Can You Add a Laser to a Miter Saw

Published on: June 17, 2022
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People who often need to work late into the night or in low LED shadow light conditions, require laser light to complete projects. Of course, it is possible to add a laser guide to your miter saw with ease and without a great investment if the saws do not have it included. 

The main benefits of adding LED lights to the miter saws are to get an accurate cut line indicator for safety purposes and the ability to work in poorly lit rooms or at night. Even any carpenter can include inexpensive LED light. 

can you add a laser to a miter saw

We know you have any questions about this matter. Follow the tutorial. This tutorial will outline all necessary data including how important a laser guide is, how to add LED lights, and more. If you want to buy a miter saw then you can go to our review article!

Can You Add a Laser to a Miter Saw

Generally, some popular miter saws arrive with built-in laser systems. For those miter saws, you don’t include an add-on accessory. But, if your miter saw has no included laser, you will add it by seeing the laser cutting guides on miter saws. A laser cutting guide supports getting more accurate cuts without any hassle. 

Necessary to rebuild the external blade washer. It is also possible to add to your old circular or miter saws. Even woodworkers don’t need to expand more cost to do it completely. Lasers have to be calibrated with accuracy. The line standpoints perhaps off and throw off the cut perfectly. You can include a laser to your Dewalt miter saw just by following some instructions. 

The main three types of miter saws with a laser guide are sliding compound, stationary compound, and sliding dual or double compound. Stationary compound miter saw suitable for performing the single direction for bevel cuts to right and left. The sliding compound miter saw with a laser guide is perfect for moving forward and back. Also, you can use the sliding compound miter saws with bevel cuts along with right & left cuts. Most of the sliding miter saws are designed up to 12 inches in diameter. If you want to use a miter saw like a pro, you can see this article. 

So, it is extremely easy and simple to add a laser guide to your circular saw or miter saw. There are several types of laser guides and attachments that you can purchase from anyone. Most of the time, people go through centrifugal force or battery-powered styles laser guides. It depends on your working conditions. 

What Type of Laser Should You Use to Add to Your Miter Saw?

The type of laser you should use to add to your miter saw will depend on what kind of laser you want and what type of miter saw you have. Many miter saws are now equipped with built-in laser guides, which can be used to make accurate cuts. If your miter saw does not have a built-in laser guide, you can purchase an aftermarket laser guide that can be mounted onto your saw.

How Important is a Laser Guide on a Miter Saw?

A miter saw with a laser is important to work seamlessly on a wide range of woodworking projects. This tool provides many advantages to doing this job with less hassle. Also, helps to increase users’ woodworking experience. The main advantages are below: 

First and the most important thing, using a miter saw, you will increase productivity as much as you want. And, allow you to make different cuts like crosscuts, bevels, or others.

Second, at the time of cutting wood surfaces, the machine works accurately and improves its activities.

Third, if you desire to work on the hard to smooth surfaces, it reduces the risk of extra mechanical force. 

Fourth, it is one of the idle machines for quick job cycles.

Fifth, because of increased efficiency, it is valuable for every woodworking sector. Great for the elimination of errors as well as reducing the stakeout requirements. 

How Do You Add an LED Light to a Miter saw?

An LED light is the easiest way to verify the miter saw before including anything. There are available and well-known brands that come with this light system to their recent models of the miter saws. It is not difficult to control the blade using LED light. If your miter saw has no included light system, you can add it with ease. How? See the below step-by-step guide about how to add an LED light to a miter saw. 


Before starting the process, turn off the power of all. First, you need to remove the blade guard. It is extremely easy to discard blade guards. See the two screws near the arbor. Once you remove one large screw near the pivot point, your blade guard will nearly remove. One thing is that you can eliminate a small plastic piece to hold the new LED light in place. 


In this step, you will test the fitting quality of your LED light and notice the shadow line. 


It is also necessary to extend the wires that drive from your LED light for controlling the enclosure. Without extending the wires, the blade guard can hit the enclosure. 


You need to secure the connections. To connect two wires, you would like to utilize heat shrink tape for protecting the bare wire. Plus, enclosing the different wires gives it a good view. 


Now, it is time to re-fasten the control board. Remember that you don’t touch bare wires when it is plugged in. Otherwise, it can shock you and potentially short out the control board. Again, reassemble and test fit everything that works properly or not. In this case, you can use some tape to put the LED light back on the saw hood as early as possible. 


Fit the plastic piece with the LED inside using proper screws. Then modify the original plastic piece. And, attach the new LED cable to use a few dabs of the hot glue. Hot glue is not harmful to the saw paint and is sturdy. Even it helps you to turn off the light effortlessly. 


If you re-attach the blade guard and mount the control box or switch, it is safe for you. So, tighten the screwdriver, not overtighten where you attach LED lights. Now, you can plug in the power source and turn on the power to make sure of the lighting every time.

What Are the Safety Considerations When Adding a Laser to a Miter Saw?

1. Wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes from the laser beam.

2. Make sure the laser is properly aligned with the miter saw blade.

3. Use the miter saw according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Keep the laser beam away from any combustible materials.

5. Make sure the laser is turned off before making any adjustments to the miter saw.

6. Make sure the miter saw is properly grounded.

7. Keep the laser beam away from children or pets.

8. Do not attempt to use the laser beam to cut materials.

9. Keep the laser beam away from reflective surfaces.

10. Make sure the laser power is appropriate for the material being cut.

Does the Ryobi Miter Saw Have a Laser?

Yes, the Ryobi miter saw has an adjustable 

EXACTLINE™ Laser for providing a precise direction while cutting wood or others. Following the directions, you can work smoothly. Including two table extensions help you to work with any large piece. Plus, the Ryobi miter saw’s 10 inches carbide-tipped blade supports with accurate cuts. Using its electric brake, workers can stop the blade if necessary. 

Is the Laser Worth it for Miter Saws?

is the laser worth it for miter saws

By using a laser you can increase your reading accuracy for measuring distances and heights. It is nearly impossible to enjoy these advancements & accuracy when using the old school miter saws. Advanced technology miter saws with a laser guide support working with ease. 

If a carpenter uses the advanced miter saw, he or she can protect any challenging performance without any hassle as well as more accurate & clean cuts. Most woodworker experts and renowned carpenters feel confident to use this tool and can increase productivity and security features. 

It allows you to cut perfectly for a long time due to its modern-day technology. So, the question is, is the laser worth it for miter saws? Yes, for the miter saws the laser is worth it in most cases. It is necessary to keep activating before the blade takes place for accurate cuts. You need to line up the blade following the laser guide. If the wood surface is uneven, it also works.

What Are Some Tips for Adding a Laser to a Miter Saw for Pro-level Use?

Adding a laser to a miter saw can greatly improve its accuracy and efficiency for various miter saw uses. To do this effectively, ensure the laser is compatible with your saw model and follow the installation instructions carefully. Regularly calibrate the laser to maintain precision and enhance your pro-level performance.

Final Words

So, you can add a laser to your miter saw just by following some instructions within a short budget. It helps you to cut the wood acutely and work on long-term projects. A LED light is also good for all carpenters who want to increase productivity and save extra working time. Enjoy your woodworking project by using a laser miter saw!

It is possible to add a laser to a miter saw, though this will require some additional parts and installation. This can be a great way to improve the accuracy and precision of your cuts. However, it is important to consider both the cost and the potential safety hazards of such a modification before deciding if it is right for you.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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