10 Best Knee Scooters 2023 (Newest Models)

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Nobody expects it to be injured but it is fate where there is nothing to do. When you are suffering from a hip, leg,  knee, or ankle injury you need to select an alternative way to move places. It may be the crutches or a knee scooter.

If you’re looking for my opinion, I prefer a knee scooter ( also known as a knee walker) instead of a crutch. Because crutches are very uncomfortable and need our two hands to walk with them. There is no way to carry anything during the use of the crutch.

I am telling this from my experience! Because a few years back my ankle sprained badly by falling down from stairs. But the most painful thing was I couldn’t walk for a long time. That time there were only crutches to assist me in getting around. I can’t use them either as it causes back pain. Now I think if knee scooters were available back then, I wouldn’t need to be in the bed most of the time.

best knee scooters

The knee scooter is very easy to use, comfortable to move, and highly flexible for an injured person. A knee walker or knee scooter is generally used to get maximum mobility. A regular knee scooter consists of three or four wheels. The user may need to carry something while moving someplace, so it should include a basket and also need to have a handle break for better control.

What is a Knee Scooter

The knee scooter is the two, three, or four-wheeler alternative to crutches. A knee scooter is also known as a knee walker, knee cruiser, and broken leg walker. It is highly effective for leg-injured people and is the best option instead of a wheelchair and crutch. Normally it contains a handlebar to get support from it.

Many patients need to use crutches for any kind of lower knee injury like- knee, ankle, foot, or lower leg injury or surgery. But by using crutches they may feel discomfort in the back, arm, legs, and lumbar area. But knee scooters are designed as a great alternative to crutches for patients with single knee injuries. You can put your injured leg on the knee pad of the scooter and push the ground with another leg.

If any of your family members are going through this type of leg problem, you can use this device to move around for any necessary job.

Benefits of Walking a Knee Scooter

It’d be easy to choose a knee scooter if you know its benefits. So here are the benefits of walking on a knee scooter-

Ease of Use

Crutches need a good amount of strength to move with them which you may not have. You may feel uncomfortable or irritated on the armpit from its extended use, it also causes stress or pain in your shoulders, wrists, and arms. But if you use a knee scooter instead, you don’t have to go through all these discomforts.


Before knee walkers, people with any kind of knee or leg injury had to take complete bed rest or take the help of crutches or wheelchairs to move from one place to another. Which was really stressful. But knee scooters allow you to move easily during your rehabilitation period without any stress and give you the chance to lead your life almost normally like before.


Like bicycles, knee walkers come with baskets that allow you to carry your necessary items with you while moving.


According to most users, crutches are unsteady and unstable. But while you’re waiting for recovery this issue may cause a problem with your injury. Whereas, knee scooters are more stable and you don’t need to worry about slipping on any uneven or wet surface.

How to Choose the Best Knee Scooter

There are lots of products throughout the market. Some of them are totally useless and of low quality. To get a quality product you are to ensure this feature:

Safety Level

To buy the best knee walker safety level will be the first priority. For good stability, the wheels should be 7.5 inches. The Kneepad platform should be clear to place the knee and no pressure can extend it. The handle should be easy to move from left and right for good control.

Braking quality should be top within the shortage of time which will not force an accident. A good quality brand product ensures all levels of safety.

Comfort Level

Comfortability is another vital point to see before buying a knee walker. It should be better knee support and height adjustment will be easy and flexible. The availability of cushions in the knee pad is also to be checked. The patient’s comfort should be the maximum priority.


The knee scooter will be light in weight for easy movement. Weight should not be more than 30 pounds.

Carrying Capacity

It will depend on your demand level. If you need to carry a maximum load then you must choose a heavy-level scooter and its basket will be a big one. Ensure that the heavyweight does not cause any adverse effects to your injured leg.

Outdoors or Indoors

It will be better to be friendly with outdoor and indoor for all level surfaces. It will depend on wheel quality.


Obviously, it will affect your budget. To get a highly effective product you may have to spend a big budget.


Reputed brands are always welcome because they ensure maximum quality.


Storage can be in small places. Folding is the better option.


A new and modern design is preferable.

