Different Types of Chainsaws: Features, and Our Selection

Published on: April 18, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Chainsaws are mostly the definition of handling bigger woodworking projects, though some of the models, for instance, the pneumatic chainsaw is a great assistant to manage metal and construction cutting projects too. Although being a vital part of the daily life of woodworkers or construction workers, it comes in a wide range as per the job demands. For example, lop unhealthy limbs, remove major obstructions, chop wood, clean brushes and more is in the top listing. 

different types of chainsaws

While every class of chainsaws is on sale, it is very difficult neither to describe nor to choose conditions. Along with the varieties, you will find more info in detail from us while giving a thorough reading of our article of six types of chainsaws overview. So, happy buying and later happy shopping!

Is Chainsaw a Saw?

Is chainsaw one word? Typically it is confronted by the Merriam-Webster dictionary that may use in 2 words, as in chain saw. Sometimes it may vary, for instance, Stihl, the greatest chainsaws manufacturer brand applies “chainsaw” in their website link

Apart from the usage of this saw type, or cutter, this is a beast device that you can apply from splitting small tree branches to the greatest wood grains to produce professional graded furniture. Consisting of versatile chainsaw parts and functions, such as spark plug, decompression valve, guide bar, chain, fuel tank, and so on, are similar to the lawnmowers.

Along with featuring multi-purpose making tools in both external and internal site of the saw, comes with replaced options of any of the parts, for instance, simple man-powered saw in forestry. However, similar to other saws provides options for sharpeners anywhere, such as a handheld file, bar-mounted, and electric chainsaw. Thus, the basic truth confirms that a chainsaw is a saw indeed.   

Types of Chainsaw Cuts

Along with a wide range of external and internal parts and functions, chainsaws have multiple cutting styles and purposes on their offer. In general, working technical knowledge is rather important to perform with a chainsaw safely to get better cuts. As if,


Common design or skill to operate on your plain wood grain. Typically after cleaning the tree branches and the base undergrowth too, the felling direction and retreating the path. To control the fall, drive the chain through the ¼” diameter of the tree that can create almost equal 45-degrees wedges from each cut.

So, there will be 90-degrees horizontally fallen directional cuts at each time. Then get ready for the top cuts to rip off the wedge point line. Now from the opposite, a narrow hinge diminishes felling control. However, it has made almost 1/10” diameter from the opposite direction cut line to finish the felling cuts. We can range the basic horizontal felling cut (1.5–2 inches; 5.1 cm), however, a setback may happen due to the tree moves back from the opposite directional cut line. 

Size up: 

To try a novice felling cut to the direction, this scouting and planning are safe, yet before starting just ensure the retreat paths and danger zones. If the tree that you are preferring to ct down is relative to other objects, for instance, tension, and supports determine a safe split off. Before tree leaning and bending, several factors like branch arrangement, wind tree direction, obstacles and damage, snow off, and rotting tree counterparts are noticeable. 

But sometimes unexpectedly due to lack of tree felling knowledge in their natural direction, it may get down through the chainsaw over the next trees.


After a badly fallen tree surrounding by other big trees, this type of cut is used to apply. How? First of all, require a winch to make it escape from the complicated situated situation. Even as much as possible workout so far the tension to decide the safest place and way to make it down. 1 or 2 cuts at the tension base of sufficient depth not only to reduce tension but also to avoid a straight cut through the tree’s tension is inevitable. Right then it is easier to cut apart from the bending position.  


This is common cutting maneuverability to operate with recently felled logs. All set up should have been done to invalid binding the chainsaw, and it must take place within changing compressions and tensions of the log. To give a head start with safe bucking, take the log high-side and continue till the butt-end by sectioning work offside. 

Limbing: This is hobbyist maneuverability to cut off branches step by step without damaging log areas. 


Sometimes a chainsaw may stick in a complicated situation, for instance, stocking chains in between log compression. Without damaging saw equipment and tree, a long-chained saw is unsafe. Such techniques are necessary to be skilled.

