Best Paint Brush for Trim and Baseboards (Our Recommendations)

Published on: April 3, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Painting your baseboard, and after trim installation is more tedious than similar painting jobs. Compared to drywall, baseboards lack texture. However, comparing with cabinets, may put some eye-level errors even after painting by roller. Hereafter, a proper painting with paintbrushes can show such errors and meanwhile differences.

best paint brush for trim and baseboards

You may have some limited efficiency with a paint brush for trim and baseboards. But this equipment can lead to a smoother and cleaner surface than before. Whether many DIYers determine to complete trim works with a roller, as because it is very true to speed up your regular painting jobs. But why will you bother yourself with small brushes? 

A paint brush provides better precision, instead of using less paint than rollers. So, for a good impression and repainting of trims, painting brush gets top in this class. 

Many optimal shapes, sizes, and materials made painting brushes for trim and baseboards stock in stores for durable usage. By analyzing with great effort, we have come to list up 12 ultimate ones. So, you can manage to bring out a handy pick from the overwhelming market, as per your need.

What Are the Simplest Thanks to Paint Trim and Baseboards

Once you’ve thoroughly washed the baseboards and allowed them to dry entirely, it’s time to dapple any holes.

A simple painter’s spackling paste does this line of work beautifully. For best results, apply your finger to push the putty into the holes, then wipe any excess away with a soft rag.

Now that each preparatory work is completed, it’s time to start painting your trim and baseboards—move-in long, fluid, horizontal strokes parallel to the ground. The sort of paint you’re using determines what percentage of coats you would like, although one is typically sufficient for baseboards unless you’re making a drastic change to the color. Once you’ve got all the surfaces painted, achieve your painter’s tape and pack up any lines that require it.

While baseboards don’t get all the eye of a freshly painted room, they’re excellent thanks to dressing up an area and making the whole area feel fresher and cleaner.

Editor’s Speech

Choosing colors after trim installation or painting on baseboards may take your time. Even if you are a quick pore over in this case. Yet to achieve complete and precise coverage, you should put proper thought into your painting brushes as well, right?

Instead of large rollers, we have listed such excellent brushes that may serve the same as the rollers with opt-out factors too. Hope the paintbrushes either for trim or for baseboards that you can rely on using your technique.

View Top 12 Paint Brushes for Trim and Baseboard Reviews, Below

Read on to find out about brush material, size, shape, and quality, and how they factored into accumulating this list of our top favorites among the simplest paint brushes available.

1. Purdy 144153320 XL Paint Brush for Trim Work

  • Weight: 4.2 ounces;
  • Handle material: wood;
  • Coating: Latex and oil-based paints, stains, and primers; 
  • Filament materials: blend of tynex nylon/orel;
  • Style: angular cub.

Starting with the Purdy XL series cub angular painting brush set, whether for trim work or baseboards. We have mentioned, it is more than good enough for finishing precision trimming detail. If you consider the most popular brush lines, these may seem quite hefty-priced. Whether the premium performance by these offers with the whole set maintenance, makes it an effortless decision to take on that moment. 

This set comes up with oil-based and latex paints, stains, and primers. The filament materials are also damn awesome, as well as Tynex Nylon on its 2.5” brush. Even if you go for its dedicated accuracies, for instance, trim, walls, and ceilings, around windows and doors.

Featuring round edges and copper ferrule brings as close to typically flagged bristles as possible. Between stiffness retention of XL size specialized for outside painting, even under the hottest summer, as humid climate conditions.

If you want better paint lifting and use in a no-drug application, each brush’s hand-chiseled unique formulation allows you to go for it. Because Purdy engineered brush bristles not only relax to the state after utilization, but extend its lifespan.

Also, prefers to accomplish both interior and outdoor painting projects, known as keeping the keeper. Cover up in wax, whether to protect from water penetration and increase airflow to get dry fast.

2. Wooster Brush Q3211-2 Sash Paint Brush for Trim Work

  • Weight: 0.01 ounces;
  • Handle material: rubber;
  • Coating:  latex, acrylics, and water-based stains;
  • Filament materials: nylon;
  • Style: angle sash.

Now we are aiming for the second choice in our listing, which helped us the most to paint around corners. The 2-inches sash paint brush, manufactured by Wooster Brush series Q3211-2. You will get surprised at how little the sash 2-pieces brush set costs. 

On the top, featuring a purple shergrip rubberized anti-slip grip handle is a great attraction for the newbies most. Because of the deep-colored handle, little handicrafts men most love to paint their new treehouse. Also, it measures only 2” long which offers maneuverability in hard corners. 

Gold polyester and nylon blend filament are good enough compared to other brands to hold up to 40% more paint. The brass-plated steel ferrule is suitable to make strong joints in between the handle and bristles.