How to Use a Knee Scooter

The user of this knee scooter is always an injured person. They place their knee into the pad so that no pressure can interrupt his/her normal movement. Handlebars give the facility to get direction and movement which can give you freedom of movement. Before the invention of a foot injuries, people could not get access to the movement. They have to use wheelchairs or crutches for movement, otherwise, they are forced to stay in bed.

It is really a challenging task to select a knee scooter from the market for its variety. To select the best one, you must know the features and pros and cons of these all-knee scooters. Hope so, this article will help you to guide and choose the best knee scooter.

Safety Features Included in the 10 Best Knee Scooters

Some common safety features found in knee scooters include:

  • Hand brakes for stopping and controlling speed
  • Rear wheel brakes for additional stopping power
  • Adjustable knee pad for a comfortable and secure fit
  • Non-skid surface on the knee pad to prevent slipping
  • Folding design for easy storage and transportation
  • Reflective material for increased visibility in low-light conditions
  • Weight limit capacity
  • Locking mechanism to prevent the scooter from folding while in use
  • Lightweight and durable construction
  • Durable wheels with good traction It’s important to note that different manufacturers and models may include different features and it’s always best to review the specific product details before making a purchase.

Our Selected Top 10 Knee Scooters-

1. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable 796 Knee Walker

drive medical dual pad steerable 796 knee walker
  • Total weight of 6 lbs;
  • Can carry 300 lbs;
  • The knee pad cushion is highly  comfortable;
  • Foldable mechanism;
  • The braking system is highly effective;
  • Four casters of 8 inches each;
  • Adjustable handlebar (31’’-40’’), and dual kneepad;

Drive Medical 796 is a product from a company that is one of the best-reputed companies in the world in the sector of knee scooters. It is ultra-lightweight and easy to use. Its folding mechanism added an extra facility to carry and store. This is the perfect mobility aid for lifestyle during recovery from a leg injury. It gives them freedom of movement.

The dual cushion in the kneepad is comfortable and no pain can be obtained from it. It is one of the best lightweight knee scooters on the market. Remaining active is the best option that gives maximum mobility to the patients. It can carry up to 300 lbs and is highly stable to use. 

Its nice wheel gives a better chance of movement both indoors and outdoors. Its handlebar and knee pad can be adjusted with the height of the user. This highly safe knee scooter occupied the first choice of most users.

Things We Liked

  • Highly comfortable cushion;
  • Easily adjustable, no need to add extra tools;
  • Lightweight;
  • Front-wheel control.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Low weight capacity.

2. KneeRover Hybrid Knee Walker

kneerover hybrid knee walker
  • Only 25.5 lbs knee scooter weight;
  • Can carry up to 300 lbs;
  • For 5’ to 6’6’’ users. 
  • The handlebar can be adjustable from 35 inches to 47 inches;
  • Adjustable Knee pad  from 19 inches to 22.5 inches;
  • The knee pad is well-fitted with the leg;
  • Comes with a folding mechanism;

This knee scooter is obtained from KneeRover company having a high reputation for supplying top-quality knee scooters. For better activity and participation in any program either in the office, indoor or outdoors it may be the best knee walker for you. According to its features, it will not cost you a lot. Its 300 lbs carrying capacity will give you a larger carrying facility than the others.

It contains three wheels of 9 inches in the front and 7 inches in the back. Each gives you the extra moving facility on an uneven surface. This broken leg scooter is adjustable to your height and knee requirement. It is possible to go on grass and rough surfaces which you cannot imagine. It contains an auto tie-rod steering mechanism which makes it different from any other knee scooter. This walker is better to use for 5 feet to 6.5 feet high people. Easily it can be folded for carrying inside a bag.

Things We Liked

  • Long-lasting;
  • Any surface uses;
  • 9 and 7inch tires give stability;
  • The seat is extra comfortable;
  • Easy and flexible for external use;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Difficult for small surface use for large turning radius;

3. Dynarex Steerable Knee Scooter/Walker with Basket

dynarex steerable knee scooter/walker with basket
  • Lightweight with only 20 lbs;
  • Can carry up to 350 lbs;
  • 31 inches to 41 inches adjustable handlebar;
  • Adjustable knee pad height from 17.5 inches to 22 inches;
  • The knee pad is contoured and padded for softness and comfort;
  • For 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 8 inches people;
  • Space-saving foldable and steerable knee walker.

