7 Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Interior Walls

Published on: May 27, 2023
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Painting is fun. Creating colorful work is amazing to do. Not everyone can do it. For decades people have been using brushes and rollers for painting. But it takes a huge amount of time. People often get tired. The painting cannot be done evenly using these. Droplets of paint stain floors and create a huge mess.

So how to get rid of it and create a sleek painting? It is the time of innovation now. Every day science and technology are advancing and giving us the latest gadget. Advanced technology has made our life easier. Painting is no different than that. To make painting more efficient and revolutionary, special machines have been produced. They are known as airless paint sprayers or paint spray guns.

best airless paint sprayers for interior walls

If you are passionate about painting or involved in the painting industry, then a paint sprayer is a very familiar name to you. This latest invention has changed the style of painting. Large instruments and buildings are painted by using these. People are doing this heavy work productively and effortlessly. 

Airless paint sprayers produce a divine result by enameling bare surfaces and the most detailed portions firmly. This automated machine has helped anyone to work in the painting industry. 

You can be a successful DIY worker just with the right model of paint sprayer. All you have to do is to go through the following list to choose the best machine.

What to Look for in an Airless Paint Sprayer


These are basically specific equipment. There are little “feet” supporting the sprayer, and usually, once a handle or some of its analogy is occupied for a normal car. Other airless paint sprayers, for the most part, are used in large locations or for specialist use, with wheels that make it easier to place the sprayer where you really want it. Handheld paint sprayers do not have different casings.


The engine power of the airless paint sprayer is significant, because for the most part, the more impressive the engine, the thicker the paint, the more you will have the option to shower, and the more the machine will be able to hold the extended hose. When in doubt, a paint sprayer with a U-strength or higher strength will cope with the need to reduce plastic paints and can hold hose lengths up to 50 feet. These are for the most part significantly less powerful than their fixed or wheeled partners.

Hose Length

Paint sprayers with working paint compartments do not have paint hoses, yet they have large equipment. A 25-foot paint hose is actually the standard, yet many paint sprayers offer the option of a more extended paint hose, moving here and there 100 feet up and down.

Suppose your work is spread over a wide area, for example, by painting a fence you will see more value in the pull-out hose which allows you to work without a series of steps to remove your paint sprayer. Constantly check the resolution of your paint sprayer, however, the maximum length of the paint hose, it can be maintained.

Paint Ability

Numerous materials or wheeled paint sprayers soothe paint directly from 1-gallon or 5-gallon paint cans, which means you can work for quite a while without fear of getting too low on the paint. Others have a container that you load with paint usually holding it around a gallon.

Handheld paint sprayers, notwithstanding, as well as a few fixed units, have underlying paint holders that you fill prior to beginning to work. One quart is a typical limit with regards to these devices, however, some hold less paint than that, so remember the limit assuming you’ll paint an enormous region.

Features to Look for When Purchasing an Airless Paint Sprayer

When purchasing an airless paint sprayer for interior walls, you should consider the following features:

  • Spraying tip size: A smaller tip size (around 0.015 inches) will allow for more precise spraying and is better for small or detailed areas. A larger tip size (around 0.031 inches) will be better for larger surfaces.
  • Power: Look for a sprayer with at least .5 horsepower, which will have enough power to handle thicker paints and coatings.
  • Hose length: Consider the size of the room or area you will be spraying and choose a hose length that will allow you to comfortably move around the space without having to constantly reposition the machine.
  • Control features: Look for a sprayer with adjustable pressure and spray width controls, which will allow you to fine-tune the application to suit the surface and paint you’re using.
  • Cleaning features: An easy-to-clean design will make cleaning up after your project much easier.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on the size of the project, the type of paint you will be using, and your budget. It would be good to read reviews and check the quality of the product before making a purchase.

Safety Precautions When Using an Airless Paint Sprayer for Interior Walls

When using an airless paint sprayer for interior walls, it is important to take several safety precautions. These include:

  1. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as a respirator mask, goggles, and protective clothing.
  2. Make sure the room is well-ventilated, and use a fan to circulate the air if possible.
  3. Cover all furniture, flooring, and other surfaces in the room to protect them from overspray.
  4. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific airless paint sprayer you are using.
  5. Use the sprayer in a steady, sweeping motion, and avoid pointing it directly at yourself or others.
  6. Use a paint strainer to remove any debris or lumps that may clog the sprayer.
  7. Always disconnect the sprayer from the power source when not in use.
  8. Keep the sprayer clean and well-maintained to prevent malfunctions.
  9. Be aware of the fire hazard of the paint you are using, and make sure the area is well ventilated.
  10. Be aware of the toxicity of the paint you are using and take additional precautions if necessary.

