What is the Best Cordless Framing Nailer – 6 Most Accurate Picks

Published on: December 9, 2021
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Gone are the days of pneumatic nailers. You don’t have to deal with the loud, noisy, and old-school nail guns and fuss with all the pipes just to throw some nails in the right spots. With a little effort, you can purchase one cordless nail gun that expands your workability. Needless to mention, these battery-powered nailers are as good and powerful as the pneumatic ones, if you intend to pay a higher price for them. 

what is the best cordless framing nailer

But not all cordless nailers are not good, and not all of these are meant for framing. So, to save you from the search for cordless nailers, we have developed a list of six cordless nailers for framing. We considered people’s budgets, choice of nails for framing, the performance of the units, and many other factors along the way. Check out the list and don’t miss the tips we added for a better buy.

What is a Cordless Nailer?

Cordless nail guns (and people who fire a nail with compressed air) sink a nail into a bit of wood and, therefore, the substrate below, quickly and efficiently. A pro-duty nailer that uses a permanently sealed air cylinder to supply rapid-fire capability.

What Features Make a Cordless Framing Nailer the Best?

There are several features that can make a cordless framing nailer the best:

  1. Power: A cordless framing nailer should have enough power to drive nails into framing materials with ease.
  2. Battery life: A cordless framing nailer should have a long-lasting battery so that you can work for extended periods of time without needing to stop and recharge.
  3. Weight: A cordless framing nailer should be lightweight and easy to maneuver, so you can work for long periods of time without experiencing fatigue.
  4. Ergonomic design: A cordless framing nailer should have an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold and reduces the risk of hand and wrist strain.
  5. Adjustable depth control: A cordless framing nailer should have an adjustable depth control feature that allows you to set the depth of the nail to suit the material you’re working with.
  6. Safety features: A cordless framing nailer should have safety features such as a trigger lock or a no-mar tip to prevent accidental discharges and protect your work surface.
  7. Magazine capacity: A cordless framing nailer should have a high-capacity magazine that can hold a sufficient number of nails so you don’t have to stop and reload nails frequently.
  8. Brand reputation: Look at the reputation of the brand and read the customer reviews to gauge the quality and durability of the cordless framing nailer.

What to Look for in a Cordless Nailer?

Nail Type

First of all, be sure the nail you use for framing matches the requirements of the unit you are buying. It is not about the durability of the nails every time, it is also about how easily available those nails are in your locality. 

For farming purposes, always 3.5-inch nails with 31 to 34 degrees angle are preferred. Some nailers use round head nails, and some use clipped heads. Both are fine, but the rounded nails hold better compared to the clipped nails. It is just my choice, you don’t have to make any decisions out of it. Just remember, never ever use a nail gun that uses nails up to 2.5 inches in length or is totally straight. These are finisher nails, not framing nails. 

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We use cordless nailers for less hassle of added hoses and pipes. But you have to consider the added weight of the battery you are using with it. The lighter the machine, the less fatigue it will cause. Not to mention, the lighter nailers also cost the most. Don’t worry, you can still get the best out of your budget. If the gun is well balanced, and the grip is comfortable, then it will be comfortable for long-term use.


It means the number of nails the magazine holds at a time. Framing generally is a professional job. The larger the magazine is, the better for reducing the downtime of loading nails in the middle of framing. 

Battery Power

Always use a good-quality battery with your nail gun. It pays off in the long run by reducing downtime. In our list, you will get some amazing nail gun kits that include a high-quality battery to finish framing in one go!

Framing Angle

Cordless framing nails work in four distinct angles: 15, 21, 28, and 30 degrees, each with advantages. The point is the angle between the plane of the nail and the point of the magazine. Each of these special nails similarly takes on a specific nail type that matches the point of the gun.

  • 15° framing nails have tall, minimal, and drum-style cartridges that acknowledge curved nails. The nails additionally highlight a completely rounded head, which gives them a higher perception of the cut head. These nails are minimal, they can fit in difficult situations. Nevertheless, they are still not accessible on cordless models.
  • 21° framing nails have a more diagonal point than the 15° model, which gives them better entry to the sharp corners. These models use nails with fully rounded heads that come in a straight, plastic-collected stack, otherwise called a stick.
  • 28° framing nails use nails stuck together by a wire stripper and their heads are either balanced or cut so that they can fit joined in a stack.
  • 30° framing nails provide optimal access to unusual, sharp corners. They use cut or unbalanced nail piles stuck and joined by a strip of paper.

Safety Features

A nail gun can be lethal if not handled in the right way. Look for safety locks and other mechanisms before actually buying them. Besides, check how easy it is to clear in case of jammed nails. Because most accidents happen when nails are stuck in the nailer. 


It does not apply if you are looking for a nailer only. For beginners, it is better to purchase a complete set that includes a battery, charger, and a case. It saves bucks than purchasing all these separately. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Cordless Framing Nailer?

