Best Bushcraft Saws (Guide for Choose Perfect One)

Published on: March 28, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Camping, hiking with friends on seasons are damn awesome projects. Bushcraft saw can become a true backpack friend in your necessary tool gearbox. As well as, acts as the better assistant in your wildlife enthusiastic to-do-listing. How? 

Many genuine campers choose the authentic natural campsites, where they will have some pruning, little branch cutting for firewood, or by splitting the pre-dried woods for helping in fire-making. In that case, for the out-do experience, nothing can beat sharp bushcraft or folding saws as an alternative to camping hatchets. However, 80% prefer such thick or thin blade-shaped tools if they have enough bushcraft saw skill. 

bushcraft saws (guide for choose perfect one)

Instead of expanding searching time, for better satisfactory results, we have numerous well-researched, and experienced ones as per the performance needs. Want a rundown? Read this valuable package of 8 bushcraft saws thoroughly.

Guide for Choosing Perfect Bushcraft Saws 

Blade Type

Every time buying a new camping saw is not affordable at all. Even buying satisfaction and precise cutting mostly depends on a saw’s material in construction and blade shape. If you have not acknowledged the type, have some, because in between its terms of angles are vital while shopping through this great factor. 

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Regarding angles, often a bushcraft saw offers curved blades, either for thick branch pruning, a thicker straight shaped one, for instance, Silky Ultra Accel manufactured one. 


Aiming for a less TPI made pruning or thin branch cutting compatible saw? You should spend bucks on curvy bushcraft saws. Instead of a curvy one, select a straight blade, valued 8-12TPI for thicker branch ripping or splitting kindles from dry woods. The TPI direction means how the attached handle can move for your purpose. 

As well, this slanting direction is more influential than a cost-effective model’s perspective, for instance, a fully maneuverable supported camping saw. Whether dealing with TPI, either to prefer between back slanting or front slanting saws.

Righty or Lefty Usage

Utilizing the resources offered by bushcraft saws is in the case of both maneuvering and carrying the blade around for big projects. So neither dumping your crafting solutions in hiking or survival plans, you should better find one with right or left hand intending folding saw. Like the previous opt-out factor, that means to let smooth cutting. 

Most of the folding saws intend to give all types of maneuverability to the right-handed potential users. Yet, some come with both handed multi-purpose contacting power. Not to prevent left-handed users, shop for an operable lock mechanism for better blade positioning.   

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View Top 8 Bushcraft Saws, Below

Have a longer time being around looking for larger, medium, and small TPI constructed bushcraft saws? Stop spending the length of time. Let’s have a thorough reading to build structures around camp.

1. Bahco 396-LAP Laplander Bushcraft Saw

  • Size: 9”;
  • Blade length: 7.5”;
  • TPI: 7;
  • Material: S.S.

Want to feel real bushcraft or folding saw for lifetime backyard or outdoor woodworking projects? The smartest one from Bahco series 396-LAP you have in your grip if you have purchased it recently. Its XT hardpoint toothing, integrated 7 per inch teeth is very good for wet and dry firewoods splitting. 

With rust-free protection, and low-friction coating, this integration was amazed while reading the specs at the store. The whole design enables true feelings to let hunters and wildlife enthusiasts feel and survive in costly circumstances. 

The deal is not over yet. Spare blades from different blades; you can wear it as if nothing is sustaining. With a leather strap, grip by a 2-component plastic handle and leave nothing without locking it at open places.    

What we liked

  • Rust-free coating;
  • Positional folding and unfolding locks;
  • Good grip and non-slippery;
  • Different spare blades compatibility.


  • Nothing noticeable.

2. Corona 7265D Razortooth Folding Pruning Saw

  • Blade length: 10”;
  • TPI: 6;
  • Material: High carbon steel.

Aiming for triple ground teeth pruning or bushcraft saw? Yes, Corona is the name of that faith, even if you need any sturdy customized tools for a lifetime. Speaking of the 6TPI, all come in tapered and impulse-hardened teeth that withstand sturdy circumstance. For example, when we have had to cut-off the sidewalks blocker sago palms, this 10” brought that relief. 