The most important part, its durability is outstanding for heavy-duty jobs. If you have little space to store it, you can put it inside its package as the package has a peg hook on the top for proper holding position. Isn’t it an excellent budget brush set?

3. Pro Grade 6 Pack Paint Brushes

  • Weight: 1.15 pounds;
  • Handle material: hardwood;
  • Coating: acrylics;
  • Filament materials: stainless steel;
  • Style: versatile angular.

Worth it from its title. Yes, it is best for pros, but not a waste for new handicrafts men—however, some experienced rust on the stainless parts after long time usage. Storing after making the set properly dry can solve the unwanted trouble.

As it is an expensive variety of angled 6-pieces paintbrush set, one should use it if he is a pro, as we have mentioned. But it is great for cutting in by the amateur for trim and baseboards. The sash brush set includes 2Ea 1.5″,2Ea 2″,1Ea 2.5″ & 1Ea 3″.

If you consider its qualities at the perfect price, it is right for cutting in walls similar to trim jobs. One of its high qualities is its durability. You can wash and reuse each paint ferrule for further touch-ups. But before storing it all itself, use its box, including cardboard, to increase its lifespan.

On top of that, its thick synthetic filament is capable of holding more paints on the brush. This can save more paints from being dropped on the ground before applying and saving time with fewer premium finishing lines. It will not let itself drop off during oil-based and latex paints, and stains concluded with thinner tips.

It can withstand heavy-duty jobs like painting on abrasive baseboards, with its hardwood grip. As a result, professional painters have comfort while applying paints on walls, cabinets, doors, decks, fences, and similar arts and crafts. Worth your money without breaking the bank with a perfect combination of stainless steel ferrule and hardwood. 

4. Zibra PB125LZT Grip-n-Glide Triangle Paint Brush for Trim Work

  • Weight: 3.2 ounces;
  • Handle material: wooden hourglass;
  • Filament materials: nylon;
  • Style: triangle-tapered.

Wait a minute. Are you aiming for a triangle-tapered shape paint brush to go ahead on abrasive surfaces? This is the most unique choice with uniform coverage at a reasonable price from Zibra PB125LZT. With the soft grip wooden hourglass handle, you will have complete control over. Even if you need better trim work or whatever you are painting through. So do we call the 1.25-inches paint brush the grip-n-glide one.  

Want more? Well, it comes up with extreme versatility. A lot of trim work needs not to be rounded flat painting brushes, instead of a triangle-shaped one. As well, you can explore consistent positions by pulling it in there all through. So its included top-quality bristle will help you for smooth application.

While you may struggle with other branded ones for having a straight line of painting. However, a secure aspect of trimming like that with a tapered shape, makes your job easier. How long you keep doing it, not a big deal. A plus point like the above ones, enabled us to hold much paint and paint a clean line. Can you start with multiple grips, or not?

5. Purdy 144080310 XL Trim Paint Brush for Baseboards

  • Weight: 1.2 ounces;
  • Handle material: wood;
  • Coating: Latex and oil-based paints;
  • Filament materials: satin edge nylon/orel;
  • Style: dale angular.

Again we are here to deal with a Purdy manufactured paintbrush. This one is a little bit different from the previously listed ones. It is a dale angular one from the 144080310 XL series. Why do we choose Purdy again?

Though this well-established brand started its journey in a car garage in Portland. But it is more than 80 years since they have believed in handcrafted toolkits, whether it is small or large. With such an ideal motto, the founder S. Desmond Purdy, in short, Purdy came to manufacture the finest painting brushes for trim and baseboards. However, these are ways to build in former coverage.

Well, this 1-inch dale angular brush comes up with synthetic bristles. The blended orel filaments attached to it took us up to maneuverability on all types of paints and stains. So we stepped on to both interior and exterior painting tasks, as well as the roof, baseboards, deck, and more.

On top of that, its unique copper ferrule makes us bold enough. With DuPont stiffy and around tapered Tynex provided us with an excellent paint distribution, and overall paint lifting capacity.  

Though it complies with such sturdy materials, it is lightweight. A couple of facts that it has simple maneuverability and carries the right amount of paint. So, complete your painting projects at the fastest speed.

It is precise to mention the brush can spread paints without streak marks. As well, it follows the controlled, exact lines from the beginning. So you can apply it in cutting corners and flat (horizontal) surfaces.

6. Hiltex 00308 Brush Paint Stain

  • Weight: 0.64 ounces;
  • Handle material: wooden;
  • Coating: latex;
  • Filament materials: polyester;
  • Style: varnish set.

