Best Bandsaw Blades for Resawing: Selection Method & Others

Published on: April 11, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Is resawing a bit complex? The answer depends on your subtle job skill, and the bandsaw with a pre-attached blade you mean worth buying for such jobs. From a pro carpenter to a person who is joining this fine job today, it will require a bandsaw with portability is better, though. With safety and accurate cutting capabilities, needless to say, the perfect solution is a bandsaw with matching and sharp resaw blade at ease. 

bandsaw blades for resawing

However, it is an overvalued machine on a pro carpenter’s top listing. For splitting woods, kind of producing kindlings rather than by an axe or a hatchet, you cannot deny it when the artifact is about to be precise. This process is particular to call as resawing with 2/3-inches width blades from a separate purchase that lasts long the bandsaw as well.  

Our recent experiences have found such 8 bandsaw blades for resawing. However, we have dragged all of these here below for your quick access to each product page if you have appreciated the details at once. 

How to Select a Band Saw Blade for Resawing?

Want the perfect match while buying a separate bandsaw blade, especially for resawing? If you have found the greatest one, but is it well enough? Well, a few opt-out factors regarding this object selection can make the best match even though you are a newbie. So, given the below info, you should check first.  

Blade Width

Need to pass your bandsaw blade through a delicate wooden piece? Either need it for resawing through another hard piece? Well, the stock thickness is not like the sky limit; even both mentioned workpieces will demand different teeth consistency. As if there are 2 types, one is narrow, and another is wide. 

Whether wide teeth will enable your hands to provide straight cutting, and in contrast, narrow teeth have curvy cuts on offer. However, the first one includes fewer teeth than the narrow version per inch and has bending resistance on offer as well. So, think about materials size before stepping forward.   

Tooth Pitch 

This fact is also quite relatable with the previous opt-out factor. Whether you have wooden pieces to cut by a bandsaw blade, even for resawing, or a metal piece with a higher tooth piece for smooth finishing, in that case, a less stable pitch you will enjoy with less TPI blades, as in the tooth pitches. 

Also, thumb rules tell about the fewer the tooth pitch, and the lowest will take you on for faster cuts. In contrast, high-density quality tooth pitches can make time higher by switching from the fastest speed for further task accomplishment. Rather convenience you want, do not only depend on TPI and see off your stocks first before shopping for a resawing bandsaw blade.  


The last one we consider the blade material, as if, comes in a wide range, for instance, bi-metal, Carbon Carbide tipped M42 or Cobalt, Steel alloy, and more. However, from all such great varieties, Carbon, carbide tipped, and M42 are expensive. In that sense, limiting your budget will be kind of fooling you around. Even among these, Carbon or Bi-metal made resawing bandsaw blades provide better strength. 

Even if we talk about Cobalt made ones, for instance, MK Morse ZWEP441418MC will never betray at any cost, neither we got betrayed. However, these are kind of high-efficient Steel cutters that are also very economical for longer operations. 

How Resaw Relatable with Bandsaw?

Well, in detail, resaw is a huge level of the bandsaw, sometimes comes with portability or stationary out of the toolbox. Optimized for cutting timber, either along the grain to curtail larger sections into smaller sections. 

A wide blade size, what we have mentioned in the buyer’s guide section, needs to get that job done. 

How to Measure TPI of Bandsaw Blade for Resawing?

The answer includes the specification attached to the toolbox. However, the easiest way is to check out the integrated gullet’s middle point. Then counting the number from that 1-inch gap will make your calculation perfect for worth buying. 

However, it is kind of bullshit if you thrive for high-density ones; Milwaukee 48-39-0539 is one of those examples.

Is Bandsaw Necessary?

In particular, the answer is no. Well, bandsaws come in handy tool size, as well as its blade is not. Either small woodworking or similar metal cutting, handy tools are necessary. Whether it is splitting kindles from big timbers, it matters with big and portable band saws with large width teeth or narrow teeth about 2-3 inches. 

However, this necessary machine by improper usage can cause considerable injuries. 

View Top Bandsaw Blade for Resawing, Below

Is your recent machine attached bandsaw blade very much troublesome? Without any hassle, you can choose a precise blade for woodworking with even curvy creation or straight cuts. And yes, to pave the way very well, our 8 well-experienced models are worth checking. 

Olson Saw FB23193DB HEFB Bandsaw Blade for Resawing

  • Weight: .50 pounds;
  • Dimension: 10.25 x 10.88 x 1 inches; 
  • TPI: 3.

