Why is My Garage Warmer Than Outside? (How Much Warmer)

why is my garage warmer than outside

There are a few reasons why your garage might be warmer than outside. If your garage is attached to your house, then it’s likely that some of the heat from your house is seeping into the garage. Another possibility is that you have a lot of stuff stored in your garage, which is blocking the …

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How to Ride A Longboard | A Beginners Guide for Longboarding

how to ride a longboard

Longboard is almost similar to a skateboard. But a longboard is much longer, wider and heavier than a normal skateboard. Nowadays longboarding is a hobby, passion as well as a sport to the younger generation. Anyone can do longboarding. Yes, it is possible if you have three ‘P’- passion, patience, and practice. If you are …

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What to Wear While Camping in the Fall?

what to wear while camping in the fall

What to wear while camping in the fall? Quite a tricky question to answer, right? But, hold on! We’ve got your back. Fall weather can fluctuate a lot, from a sunny sky to a gloomy one with a thunderstorm in one splash of the moment. So, if you don’t want to get yourself trapped in …

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What Is Cowboy Camping and How to Do It?

what is cowboy camping and how to do it

Whenever we think of camping, the first images that come to our mind are sleeping in a tent, enjoying our meal on an open fire, and doing many exciting things with or without our beloved. But when we hear the word “Cowboy Camping “what image comes to our mind at that time? Are you excited …

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6 Ways to Prevent Condensation in a Tent During Winter

ways to prevent condensation in a tent during winter

We love to watch and get wet in the rain when it rains outside in summer. But in winter, a tiny little droplet of water caused by condensation is equally annoying. It makes you wet, ruins camping supplies, gears, other goods, and most of all, ruins the camping mood.  It won’t happen if you learn …

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