Side bind – sideways pressure exerted;

End bind – through the entire cross-section, weight compression of the log the saw can enter;

Top bind – compression on top and cutting tension are is on log bottom;

Bottom bind – opposite of the top bind, like compression on the bottom and tension on the top. 

Brushing and Slashing: Similar to limbing, you can clear up all branches and small trees under 13cm or 5” in diameter. 

Top Handle vs Rear Handle Chainsaw 

Top Handle

As the name confirms the handle remains on the top side of a chainsaw. In particular, the handle has been designed to be placed on the top right side of the saw engine featured like this to handle almost all ground-level rip-off operations. 

However, a set of advantages and disadvantages we have faced through the application time, for instance, flexibility, size, easy management, responsiveness, and dependability. 

In terms of hobbyist’s in need of size, depends on varying conditions to get rid of cutting issues, becomes a breeze while employing felling, straight and bucking type of tree cuts. Manufacturers’ latest design has been integrated off-limit size to make it much more compatible with portability. 

In case of your dire need, ensures an effortless operability level with a promise to provide service potential, no matter how the tree size is. Also, lightweight, yet durable gives addition to functioning outline which will become the best bet while purchasing a chainsaw. Applying like other chainsaws, our team members have faced some issues which are somehow disadvantaged for us, maybe in contrast to you. 

Advantages Disadvantages  
Good size advanced users 
Flexibility Sometimes expensive 
Provides better dependability term
Effortless operability 

Rear Handle

In contrast to the top-handle chainsaw, this one holds the handle in its design behind the machine. With much more specification rather than the top-handled chainsaw models, it has both-handled power for regular on-ground cutting operation.  

Comes with affordability with extra length, yet hard and no-slippery grip to handle any big or smaller trees. Based on its design, yet having no more flexibility while applications, it is safer with well-balanced cutting power to keep much control while driving the saw through to slice stuff up. 

Want to enjoy boosted form of operation, you better grow up your chainsaw skill with high-end maneuverability. At the bottom line, it is quite durable and easier for any novices evenly, yet similar to other saw types, it may conclude with applications issues which are not something deals with bigger. 

Advantages Disadvantages  
Stronger grip No flexibility 
Smoother both sided handling compatibility Heavy-weighted
Perfect for any users Bounded use 
Easier controls 

Different Types of Chainsaws: Features, and Our Selection

Chainsaws are somehow the fearful beast machines in some people’s imagination because of showing it in the horror movie while bulky saw maneuverability filters in his hand for killing. Apart from this popular concept, chainsaws are real beasts to cut or split off the trees in different ways. So far so good, we have enlisted the popular 6 types of chainsaws with such different machine examples to get rid of certain tree splitting or cutting issues. 

Gas-powered Chainsaws 

First of the familiar, potential, and trendy chainsaw model is compatible for both novices and professionals, yet very new to landscaping jobs joining people. Based on 2 strokes engine to start, it always requires fuel or oil lubrication as if it has an in-built fuel tank behind the engine. So before a head start, prime the tank full, and pull its starter cord. 

Advantages Disadvantages  
Powerful to cut treesBulky enough 
Portable Emits gas fumes 
Required only fuels Loud 

Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw

[amazon fields=”B01N7RYW7R” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Poulan Pro PR5020 Gas Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 17 pounds;
  • Fuel consumption: 20% lower consumption, 70% less gas emissions;
  • Guide bar: 20”;
  • Engine: 50cc. 

Why have we chosen such a heavy-weighted gas chainsaw? Well, damn awesome not only with the 2 stroke engine with 50cc fuel landing capacity while operating with bigger trees, but also OxyPower engine technology integrity. This high-end technology helps in lowering emissions, rated almost 70% less with 20% less fuel consumption. 

Easier management and effortless cord help in pulling with 30% lesser force than we gave to the other purchased and trialed models of gasoline-powered chainsaws. Reducing wear on starter system, it is based on the rear handle with better flexibility and you may find it with its combined combi tool. 

However, you can thank for all such advantages to the purge bulb, including voiding the damage risk at anytime operation. 

