7 Most Powerful And Long Lasting E-Bike Batteries

The battery is the main compartment of the bike specifically for the electronic bikes. As a smart e-bike rider, you should pay the most attention to your batteries. It involves the factor of how long a bike can be used with no recharge. 

So, many people use the highest quality batteries to go far. These little devices help at ensuring that how long you drive your electric bicycle. As a result, you can comfortably go to your target point. 

best e bike battery

In practice, it’s not an easy job when you’re up to finding the best E-bike batteries within a budget. Dozens of brands are offering hundreds of batteries on your plate. And needless to say, those lucrative ads are one hell of a distraction. 

If this drives you crazy, you’ve landed on the right page, dear. We’ve cherry-picked 7 of the top-rated electric bike batteries for you. And considering both sides of the coin, you’re certainly going to pick up your best fit right away. 

Recommended Top Rated E-bike Batteries

It is less important to say that the E-bike helps you to improve physical health and better mental health. Anyone can use this bike just including the standard battery. Lithium Ion batteries are good for this purpose. Alternatively, for any RV journey, you need to go through the 

lithium RV battery. 

Here is a brief description of our selected seven e-bike batteries. Let’s start to read one by one. 

1. Yasco Ebike Battery

Yasco Ebike Battery

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  • Weight: 13.2 Pounds;
  • Typical Capacity: 20Ah;
  • Life Cycle: From 800 to 1000 Times;
  • One year warranty;
  • Cell Composition: Lithium.

It wasn’t straightforward! Settling a top on a product from many odd ones isn’t an effortless job for anyone. But, we kept making these tough decisions based on real customer testing. After expending this abundant time, the Yasco Ebike Battery is the champion! 

The special thing about this 48V triangle lithium battery is built-in high-quality materials & is covered by a solid plastic housing. This addition makes it able to protect against unexpected damages including small road debris. 

This electric bike battery comes with a 20Ah large capacity so that it is perfect for various motors such as 500W, 750W, or 1000W motors. The life cycle of this product is more than 800 to 1000 times. 

These outstanding features make us a bit confident about recommending this product to every E-bike user. Other highlighted things are a stable hook & loop, 30A BMS protection board, 54.6V 2.5A charger, and easy to handle. So, we can say, it is the best 48V e-bike battery in the market today. 

It’s not only the best battery, by any means, but will work well with maximum electric bikes. 

2. Unit Pack Power Official 20Ah /15Ah / 13Ah Ebike Battery 

Unit Pack Power Official Ebike Battery

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  • Cell Composition: Lithium-Ion;
  • Great warranty; 
  • Voltage: 36/48/52 Volts;
  • Nominal capacity: 20Ah /15Ah / 13Ah;
  • Apply For: 200-1500W Motor; 
  • Max Constant Discharge Current: 30A /40A( BMS);
  • Weight can be 3.7kg to 4.9kg. 

Say hello to the first lithium battery on our list! Unit Pack Power Official 20Ah /15Ah / 13Ah Ebike Battery is another great battery on our list. It is suitable for 200-1500W Bafang Voilamart AW Ancheer and Other motors. This product is lighter than our first recommended battery. So, let’s see if it’s still able to take higher power or not. 

Well, we did spill out its unique feature! It’s the lighter product but not the lightest on this list. This means you can count on it to be incredibly compact. You might forget whether you’re including this battery or not since the 48V 13Ah battery is less than 4 kg. 

The simple design with LED power lighted indicator won’t let you lose this product, though! It indicates that you need to charge your battery on time. Another impressive thing about this e-bike battery is the secure bike frame that helps you to protect it from being stolen.  

3. MXS Ebike Battery

MXS Ebike Battery

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  • Includes 20A BMS protective plate;
  • Nominal capacity is 13Ah or 17.5Ah or 20Ah;
  • Features voltage 52V 48V 36V; 
  • Apply for: 1000W to 500W Motor.

Bringing in another lithium-ion battery to our list. MXS Ebike Battery 52V 48V 36V Electric Bicycle Battery is a more powerful and safer design! So, let’s check out what it’ll offer-

The power and security of this product are top-notch. It has passed multiple safety certifications. Even though the price-quality ratio makes this superb battery hard to beat. We recommend it to everyone who likes to go through 25 to 35 miles within one charge.  

Another remarkable thing about the MXS Ebike Battery is designed with a 20A BMS protective plate. This plate is valuable to ensure the long-term use as well as protect overcharge or discharge, over current & short circuit of your bike battery. 

