10 Best Benchtop Drill Presses for Metal

Published on: March 27, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Design plays a huge part. This sentence much better goes with a benchtop drill press for metal series, and wood too. The footprint, not only in this case but in every tool searching and shopping cases, should be followed by potential customers. Is it or not? 

Anyways, what demands the most while drilling objects or woodworking? A full concentration by the user, as well, total precision by the metal benchtop drill press. However, this innovation works like a delicate tool, more than cutting saws.

best benchtop drill presses for metal

Not each model may come with similar common features, for instance, laser guide, speed range, spindle driver, and other useful counterparts. Either  a10” drill, or 20” offering one, both swings can vary from each. Now what?

Get confused? So, stop wasting time after running an unknown one; even a pro, like a newbie, can choose from below 10 benchtop drill press for metal. Have a query and get a solution through the FAQs part, with a complete buyer’s guide.

How to Select a Benchtop Drill Press for Metal and Wood? 

Work Table Size

Is your workpiece much more than average size for drilling on? Well, in that case, your previous shopped benchtop drill press for metal or wood should have that worktable size to support that oversized object. The first attention paying to a spacious worktable allows for better and precise holes. 

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Also, look at the construction material. However, the material with consistency is supported a lot over time, whether it can injure you. Our top listed ones have come with cast iron/steel plates in construction for mid-sized to heavy-duty jobs. 

Onboard Light

A drill press portability and laser guide have preferred importance right now and then. In that manner, an onboard light means a worktable surrounding LED light, even at nighttime, makes the drilling project even easier without a daytime barrier. For example, Wen 4214, now and then with variable speeds, as well as great spindle driving, it always illuminates your working space. 

When we shop for it, turn to take pre-attached onboard lights as the second important feature to a lookout. Not only for safety but also precise speed delivery for drill marks. And even for more precision, go along with a laser guide to save your time for marking.   

Speed Range

Whether paying attention to the mentioned above opt-out factors, with spindle driving offers, speed range is waiting there for your attention. The drill presses may offer a limited drill speedy range or a wide range. For example, Skil 3320-01, with 5 speed changing settings, 570 – 3050 RPM is on offer. 

Speaking of Revolutions Per Minute (RPM), stands the return number that a drill can press through per minute. Following the thumb rule, like the wider the benchtop speed range, the higher the regulation exists.  

Spindle Travel

We have tested the swing estimates and the general size of the drill press, yet there is one more estimate to consider the shaft travel. It’s basically an estimate of how deeply indifferent you can be. In fact, it estimates how far the shaft has progressed, but the most ideal way to think about it is to go as far as you can. 

Along these lines, a drill press with two holes in the shaft travel can enter an open part that is two inches below the limit.

View Top 10 Benchtop Drill Press for Metal, Below

Now and further saving time, enlisted top 10 metal benchtop drill press reviews may help in creating applications easier. Either for your workshop or industrial purposes, have a closer look. 

1. WEN 4212T Benchtop Drill Press

  • Swing: 10”; 
  • Speed number: 5;
  • Speed range: 530 – 3100 RPM;
  • Beveling 8 by 7.5-inch worktable;
  • 1/2-inch capacity keyed chuck.

Heading with the finest experienced benchtop drill press for metal and wood, manufactured by Skil. Including all goods in one, we have something more, as in, the affordability. However, from the brilliant features, you may consider it special for pros, yet well enough for beginners too. 

This starter machine for the workshop offers a little weight, yet is not loose. Even carrying at ease options becomes a good deal. Along with carrying over to one’s workbench, a good storage option makes it smarter than similar patented models.

Not over yet. Its awesome metal in construction, good fitting, as well, smooth finishing create an easy assembly. Even being below the price, relatively straightforward to the next level. However, for precision ensuring, find the tilting and lock the wooden or metal piece.  

What we liked

  • Reasonable;
  • Better tilting knob and lock mechanism;
  • Easy to assemble and carry;
  • Precise work surface;
  • Includes a laser and adjustable depth stop.


  • Found nothing.

2. Jet J-2500 Benchtop Drill Press for Metal

  • Weight: 167 pounds;
  • Swing: 15”;
  • Range of speeds: 200 to 3,630 RPM;
  • Speed number: 16.

An amazing metal special drill press from Jet. Quite weighty for carrying, but powerful speed range and 16 variable speeds, let us include it in today’s listing 2nd number. Why are we calling it a metal drill press special?

Well, the machine has separate drilling capacity, about 5/8-inch through cast iron and .5” through steel, whether it is heavy in diameter or not, does not matter at all. 

Even with a little effort, get it assembled according to the manual guidance. A .75HP motor leaves every hole, making chances with precision at a single phase. Get the table tilting 45-degrees, with a cast iron head, for expanding and utilizing lives.   