Well, a lot in such a small valued package let us even downed 25” depth trees into firewood at a very short time, and it is damn rare. However, not as a stout beer bottle to tuck it for camping, hiking or landscaping instead. However, the blade could bend a little or more while you want a yarn out. 

But at this budget, nothing makes more sense to perform for poor comoard instead of heavy-duty projects. For precision, have proper maintenance and use its co-molded handle. 

What we liked

  • Multipurpose triple ground blade; 
  • Rust free;
  • Co-molded comfy handle;
  • Durable.


  • Quite unfit for heavy cutting. 

3. Silky Ultra Accel Pro-graded Curved Bushcraft Saw

  • Blade length: 9.5”;
  • TPI: 6.4;
  • Material: aluminum chassis.

The first large teeth in the construction cousin bushcraft saw, manufactured by Silky. We are introducing it as the first one from this well-established brand. As long as possible, nothing special but severe good unexpected things we have experienced later in this class similar brand’s saws. 

This ultra accel saw is available in 2 types of construction: straight and curved blades. Whether the curved sized one enables super speed and efficiency, the straight model features meticulous detail pruning. However, both in aluminum wrapped, means framing with rubber inside, creates a better comfy grip, even anti-slippery. 

Want to prune or reach in confined places? Nothing beats its hardened file and flexibility. 

What we liked

  • Available in both straight and curved files;
  • Flexible and durable;
  • High impulse hardening tech integration; 
  • Three times longer, precise cuts.


  • Found nothing.

4. Mossy Oak 3 in 1 Bushcraft Saw

  • Weight: .57 pounds;
  • Blade length: Metal-7.5”, wood-7.5”, plastic-8”; 
  • TPI: Metal-18, plastic-11, wood-5.

Nothing can beat it while comparing to the common exclusive patents. Yes, talking about a package,  Includes 3 types of blades for separate wood, metal, plastic project operating, and from a well-established brand Mossy. 

Well, every project cutter with folding and locking mechanisms at the same time, becomes very rare at this price. However, stainless steel in construction avoids rust issues. On the other side, lower friction enables no scratches. Either while operating, or as a  backpack pulling saw.

However, not that much weighing, but higher thumb pressurizing for positioning, opening, and cutting may drag from buying as a potential customer. However, some additional replacement with such good factors has compelled us to experience it. 

What we liked

  • Durable;
  • 3 different thick and sharp blades;
  • Rest-resistant; 
  • Lower friction.


  • Gets jammed;
  • Need higher thumb pressure.

5. Silky KatanaBoy Professional Bushcraft Saw

  • Weight: 2 pounds;
  • Blade length: 19.7″ or 25.6”;
  • TPI: 4;
  • Material: High carbon steel.

One of the greatest camping compatible bushcraft saw in our listing from the fab Silky brand’s KatanaBoy series. From the previous Silky saws, you might have acknowledged how professional they are in producing folding saws. 

For some good reasons, including a 19.7″ blade length, it provides an unbelievable journey. It could become an alternative to camping axes, hatchets, and more. However, Impulse- hardening technology turned it into chainsaws. Weighing light and the wilderness by the harsh out of its taper-ground blade have compelled us to reuse it. 

If you have complaints against similar models with a non-balancing issue, we found here nothing, except for ATVing. But we have greater experiences doing landscaping, trail maintenance, and hiking. All included in a stiff Nylon Velcro stitched pouch, not only has amazed us, but a wide tuck opportunity opened also.  

What we liked

  • Easy-to-use;
  • Nylon shoulder bag;
  • Taper ground shaped blade;
  • Durable;
  • Impulse-hardening technology for harder blade teeth.


  • Hefty-priced; 
  • The handle gets jammed.