A cordless framing nailer offers several benefits over traditional corded models:

  1. Mobility: Cordless framing nailers do not require a power cord, allowing you to move freely around the job site without the need for an electrical outlet.
  2. Convenience: Cordless framing nailers are easy to transport and can be taken to different job sites without the need for a power cord or air compressor.
  3. Flexibility: Cordless framing nailers can be used in remote locations where power is not readily available.
  4. Reduced fatigue: Without the need to drag a heavy power cord around, users are less likely to experience fatigue while working.
  5. Safety: cordless framing nailer eliminates the hazards of tripping over power cords.
  6. Reduced noise pollution: Cordless framing nailers operate quietly, reducing noise pollution on the job site.

Quick Solutions

How Does a Cordless Nailer Work?

how does a cordless nailer work

Battery-Powered Cordless Nail Guns

The battery-powered spinning flywheel drives the motor. As long as the trigger is pressed, the flywheel stays in motion, which let rapid or bump firing. With the Bostitch BCN680D1 18-gauge brad nailer, for instance, a 20V Li-Ion battery alone powers the tool.

Are Cordless Nail Guns Any Good?

Cordless Electric Powered

This limits your time to your battery charge, but this rarely slows down your job if you retain a spare. These sorts of nailers aren’t always the strongest, and rarely seen for heavy framing jobs and such, but they’re reliable and convenient.

What Is the Difference Between an Electric-Driven and Fuel-Driven Framing Nailer?

Cordless nailers are described here in two ways: 

1. Electric-driven.

2. Fuel-driven.

Electric-Driven Cordless NailerFuel-Driven Cordless Nailer
No gas cartridge to handle, simply charges the battery.It’s a fast nail cycle rate. You do not have to wait for a few seconds to recharge.
Its operation cost is less than gas-powered.This is more run time throughout the day.
It is less noisy and has no strange odor.You can use nails in all weather.
To get it is to keep an extra battery.It is stronger and lighter than an electric one.
This nailer has a brushed or brushless motor that runs on battery power.It is a gas-powered nail.
This electric engine changes over electrical energy into mechanical power acting to drive nails.It seems to be like a battery nailer, yet rather than a flywheel, this electrical model purposes a pivoting electric engine that breezes a strong spring.

View Our Selected Top 6 Cordless Framing Nailer

1. DEWALT Plastic Collated Framing Nailer (DCN21PLB)

dewalt plastic collated framing nailer
  • Tool only; 
  • Weights 8 pounds;
  • Runs on a 20v lithium-ion battery. 
  • 21° plastic collated nails.

As long as you use 21° round head nails, you can invest in this nailer from Dewalt without any hesitation. Because, why not after all it’s from Dewalt! This tool comes cheaper than other competitors as the battery and charger are not included. 20v or 60v li-ion batteries are required to run this beast; you don’t need to purchase these if you already have one. 

In one go this nailer can use up to 49 nails. The machine is quite heavy, I can assure you. But it is well balanced, so the weight does not affect the performance much. However, it has two modes, sequential and bump mode and the depth of the nail can be easily adjusted by flicking a simple regulator. 

The dual-speed motor is excellent as it allows us to use varied sizes of fasteners. Meaning you can use it to nail almost any material you need. In my opinion, this Dewalt nailer should be in the collection of every homeowner for budget-friendly nailing occasionally. It saves a lot if you don’t have to pay the construction worker for doing simple jobs. 


  • Cheap;
  • Well balanced;
  • Long battery life.


  • Not for professionals;
  • Heavy.

2. Metabo Framing Nailer for 2″ to 3-1/2″ Round Plastic Strip Nails (NR1890DR)

metabo hpt cordless framing nailer
  • For 2″ – 3-1/2″ round plastic strip nails; 
  • Includes 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, charger, safety glasses, and a bag;

For professionals, having a versatile nailer is a must. They can’t change between different nailers on the job site to serve electrical, framing, demolition, or renovation purposes. Do you agree with me? Then this nailer is probably just the right pick for a professional who is looking for a complete set.

It is more versatile than most other available guns in the market as it shoots nails ranging from 2″ – 3-1/2″ in size. This tool kit of a nailer gun is complete with everything you need. Besides, it is as good and powerful as a pneumatic nailer. You can have all the advantages of a cordless nailer yet without sacrificing the powerful feel of a pneumatic nailer. 

Apart from its versatility, it is also safer to use. Dry fire lockout and side lock triggers prevent accidental shooting on the job site. With the battery attached, the device weighs around 8 pounds, but the soft grip makes up the weight. With one charge you can fire up to 400 nails a day and the gun is as fast as to fire 2 nails in a second. So, to reduce downtime at the job site, this nail gun is a sure buy for every professional. 


  • Lifetime warranty;
  • Powerful like a pneumatic nailer;
  • Comfortable grip;
  • Added safety features.


  • No cons.

3. Metabo HPT 2″ to 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer (NR90AES1)

metabo hpt framing nailer
  • Pneumatic-powered;
  • Uses  2″ Up to 3-1/2″ Plastic collated framing Nails;
  • NR90AE(S1) framing nailer, safety glasses  (875769).