Who wants to be maximum active during his knee injury Dynarex Knee Scooter is undoubtedly the best solution for him/her. It is designed for comfort and high mobility for those who are very careful of their knee during their recovery. It is the best knee scooter for home, office, and navigation of daily work on a budget. The attached basket comes in handy for carrying personal belongings. It contains 8-inch wheels and can be suitable for any surface.

Its controlling capacity is high and breaks effectiveness is at the top level. Lightweight, which is only 20 lbs, gives you better carrying capacity. It can be folded easily and is possible to keep in reduced space. This scooter is flexible to use for 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 8 inches people. Adjusting the height can be possible within a short time.

Things We Liked

  • Useful basket;
  • Provides carrying facility for up to 300 lbs;
  • Easily adjustable mechanism;
  • Highly stable for 4 big wheels;
  • Lightweight and easy to use;
  • Flexible and highly comfortable;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The hand brake may remain tight for some time;

4. OasisSpace Steerable Knee Scooter with Dual Braking System

oasisspace steerable knee scooter with dual braking system
  • 8-inch All-terrain pneumatic front wheels;
  • 17 – 21-inch adjustable knee pad;
  • 34 – 42-inch  adjustable handlebar;
  • Providing extra stability and support.

For stability and modern design OasisSpace KneeCycle, leg walker is the best knee scooter for its highly advanced features. It is designed with advanced auto-style rod steering which gives the highest safety to use. For control and extra stability used a locking hand brake and rear disc brake. Its 8-inch pneumatic tires on wheels can absorb shock and can provide maximum comfort to the patients.

It is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and all types of surfaces. It contains a contoured knee pad platform which is easy and comfortable to place the knee on. It has a removable handlebar and contains a quick folding mechanism. Its braking quality makes it outstanding.

Things We Liked

  • Flexible to use;
  • Extra stable;
  • Both for indoor and outdoor use;
  • Braking and control are highly efficient;
  • Patient-oriented design.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Very expensive.

5. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket

drive medical dual pad steerable knee walker
  • Steering knee walker gives extra portability;
  • 30.00 inches length x 16.00 inches weight x 31.00 inches height;
  • Two separate knee pads;
  • The basket can be removed from the front;
  • Steel frame;
  • Can be adjusted without any tools;
  • Carrying weight limit of up to 350 lbs.

It is featured as a medical scooter specially designed for use during foot surgery, leg, knee, or ankle injury, and other foot obstacles. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker is highly stable and modified for clinical purposes. It has a double knee pad seat which is comfortable for the patients. 

Its tool-free adjustable knee pad and handlebar height design can be adjusted at any time within the moment and enhance comfort. Deluxe brakes ensure top-quality control. Foldable and can be stored, or carried into a small space.

Things We Liked

  • Reliable braking system;
  • Carry weight up to 350 lbs;
  • Tool-free adjustment of knee pad height;
  • The frame makes a good appearance;
  • Top-level control in the front wheels.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Alignment may cause a problem in some units;

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6. KneeRover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

budget-friendly knee scooter with dual brake from kneerover
  • Weight: 21 lbs;
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs;
  • Overall Length: 31-inch;
  • Handlebar Height Range: 29″ to 37-inch;
  • Overall Height w/ handlebar folded: 16.5-inch;
  • Knee Support Height Range: 16.5 – 22-inch;
  • Knee pad: 7″ width x 12.5″ length;
  • Front Axle Width: 16.5″;
  • DUAL Rear on-Wheel Brakes.

Most people deny investing in pricey knee scooters for their minor injuries. Because they are going to be stored in the storeroom after the injury heals. So, mostly the preference for a knee scooter is cheap, yet sturdy. Keeping that in mind, KneeRover has brought this model. Its’ height and weight capacity are as good as the expensive ones but its construction is surprisingly durable.

