Arbored VS Non-arbored Hole Saw: Which One Is Better?

arbored vs non-arbored hole saw

Hole saws are very popular because they allow you to make holes of various sizes in a range of materials for a variety of purposes. While the hole saw is immediately distinguishable, there are two main varieties, each with its unique set of applications. In some aspects, arbored and non-arbored hole saws are similar, but …

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Forstner Bit vs Spade Bit vs Hole Saw: What Are the Differences?

forstner bit vs spade bit vs hole saw

Drilling holes is commonly done with forstners, spade bits, and hole saws, as is well known. However, many individuals are perplexed as to which tool is best for whatever application. They frequently don’t know which tool to employ for their particular task. The right bit is required for drilling any material so that holes may …

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What Is the Purpose of a Table Saw Blade Guard

what is the purpose of a table saw blade guard

Accuracy of cuts is a vital thing for woodworkers. For quick and accurate works table saw is an excellent yet risky choice. Especially you can get a smooth straight cut in a short time. It is a powerful tool. Hence it comes with built-in safety features. The blade guard is one of those safety features.  …

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Paint Sprayer VS Roller: What Is the Difference

paint sprayer vs paint roller

A common confusion most beginners face is whether to use a paint sprayer or roller because spraying paint not only requires masking off edges and trim but a roller is needed. Paint sprayer VS paint roller: what is the difference? To know the answer, there are a few things you need to consider if you …

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Riving Knife VS Splitter- What’s the Difference

riving knife vs splitter

A riving knife and a splitter both have the same objectives. Both are positioned behind the blades to keep the two sides of a sliced bit of timber from gripping or spinning into it. even if they have similar uses, they have different features, measurements, and usability. So, what’s the difference between a riving knife …

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What Is Joinery? Wood Joiner VS Carpenter VS Cabinet Maker

what is joinery

Even though we constantly witness joinery works around us all the time, we’re hardly aware of the actual purpose of the work. Joinery is a crucial aspect of woodworking that may be present in practically any piece of furniture, as well as windows, doors, and flooring. So, the question comes, “what is joinery?”.  In this …

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Can I Use a Smaller Blade on My Circular Saw?

can i use a smaller blade on my circular saw

If you work with various types of saws, you are familiar with circular saws. When using a circular saw, many people ask, “can I use a smaller blade on my circular saw?”. It’s because finding a blade of the right size for your circular saw can sometimes be a bothersome task. As a result, many …

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