Metabo HPT NR90AES1 framing nailer drives plastic collated nails from 2inch up to 3-1/2inch long and features Metabo HPT’s next-generation industrial design. Weighing only 7.5 pounds, this framing nailer is straightforward to use all day, while still providing the facility almost like other bulkier and heavier framing nailers.

This is great for flooring and framing, truss build-up, window build-up, subflooring, roof decking, wall sheathing, and housing construction. The redesigned head guard of the NR90AES1 framing nailer allows for a faster and easier disassembly process, saving valuable time during tool maintenance.


  • Lightweight gun;
  • Long fuel life;
  • Fatigue-free operation;
  • Less fatigue.


  • Lack of storage case.

4. DEWALT Cordless 30° Paper Collated Framing Nail Gun (DCN692B)

dewalt 20v max xr framing nailer
  • Uses 30° paper collated nails;

Does your framing project involve using 30° paper collated nails? If the answer is yes, then you can try out this Dewalt nail gun. Its configuration is all the same as our first pick, DCN21PLB which uses 21° nails. Though features like depth adjustment, dual speed, and dual mode are all figured out in this model, it has received a considerable number of negative reviews online from its novice users. So let me clear this out so that you don’t have to face the same problem as they did. 

First of all, before powering this monster up, read all the instructions several times. Most users did not know the settings changes for using different-length nails but blamed the gun for poor performance afterward. Besides, try to use Paslode nails, these create less amount of jamming.

Though it takes only a minute to fix a jammed gun if followed proper instructions. The magazine holds 55 nails and fires thousands of nails in one charge. Probably one charge is enough to finish the framing job for an entire house! It does not have any charger and battery or a bag with it, but you are free to use any 20v li-ion battery to pair with this nailer. 


  • Budget-friendly price;
  • A long warranty is offered;
  • Fits in small spaces.


  • No cons.

5. BOSTITCH Framing Nailer Kit for 30 Degree Paper Tape Nails (BCF30P1)

bostitch 20v max cordless framing nailer
  • Uses clipped and full round head nails in 30-degree paper tape collation;
  • Includes a nail gun, battery, charger, and case.

At the price of a name-brand nail gun, you will get a full tool kit of a gun, battery, charger, and a carrying case. Yes, finally people looking for a full set on a budget have something to hold on to for budget framing. Bostitch has several types of nail guns in cordless lines and the one we are talking about works with clipped and round head paper tape collated nails of 30 degrees.

The included battery is non-brand, hence holding a charge a little less than renowned batteries. But still, it manages to shoot 600-800 nails per charge.

The only problem with this unit is, if you are not lucky, it may get jammed quite often. This is the only reason I don’t recommend this model for professional construction workers, but for DIY projects, it is just fine. It will do the job at a less price but will cause you downtime clearing the jam. 


  • Complete set of nail guns;
  • Cost-effective;
  • Impressive customer service.


  • May get jammed frequently. 

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6. Makita 2-1/2″ Straight Finish Nailer Kit (XNB02RJ)

  • Accepts straight finish nails from 1″ To 2-1/2″ size;
  • In the package: 18V nail gun, 18V battery, charger, safety glasses, belt clip, and hard case

In every way, this one is the best nail gun one can ever own. It weighs less than others, runs smooth, is well-balanced, and sneaks in tight spots easily. The magazine also holds nails twice as much as other competitors. You can set up to 110 nails in it and one charge can drive up to a thousand nails. Just make sure you always use the included battery and charger with this unit. 

The best thing is, this nailer falls in Makita’s ‘star protection computer control’ range. It is the revolutionary monitoring system from Makita that enables the power tools and the battery to be diagnosed in real-time to detect problems like overloading, overheating, and overcharging.

Moreover, all these batteries and nailers are backed by a long warranty. Do I need to explain further why Makita is the best? I don’t think so. This unit costs a fortune, so it is probably not the cup of tea of homeowners, rather it is more suitable for professionals. 

Please note, the maximum length of the nails you can use in this is 2.5 inches. It will suit many applications like baseboard installation, crown molding installation, trim work, flooring, and other woodworking applications throughout the home. For framing with engineered tough lumber, you may need something else that allows 3.5 inches of nails.


  • For professional use;
  • Backed by a long warranty;
  • Long-lasting tool;
  • Lightweight;


  • Not a framing nailer. 

How Does a Cordless Framing Nailer Compare to Other Types of Nailers?

When considering the difference between nailers, a cordless framing nailer offers the advantage of portability and convenience. Unlike pneumatic or electric nailers, it doesn’t require an air compressor or power outlet, making it ideal for remote job sites. However, it may have lower power and battery limitations compared to other types.


Almost all nail guns are made with the same mechanism. The performance varies due to design flaws, the types of nails it uses, and other added features that make using one nail gun a breeze. 

We made our list short to shorten your confusion about purchasing a nail gun. Just take your time with the features we have told you to consider before settling into one nailer. You won’t regret buying it.

In terms of studying reviews and buyer’s assistance, you’ve probably thought about a suitable outline for your work. Whatever it is, assuming you are struggling to choose the model of your choice, why not go with one of our best choices?

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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