Why Boil Hair Extensions: Benefits & How to Do

why boil hair extensions

Boiling hair extensions is a popular method used to cleanse, restore, and even change their texture. It’s an effective technique often used in professional hair care. The process of boiling hair extensions has been practiced for years. It primarily aims to remove product buildup, oils, and grime, leaving the extensions clean and rejuvenated. It’s crucial …

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Different Types of Curling Wands You Need to Know

different types of curling wands

Curling wands are kinda the best styling innovation. This handy tool is alternating the salon services at present as women spend more to keep up with such curling trends. A curling wand delivers any style from loose beachy waves to tight ringlets. Better than a curling iron at a reasonable price. This is why curling …

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A Guide to Creating Your Own Jewelry: Unleash Your Creativity

a guide to creating your own jewelry unleash your creativity

Jewelry has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. From ancient times to the modern era, jewelry has always been used as a symbol of status, beauty, and self-expression. Throughout history, people have used various materials such as shells, stones, and precious metals to create jewelry that reflected their personal style and …

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From T-Shirt to Tote Bag: A Creative Upcycling Project

from t-shirt to tote bag a creative upcycling project

Upcycling is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the fashion industry, as people look for ways to reduce waste and give new life to old items. The concept of upcycling involves taking an object or material that is no longer being used and transforming it into something new and useful, rather than simply discarding it. …

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How to Wash Hair With Extensions (Easy Steps)

how to wash hair with extensions

You are advised to wash your hair extensions each 15 to 20 years or so, depending on how many items you use. Keep in mind, since hair extensions are not really attached to the skin of your head, they are not as smooth as your regular hair and should not be washed frequently later. That …

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How to Make My Pandora Bracelet Shiny Again

how to make my pandora bracelet shiny again

On my last birthday, I received a beautiful Pandora bracelet from Ben. It was nicely designed with tiny charms and beads. After using it for a long time I removed it and simply store it in my jewelry box. But after a few days when I get that to wear at a party, I found …

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How to Clean Pandora Bracelet with Baking Soda

how to clean pandora bracelet with baking soda

It was really shocking for me when I found my most favorite Pandora bracelet become tarnished. I was planning to wear it at my best friend’s wedding. It matched my bride mate dress so well. I decided to buy a new one for this special occasion. At this point, my mom helped me with her amazing idea …

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How to Clean Pandora Charms At Home

how to clean pandora charms

It is heartbreaking for anyone to find the favorite jewelry dull or tarnished. Definitely, you can take your pandora charms to a professional for cleaning. But it won’t be possible for an emergency. So it is better to learn to clean your charms, bracelets at home. Many of us didn’t dare to clean them at …

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