Pros Cons 
User-friendly combined choke or stop controlexpensive
Easy to pull and less maintenance cost 
Damage-free operations maneuverability 
OxyPower engine technology
Less gas or fuel emissions 
Better filtering mechanism 

Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

[amazon fields=”B00BERFGDY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 22.6 pounds;
  • Fuel consumption: 15% less and 65% less emission; 
  • Guide bar: 24”;
  • Engine: 60.3cc;
  • Material: plastic. 

Aiming for experiencing something with basic features to improve your novice grade? Well, Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw is the perfect one. As the name suggests, nothing less than a husky to cover up your tree-cutting manuverability. To optimize your tougher work gear, its 2 stroke oil engine gives 20% faster speed than the previous model, in fact, including different potential kits. 

For example, oil filtering system, not only filter the compressed fuel inside but also filter the air from inside to outside to make it much more compact. However, it is too buly, yet durable plastic engine cover in configuration optimize the maintenance on user’s schedule like it provided to us.

We have felt proud that such a renowned brand gives almost 70% less emission than the previous model, but yes, the spark plug got a little scratch from the manufacturer out of the factory may be. 

Each engineered chainsaw counterpart, for instance, the 24” guide bar and 60.3cc engine gives no special outlook, yet confronts well enough operating safety. 

Pros Cons 
Well-balanced X-torqNothing noticeable 
Robust all-around saw
Adjustable oil pump
Quick-relese air filter 
The toolbox includes safety kits
High capacity engine 

Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

[amazon fields=”B003OFH0GA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 20 pounds;
  • Horsepower: 3.49HP;
  • Guide bar: 18”;
  • Engine: 55.5cc;
  • Fuel tank: 2.6 ounces. 

Another husky in our gas-powered chainsaw listing. Not only for its weight but also its durability with 2.6 ounces 2-cycle fuel tank is unparalleled to effective works. Simply keep it tension-free with a side-mounted chain tensioning mechanism. The heavy-weighted cutter also allows for quick chain adjustment covers up automatic oiling to chains to apply over bar and chain for precise tasks.

Though the manufacture has not kept the fuel tank, bar, and chain inside the toolbox, compared to the previous Husqvarna X-torque, it consumes less fuel with fewer emissions. However, such important counterparts have not been included, vital safety equipment, for instance, chaps, helmet, and gloves are free with it.

However, its chain brake is complicated for regular purposes including the 18” guide bar. 

Pros Cons 
Side-mounted chain tensioning mechanism Short guide bar 
Heavy-duty and durable Hefty-priced 
Automatic chain oiler 
Quick-release air filter 
Self-sharpening system 
X-torque lowers fuel consumption

Electric or Corded Chainsaws 

Electric means the machine’s main power source is electricity while connecting with a single cord. Since the entire device gets plugged into an unlimited power source, it can run itself and makes potential with higher amperage. Not only provide more than enough cutting power but also unlimited power source, means electricity. 

However, due to connecting with an extension cord which will let moving within one acre of property, it may kind of limited portability to consider as a mess. Even while you have in dire need of outside problems woodworking jobs, like a burking tree in the jungle, you may not do without electricity supply. 

Advantages Disadvantages  
Suitable for small and mid-sized jobs Limited to cord length 
Beginner-friendly Effective to mid-sized cuts 
Cut with huge power 

Worx WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw

[amazon fields=”B007AQZ9QC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Worx WG304.1 Electric Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Motor: 15AMP;
  • Weight: 11.3 pounds;
  • Horsepower: 4HP;
  • Guide bar: 18”;

Searching for a corded yet better and safer chainsaw? Then call for the well-reputed one from Worx, which is very promising to prevent all types of chainsaw kickbacks. A chain brake has been engineered automatically to prevent such damaging tasks, as well as the stop while it stocks in between huge log’s compression. 

Too much compact weighs only 11.3 pounds to get your jobs done like us with enough flexibility. Are you a pro? Then show the highest maneuverability within the shortest time whether it provides a well enough lightweight feature without fatigue issues.