What we liked

  • Easy to assemble;
  • Big swing; 
  • High-speed range;
  • Good angled tilting table;
  • Chuck supports the firm. 


  • Not offer laser centering.

3. Wen 4214 Variable Speed Benchtop Drill Press for Metal

  • Weight: 89 pounds; 
  • Motor: 5AMP;
  • Spindle Travel: 3-1/8 Inches; 
  • Swing: 12”;
  • Speed range: 580-3200 RPMs.

It Is very powerful, as well for heavy material making and to control variable speeds manufactured by Wen. Though the electric cord connection may limit the proper mobility, a right swing length and speed range stand it out from the regular crowd. 

Compatibility with both metal and wood drilling, even with variable speeds, is a real breeze. However, the available speed setup lets prospective users drill at the targeted workpiece area. And at an exact RPM. 

Unlike other models, one can enjoy low light conditions drilled by the LED readout screen and a kind of fine onboard work light. Also, depth adjustment gauge and the 12” table roller extension, as well as for perfect measurements, and another for enough workspace support.   

What we liked

  • Digital display;
  • Huge swinging capacity;
  • Onboard light;
  • Better support by roller extension.


  • Growing vibration and rattling issues. 

4. Jet JDP-17 Metal Drill Press

  • Weight: 198 pounds; 
  • Table size: 14” x 19”;
  • Speed number: Variable.

JDP-17 is as much as possible compatible with very heavy-duty jobs, manufactured by Jet. However, Jet makes things very professional, even not with compromised materials qualities. By a better closer look, the enabled single-hand belt tensioning you can notice. 

However, the system is in a poly v-belt drive, engaged with a sturdy cast iron head. Offer extreme durability while further driving through similar materials. 

In that case, speaking of the spindle running conditions, a full 5” has integrated to perform well. Moreover, including a nighttime illuminating LED light, like a construction safety vest, reduces shadows. Want plenty of work support by adjusting options? Get with it.   

What we liked

  • Heavy-duty jobs compatibility;
  • Easy clamping;
  • Onboard work light;
  • Adjusting and broad work table.


  • Not portable.

5. Euro Tool Small Benchtop Drill Press

  • Weight: 13 pounds; 
  • Speed range: Up to 8,500 RPM;
  • Power source: Electricity. 

Want a reliable, but not weighing much out of the expectation? Euro Tool prioritizes your concerns. As much as possible, this benchtop drill press for metal and wood is as per your expectation. 

Very much ideal for home drilling projects. From our experience, neither the size is petite nor very dull. Even we find one with lots of useful features in a compact size. 

However, the motor will never hinder the power approaching each precise hole created. It is even very handy, whether to store in a home or shop corner or carry it to a far distance. Also, offer a large speed range beyond this size expectation. 

What we liked

  • Compact tool size;
  • Lightweight, yet powerful;
  • Versatile speeds;
  • Reliable motor.


  • Unfit for heavy-duty jobs.

6. Genesis GDP1005A Benchtop Drill Press for Metal

  • Weight: 52 pounds;
  • Swing: 10”;
  • Speed number: 5;
  • Motor: 4.1AMP.

With a 5 speed gearbox, GDP1005A from Genesis is awesome at this affordable price. Compared to similar models, it is quite more efficient than its size. This mid-sized benchtop drill press for both metal and wood projects comes with a durable and lasting 4.1AMP motor that never vibrates or creates noise pollution. 

Want to take it down to your height to prevent back pain? Well, with quiet operating performance, you will get the adjustment offer. 5/8″ chuck handles, for larger bits, take it forward by providing comfy. No longer you have to wait in low light conditions. Its onboard light is always ready to enlighten your work table and piece as well.  

What we liked

  • Powerful machine;
  • Illuminating work light;
  • Quiet and flexible operation at tilting 0-45° angle;
  • Efficient.


  • Nothing noticeable.

7. Jet 354170/JDP-20MF Benchtop Drill Press for Metal

  • Swing: 20”;
  • Speed range: 150-4200 RPM;
  • Table Size (dia/in): 18-5/8 x 16-1/8;
  • Number of Spindle Speeds: 12.

A fab benchtop drill press for metal and wood, not only by that. But also from mid-sized to huge materials drilling capacity. It is a very heavy-duty machine, visible from its net weighing around 270 pounds. 

All about the design is quite easy for quick adjustment. A hinged metal belt and drill chuck mounted up to the motor, let such rapid changes according to the spindle’s rate of speed. The coupled tilting enables at least 45-degrees rotating. 

A crank-operated, well-enough stretchable work-table. Either whenever needed, open up by the quick-release clamps. Ensuring auto on/off switch above the head front part creates an external positive depth stop. 

