Best Saw to Cut Laminate Flooring (Few Cool Features of Top 6)

Published on: March 9, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Are you a professional or homeowner who wants a handy flooring saw to establish laminating? It is a precise cutter, so you need to follow the measurements. But the thing is how to determine if this is the ideal saw for cutting the laminate floor if you are a new user of that tool.

best saw to cut laminate flooring

Don’t worry; using this tool is not a big deal. If you have a few moments to study the piece, then finding a proper laminate cutter tool won’t be a durable task. If you have the right laminate flooring tool laminate cutting you can do this job easily. The first step to perfect this work, pick an idle cutting tool so you can manage clean-cut easily. 

Now, we will introduce you to the six well-branded cutters with the buying guide, advantages, disadvantages, and some important topics that can help you select one for your job. Every day we score these types of tools. So, let’s get started on a little journey.

Tools You Need to Cut a Laminate Floor

Now we can cover the process of laminate floor cutting. Besides completing a proper laminate floor-cutting process successfully, you need some additional tools. Those tools are- tape measure, marking pencil, and laminate floor cutter. Here are those tools you’ll need so that you can say proudly after completing that you’ve placed the flooring like a professional.

Tape Measure is all about the correct measures, so it’s necessary to have a tape measure during the whole process. Marking a pencil is another necessary and helpful tool, as it’s very important to mark those cutting lines precisely. You also use chalk.

Laminate floor cutters are pretty obvious, as you could not complete your job without them. The cutter is a better way to chop the laminate using a tough blade. And also a long handle meant to apply downward force. Maximum models offer no dust and a noise-free job, but it will depend on the model.

Before Select, a Floor Cutting Saw Consideration Few Facts 

Choosing a laminate floor-cutting saw can be a hazard for you. Don’t just randomly select anything you get. Go through the details we share with you carefully. Here you found some basic facts which will help you consider a tool for a laminate floor saw. Read more: Finding the Perfect Tools for Cutting Drywall

Blade Strength

Always keep in mind here that no matter which laminate flooring saw you choose to purchase, it is nothing without the blade. It is the main part of this tool. Make sure that its sharpness doesn’t dull fast. Must be chosen as a replaceable blade. Best Blade for Cutting Laminate Flooring. Follow the trend to pick the right blade for the project.

Teeth of the Blade

You should seriously focus on the blade’s teeth. According to the shape of the cutter and blade, make sure there are 100+ teeth. That’s how the cutter will give better performance with a smooth edge. The space between two teeth should be adequate closer, and then the blade cut smoothly with a well-finished edge. If you want to know more about blades for your cut laminate flooring project you can read this article  

Cutting Capacity

Always the cutting capacity is dependent on the blade. The sharpness, size, teeth number, durability, and teeth spacing all matter that come to cutting efficiency. When you search for an ideal laminate flooring tool, then find its cutting range in width, angle, and length.


Any type of tool for selecting brand matters. A branded company will be ever more conscious of its name, fame, and products. That is the reason they do not compromise their product quality. Of course, it might be more costly than your budget. Don’t worry, your money has not been misused but is an investment. Read more: Things to Consider When Choosing a Porcelain Tile Cutter

Tips for Laminate Flooring 

It’s very easy to laminate flooring. Even now people can handle this work easily by following some easy tips. Do you know some techniques for cutting laminate flooring? Well, now I am talking about these tips. I hope you will like this idea. 


Do not pressure too much on the wood. It can be a reason for floor damage. Sometimes heavy pressure creates spots on your floor or laminate board. Working with gentle pressure is good for this work.


Measurement is a very important part of cut laminate flooring work. The right measurement is essential for the right floor setup. If you take it wrong then all work will be damaged so always be careful about the measurement of your floor. 

User Miter Saw

If you want to work faster you can use a miter saw for this work. Miter saw is suitable for this work through a miter saw you can be done this work without anyone’s help. Some experts use a jigsaw table saw for this work. If you have an idea to control different saws that are suitable for the laminate floor you can use them.

Free Space

Laminate flooring is not hard work when you are prepared for all conditions. Free space is one of the required conditions for floor laminating work. It is a good idea to move all furniture when working with a laminate board for laminate flooring. 

Few Cool Features of Top 6 Laminate Flooring Saws

If you have a laminate cutting job, then here you get your tool easily for doing your job quickly. By choosing the right saw, you can install laminate flooring dust-free. Here we give you all the details of the tool’s features and help you cut laminate flooring with perfection!

1. SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw

  • Compact and robust design;
  • Miter swing at 0, 22.5, and 45 dg;
  • Steel blade made of high carbon.

Are you looking for a tool for laminate flooring to cut them down way more comfortably than other devices? Check out the latest model of SKIL companies. The 3601-02 flooring saw can be a good match for cutting your laminate flooring. If you’re a DIY lover, without any doubt this tool will be an ideal choice for you. It gives your precise cut easily. Die-cast aluminum ensures a sturdy, stable, and durable miter and rips fence. The miter gauge makes it more flexible.     

 It not only gives a smooth and quick-cut but also solid ones. It contains the ability of both a standard miter and a table saw together. So, you don’t need to cut outside the flooring. With this good-looking saw, now you can cut the right place exactly where you’re fixing them.


  • Less dust is created by this saw;
  • Extremely compact;
  • Built-in steel and aluminum;
  • Easy to setting and use;
  • Suitable for high-volume cutting;
  • Portable and easy to transport.


  • Not suitable for cutting wide boards.

2. Norske Tools NMAP004 Laminate Floor Cutting Saw

  • 13″ Cutting capacity;
  • Adjustable from 0˚ to 45˚;
  • 28-1/2″ Handle for increased leverage;
  • 4000 to 5000 Cuts;
  • Dustless and quiet.