Do not underestimate the lightweight feature of it its almost 15AMP motor helps it representing like a beast to accommodate to perform all manner of backyard treehouse or other woodworking projects and driving through thicker logs. 

But one thing just shocked us, the guide bar with the instructions has mentioned 18” but it came in only 16” to us. Another main downside we have experienced is that the oil leakage may take place when it gets stored. We insist users check that part before purchasing. 

Pros Cons 
Auto-tension and auto-oiler Short guide bar 
Heavy engine 
Compact for all jobs 
Avoid kickback 

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, Corded (CS1518)

[amazon fields=”B00TJ3FBHG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 12 pounds;
  • Engine: 15AMP;
  • Guide bar: 18”.

One of the best bets in the electric chainsaw or corded chainsaw category is from the Black+Decker brand with the lowest kickback performance while doing long-term woodworking jobs. Maintaining good corporate social responsibility, engineered as the safest one while others may have cord cages, does not exist in itself. Without the cord cage, you feel much more liable and safe by pulling out of any extension or electric cord. 

Compared to the previous chainsaw, it has a better oiling system, means an auto-oiling mechanism that lubricates the bar and chain while it is in great demand to run the entire machine. If you have a demand for tool-free chain tensioning, including that it makes the chain running much easier than the manual pulled ones. 

Another auto mechanism, the chain brake whether it is on-demand to get stuck or capable of reading your choice of time when to turn it off.  

Pros Cons 
No extended cord cages Found nothing 
Powerful motor 
Tool-free chain tensioning 
Lower kickback bar
Automatic and leakage-free oiling system 

Battery-powered or Cordless Chainsaws

 The lightest powered chainsaw in our listing. Depending on a rechargeable power source, for instance, a Lithium-ion battery or similar power stored boxes you may have to carry wherever you leave with it for accommodating any size of woodworking tasks. Its demanded installed battery life relies much more on their manufactured brands, whether it may fix for an hour or a day to works get done. 

Though it has intended to work with less power, as if head home to charge before the task is accomplished, the portability to confined areas gives enough flexibility, for instance, during brush-clearing jobs. 

Advantages Disadvantages  
100% portable with battery Less battery life 
Work accomplishment power without noise Less cutting power 
No vibration 
No gas fumes 

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Battery Powered Chainsaw 

[amazon fields=”B00OC9WSDC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 Battery Powered Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 7.2 pounds;
  • Chain length: 10”;
  • Battery support: 20V Lithium-ion;
  • Motor: 4 Ah.

The best cordless and gas emission-less LCS1020 series chainsaw is from Black-Decker. On the other hand, the best one for lighter yard work within minutes is limbing and pruning. It worked as a perfect one while we tried on around 1”-1.5” tree branches. However, on smaller branches, it worked like bouncing and jumping, so we preferred up to 1.5”. 

Unlike other chainsaw chains, it comes in 10” whether the bar is around 16”, yet razor-sharp to cut things like butter. However, the 1st oiling shot failed due to some skill and manufacturing problems but when we ordered the second one, it was completely fine with a better oiling system indeed. 

Another consideration that gave a working breeze, it is a good platform for 20V battery power installation to work at least half of day without letting you heading for charging from home or by inverter again. Moreover, dragging out a gasoline-operated chainsaw, its instructions simply helped us to uninstall the screw and nuts to expose its integrated chain drive sprocket to replace another high-speed and sharp cutting chain to get along with the splitting hobs.  

Pros Cons 
Perfect manual instruction Suits pruning and limbing jobs 
Good oiling system 
Automated chain brake 
Installed longer usage battery 

Greenworks Pro GCS80420 Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

[amazon fields=”B00R6Z4R42″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Greenworks Pro GCS80420 Brushless Cordless Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 2.05 pounds; 
  • Rip capacity: 150/per charge;
  • Battery: 2Ah;
  • Cutting capacity: 34” logs;
  • Guide bar and chain: 18”. 

Another Greenworks well-balanced and powerful battery-powered chainsaw in our listing. Have you enjoyed 150 cuts per charge by any chainsaws? Not yet? Finally, this pro-graded GCS80420 series is for you. 4×4 lumber not only its higher strength but also more than that is possible before charging to the next time.