With impressive pneumatic wheels, you can ride indoors and outdoors with ease. Riding on the bumpy sidewalk needs some practice though. It is easy to assemble and detach to carry and transport.

To make it safe and sound, there is a dependable hand brake system incorporated in this scooter. It is fun to steer and comfortable to hold your knee and wide enough to rest when you need to. It is the best knee scooter for short-term use, but I can’t assure its durability for long-term use. 

Things We Liked

  • Budget-friendly price;
  • Easy to control;
  • Portable;
  • Suitable for outdoor use as well;
  • Highly adjustable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be wobbly on a bumpy surface.

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7. KneeRover Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter

kneerover deluxe steerable knee walker knee scooter
  • Weight: 24.8 lbs;
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs;
  • Knee Support Height Range: 16″ – 22.5″;
  • Knee pad: 7″ width x 12.5″ length;
  • Front Axle Width: 17.5″;
  • Rear Drum Brakes;
  • Wire Basket: 8″ x 12″ x 8.5″.

When you are handicapped for months to come, you look for something that is more assured and won’t give up in the middle of healing your injured leg, shin, or toe. For some individuals, quality is more valuable than money. To them, this knee scooter may seem the one and only solution to get moving confidently. 

Its wheels are larger and wider than average knee walkers. The wheels give ultimate balance and comfort when riding on an uneven surface outdoors. 

Needless to say, the height and weight capacity are also higher than other competitors in the market. It is much more well-balanced and easy to steer. There is less risk of oversteering and accidental fall over. For seniors and chronically injured patients, the helplessness from immobility can be overcome by this durable and trustworthy knee scooter.

Things We Liked

  • Cheap;
  • Stable and well-balanced;
  • Easy to control;
  • Large wheels.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It may not be long-lasting.

8. HYBRID KneeCycle with Terrain Front Axle from KneeRover

hybrid kneecycle with terrain front axle
  • Weights 21 pounds;
  • 7.5″ rubber wheels;
  • Dual hand brake;
  • Foldable knee walker;
  • 300 lb weight capacity;
  • For patients from 4 ft 6 inches to 6 ft 6 inches in height range.

When it is a matter of minor injury or simple fracture on the foot or ankle, most people deny investing in pricey knee scooters. Because they are going to be stored in the storeroom after the injury heals. So, mostly the preference for a knee scooter is cheap yet sturdy. Keeping that in mind, KneeRover has brought this model. Its’ height and weight capacity are as good as the expensive ones but its construction is surprisingly durable. 

With 7.5 inches rubber wheels, you can ride indoors and outdoors with ease. Riding on the bumpy sidewalk needs some practice though. It is easy to assemble and detach to carry and transport.

To make it safe and sound, there is a dual-hand brake in this scooter. It is fun to steer and comfortable to hold your knee and wide enough to rest when you need to. It might be great for short-term use, but I can’t assure you of its durability for the long term.

Things We Liked

  • Budget-friendly price;
  • Easy to control;
  • Portable design;
  • Suitable for outdoor use as well;
  • Highly adjustable.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Can be wobbly on a bumpy surface.

9. Adjustable Heavy Duty Knee Scooter from NOVA

adjustable heavy duty knee scooter from nova
  • Weights 29 pounds;
  • Rugged 8” all-terrain wheels;
  • Hand brake and rear brake;
  • 31.5″ – 37.75″ handlebar adjustments;
  • 17” – 22” adjustable knee platform;
  • 400 lb weight capacity;
  • 4’11” – 6’2” inches in height range.

Among all, this one offers the highest weight-carrying capacity. Don’t get me wrong before reading the full review. This scooter itself is great as it is. Its dual brake is convenient for anyone as you can draw a brake with any hand. So, no matter whether you are leftie or rightie, operating this one will be hassle-free. 

Its kneepad is contoured like a cross shape; so you can put your leg on it either way. Some have complained about not getting comfortable padding and some were grateful for the contoured pad. Well, my opinion is, knee scooters are there to give you support and mobility when you have to recover anything beneath your knee, not on your knee. If you have a problematic knee, stay away from it! So, for cost-effective support and independence at inconvenient times, this is the best knee scooter for obese patients.