Aiming for a bandsaw blade for resawing, especially for cutting through plastic and soft materials with accuracy? Well, the FB23193DB series by Olson Saw suits your needs. The most important thing, even you will notice the separation from other brands bandsaw through the compatibility up to 14”, for instance, Delta/Rockwell, Jet, Grizzly, Reliant, Fenlon, Star, Bridgewood and more. 

This resaw wood slicer will soothe your mind and avoid hand fatigue while adjusting it as if it is a set of hook shape teeth rakers. In particular, this raker set contains the capability to rotate it in all straight, right, and left, and you can call it a multitasker. 

For being budget-friendly, and as a perfect resaw band unit from our experience, we found it very much lightweight, which has attracted our attention very much. As well, no battery is needed while installing, whether you need to stabilize it or vertically positioning it from one place to another site with its in-built 2-wheels.  

What we liked 

  • Sharp-teeth;
  • Durable;
  • Very lightweight and no bending issues;
  • Easy to use and install;
  • Stationary and vertical positioning up to 14”;
  • Reasonable and greater compatibility. 


  • Nothing noticeable. 

MK Morse ZWEP441418MC Master Bandsaw Blade for Resawing

  • TPI: 14;
  • Dimension: 1 x 1 x 1 inches;
  • Material: Cobalt;
  • Shape: circular. 

Nothing but a special thing is visible from the name, which means the highest portability and strength, which applies to most metals. In terms of durability, you can try its integrated dual-edge of Bi-metal Cobalt compared to other branded models.

It comes in a circular shape in the 3Pcs toolbox package, which leads to anti-vibration operation speed till the end with variable pitch teeth. However, we call the pieces the master ones for their non-breakable cutting points. And, we have tried to construct a railroad track, well, we got success. 

On top of that, you cannot even deny the wavy attachment, a substitute for kerf. Means to enable yourself or woodworkers or metal workers to regarding workpieces a very well finishing. If you have used any hack, saw its teeth width in a raker style, saving the chips from getting bound up.  

What we liked 

  • 14 or 18 TPI as per pieces quality;
  • Creates wide kerf;
  • No chip sticking issues;
  • Variable pitch teeth;
  • Well-furnished welding. 


  • Complex to rough usage.  

Timber Wolf TPC Bandsaw Blade for Resawing

  • TPI: 3;
  • Dimension: 11 x 11 x 1.5 inches;
  • Material: blend of Silicon and carbide Steel.

Need a working bliss from the installation of a bandsaw blade for resawing? Such a TPC series unit from Timber Wolf will make your day without decaying for applications seasons after seasons. Even you can say the idealist for passing through your perfect thick stock, for instance, hard wooden pieces. 

In terms of durability, holding a blend of high-grade Silicon and similar carbide steel in construction increases the performance and adds versatile speed as per pieces needed. For running cooler, it’s in-built .25” thin kerf is noticeable. It means to drive itself under low tension even under less horsepower than installed on the lightweight machine. 

If we talk about gullet symmetries, it eliminates the highest risky and hardening zone. However, combining with the tooth angles, the blade can cover up to 60% speed capabilities of its hook blade to finish a skip.  

What we liked 

  • Less tension;
  • Very thin kerf;
  • Versatile speed reloading;
  • Round designed gullet;
  • 6.5° rake, 5-tooth set pattern.


  • Found nothing. 

Powertec 13117X Bandsaw Blade 

  • TPI: 10;
  • Dimension: 10 x 10 x 1 inches;
  • Material: high grade Carbon Steel.

Looking for a high-grade Carbon Steel made bandsaw blade for resawing? Powertec, the professional manufacturer of such reliable cutting action providers with definite welds on plastics, non-ferrous, and wooden pieces. Even considers all sizes from high to low, either vertical or horizontal positioned pieces for make into preferred size. 

Another piece of information is the efficient tooth spacing is perfect in real life. For example, its hardened teeth to RC 64-66, and yes, every saw tooth features an optimal geometric design. However, for consistent performance, you will have to sharpen after a couple of years or after more than that and quite a hassle, though.

It delivers straight cuts and sometimes even capable of another ripping style at an extreme speed. Well, to wear a uniform, it can accept further installation with more than 12” long chip, as well as the brands of Delta, Rockwell, Craftsman, Grizzly, Jet, General International, Enton, and more.  

What we liked 

  • Durable;
  • Accepts 14 bandsaw brands;
  • Efficient tooth spacing;
  • Extreme speed for cutting;
  • 0-degrees rake angle. 


  • Quite uncontrollable;
  • Need to sharpen. 

Timber Wolf Compact Bandsaw Blade for Resawing

  • TPI: 6;
  • Dimension: 11.25 x 13.75 x 0.55 inches;
  • Material: blend of Silicon and carbide Steel.