Inertia activated chain brake is a greater addition to the cordless chainsaw category for safety including injury reduction. anti-slippery rubber grip on the top handle ensures zero fatigue and is possible by the super controlling of the prospective users. 

Another pro-graded counterpart you can consider, a pro-style mounted chain tensioning mechanism. Without zero hassles, it confronts easy bar and chain maintenance. We should not mention but unlike other oiler capacity and chain and bar oiling systems, this time we have faced leakage due to manufacturing less responsibility. However, its transparent oil window was so catchy that compelled us to purchase instantly. 

Pros Cons 
Higher cutting capacity with short-chain and guide bar Hefty-priced 
Fast charging No safety equipment 
Professional graded side-mounted chain tensioning 
Comfort rubber grip 
Inertia-activated chain brake 

Pole Saws Combined with Chainsaw

As per its great engineered structure, many users exclude pole saws from the chainsaw category. Apart from that aspects, we found this tool technically similar to other chainsaws, and work pretty much similar. Besides the technical similarity, some of the prospective users found similarities with reciprocating saws for their extended handles. 

Based on its design on a stick, a pole saw holds a chainsaw bar and chain on its head. Engineers tend to manufacture it in a short structure that with less power consumption. Why? Because it is great to use on loping tree branches, neither it will be very difficult to reach that far area. Often useful to get rid of unnecessary or almost fallen tree limbs which are very dangerous and bad injuries on the body. 

Advantages Disadvantages  
Easy to reach higher limbs Useful in specific situations 
Consume less power Less powerful 
Lightweight with multiple options for shape 

Remington RM1035P Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

[amazon fields=”B078WF1Z7P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”Remington RM1035P Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 12.5 pounds; 
  • Power source: electricity;
  • Reachable height: 10ft to 15ft;
  • Motor: 8AMP;
  • Guide bar: 10”.

Searching for a 2-in-1 saw with corded-electric power consumption? Well, the RM1035P series pole saw from Remington is our next choice. Though it comes with an automatic oiler version which was not available in the older version, the small metal bar may be an unsatisfactory counterpart. 

Found it more powerful with the installed 8AMP motor rather than its size with brute strength. However, commenting on its extended part with a stick to handle to reach a maximum of 15ft out on the easily adjustable.

If have your thinking ability first, its slight heavyweight is not an issue. For example, we could not cut with the older version an almost 25years old trunk, yet this one made it possible to reach and trim precisely. 

In addition, you will experience 2 adjustable clamps, such as upper and lower poles with flip and lock clamps. If you are worried about kickbacks, we ensure to kick it not back from the house as if gives no kickback with lesser sounds. 

Pros Cons 
Lightweight, yet powerful motor Nothing noticeable 
Zero kickback 10” bar and chain 
2 types of adjustable clamps 
Bottom-pull cord and handguard 


[amazon fields=”B004JMZH1C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_align=”center” image_alt=”BLACK+DECKER LPP120 Pole Saw”]

Click on the Image >> See on Amazon

  • Weight: 10.33 pounds;
  • Rip capacity: 100 cuts/charge;
  • Reachable capacity: 10ft to 14ft;
  • Cutting diameter: 6”;
  • Guide bar: 8”. 

Another pole saw come chainsaw to keep your backyard lawn neat and clean from the tree branches falling, but this one runs through battery power. One compatible system, like the 20V Lithium-ion battery Powerconnect and is being installed out of the factory. Not only is capable of providing 100 cuts per charge of 1.5” branches.

Featuring in-line powerhead, fiberglass in construction pole ensures as long as possible visibility and accuracy between branches. Including center extension, indicates the adjustability of length from 6.5ft to 10ft and sometimes 14ft in every scenario. Unlike earlier mentioned pole saw, gives addition to the cutting diameter, around 6-inches, however, we found the cutting capacity in an extended way. 

Besides all these particularities with good power connection and portability, weighing less to reduce hand fatigue and sometimes back pain how long you work does not matter at all. 

