The Best Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

Published on: March 11, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

For instance, have your pieces during cutting laminate flooring kind of flown everywhere through your workshop due to incompatible saw blades? In that case, under excess speed, you can blame too for your saw cracking.

However, while good sawing, prospective users recollect the thumb rules to reduce their struggle; for instance, the saw blade’s interchangeability with other brands’ blades.

the best blade for cutting laminate flooring

Yes, it is convenient that if you compare your saw bodies before a set of separate blade purchases, it is often beneficial. Even our experience tells the teeth depth in the course of materials cutting in versatile styles. 

And yes, laminate flooring is kind of a welcome friend by any contractor as if it is a default choice with a variety of colors. For such specialized shears, similar cutters you will also need, and yes, we have well-experienced with the best aftermarket ones.

Before installing the flooring by the cutters, you will also need a buyer’s guide to ensure compatibility. Well, you can take a look at the enlisted blades for cutting laminate flooring with a complete FAQ section.

How to Select a Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring?

We hope that you are very definite to act like potential rest customers. Well, in that sense of cutting with durable blades, we have also confronted such facts which you may have. Since new craftsmen are also our readers, we would like to help them choose their perfect blade for cutting laminate flooring through some essential factors. 

Flooring Materials

In general, flooring either in commercial area ground or in homes with versatile materials is trendy. Some fab construction materials are engineered wood, bamboo, vinyl, tile, cork, hardwood, rubber, and more. If these built-purpose materials are harder, it can suffer you if you don’t have a perfect blade for cutting laminate flooring. 

In terms of faster passing through, a lightweight laminate cutter will solve it, especially for traditional laminates. In contrast, you will need a heavy-weighted cutter for a slower cutting process and apply dense materials. 

Blade Diameter

The second proportional fact is the correct blade size, as well as diameter. However, the wrong diameter of the saw blade can harm your stocks operating in either cross-cutting or straight cuts and can slow over the position, for instance, rotating capability. Even the worthy bucks investment will turn into great waste.

For instance, Bosch DCB1072 has high-density teeth per inch, which means a slower cutting capacity for dense materials like laminate flooring. Whether from the same brand model with different TPI in design provides the full contrast service. 

So, measuring all saw and blade teeth as per the increments is the foremost thing before shopping for one unit. However, different units come in a set of sizes, do not forget to check them out.

Safe Speed

Safe speed or faster speed? Before shopping for a blade for cutting laminate, what has been pre-attached to your saw is worth checking. It can take numerous wears before coming apart. As if the miter saw or a table saw blade spins by the revolution, the total force pushes it outwards and towards and reverse. 

However, the centrifugal force can split the blade outward the exile, leading to severe injuries. To avoid this, the highest speed featured in one blade profile is worth checking indeed. 

View Top 7 Blades for Cutting Laminate Flooring Reviews, Below

Workpieces may fly through the workshop or under the garage while dealing with incompatible saw blades. So, with no further issues, here we are presenting the trendiest blades for cutting laminate flooring season after season.

1. Bosch DCB1072 Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

  • Length: 10”;
  • TPI: 72;
  • Misc: C3/C4 micro-grain formulation, triple chip grind tooth, 6000RPM.

Why have we started with this famous blade manufacturer? Is it for its fame and eligibility in this category? Either something daring to provide potential customers? Yes, both configurations in one T-shank blade, are worth their title as in daredevil. 

Well, Bosch has manufactured this Brute blade with a diameter of 10”. However, you will deny such a common configuration, yet the reinforced combination of C3/C4 micro-grain formulation will excel your imagination. And even takes along with increased impact damage resistance, in short, anti-corrosion on the overall hard Steel body.

Since made for accuracy, like true cut-offs through wooden, laminate flooring, and metallic things, no issues have confronted the accuracy with no bending formulation. And the price is quite affordable as per the thinner kerf. In that sense, its edge blades of 72TPI with a special negative hook angle leave no stone unturned for chipping elimination. 

What we liked 

  • Faster cuts without waste;
  • Geometry includes triple chip grind;
  • upgraded C3/C4 micro-grain formulation;
  • Damage resistance, as well the corrosion;
  • Affordable;
  • Hard steel construction.


  • Found nothing.

