Best Pulaski Axes: What is It & How to Choose Perfect One

Published on: April 5, 2022
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Generally, an axe means to cut and chop down a wooden object. But if you want an axe with which you can do household, gardening, firefighting tasks, or even digging soil, making a wood fence or garage, you need the accurate Pulaski axe.

best pulaski axes

But, What is a Pulaski Axe?

A Pulaski axe is a versatile and heavy-duty tool designed to be used in wildland firefighting, chop down trees, forestry, and even gardening tasks. It is a powerful tool with sharp blades to perform a variety of tasks with accuracy and comfort. They are easily accessible, sharp, easy to carry, efficient, and also safe to work to do what you want to do.

There are various brands and models of Pulaski axes available in the market. But which one will fulfill your expectations according to your need and performance? To get the complete idea for buying the best axe for your needs. Have a look at this article so you can quickly select which one you need and get all your answers.

Things to Consider for Pulaski Axe

Many things go into making a high-quality axe, but you’ll want to look at the essential features when buying the perfect Pulaski axe.

The central part of the Pulaski axe is the head, so you should put great care on it. The cutting edge should be comprehensive and sharp enough on one or both sides of the head.  So the material of the head must be made with steel, carbon steel, iron, etc. It is also firmly attached to the handle for delivering long-lasting strength, durability, sharpness, and quality of your Pulaski axe.

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Another essential feature of a Pulaski axe is the material of the handle. Handles are made from different materials like metal, fiberglass, plastic, or wood. Without an accurate handle, you won’t feel a comfortable grip in your hand and cannot perform your cutting job.  

Length of Handle

At the same time, besides handling grip material, you need to check the length of the handle according to your needs and your hand length. A standard measure of your Pulaski axe handle comes with 21-inch, 28 inch, 30-inch, 32-inch, 36 inches.

If your height is about 6-feet, 32 inches larger handle is a great length for you to get an excellent grip on it and complete a powerful swing without compromising precision. On the other hand, if you are short in height, a shorter handle gives you better control and having more accurate and efficient cuts.

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Size and Sharpness of Blade

The Pulaski axe’s cutting performance also depends on the sharpness and size of the blade’s cutting edge. Different models’ shafts come with varying sizes like 4-1/2 inch or where some have 3-1/2 inch that is based on your need. Different blades have different sharpness of the cutting edge to cut wooden objects easily.


Weight is the most crucial feature when you are out shopping for a Pulaski axe. It stands to reason that because an axe’s power and speed depend a lot on the weight. It should never be so heady that you need more force to swing and put it up and down.

But the heavy axe is better for the cutting job than a lighter one. On the other hand, a lightweight axe can pull up quickly but is not suitable for cutting tasks. So you need to choose an axe with a balanced weight so that you can maintain proper control of it.

Editor’s Speech

The Pulaski axe is a multipurpose and versatile tool. You can use it in various works and purposes like firefighting, trail construction, soil digging, gardening, chopping down trees and cutting tree roots.

When you’re shopping for a Pulaski axe, among these axes, you can easily choose your desired one. After all, Pulaski axes are a popular and convenient tool, especially for accessibility and easy to carry by performing any kind of task.

Our Recommended Pulaski Axes Reviews, Below

Nupla AP-6-36 Pick Head Fire axe with SB Grip Classic Handle

  • 36″ SB grip handle;
  • Robust engineering with molded slugs ensures quick assembly.

Nupla ap-6-36 pick head fire axe is a pretty much top-quality fireman’s axe. It is designed to be used in various applications like construction materials work, logs and lumber, and commercial doors. The 36″ classic handle provides you with the utmost comfort and range of motion. Excellent quality and sturdy engineering construction’s material on the handle with a molded slug allows you to quickly assemble. 

The 6-pound weight head comes with a double-bit configuration features: half traditional axe head and blade and half emergency spike. These classic features make this Pulaski axe heavy enough to slam through most any material and one of the more versatile options on the market right now. Moreover, fiberglass construction ensures protection against weather, chemicals, and insects.


  • Reliable quality tool in incredible price;
  • Well balanced and excellent grip;
  • Well attached head and fiberglass handle;
  • They are designed to be used in several fighting applications.


  • No cons.

Nupla (PA375-LESG) Pulaski axe with 36″ SG Grip Ergo Power Handle

  • Solid fiberglass handle;
  • Tough engineering construction.

Nupla (PA375-LESG) Pulaski axe is a solid fiberglass ergo power-handed axe designed to provide the utmost comfort and range of motion in battering, chopping, and heavy-duty work. In every swing, its non-slip ridges near the bottom assure your efficiency and safety to use in slippery conditions.  

The 36″ ergo power handle is made from sturdy engineering material and has a molded slug for quick assembly. Moreover, fiberglass construction ensures protection against weather, chemicals, and insects by keeping the handle in good shape longer.


  • Versatile tool;
  • Non-slip grip and ergonomically designed handle;
  • Fiberglass material is highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and insects.


  • Blunt edged;
  • Very difficult to sharpen.