Pros Cons 
Better power connection Hefty-priced 
No cord pull May need a separate charger 
Good visibility and fiberglass pole 
Huge cutting diameter 

Pneumatic Chainsaw

This one is also popular as a well-balanced air-powered system installed chainsaw. However, compared to gas chainsaws, this one provides not unlimited, yet better power connection and cutting power both in one configuration.

Except for so many counterparts, like oiling system, separate battery, pull cord, and more, this chainsaw type is quite simple to understand and continue jobs whether it is heavy-duty or small. Excluding versatile moving parts, very much popular in industrial woodworking or metal cutting projects unlike gas, electric, and battery-powered, in fact, pole chainsaws. 

Pneumatic ones are engineered with special air filters, air hose pipes, and similar air power-consuming counterparts. As it is powered by high-pressurized air pockets, has an in-built special cutting force on offer t multiply the straight cuts double whether it is metal or concrete. Also, all of the air-powered chainsaws are emission-free and a few models have been upgraded with delivering power of water or oil to prevent hybernating of the entire machine.  

Pocket or Manual Chainsaw

Pocket chainsaws were used in manual ways with enough portability rather than the real beast performance too. Like its nickname, pocket saws consist of a bladed teeth chain with enough sharpness and integrated to a handle at either end. If you need to employ one pocket chainsaw, wrap the lengthy chain around the object that you want to slice up. Next, pull it return to yourself, and forth as long as possible. 

It is prey as it roars and takes forever, however, it is an emission-free and DIY compatible to carry within your pocket. Moreover, useful for camping site kindling and splitting firewoods from dry woods.  

Along with so many upsides, some downsides we have faced, for instance, takes a long time, difficult to use, and are only perfect for small woodworking projects. 

Factors Before Opting Out a Chainsaw

Blade Guard 

This is the first optional upgrade in recent chainsaw features. In previous times, blade guards were not available with the chainsaw toolbox, yet it is right now much more with better safety approvals. 

Constructed with plastic sleeves. In that way, you can wear or slide over the chain and bar guide with it. Not only promising to protect your chain but also prevents unnecessary accidents and hand fatigue to either to carry or on storage moment. 


Like the common synonym of bucking spikes, such as dogs or bumper spikes, weighing is less often called the lightweight chainsaw. In general, cordless chainsaws are lightweight while consuming less power, energy and providing less cutting power except for pneumatic models. Ranging each model weight 7 to 12 pounds while corded or electric ones weighing more. 

Considering this feature, you probably search for lite options to work for a longer time, such as pruning, limbing, bucking, and similar chainsaw cutting jobs apart from log splitting or big wood grain to make kindling. Taxing and positioning a chainsaw within your workshop also take into consideration such a point. Whatever your demand is, pick one from our listing.  

Bar Guide 

Guide bar and handle are great combinations. According to Stihl’s description, the guide bar provides precise guidance not only to the chainsaw but also to the minimal friction loss that you can measure at ease to perform your woodworking project. Without being biased, it takes the user to get the jobs done with precision. 

As per the available models in the markets, you better will notice 2 types of bars in-built in the chainsaw, such as duromatic and rollomatic. Before purchasing one model, just measure the length of your project and think that will it fit or not? 

What Type of Chainsaw Would Be Best for Using in the Rain?

When it comes to using a chainsaw in the rain, it’s crucial to choose one that is specifically designed to withstand wet conditions. Look for a chainsaw that is waterproof and has special features to prevent slippage and maintain a secure grip in rainy weather.

Final Thoughts 

By now, we have experienced six varieties of chainsaws in terms of their power source. Each class has benefits and lots of benefits on their offer with a few drawbacks. But a process to make your woodworking job a breeze that is matching chainsaw with jobs.

Whether manual and pole saws are for small pruning and limbing jobs, in contrast, corded and cordless saws are heavy-duty to accomplish similar heavy-weighted tasks.

Is there any chainsaw class or type left? If yes, then please inform us but better to give a rundown with different chainsaws and their given information first. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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