Details View of Top 7 Airless Paint Sprayers

This is an adjoined explanation. Here you will gain knowledge about all the information. Including the advantages and disadvantages of the most sold paint sprayers worldwide at a glance. You will also find some of the most common questions that are frequently asked. 

Good luck to start your most craved self-innovative creation and pursue your career in the painting field.

1. Graco Cart Pro Connect Paint Sprayer

Part no.: 17C305

When looking for a handy and easy-to-use airless sprayer for your DIY paint job, then you have come to the right place. Graco has brought one of his favorite tools, the Cart Pro airless paint sprayer. 

It has a 50 feet long hose pipe, which will help you paint a large area just by standing in a definite place. You don’t need to move around carrying this heavy machine all over the place to spray paint. 

This heavy apparatus comes up with 515 spray tips. It has a very durable hose pipe. It also includes a study guide for all those beginners out there. Graco has promised its lifelong guarantee with sleek performance. 

This is one of the popular handheld airless sprays for the paint to work with. You will have an excellent journey painting walls with it. 

Any DIY fanatic will just love to use it. Wanna spend your weekend doing some art? Then this machine is very much perfect for you.

This air spray is very easy to use. Despite its heavy weight, the painted spray is very light. It absolutely does not overspray any surface.

What we liked

  • It works fast;
  • Easy to use;
  • Very reliable for long-term use.


  • Weighs heavy.

2. Graco X5 Stand Airlines Paint Sprayer

Part no.: 262800

Generally, airless paint sprayers are a bit expensive to buy. But if you want to save money, then go for Graco X5 stand painting. It is not only budget-friendly but also portable too. It weighs just 15 pounds. So you are allowed to carry it anywhere you want. 

This gadget does not contain any wheels. But that doesn’t cause any problems. Since it is handy, you can carry it just with your hand while working. 

It is a relatively small paint sprayer compared to other sprayers. So you will not be able to work on massive projects. But you can do any small assignment very easily. 

This machine comes with complete adaptability. So it allows full control of paint flow for any kind of suitable project. 

This apparatus has a certainly flexible suction cup. Painting surfaces using this sprayer will give you a satisfying experience.

It has a 75 ft. hose pipe. So you are absolutely allowed to work for any indoor and outdoor jobs. 

Its persistence is also promised. You can use this machine for a long time. And it will keep amazing with its wonderful performance. 

What we liked

  • Easy to clean;
  • Portable.


  • Might overspray paint sometimes.

3. Titan Tool Airless Paint Sprayer

Part No.:058009

It is a highly efficient paint sprayer. It can spray up to .33 gallons of paint per minute. It also has a .60 horsepower pump that allows the paint to all cover the surface area evenly. 

This model is relevant for both interior and exterior painting projects. It will give you a satisfactory result every time you use it.

This machine enamels consistently in every bit of area. Undoubtedly it never overspray or sprays thinly. Every inch is coated equally.

This is a budget-friendly apparatus. This is a lightweight object too. You can handle it effortlessly.

It promises long-term tenacious performance. Due to its HEA system, it offers reduced overspray, which is up to 55%. You will get a smooth and glossy texture.

It has a 30ft hose pipe. The unique feature is you can extend the hose up to 80 ft. So you can paint in less time. It has a maximum operating pressure of as much as 1500 PSI. and that allows you to spray more than 300 gallons every year. 

This paint sprayer is designed brilliantly for all those DIY fans out there.

What we liked

  • Bold performance;
  • Easy to use.


  • Couldn’t find any.

4. HomeRight Power Flo Airless Paint Spray Gun

Part No. : C800879

This is an economical airless paint sprayer. It is quite resourceful too. It has a 0.50 horsepower motor, which delivers 2800 PSI and gives a satisfactory finish.

This machine also has the advantage of customizing pressure knobs. So you can paint smoothly even on the most uneven surfaces. Since you can adjust the flow of paint, it will take less time to coat large areas.

This gadget is not only preferable for the exterior but also for interior decorations too. You can color furniture, large vases, floors, etc. 

It has a very innovative design. This machine is prepared using hi-tech engineering suitable for oil paints, especially. And be sure, not many paint sprayers offer this special facility.

No matter what you are painting, whether it is stairs, fences, walls, etc., you will get a professional result every time. This heavy-duty machine comes at a budget-friendly price too. 

So get this machine and start your aspiring coloring project to get the best result.

What we liked

  • Easy to clean;
  • Reduce wastage of paint.


  • Couldn’t find any.

5. Magnum Prox19 Cart Paint Sprayer from Graco

Part No. : 17G180

If you are looking for a fancy decoration for your DIY project that will leave the audience in awe, then this is the perfect airless paint sprayer for you. The paint sprayed from this machine will give you a glossy texture—a gratifying look.