2. Dewalt DW3712H Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

  • Length: 4”;
  • TPI: 10;
  • Misc: less than 1 pound, ground teeth, deeper gullets.

Well, next, we have Dewalt brand DW3712H series specialized blades for cutting laminate flooring, also for woodcutting, and other metals as well. What is its specialization, instead you should ask why it is unique. Because of its U-shank jigsaw blade level compatibility. 

At first purchase, we thought 5 blades would only pass through laminate flooring stocks. Yet not that only can deliver smooth and cleaner cuts rather than upcoming blades in the further listing—only possible for its precision ground teeth. If you notice, staying with sharper longer teeth will catch your eyes at ease.

For added performance, take into account deeper gullets. However, this pre-attached feature will increase at a time when free space is removed. As if you can quickly cut your determined stocks, later easy and fast removal of more materials will be possible. 

Not to forget, unlike other models, this is a universal blade set that comes with better compatibility with other branded saws.  

What we liked 

  • 10 individual thin kerf;
  • Long precision ground teeth;
  • Multi-brand saw compatibility;
  • Smoother and cleaner cuts;
  • Easy blade installation design.


  • Too short a length.

3. Freud 10X12 PCD Laminate Flooring

  • Length: 10”;
  • Misc: 1.65 pounds, 100 TPI, steel made.

Next is the Freud blade for cutting laminate flooring only. The regular aluminum coating and hard steel body can both rip and cut the hardest wooden pieces too. As if the 100 TPI finish blade is only for such a job.

If you want to experience lesser resistance, we hope the blade kerf is compatible enough for that job. Because the higher the blade thickness, the lesser your blade damage will occur, even if we have used one of these for around 5 years. However, laminating is denser than any common wooden piece or it is too hard though.

And we bet the reinforced high-density jigsaw blade will never put an end to whether you at least need to make 6-7 few feet long cuts. For your added performance, provide another cross-cutting section capacity too.  

What we liked 

  • Perma-shield wrapper;
  • Fewer wastes produce;
  • Powerful construction;
  • Suitable for denser stocks cut-off;
  • 100 TPI.


  • Nothing noticeable.

4. Freud D1296L Diablo Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

  • Length: 12”;
  • TPI: 96;
  • Misc: 1” arbor, Perma-Shield coating, anti-vibration reeds, integrated laser-cut tech, thin kerf triple chip.

We are glad to introduce another Freud blade again for cutting laminate flooring. D1296L also comes with a similar Perma-shield coating. Both edges are a blend of low Cobalt content with carbide for longer cutting life without any bending and so-called recurring problems. Well, this is true that similar problems will start with the passage of time passage. 

Featuring a thin kerf, in particular, sharp depth of the blade, combining the triple chip design provides not only to rip laminate flooring but also capable of dual-sided melamine and laminates too.

Instead of purchasing a single, compatible blade, prospective users choose it as compatibility or increasing machine performance as underpowered table saws, miters saws, and more and taking into account its high-end laser-cut tech, along with heat expansion slots and anti-vibration reeds are not worthless spending at all.  

What we liked 

  • Pergo, Armstrong, Swiftlock passing through capability;
  • High-density Perma-shield wrapping;
  • Non-thicked kerf triple chip design;
  • Laser-cut anti-vibration slots;
  • No vibration occurs.


  • Expensive;
  • Quite heavy.

5. Bosch T128BHM3 Blades for Laminates

  • Length: 3.62”;
  • TPI: 14;
  • Misc: Carbide brazing tech, dual-edge brittle materials.

The Bosch T128BHM3 is smaller than 3.62” in size with carbide brazing tech. The size does not matter, but the dual-edge brittle materials determine how tough it is to pass through denser laminates, such as Pergo, Armstrong, and Swiftlock. Even if you want similar compatibility, whether about hard wooden pieces, no issues will happen. 

Well, its advanced tooth design, no matter what the weather, provides less waste making it difficult to cut, and whether the surface is smooth, no need to ask for cleaner cuts. Every 14 teeth per inch fine-tuned combines carbide brazing tech and 10x withstanding power rather than bi-metal blades. 

However, our experience was not good as the first Bosch-made blade for cutting laminate floors because of very few heat-resistant slots and material extraction. But yes, at this price, the higher expectation is kind of fooling yourself.    