Want a dust-free multipurpose laminate flooring cutter in your budget? Norske Tools NMAP004 would be your first choice. It’s an affordable laminate flooring saw, particularly for homeowners. Its long handle makes this more precise and effortless.  

Just grab this tool; this tool can help you save valuable time. Just grab this tool. And of course, you can also cut solid wood, engineered flooring, and so on, whatever you need to cut without any splintering. No electricity is required for this device so you can save some money. 


  • Save time make cutting work fastly;
  • Affordable price for all kinds of users;
  • Build-in high-quality design;
  • An electricity-free device with easy method;
  • Suitable for thinner laminate flooring.


  • Not perfect for an intricate cut.

3. DEWALT DWS779 Flooring Saw

  • Miter dent plate;
  • 11 positive stops;
  • Crosscut capacity;
  • Dimensional lumber 2×16 inch;
  • Powerful 15 amp motor.

We always try to focus on how much you will be significantly benefited if you buy any product from our list.  So, here is the DWS779 saw. It is not only reliable but also a high-performing saw. It makes it easy for the 12-inch miter saw models. 

The DW779 comes with a carbide blade, dust bag, blade wrench, and very comfortable side handle, which gives you a simple price for the same miter blade. The plate has eleven positive stops. Its crosscut capacity is up to 2×16 inches; we highly recommend this tool because it has a lock handle that can lock in at any angle.


  • Adjustable miter detent plate;
  • Has a 3800 rpm capacity to work faster;
  • Miter dent plate made of steel;
  • 4 steel bevel stops for max versatility.


  • No negative reviews are noticeable for this device but some users can not afford it for its price.

4. Bullet 9-inch Laminate Floor Cutting Saw

  • Dust-free cutting;
  • Offers max 0.625-inch cut;
  • Long-lasting blade;
  • Included  metal jacket bearings;
  • Manufactured by the USA.

In our view, EZ Shear would be your first choice if you know about its features. This affordable and high-quality laminate woodcutter. But you can also cut with these different types of flooring like engineered wood, luxury vinyl tile, and so on.

You will be capable of cutting floors up to 9/16 inch thickness and 13 inches width smoothly and very quickly. The standard bullet tools will provide you with outstanding performance. In the market, you might find a lot of replicas. But don’t get any confusion between the fake and original shears.


  • Less noisy for its convenient design;
  • Sharp blade suitable for easy cutting;
  • Long durability high-quality
  • Not needed  electricity for work;
  • Cuts very smoothly every time.


  • Always need to lock down the handle.

5. Rockwell (RK3440K) Compact Circular Saw

  • Easy to control and maneuver;
  • One lock-off switching facility;
  • Ensures perfect cutting alignment.

You have already seen the RK3440K Rockwell VersaCut from our list.  We were enough to test one out.  Rockwell tools are well-built, and the VersaCut is an excellent example of this.  It comes with three 3 ⅜ inch blades for wood, metal, and ceramic tile cutting.

The saw has a strong and powerful 4 Amp motor that allows you to rip through the material at 3500 rpm. It weighs just 4lbs. You can set the depth with its side depth lock. We recommend avoiding kickbacks using 2 hands for plunge cuts. A dust extraction adapter is included with this saw that ensures the cut line is free of dust.  It is great for both homeowners and professional users.


  • Easy to transport for lightweight;
  • Powerful and compact design;
  • Very affordable price for all kinds of saw users;
  • Practically cuts any material.


  • Limited depth of cut sometimes creates issues for different cutting.

6. Mantis 13-inch Laminate Flooring Saw

  • Weighs 18.7 lbs;
  • 4 mm thick steel blade;
  • Cuts up to 45 degrees angle;
  • Offers electric connection-free cutting.

It is the final model of the laminate flooring cutting saw we have selected to review for your help. The MC-330 is a pro flooring cutter that comes with a 13 inches sharp blade. This flooring cutter delivers you with a  max of 5/8 inch deep cutting.  

So, you can cut the flooring without any dust. That is most of the extraordinary features of this all-rounder flooring cutter. Whatever you want to cut, you will do them all just using only this one tool. 


  • Strong and powerful saw for heavy work;
  • Great durability ensure hassle-free work;
  • Faster cutting skills;
  • Easy steps require for this device so all can use it;
  • Budget-friendly saw to cut marinate floor;
  • Save from wasting time on its shape blade.


  • Need a little strength to cut.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the Specialty of Laminate Flooring Saw?

If you want to gain smooth and precise cuts for your laminate floor, saws are the better solution. But ensure the blade is sharpened and it will be replaced. It will save you valuable time. And you can move the saw easily as your working purpose.

Can We Cut Other Types of Material From These Saw Blades?

Yes, a saw blade can easily be cut through different types of materials. Look at our product descriptions above to discover which cutters can cut varieties of types of materials. Those saw blades are made from steel. So make sure before choosing a floor cutter about its materials.

Does Laminate Flooring Dull Saw Blades?

Yes, it happens. The laminate flooring max of the time destroys a wood cutting blade with alternating top bevel teeth. Because sharp parts of its blade can not tolerate pressure or hard items and for this reason, they dull quickly.  


With this article’s knowledge, anyone can easily purchase their choice able saw for their floor cutting. Every product on our list mentioned the top-rated.

Different floor cutters come with several features, and you will easily be confused. However, select your cutters from here and get the perfect cut you want with your laminate floor-cutting saw. Let’s share our opinion according to this article.  SKIL 3601-02 Flooring Saw will be a good choice for you no matter if you are an expert or a new user. Wait, don’t think others are not good. But the fact is all products are good. We just try to suggest a good item for all kinds of users if you are harried for work. Hope for the best. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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