Best Generator Batteries – How to Choose & Recommendations

Published on: April 1, 2022
Written by Liam Jaxon / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Power supply is mandatory in our daily life for operating our daily work at home and outside. If you have no power supply facility at the time of your need, you must need an alternate option called generator.

To operate a battery-powered generator, you need a perfect battery for providing energy. There are many options for a generator battery, so it is difficult to choose the right one. You need to check your generator’s adaptability then you should match all the specifications with the battery before purchasing it.

generator batteries – how to choose & recommendations

Choose the right generator battery. Here all information about some recommended generator batteries. Real users share their opinions.

To make your work easier, we are here to help you with some top branded generator battery details. If you go through with this article, you will get all the answers to your dilemma and choose the right generator battery according to your generator capacity.

How to Choose the Right Generator Battery

For the perfect power support, you need to choose the appropriate battery for your generator. So, you should choose your one considering some facts which are as follows-


The environment where you reside can influence the existence of your generator battery. Assuming you live in a spot with outrageous temperatures, you’ll need to pick a battery that can endure those conditions and can be charged anyplace by Portable Marine Battery Chargers. 

For instance, in sticky locales, you’ll need to pick a profound cycle battery, which can endure more dampness; correspondingly, for cold and dry districts, you’ll need to pick a lead-corrosive battery.


The area of the battery is significant. The battery ought to be effectively open to be supplanted when required. It’s likewise smart to pick a simple battery to introduce.

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Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is measured in amp-hours (ah), and it reflects the charge holding capacity. At first, you need to check the Ah of your desired battery to ensure your generator’s better performance.

Size and Dimensions

When you have decided to buy a battery, you need to know the battery’s exact size and dimension according to your generator. If it’s not getting matched with your generator you aren’t able to fit it in the battery slot.

Terminal Types

There are many batteries with a lot of terminal options. You need to identify the terminal type, which is for your generator.

Types of Battery

Batteries have many types, such as lead-acid batteries, sealed batteries, AGM Batteries, etc. So, you should know the details about all the battery types and select the perfect battery type, which is the right fit for your generator.

How to Test a Portable Generator (Power and Others?

For those who are curious, this is a test performed on a portable generator.

Power TestFor this test, a development worker tried to trap several corded instruments that he would use every day: corded drills, and corded point processors. In these particular situations, the size of the fuel or fuel tank, the length of running time, and the degree of watts were the keys to giving these devices a strong flow of energy, obviously.
Convenience TestTo begin with, the versatility of the generators has been tried. Assuming that they got excessively weighty, I’d discard them, I mean, we’re searching for the best compact generator to fabricate, correct? Then, be sure to pick up a portable generator with a powerful but quiet motor. No development worker has to be surrounded by an arrogant motor for their working days, so most of the noise generators were disposed of during this test.
Durability TestThis test is one numerous development laborers don’t focus on yet that is pivotal to stay away from future cerebral pains. No one needs to burn through many dollars on a portable generator for development laborers that won’t endure in excess of a couple of months.

View Our Selective Generator Batteries, Below

ML18-12 – 12V 18AH Rechargeable Battery by Mighty Max

  • Volts- 12 volt;
  • Amp- 18 ah;
  • Terminal- Nut and bolt ;
  • Weight- 11.90 lbs.

Sophisticated, heavy-duty calcium-mixed grids deliver ML18-12 with exceptional strength, performance and service life. The thicker plates of the ML 18-12 allow you to discharge deeper than other batteries, which means you can have more fun and power without worrying about charging.

It is designed with sealed lead acid and absorbed glass mat technology. This battery is rechargeable and a maintenance free battery. Agm is more secure in the light of no free electrolyte; agm batteries eliminate the risk of spills with lead-acid batteries and bring an increased level of well-being for the user.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Long service life;
  • Prevents shocks and vibration;
  • High performance.


  • It produces smoke due to the heat.

Casil 12V 18Ah 9000 7000 Rechargeable Champion Generator Battery

  • Volts- 12v;
  • Sla battery;
  • Capacity- 18AH;
  • Recommended Uses Alarm System, Emergency Lighting System, Firefighting Equipment, Standby Power Supply & Telephone Switching System, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Telecommunication System, Computer Standby Power Supply System.

Powerstar used advanced AGM technology in this battery for more compatibility. This technology makes the charging system easier than others. It is a maintenance-free rechargeable battery.

The sealed lead acid technology increases its lifespan. Because of the right dimensions, it can fit easily in the battery slot of a champion generator, and it will start working great. The battery is so fast. Anyone can start the battery very quickly on the first try.


  • High performance;
  • Provides nut and bolt terminal;
  • Longer life;
  • Easy charging.


  • The price is high.

UB-YTX9-BS Replacement for 2011 Honda EU3000 Tractor/Generator Battery

  • Voltage is 12v;
  • Capacity is 8ah.