Want to cut the object as per the size you want? Well, this entire hard blend of Steel and Silicon will provide such opportunities. Yes, speaking about another Timber Wolf bandsaw blade for resawing. Similar to the previous one in terms of weight, yet quite powerful.

The fastest opportunity you can grab is the optimum level tensioning system. Without wasting energy, the model can run cooler, like smoothing through the workpiece as you do to the butter. And yes, its thin kerf, which is less than .25” thickness can make the engine-less hotter.

Because of the less HP introduced, any lightweight saw can not get spoiled, and no crack of the saw blade will happen. Even other fewer things of power done you can enjoy, as well as fewer shafts, tires, and wear on bearings. Though the round configured gullet is not well-enough eligible to avoid any work hardening area.  

What we liked 

  • Saves time and energy;
  • Swift cutting of a wide range of workpieces;
  • Durability is high;
  • Optimum level tensioning mechanism.


  • Expensive;
  • Imperfect gullet design. 

Milwaukee 48-39-0539 3Pcs Compact Bandsaw Blade

  • TPI: 24;
  • Dimension: 15.28 x 7.17 x 0.94 inches;
  • Material: Steel. 

Do you want a perfect size bandsaw blade for resawing? Well, this unit from Milwaukee is very much suitable for homeowners, especially. 48-39-0539 has 24 teeth per inch on offer, so any compatible portable hack saw also can make it perfect for installing as per the gullet. 

Such a grit is standard for every bandsaw, but why? Because of smooth welding and contrast are finishing by combining the pure hardened S.S. and Cobalt to make a high-density durable blade with a single edge. More than that, this robust feature is very lightweight rather than its hardcore features say. 

You may give a pinch on this nothing much thing on its configuration. Well, we should define non-bending performance with slower cutting speed. If you are a potential blade user, then you will have acknowledged the thumb rules before buying or making any installation.

What we liked 

  • Remarkable finishing;
  • Suitable welding intense for durability;
  • High-density gullet;
  • Thin kerf;
  • Enables perfect cuts. 


  • Not suitable on thicker wooden pieces.  

Dewalt DW3986C Bandsaw Blade

  • TPI: 18;
  • Dimension: 14 x 0.63 x 5.25 inches;
  • Material: Cobalt.

At number 7, another bandsaw blade for resawing from the well-established and potential users fab manufacturer Dewalt. DW3986C is a series for added durability and wear with 8% of Cobalt content that was beyond our imagination. However, to avoid fatigue issues, do not forget its overall Alloy Steel baker.

However, like blades for cutting laminate flooring and even harder materials, thick metals or thin gauge metal cutting, nothing can beat it. On top of that, each tooth hardness, measured as Rc 65-67 with similar graded Steel increases no by chance tear off. And yes, in particular, matrix-2 high-speed edges, specially designed with low-density teeth per inch, works like heat-resistant. But one thing made us confused, and that is its compatibility except for Dewalt. 

What we liked 

  • Sharp and polished teeth;
  • Hard construction;
  • Durable;
  • Heat resistant;
  • Comes as a 3-in-1 pack. 


  • Size may vary;
  • Not compatible with non-brands. 

Starrett Intenss Pro-Die Bandsaw Blade for Resawing 

  • TPI: 12;
  • Length: 101-inches; 
  • Material:  C45 Rockwell bi-metal.

Today’s last enlisted pro-die bandsaw blade for resawing, manufactured by Starrett Intenss. Unlike other raker sets, this package comes with a lot of hope. Instead, its price demands more to include in it. But yes, we were supposed to appreciate the entire uncoated finishing, though its positive rake angle is very genuine for passing through both heavy and soft metals. Also, available in numerous styles, like raker wavy, zero or straight angle, and more. 

Even makes your hand compatible with shaping pieces into tubular, structural, and solid. Ranging tooth pitches from 8-12 and the teeth per inch can avoid all noisy cutting performances. Even it can affect the finishing type. However, it matches with a few brand’s bandsaws, and this fact also dragged us behind from the store to shop for it.     

What we liked 

  • Medium-density TPI;
  • Cost-effective finishing;
  • Different shaping capacity.


  • Few features as per price;
  • Bending issues with rough stocks;
  • Fewer installation capacity. 

Final Words

Have you confirmed your order for resawing the bandsaw blade? If you are not a pro person, in this case, wait a minute and check our enlisted bandsaw blades for resawing, even with upgraded features from the common branded ones.

If you are getting confused and further involved in the debate, read through the buyer’s guide to ensure you are choosing the ideal blade. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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