What we liked

  • Better ball bearings; 
  • Adjustable spring for tension spindle;
  • Heavy-duty speed range;
  • Safety measuring auto stopper;
  • Motor and spindle rapid changing adjustment;


  • No bulb included;
  • No direction reversing option.

8. Jet 354301 IDP-22 Industrial Drill Press

  • Weight: 120 pounds;
  • Swing: 17” and 22”.

Another mid-sized powerful benchtop drill press for metal at a reasonable price, even from Jet with top quality internal and external features. A big valued package to us, but is it worth much of your money? 

Well, all credit goes to its special reversible handle as you can install it on the head front side, either the opposite without a separate tool’s help. However, all things are available in a pre-assembled package, whether you need it for industrial drilling projects within a short time. 

With accuracy, versatile speeds, and stability, this benchmark features two different swings as per the workpiece class. If your workpiece comes in oversize, nothing to fret about because oversized support is available as per your needy worktable. 

What we liked

  • Pre-assembled;
  • Reversible handle attachment;
  • Good for mid-size or small drilling projects;
  • 2 different swings.


  • Found nothing.

9. Dewalt DWE1622K Magnetic Drill Press for Metal

  • Weight: 47.6 pounds; 
  • Motor: 10AMP;
  • No Load Speed: 300/450 rpm;
  • Speed settings: 2.

Searching for a lifetime motor inserted into a benchtop drill press for metal? By luck, if you have DWE1622K, manufactured by Dewalt, nothing to disappoint there while operating small objects. Though the preference deals with overload protection, accessories for a lifetime service is not much. 

The durable and 2-speed changing motor completes this machine with onboard key storage and a .5” chunk. Want a tool-free change of handles? Its quick-release feed will do so. Another cooling tank, a kind of magnetic self-feed, lets prospective users regulate the cooling fluid meter or replace the tank on either tool side. Means to provide optimal performances in a wide range of applications, except for heavy-duty drilling projects. 

What we liked

  • 4” drill traveling capacity for heavy-duty objects;
  • Easy to read depths;
  • Height adjustment table;
  • 2-speed settings;
  • Overload protection electronics.


  • Hefty-priced; 
  • Not well enough for heavy objects;
  • Vibrates and sounds much. 

10. Delta 18-900L Benchtop Laser Drill Press

  • Weight: 261 pounds;
  • Swing: 18”;
  • Speed range: 170 – 3,000RPM;
  • Speed number: 16;
  • Table size: 14″x14″.

Today’s last benchtop drill press for metal, but not beyond your expectations. Compared to other models, we have experienced nothing much, but some good ones, such as heavy-duty pulley accessories and protected motor, lockable bases. 

However, even while utilizing the mobile base we before the toolkit’s arrival, have confronted no issues. But the drive spindle is far away from the truth, which means clamping anything breaks the bit down. However, some of our crew members have experienced flimsy belts. 

But beyond these silly matters, it is great to turn impossible things into possible. In particular, the tilting knob has a 45-degrees rounding capacity, whether many may not have. Even we have had a precise hole-saw a hole through driving itself all, and to the depth by pressing the bolt.  

What we liked

  • Good tilting knobs angles;
  • Wide-ranging worktable;
  • Flexible LED light.


  • Hefty-priced;
  • Unfitted spindle driving;
  • Not durable.


Do You Need a Benchtop Drill Press for Metal and Wood?

In the workshop or home DIY projects to make holes and cuts with precision and emergency, nothing can become a substitute to a benchtop drill press. As a powerful standing counterpart for your drill project, sometimes offer better portability and to transport around.  

To make several chores easier and quicker, like reaming, cutting hard and softwoods, and metals, taping and drilling holes, take steps with a benchtop drill press for both metal and woods. 

Does It Include a Self-Cooling System?

Whether it is about metal benchtop drill press, however, can turn to a lewd machine. It happens by coupling consideration of most cast iron construction and greater instant speed levels. Anyways, the process sometimes depends on particular chores. 

A magnetic drill press can solve being that much hot. It also contains a cooling fluid intended to instant cool off, except for the vibrating issue. It is time to work without frequent on/off buttons, or do anytime reverse drilling.    

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What Is the Helpful Part in Benchtop Drill Press for Metal?

We should include the worktable tilt. You might not realize it yet, tilting knobs, especially varying between angles and degrees, makes considerable differences between jobs getting done. Looking for a stand degree stands between 0-45 degrees. Want a high end? Make sure to 90-degrees, and even more for big objects. 

However, the higher the tilt, the more the maneuvering capability is in your hand control, with fitness or comfort too by the customizing option.  

Final Words 

Yet have you not measured your drilling object? Do it fast, and instead, in a manual drilling way, pick out a handy or as per workpiece type benchtop drill pressure either for metals or for woods to drive through. 

Keep along with the highlighted top 10 benchtop drill press, with verified and experienced buyer’s guide for your concern. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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