This generator battery is a replacement battery for 2011 honda eu3000. It is a factory activated sealed lead acid battery that is ready to install. You don’t need to add acid before using it. It features leak-free technology. It prevents corrosion from using the sealed design. 

It works well, but you need to be careful because its capacity is 8ah. It can die instantly due to the poor charge holding capacity.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Prevents corrosion;
  • Leak free.


  • It doesn’t hold charge for a long time.

Universal Power Group SLA Generator Battery

  • Volts- 12V;
  • Capacity-18ah;
  • Weight- 11.40 Lbs.

This generator battery is made with sla/agm technology for more durability. It is a long-lasting battery. It is a spill free rechargeable battery that can be mounted in any position. It has shocks and vibration prevention features.


  • Prevents shock and vibration;
  • Spill proof;
  • Long lasting battery.


  • Price is a bit higher.

YTX7L-BS Battery Replacement (6Ah, 12v, Sealed) by Upstart Battery

  • Volts- 12v;
  • Capacity- 6ah;
  • Sla battery.

It is a factory activated battery. So, it is ready to install and doesn’t need to add acid. Due to sla/agm technology, it is a maintenance free long-lasting battery.

This sealed lead acid battery is leak free, and its sealed design prevents corrosion. It is a good battery for light operation.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Agm technology;
  • Leak free.


  • Not for heavy duty.

Yuasa YUAM72Z14 YTZ14S Generator Battery

  • Volts is 12v;
  • Capacity is 11.2ah;
  • Factory activated.

This YUAM72Z14 YTZ14S battery comes with 12 Volt, 11.2 amp-hour, and 230 cold cranking amps. It is a high-performance, sealed maintenance-free battery. This battery is totally sealed and spill-proof. All acid is absorbed in special plates and absorbed glass mat separators.

It is a factory activated battery that is ready to install, and you don’t ever need to add water. The advanced lead-calcium technology of this battery holds its specific gravity more than three times longer than conventional batteries


  • High performance;
  • Sealed designed;
  • Spill proof.


  • Price is high.

UB12180 SLA Internal Thread Replacement for Vision CP12180 by Universal Power Group

  • Volts-12v;
  • Capacity- 18 ah;
  • Agm technology.

UB12180INT 12v 18ah generator battery is a sla/agm maintenance free spill proof battery. Absorbent glass mat technology is used for superior performance.

It is a rechargeable battery, and its valve regulated spill-proof design allows safe operation in any position.  It also prevents shocks and vibration due to its features.


  • High Performance;
  • Easy to use;
  • Long lasting.


  • Does not come with nuts to secure the wires.

Mighty Max- Battery Replaces CB19ty-12, ES1217, UB12200, LC-RD1217P

  • Volts- 12v;
  • Capacity- 22ah;
  • Terminal- Nut and bolt.

The mighty max ML22-12 12 Volt 22 ah battery uses state of the art, heavy-duty, calcium-alloy grid that provides exceptional performance and service life in both float and cyclic applications.

It uses absorbent glass mat technology with a valve regulated design, that can be used in enclosed and indoor environments without leaking or maintenance, providing a superior performance for thousands of models.


  • Nut and bolt terminal for safety;
  • Long service life;
  • Deep discharge recover;
  • High performance.


  • No wire harness or mounting accessories included.

ExpertPower- EXP12180 12V18AH Lead Acid Battery

  • Volts- 12v;
  • Capacity- 18 ah.

It is a sealed lead acid battery which comes with nuts and bolts for safety. Non-conductive abs plastic is used to make this high impact resistant battery case. This material strongly prevented shock, vibration, chemicals, and heat.

It utilizes absorbed glass mat (agm) technology and has a wide temperature range. It is user friendly, and the installation is very easy with very durable and rugged construction.


  • User friendly;
  • Easy installation;
  • Durable.


  • Charge longevity is poor.

FAQs About Generator Battery

How Often Should I Charge My Generator Battery?

If it’s not being used, the battery is supposed to be charged once a month using the charger.

When Should I Replace My Generator Battery?

You should replace your generator batteries every 36 months even if they are still working. If you replace them every 2 years to give you the most assurance that the generator is going to be ready to start and ready to perform when it’s needed, especially in a power emergency.

How Long Should the Generator Battery Last?

A quality battery’s common lifespan can be up to three years, but it depends on the maintenance and usage.

Why Would a Generator Battery Explode?

Always due to overcharging or excessive charging. While charging the battery, it produces gas. If small ventilation holes are blocked, there is more reason to explode.


Generator is a power supply tool which gives us support when we need emergency power anywhere. But it works through the power of the battery. So, the battery should be perfect for the desire power supply, and it is very important to choose the right one,

Here we include many similar batteries from different manufacturers. Hopefully, you have found here the options that range in price, quality, and value. Our goal was to help you understand what to look for and then offer a few initial advice types.

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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