Council Tool (38PE136FG) Pulaski Fire axe

  • Made in the USA;
  • Forged steel head;
  • 36 fiberglass handle;
  • 4-1/2 in cutting edge;
  • Traditional style bit axe blade.

Council (38PE136FG) is a reliable and robust Pulaski fire axe from the legendary American company council tool. High-quality American steel and materials make this amazing Pulaski axe very sharp and durable to work as a serious working tool in any hard conditions.

This 3.75 lb tool has a forged steel head that offers a traditional style bit axe blade on one end to ensure durability and long-lasting quality. According to ANSI standards, it has a 4-1/2 inch cutting blade on the end that allows you to chop down trees and punch through and pull out roots using its Adze.

Moreover, both the handle and the axe body are coated with red enamel, and the cutting edges in clear lacquer help keep your axe from rust or decay by protecting the sharpness for a long time.

It’s robust, non-conductive, and non-corrosive yellow-clad style fiberglass handle is lightweight, durable, and easy to hold by ensuring proper grips on the surface so that it will never slip away from your hand. It also has the traditional double-bit shape and pultruded structural fiberglass core with a reliable, durable engineered polymer injection molded outer jacket. 


  • 3.75 inch Pulaski fire axe;
  • The red enamel-coated body;
  • The axe head is hydraulically seated;
  • Cutting edges in clear lacquer to deter decay and rust;
  • Mattock blade on the other end for digging or grubbing; 
  • Used in a variety of settings, including landscaping and forestry.


  • No sheath.

Westward (20C889) 36 inch Pulaski axe

  • 3-3/4 lb. Steelhead; 
  • 4-1/8 inch cutting edge;
  • 36” Hickory handle.

Westward (20C889) 36 inch Pulaski axe is ASME standard, a very well made hickory combination wood-cutting axe and mattock that is ideal for landscaping applications. High carbon steel material head and the 36 inches extremely long hickory handle on this axe has been designed for maximum efficiency and power, to help you generate as many one swings splits as possible.

The weight of this axe head is 3 ¾ pounds and has 4-1/8 inch Razor sharp cutting edge holds and maintains that edge even after repeated usage, and also easy enough to wield for most anyone. A firmly attached steelhead and hickory handle make it strong and durable enough by delivering industry strength and impeccable comfort.


  • Meets ASME standard;
  • Ideal for landscaping applications; 
  • Hickory combination wood-cutting axe and mattock;
  • The relatively lightweight head is easy enough to control;
  • In every swing, the extra length handle improves leverage, speed, and power.


  • No cons.

Nupla (PA375-LECS) Fire Pulaski axe with 36″ CS Grip Ergo Handle

  • 36″ CS grip handle; 
  • Excellent fiberglass materials tool.

Nupla (PA375-LECS) delivers a quality standard fire Pulaski axe that has won over budget shoppers’ hearts. Featuring 36″ CS grip, the ergo handle is made from a durable fiberglass materials tool that makes it an industry standard for optimal comfort and strength.  

The 36″ long, sturdy, and well-balanced handle with a shaft is perfect for ergonomics for swinging and vibration control for brush-clearing, fighting applications, or chopping roots. The entire axe weighs 3.5 pounds that is a standard weight for optimum use.


  • Non-slip grip comfortable handle;
  • Excellent balance and well designed;
  • Well, weight distribution;
  • Ergonomic for swinging and vibration control;
  • Ensures an absorbing impact.


  • Fragile blade.

Truper 30529 Pulaski Axe

  • 35″ ergo power handle;
  • Home, farm, dairy, sport, recreation, garden or home use;
  • Sturdy engineering material ensures quick assembly.

Another Pulaski axe from Truper 30529. This Pulaski axe is specially designed with SG non-slip grip handle even for the wettest and most slippery of conditions. In every swing, its ergonomically designed handle is durable enough for root removal, chopping, battering, and trenching.  

The 35″ handle of the Pulaski axe is made from their famous sturdy engineering nuplaglas material, which makes this axe super strong and durable. Moreover, the handle is very resistant to both weather and insects.  


  • Non-slip grip handle gives perfect balance;
  • Highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and insects;
  • Great for root removal, chopping, battering, and trenching;
  • Comes with fitted rubber edge protectors.


  • Nothing found.

TRUPER PU-3-1/2M Pulaski Axe Hickory Handle

  • Hickory wood handle, stoved, polished and lacquered
  • Double-Edged Head Design.

Another quality axe from Nupla Company is TRUPER PU-3-1/2M. This Pulaski axe offers excellent strength and durability for outdoor work. Made with durable materials such as heat treated and tempered carbon steel head and Nupla’s famous Nuplaglas, a super safe and robust fiberglass classic handle makes this one of the strongest, durable, and most reliable axles for those who need a quality axe.


  • Non-slip grip for smooth swinging;
  • Durable 35-inch fiberglass handle;
  • Highly resistant to weather, chemicals, and insects;
  • A handy tool for forestry firefighters.


  • No cons.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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