But, the complaint that we have is that you can’t truly use this for the several watt capacities.

4. Unit Pack Power Official 72V / 48V / 52V Electric Bike Lithium Battery 

Unit Pack Power Electric Bike Lithium Battery

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  • Nominal Voltage: 72V / 48V / 52V;
  • Typical Capacity: 28.8Ah / 24Ah / 20Ah;
  • Max constant discharge current: 30A;
  • Life Cycle:  Up to 5 years;
  • Size: 14.4x 9.3x 15.6in;
  • Charger: 54.6V 2.5A.

Same brand, Unit Pack Power? Guess we just love how the products behave. So, what difference does this one have compared to the second selected product?

It’s a tad bit higher capacity & nominal voltage than the previously discussed Unit Pack Power product. Due to it having a higher capacity, this triangle Ebike battery is an excellent choice for any 1000W or 750W, or 500W motor. 

You can not ignore its quick delivery features, lifetime technical support, and more. The manufacturer repairs it if the product is damaged within one year.

Though most of the Ebike battery is made up of lithium cells, this only uses high-grade lithium cells. Due to this reason, this battery is greater than our second Unit Pack Power product. 

5. Joyisi Ebike Battery 52V 48V 36V 20AH Electric Bike Battery 

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  • Product dimensions: LxWxH 15.7 x 6.7 x 16.1 inches;
  • Weights: 23.15 pounds;
  • Voltage can be 52V, 48V, or 36V;
  • Nominal Capacity: 20Ah;
  • Suitable for  200W to 1800W Bike Motor.

We’ve seen a set of 5 products, by now. How about a set of the five? The Joyisi Ebike Battery 52V 48V 36V 20AH Electric Bike Battery is a secure product! It is so secure and powerful that there is no chance for you to steal it anyway. Let’s observe what it carries to the table- 

The particular thing about this product is that there’s a 20Ah capacity including different voltages 52V, 48V, or 36V. This lithium Ion Ebike Battery Pack is perfect for your 200W to 1800W Bike Motor. 

Another great thing is its 30A BMS protection board, a BMS protective plate, and high-quality imported electric core. Yeah, sure, these protective equipment ensure long battery life. And, yes, you can save it from overcharge or short circuit. 

The negative thing is that this battery is so heavier than our other selected products. This does make us sad!  

But, the other features & benefits and a decent price do justify the good position all the way. 

6. QZF 48V 52V 36V Ebike Battery

QZF 48V 52V 36V Ebike Battery

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  • Battery Size: 14.37 x 3.6 x 4.4inch;
  • Approx Capacity: 13Ah or 14.5Ah or 20Ah;
  • Max Constant Discharge Current 25A;
  • Includes 4A Charger; 
  • Cell capacity 4800 may;
  • Up to 5 years warranty. 

The QZF 48V 52V 36V Ebike Battery seems to be fairly heavy and well constructed. We’re almost at the end. So, we’ve tried our best to ensure powerful and reliable products for you! Let’s start- 

It comes with the USB Port and BMS protective plate and LED battery level light and Two keys. The unique thing is that you can use its USB port to charge the cell phone or others while staying in the outdoor activities. Alternatively, LED battery level light can alert you to charge the battery in time. 

Though we dislike the fact of its heavyweight, the overall quality is good for this reason, we love it. Adequate for the maximum E-bike motors. You can lock your battery by using keys. 

7. UPP Official 21Ah 17 Ah 13Ah Shark/Jumbo Battery

52V 20Ah Ebike Battery - UPP Battery 52Volt 20Ah 1500W 1200W Battery Lithi-um Ion for 48Volt and 52 Volt 1500W 1200W 1000W...

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  • Approx Capacity: 21Ah, 17Ah, 13Ah;
  • Apply for 1500W, 1200W, 1000W, 750W motor;
  • Includes charger & BMS board;
  • Quick delivery. 

We’re at the end of this list. And, we have the same brand but a new thing for you. The UPP 21Ah 17 Ah 13Ah Shark/Jumbo Battey is a matter of our interest. Let’s check out what matters here-

Compared to the 2nd product in this list, this one has an extremely similar capacity & other features. Added to that, there’s a similar watts factor as well. So, overall, this one is quite the ebike battery to work with. It’s just easier to install and carry around. The main characteristics are its up to 1000 charging cycles.

If you compare it to the four listed UPP batteries, you find many differences. How?  The capacity, voltage, and power of the motor are higher than the UPP Official 21Ah 17Ah 13 Ah Shark/ Jumbo Battery. 