Magnum Prox19 comes with a stainless steel piston pump. You can adjust the pressure of the paint flow according to your project. 

It has a favorable mention to use up to 500 gallons of paint annually every year. It has a hose of 150ft. So you can paint your walls straight from the bucket.

It comes with a power flush adapter. So you can clean it often after every use effortlessly. 

Since a maintenance guide is provided, you won’t face any problems using it. But if you do, you can go through the manual and fix your problem in no time.

This apparatus is very durable. It is made to be used for a long time. Its resilience promises long-lasting performance. 

This machine has a very soothing color, which is blue and white. It is not only eye-catching to look at but also delivers the expected result.

What we liked

  • Easy to clean;
  • Paint flow can be controlled;
  • Flexible to use.


  • The price is high.

6. Wagner Spraytech Paint Sprayer

Part No. : 0529010

Have you ever gotten tired of using brushes for painting frequently for heavy DIY projects? Then go for a handheld paint sprayer by Wagner Spraytech. Because this airless sprayer will not only coat your required surfaces evenly but also minimize your time. Yes, this model works ten times faster than a regular painting brush. 

This is a unique version of a sprayer gun. Because it comes with two nozzles. The bigger one is to paint large surfaces. And the smaller one will help you coat the details evenly. 

This is an excellent tool that delivers an admirable finish. You can paint furniture, walls, ceilings, fences, etc. anywhere you desire. It has an X-Boost turbine that allows you to paint both internal and external surfaces. And the paint stains really fast. 

This is one of the cheapest paint sprayers you can find. But it works super fast when it comes to performing. Indeed it is the best choice for beginners. 

It is a very light weighted apparatus. So you can literally carry it anywhere. You can even travel to your workplace with it. 

This apparatus can spray up to 8 gallons per hour. So you can paint in literally no time.

What we liked

  • Long-lasting productivity;
  • Ideal for personal usage.


  • Couldn’t find any.

7. Graco TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer

Part No. : 16Y385

Like all other Graco products, this one is also a wonderful invention. This is a high-quality and economical airless paint sprayer.

This version comes with a stainless steel piston pump that allows you to evenly enamel surfaces at high pressure evenly. It also includes an airtight system. So you have the privilege to paint in any direction freely.

You can spray up to 25 gallons of paint per year. Due to its reversible clog tip feature, paints won’t clog even after using it for hours. That is indeed an exceptional feature provided for users. 

It is a very convenient tool to use. It comes with handle storage for extra tips. This version is a prevalent choice for domestic projects. 

If you have ambition for an astounding-looking project, then go for it. You will be so relaxed by using it for painting walls, garages, stairs, etc. The result will definitely amaze you. 

What we liked

  • Suitable for all types of projects;
  • Very easy to use;
  • Accessories are provided.


  • Might overspray sometimes.

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

Which Brand Is Used by the Professionals?

For heavy and long-term projects, all Graco products are the most popular. They promise long-term productivity. You will be grateful for its performance.

Are Paint Sprayers Better Than Paint Brushes for Interior Wall Painting?

When deciding between paint sprayers and paint brushes for interior wall painting, it’s important to consider the paint sprayers pros and cons. While sprayers offer faster application and even coverage, they can be messy and require more masking. Brushes may take longer but offer more precision and control.

Is Proper Cleaning Important for Maintaining the Best Airless Paint Sprayers for Interior Walls?

Proper airless paint sprayer cleaning tips are crucial for maintaining the best performance of your equipment when painting interior walls. Regularly cleaning the sprayer prevents clogs and ensures smooth, even paint application. Neglecting proper cleaning can lead to costly repairs and decreased efficiency.

Is There Any Wastage of Paint That Takes Place While Using Paint Sprayers?

In comparison with rollers, paint sprayers require more paint to work. So yes, a bit of paint is actually wasted. But the wastage amount differs in various models. So you have to choose your own model carefully.

Can Airless Paint Sprayers Be Used in Wet Weather for Fence Installation?

Yes, airless paint sprayers can be used for installing fences in rainy weather. However, it is important to use appropriate paint and take necessary precautions. Make sure the paint is designed for wet conditions and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for application in damp weather.

Are Paint Sprayers Better Than Rollers?

Yes. Using rollers to paint will leave you with a big mess. It takes so much time and energy to just cover a small surface by using rollers for painting. But airless paint sprayers coat the whole surface evenly within a very short time. You don’t even need to give much effort into it.


The above is a checklist of some of the airless paint sprayers. All of those are from famous brands. If you plan to buy a new paint sprayer to increase your efficiency, just go through the list. Check the advantages and disadvantages.

Analyze the different and unique features of each of them. Carefully select the model that matches best your requirements. And then get started working on your dream DIY project.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.