesaver design.


  • Hard belt;
  • Less weight carrying capacity;
  • Hard to assemble. 

FAQs About Cushioned Treadmills

Any Feasible Ways to Turn a Treadmill into a Cushioned Treadmill for Home Applications?

As per our experience, we have applied 2 procedures intending to a shock absorption or a cushioned treadmill for home use, such as employing a shock absorber or placing a shock-absorbing mat under the desk. 

However, these 2 ways of effectiveness rely on their placing skill unless it will not work entirely to absorb shocks. Besides, there are shock-absorbing treadmill-compatible shoes for top-notch jogging. 

Can Cushioned Treadmills Reduce Joint Pain During Running?

Yes, cushioned treadmills can reduce joint pain during running by providing shock absorption for the joints. The cushioning helps to reduce the impact on the joints, reducing the risk of injury and discomfort during exercise.

How Cushioning Works?

In particular, a running area of the treadmill has a multi-ply workout belt in its construction, even if it is over a .75″ or a 1″ thick solid wood deck. However, manufacturers keep the deck over the Elastomer rubber grommets on its Steel made frame top plate. 

Designed as a variable cushioning which is formerly popular as variable durometer elastomers. Particularly, in 3 main areas of a treadmill, for instance, the stride impact zone in the deck front, the firm push-off zone located at the machine’s back, and the mid area the transition part. 

Any Need to Avoid Shock Absorber?

We have given trials with both cheaper and expensive treadmills which have either shock absorber pads or not. Generally, a cheap treadmill has outside angle broads in its construction with a Steel frame evenly, however, turns every footfall subtly curl. Read more: Best Treadmill Options for Low Impact Training During Injury Recovery

Instead of creating volumized footsteps at each fall, it can increase back pain and previously happened injuries by the workout time as if these are skimping on overall cushioning. In terms of weighing heavy like our enlisted cushioned treadmills, cheaper ones are lightweight and the entire frame shakes continuously with the running.  

Final Thoughts 

Cushioning is a treadmill’s of the best feature to let you enjoy safer and more effective workouts in no time, yet this is not good to decide on purchasing one model based on it. However, in the case of previous persons who gained too much weight recently, cushioning is perfect on a treadmill, no cushioning is bad at all including device lasting time. 

If you want an impactful limb exercise with better deck technology, then no compromise should be carried with it. Considering all possible situations of our prospective users, we have enlisted such well-informed cushioned deck tech integrated treadmills for utmost running applications. 

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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