Things We Liked

  • Affordable;
  • Easy to assemble and adjust;
  • Comfortably contoured pad;
  • Dual brake;
  • High weight capacity.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.

10. RINKMO Knee Scooter with Attachable Basket

rinkmo knee scooter with attachable basket
  • Adjustable handlebars 32 to 41-inch;
  •  Knee Pad 16’to 20-inch;
  • Max Weight Limit: 300 lb;
  • Recommend User Height: 4’6″ to 6’6″;
  • Suit for individuals with heights 4′ 6″ to 6′ 6″.

The magic of control lies in its brakes. To slow down or to stop completely, the brakes work wonderfully. Even on the gravel, the brakes help to ride blissfully with no hassle. The PU knee cushion is as comfortable as it looks and the best part is, it never deforms!

If you want to avoid bruises on your knee after months of scooting on knee scooters, try this one with a PU knee cushion. The wheels are not wobbly like other models. For heavy use outdoors, the 8 inches of PU wheels are enough to make riding fun. Like any other scooter, it is also adjustable. Amazingly, it can be folded in three different ways to maximize portability.

There is no basket attached, but you can buy one separately to add. However, in terms of durability within affordability, this knee scooter is one of the best. You will not regret purchasing it. 

Things We Liked

  • Super durable; 
  • Highly adjustable;
  • Convenient multiple brakes;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.


Questions to Consider

The responses to the questions should enable you to choose one that is best for you or your cherished one;

Does Insurance Cover Knee Scooters?

Inclusion for the expense of your knee bike rental depends on a few factors, for example, your arrangement inclusion, therapeutic need, and kind of damage/medical procedure.

How Would You Size a Knee Scooter?

When you are securely adjusted, twist your leg that will be on the knee walker to a 90-degree edge as though it were laying on the knee cushion. Ensure they are standing upright and not inclining. Next, measure the good ways from the base of your twisted knee to the floor.

What is the Best Possible Approach to Utilizing a Knee Scooter?

 Ensure the hand brakes are bolted with the goal that the bike stays stationary. Mount influenced (harmed) leg onto the knee stage. Keep the unaffected leg on the ground by the bike. Utilize your ground leg to propel yourself and the bike forward or in reverse.

What is the Difference Between Knee Scooters and Knee Walkers?

 Knee Walkers – the advantage: Knee walkers, since they are less to the floor commonly more steady than braces. They are padded for solace with space to give you a chance to rest a cast or harmed leg, without putting your load on it.

How Much Does a Knee Bike Weight?

Our Pathfinder version weighs 25 pounds, and handlebars acclimate to statures between 31 inches and 41 inches. The cushion that supports the client’s leg has a 2-inch scope of tallness alteration, too. The DV8 knee bike is lighter, at 22.7 pounds, and its scope of cushion tallness change is 3 inches.

How Much Weight Can the 10 Best Knee Scooters Support?

The weight capacity of a knee scooter can vary depending on the brand and model. It is generally recommended to check the specifications of a specific knee scooter to determine its weight capacity. Most knee scooters have a weight capacity of around 300-350 pounds, but some models can support more weight. It is always best to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations for weight capacity.

Last Words

A good quality knee scooter will help you to get mobility during the recovery period after getting injured.

I’ve tried to gather all the information you may need to know before buying a knee walker. Just remember, if the doctor suggests you get any specific walker, you must look for that. After getting the knee walker, adjust the settings to fit your body.

The recorded adornments are lightweight and can be collapsed down to a little size for best conveying and capacity. They likewise score well with respect to adaptability, convenience, upkeep ease, easy understanding structure, and reasonable price.

And be careful about moving from one type of ground to another. Don’t go too fast while moving through an uneven surface.

If you are unfortunately going through this tough time, feel free to check this guide to get a proper idea.

Stay safe!

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Guys, I am Camila Avery and I love to help my mom to do indoor & outdoor activities. As a lady, I have passed my time on gardening, home improvement, and personal or self-care. I have acquired some degrees in outdoor recreation, beauty, and hair care. It is not easy to work with top-level professional beauty experts. But, I got that opportunity and experimented with different hair extensions, hair colors, and cuts.

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