But, it doesn’t come with mounting bolts and is not suitable for heavy rain. For this reason, some customers don’t like it. 

Remember, this battery is a great opportunity for amateurs to professional riders. Price and design are not bad overall

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying an E-bike

There are several important things to consider before choosing the right e-bike. Please pay attention!

Here are the key things to search for:

Frame Size

This is a key element when choosing an e-bike for riders. The larger the frame size, the more compliant the bike will be. 

Still, going for an extra-wide edge is nothing more than a decent choice.

You want to gauge yourself accurately to get the right size. We have already mentioned how you can measure yourself. It would be smarter to check the size of the edges before you buy.

Wheel Size

Another notable element is the size of the wheels of an e-bike. The more moderate the wheel, the more limited the general level of a bike, and the larger the size. So, choose an e-bike that has big tires,  26-inches or something like that.

Seat Height

The infinity length you guessed is basically to determine where your bicycle seat will be. Seats too low or too high guess, you will never get a familiar ride. Along these lines, it is essential to pick the right seat level.

Handlebar Height

Handlebar level will characterize how you lay your arms on the handlebar. In the event that the handlebar is excessively low, you could have to twist your elbow. It can prompt joint torment in the wake of riding for quite a while.

Engine Power

As riders should be heavier than short riders, they need an e-bike with a satisfactory ability to push them forward at a decent speed. Along these lines, you want a strong and sturdy engine that performs better in any territory.

Cell Manufacturers

Panasonic, Samsung, and Lg have a decent standing in the battery company for their excellent cells, so paying a premium for these cells is surely worth the effort. On the off chance that the e-bike you’re attempting to purchase doesn’t have or give cell maker data, they’re logical not going to be a solid source in any case.

Cell Chemistry

Lithium-particle batteries are the most ideal choice for e-bikes. Although lead-emitting batteries are basically less expensive, they weigh several times more than their Li-particle mutual power.

Li-particles have a few variations of cell science. The most famous ones for e-bikes are Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Nickel Manganese Cobalt (NMC), and Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LCO).

The criteria to look for when selecting cell chemistry are:

NameUse  Details
Specific StrengthAffects the range of your battery.
Specific PowerThis refers to how a battery handles a high load situation, for example, going up.
SecurityDoes chemistry have a history of failure in the high field?

There are compromises while picking one science over another, yet as we’ve displayed in the picture underneath, LFP and NMC are both incredible choices that both deal with the best worth concerning execution, cost, and security.

As can be seen, the best e-bike batteries will probably be made by Panasonic, Samsung, or LG using cells made by LFP or NMC Cell chemistry.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Battery is Best for an E-bike?

For an e-bike, lithium-ion batteries are the top option by any means. Compared to lithium cell chemistry, lead-acids are considerably cheaper but heavier. So, lead-acid batteries are not as good as Li-Ion batteries. Fortunately, we have mentioned seven electric batteries which are lithium-ion and perfect for every sector. These can withstand 1000 charge cycles of a lifespan. Modern Lithium Phosphate batteries are more durable and safe to use. Know or don’t know the lithium battery can be different types and chemistries. 

Which Bike has the Longest-lasting Battery?

There are available batteries that come with long-lasting features. Most of the manufacturers declare that they produce faster e-bikes batteries to go far. But, Delfast’s Prime electric bicycle comes with the fastest battery that can break the record of 367 km distance on a single charge. 

What Is the Lifespan of an Ebike Battery?

It is quite tough to find out the exact-bike battery’s lifespan. Most common lithium-ion batteries come with only a one-year lifespan. These can fail in hardly two or three years. Some well-known & high-quality lithium-ion packs last five years. 

How Much Does an Ebike Battery Cost?

The price range of the Ebike battery is dependent on the quality and brands of the product. You find several hundred dollars in e-bikes in the market. If the capacity is higher, the price range can be increased. 

What Size Is Best for an Ebike Battery?

To consider the best size, you have to consider the bike size & weight and the riding routes. Because the size varies depending on many factors. If you turn on the small battery, you might not enjoy more power and better performance. But, this small battery is faster, cheaper, and more efficient. A heavy or bulky e-bike battery is suitable for more demanding tasks. 


All the seven alternatives reviewed above are at the lead of customer priorities. Just you have to determine the necessities of the battery to make an exact match. Be sure no fault about it, you have to win a suitable one for the job.

Listen, from the several products, UPP Shark/Jumbo battery and the Yasco Ebike Battery are the best-selling batteries nowadays. 

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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