What we liked 

  • 3Pcs for versatile cutting;
  • Extra-clean chip-free faster cuts; 
  • Carbide brazing technology;
  • Thin blade kerf.


  • Flimsy;
  • No heat-resistant slots.

6. Amana Tool MA10080 Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring

  • Length: 12”;
  • Misc: carbide tipped, 80 TPI, -6 degrees rotatable, non-stick coating.

Heard of Copper plug-in technology? Well, such a popular tech integrated blade for cutting laminate flooring and harder things like Coroplast, Polycarbonate (Lexan), Teflon, and more that has been manufactured by an unfamiliar brand Amana Tool. 

However, the deal is not poor at all for those who are a newbie in the regular woodworking or metal-cutting profession. Even we consider it the fastest miter saw blade from the beginning due to its sharp engineered carbide tip.

If you have not yet caught up with the tech specialty very well, remember neither noisy nor vibrating cleaner operations are at ease. On top of that, the toolbox comes with a sharpening kit that will help in ever after sharpening without issues. However, you may need it that will bother you season after season. 

The carbide blades are also available in both 12 and 10 inches, further becoming an industrial-quality or another extensive needy tool day by day. 

What we liked 

  • Multi-purpose carbide-tipped blades;
  • Sharpening kit free;
  • Neither noisy nor vibrate during operations;
  • Fast miter saw blade replacement.


  • Need to sharpen further.

7. Bosch T503 3-Piece Hardwood/Laminate Flooring Blade Set

  • Length: 6”;
  • TPI: 20;
  • Misc: Bi-metal construction, compatible with T or U-shank, 3Pcs.

The last one, even we can say another precious saw blade for a multi-purpose or hard stock cutting at ease, however, is also manufactured by the supreme Bosch. T503 series 20TPI 3Pcs saw blades, in both T and U shank compatibility of the similar brand is beyond imagination at such light bucks. However, it will not disappoint you at all with the features it lacks. 

The first lack we found in its usable capacity, like only for shank blades, in particular, jigsaw blades, the previous blades almost for all types of saw blade replacement. 

For example, we have tried the 3Pcs, particularly one for passing through laminate flooring, and the rest for hardwood and plastic cutting, including notching, straight cuts, and workarounds. Even though we have tried to cut through a Formica countertop, and yes, we got success. However, the flimsy and frequent sharpening necessity was so tiring. 

What we liked 

  • Thickness;
  • Multi-purpose usage blade set;
  • Faster cuts;
  • Different cutting styles.


  • Lasts only a few sharpening times;
  • Quite flimsy after installation. 

Can the Best Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring also be used to Cut Laminate Worktop with a Hand Saw?

Yes, the best blade for cutting laminate flooring can also be used to cut laminate worktop with a hand saw. The key is to use a Tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blade, which is designed to cut through hard materials like laminate. This type of blade will provide clean, precise cuts when cutting laminate worktop.


How Much Depth Should a Saw Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring Have?

It is a thumb rule for potential customers that if the blades have more deep teeth, they can make smoother and finer cuts compared to fewer teeth ones. However, one thing during operation can lose your interest, and that is slow-motion delivery.

Well, in that sense, the slower the cutting motion, you can understand higher the teeth integration in design. 

Is a Triple Chip Grind in Design Important?

Hard stuff like plastics, MDF, laminate for cutting, and blade tooth configuration are vital. These teeth alternate between a flat raking tooth, and a high-density trapeze tooth model varies for such operations. 

blade for cutting laminate flooring

As well, the alternative even for cutting non-ferrous metallic things is well-known as triple chip grind. However, we can call it a multi-purpose saw blade configuration. 

What is Gullet in Teeth Configuration?

A space that helps every chip remove from that front of one tool, and you can call it a gullet. Well, it is special and prevalent in terms of saw blade shanks, for instance, jigsaw blade installation.

While ripping or cutting through, the chip size which has been integrated should be large in diameter. In this way, well-enough space will help a huge amount of materials.  

Wrap Up

A right saw blade, especially for cutting laminate flooring can make it easier. In case of other construction jobs or demolition, let enough maintain a blade or switch to the most efficient way to make the cut-offs possible. 

Well, get your work done rapidly, our well-informed buyer’s guide, below the enlisted blades, you can watch out.  

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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