It is an original varnish set of 5-pieces, including each 1-Inch, 1-1/2-Inch, 2-Inch, 2-1/2-Inch and 3-Inch. Along with it features materials for the perfect painting, stain, and the main-purpose for finishing touch up over furniture. Each five comes in different styles, built with Terylene bristles. All of these are ergonomic to run in tight areas and smooth edges too.  

Some people might think that the Hiltex varnish set is costly. But the truth is it can go through as per your project’s requirement at a reasonable price. Apart from Hiltex’s popularity, painters choose the premium ones to hold up while painting very well in cold or hot weather.  

Aside from painting trim, these do their actual furnishing task very well on baseboards or other furniture. As these come with several quizzes, it is quite easy to deal with whatever you are painting. If you have decided to buy multiple sets or want to start with painting trim, we refer to it most. Because all along the set comes up with extra brushes to support your hand for an instant urge painting job.

7. KingOrigin 10 Pieces Paint Brushes for Trim and Baseboards

  • Weight: 9.5 ounces;
  • Handle material: plastic;
  • Filament materials: polyester;
  • Style: flat brush.

The most old-fashioned 10-pieces painting brush set in our listing for trim work. Including five different sizes, each size has a pair in the box out of the factory. By default, one has got broken or wasted after a long time, and you can use the complimentary one. Each pair comes up in 1/2 inch 1 inch 1.5 inches 2 inches 2.5 inches.

Such an all paint brush set of 100% polyester bristles has been manufactured for interior and exterior use. Especially for a touch-up, industrial, and home repair. Even more useful for furniture fence painting, wall, deck staining, and so on. However, whether its plastic grip will give full support with comfort to have anti-slip performances with sweating problems.

Featuring uniform dispersion and quick release, you can often consider buying all by itself. Means to take up paints to reduce drips, then instant release by one tap. In terms of economic and practical aspects, consider some more benefits. Easy to paint, perfect to use and further clean, and dry.

KingOrigin’s valued pack from 1878 rather than manufacturing high-quality fab paintbrush for premium users. In the case of reusing or being lightweight, that works well.

8. Proform Technologies Oval Angle Paint Brush for Trim and Baseboards

  • Weight: 4.8 ounces;
  • Handle material: metal;
  • Coating: latex;
  • Filament materials: advanced PBT proprietary;
  • Style: Picasso oval angle sash.

Next is the Proform Technologies oval angle sash paintbrush of excellent quality because it is a 2.5” angled brush, better for trim work and baseboards. Like reaching into corners as well. Comes with a PIC6 handle, which is not as stiff as PIC1 and PIC11, providing a sash oval head. 

All along, it comes with a card paper, which can wrap up the bristle after usage. Also, the attached ferrule has advanced ideal point release ability. This is the way the brush paint can go off and return to its surface. Even it will not leave such lines on the painting outputs. Else, it makes a blended and smooth finish, which shows up the proper trim work.

Featuring a handy taper on the top end leads to direct perfect and straight painting lines at ease. Holding advanced PBT owned filaments are perfect for taking 40% more thick paints. The ferrule is also of stainless steel that provides no soon-to-rust. As a result, you will have the best cut in brush with a latex-based treated bristle.

9. Richard 13415 Trim Brush for Baseboards

  • Weight: 1.58 ounces;
  • Handle material: plastic;
  • Coating: latex-based or oil paints;
  • Filament materials: polyester;
  • Style: trim brush.

Looking for a hardline no-drip interior constructed painting brush for trim and baseboards? We bet with this to neither to find a better one from other categorized aftermarket models. Richard 13415 patented such a 5/8-inches single brush. This is elegant with a soft grip, which ensures a  permanent marriage of the handle to the ferrule. Means not to lose hair from the ferrule.  

If you have engaged in a project plan outside your trim work, for instance, cutting-in around doors, or windows corners and ceilings, you should choose this one.

May it have made for thicker pick-up. But how does it release the paint on the surface? Like other advanced models, the release mechanism goes off the paint apart from the bristle. With an automatic return option, it comes back to its genuine state. 

The no-drip function enables for fastest cleaning. Compared to similar ones in this class, it is not too expensive. As well, the cleansing system even underwater is quite amazing, isn’t it?

10. Zibra PB100LZS Grip-n-Glide Square Paint Brush

  • Weight: 1.58 ounces;
  • Handle material: wood;
  • Filament materials: polyester;
  • Style: square grip-n-glide.

Another one from the Zibra series PB100LZS is unique with its square shape to paint flat moldings and excels trim works. This single grip-n-glide 2” paintbrush is in some ways compelled to take into account our best listing of a paintbrush for trim and baseboards. 

In fact, it is more fab than a Purdy premium one. Because of its achievement, sharp straight edges on both ends. By its tapered and solid brush tips, you will get enough crisp and uniform coverage. These functions made our painting experience quite enjoyable even more than before. 

By offering an ultra-smooth paint releasing mechanism, it ensures long-lasting durability. You can clean its bristles after every application. Place it under a basin to wash off. Even washable by mineral spirits, which will never harm it nor create a soon-to-rust problem. The handle is not only shorter, but thicker also. So do the handle keep itself steady in your hand. 

However, this may fulfill your decent price requirement top-quality brush with a decent and stressful cleaning option.

11. Wooster Brush Q3208-1 Sash Paint Brush for Trim Work

  • Weight: 1.28 ounces;
  • Handle material: plastic;
  • Coating: latex;
  • Filament materials: gold polyester and white nylon;
  • Style: angle sash.

With this inexpensive but solidly constructed paintbrush, you can afford trim work even in no time. Wooster Brush Q3208 manufactured single piece 2” sash paint brush is good enough for specific users whether they are DIY homeowners or some who do not love painting in no time without dripping or drags, like a new handicraftsman.

The counterpart softip provides an excellent finish with all oil-based and latex paints, whether similar reasonably priced ones fail to render the same benefits. Also, it enables you to produce convenient results for seasons after seasons if you keep it under proper maintenance.

The bristles are sturdy but soft enough. A blend of gold polyester and nylon offers a premium thickness to hold 50% more paints, while you get busy with other jobs.   

Pearl yellow solid plastic finest handles guide your hand in a straight line. At the same time, you do not need to go through each area—no rust problem with the brass-plated steel ferrule.

However, if you want easy-hand trimming, you will prefer it.

12. Purdy 144152325 XL Glide Angular Paint Brush for Trim Work

  • Weight: 4.5 ounces;
  • Handle material: wood;
  • Coating: Latex and Oil-Based Paints;
  • Filament materials: Tynex Nylon;
  • Style: angular glide.

Last but not least. Another global flagged XL series paintbrush from Purdy. Added extra shine to this angular glide styling 2.5” brush for trim and baseboards, it makes itself stand out from the crowd. Comes up with synthetic bristles with mixed Orel filament.

Featuring an identical copper ferrule with DuPont and stiffy and not an exact around but tapered Tynex. That gives your ferrule and bristles a perfect paint allocation, as well as lifting capacity. The brush all itself is lightweight. It has an extended fluted natural hardwood handle. If it is about maneuverability, the wooden handle can hold and carry an ideal amount of paint. This enables you to go ahead for the fastest task accomplishment.

The glide angular shape remembers to take itself for hard corners paintings, with precisions that leave no streak marks. You may find different brands of same sized paint brushes for trim and baseboards. But for mid-sized corner touch-ups, we will give priority to this single piece. However, the company is good enough to supply the right size as per your job.


How to Choose the Right Paint Brush Only for Trim Work?

However, it relies most on brush size and shape. As well square-shaped handles come with longer holding performance and uniform width. Whether short-handled fit in grips at ease, as no longer having any extended parts. It helps better control the work-well. If we discuss the sizes in particular,

1-inch: below 1” or slightly more than the size, means lightweight and has a proper fitting in your grip. That helps users to have full control over their output and better for trim services too.

1.5-inches to 2.5-inches: Known as the standard range for household output painting, like windows, doors, cabinets, and more. Also, good enough for small trim service. 

Above 2.5-inches: Apart from the standard brush size, you will get 3” available ones. Further convenience is a promise for certain trim tasks and baseboards. Experienced professionals, in general, use more than 3”, as well as 6” for efficiency. 

Are These Durable Enough?

The entire durability enabling equipment is size, style, handle, bristle quality, and ferrule. Size range and shape you will determine as per your job size. How about the others? Well, if you want without sweating rapid painting, you should buy a hardwood handled one. Neither selects the plastic constructed one. 

Bristles and ferrules are in the same way to consider. Bristles of natural hairs are great to use without any doubt. And, ferrules of metallic buildings are a breeze for longer with better durability. However, all perfections of paint brush materials are quite expensive, though.

Roller or Paint Brush is Ideal for Trim and Baseboards?

Roller or paint brush is not a big deal for trim and baseboards. It matters about each one regarding the density of foam and bristles to apply the finishes. Speaking of a roller, it speeds up the job by lying on an even and ever-lasting finish. Do not forget to give a complete touch-up after the trim installation. 

Speaking of paint brushes for trim and baseboards, a smooth to mid-sized, 2”-3” sash brush or a tapered angled one is suitable. But before that, confirm the bristles’ compatibility. Instead of this, a 3-inches roller can solve such problems. 

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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