6. Coher Folding Hand Bushcraft Saw

  • Blade length: 7.9”;
  • TPI: 7; 
  • Handle length: 9.5”;
  • Blade length: 65mm;
  • Material: S.S.

As the last entry, we are introducing a not bad, yet least good featured folding saw from Coher. Unlike other models, the tree resin resistance, more than a rusts-resistance feature, which is better for gum up lesser blades, could not stop buying it. 

In its own vendor of good things, including leather strap supported ergonomic anti-slippery handle, secure blocking system. All are convenient, though such handsaws are not harm-free at all. Delivering more than a couple of angle-adjustable blades, in simple needs of hikers or campers, offer stability, even more than that. 

However, a non-slip Thermoplastic rubber grip handle allows stability while rapid force and pull stroke are delivered to get the task done. On top of that, it adopts the convenience regarding size to carry on.  

What we liked

  • Flexible;
  • Heat-resistant ergonomic handle;
  • 2-angle adjustable chrome blades;
  • Stable and convenient cuts.  


  • Quick wearing out case; 
  • Good for household chores;
  • Prefers only to pull a stroke. 

7. Home Planet Gear Premium Folding Saw

  • 8” sk5 carbon steel blade;
  • Triple-cut medium razor teeth.

Again with Home Planet Gear in this list, but with the most fab one.. Quite a split pattern you have to experience. This time we are introducing a straight shape blade, which has 10, unexpected at this price this much of teeth per inch.  

As well, the larger reach means to provide the larger cutting capacity. Yes, for gardeners or carpenters, its aggressive 5-6 TPI (coarse/large) gives damn fastest speed if you want to try it on hardwood, either softwoods.. 

With an innovative tech, named as MIRAI-ME, ensures TPI’s better future. As if we have believed and started our trim installation projects and crosscuts on backyard lumber. 

What we liked

  • Rubber-padded non-slip grip;
  • Convenient spring-loaded blade lock;
  • Very much handy;
  • Plastic hinged carrying case.


  • Sometimes the opening gets jammed. 

8. Silky ZUBAT Arborist Professional Hand Saw

  • Weight: 0.6 Pounds;
  • Blade length: 13-inch/330mm;
  • Material: Steel.

Another medium TPI integrated bushcraft saw from Silky on their offer. Whether other models in this class, manufactured by Silky, are very aggressive with large teeth. In this case, it is quite different and ideal as a price-to-weight ratio. Though the lightest one we have in this category, powerful for both large and finger-sized diameter or thin-barked trees. 

Compared to the camping axes, its chunk is easier to open and leads to the cutting compatibility without pressure. 

In its tapered hard chrome plated ground blade side, the unexpected rust-resistance leaves no imperfection, even having non-set teeth. The integrated 2 locking mechanism is a breeze for both rip positioning and comfy at the same time. So, anywhere you go, an extra carrying toolbox with other safety PPE will make your camping day.  

What we liked

  • Compact design;
  • Sturdy flip-lock carrying toolbox;
  • Demands little storage space;
  • Non-slip handle;
  • Impulse-hardened teeth.


  • Not very durable.


Is Lubrication on Bushcraft Saws Important?

Making season after season campfires and own tents are tough jobs. Yet, building those things with an old bushcraft saw is very logical instead of getting a fresh one. But sometimes it is not even possible. Then how to continue with itself as a new one?

For example, a well maintained and regular lubricated one. Most blades have anti-heat performing, durable, and rust-resistance wrapping. As if these have until that coating, neither stone sharpening nor lubricating needed till then. 

Is Its Replacement with Different Spare Blades Possible?

Curved and straight blade shapes, whether a big or small one, either a folding or unfolding saw, each consists of distinct advantages. Including that, the above-mentioned bushcraft saws come with spare blades with the tool gear. Else, most of these have different brand’s blades replacing compatibility with working for a longer time.  

So, if the tool does not come with a replaceable counterpart in that package, most replacements are available. 

What Essential Features Should I Look for in a Multi-Tool for Carpentry?

When choosing a multi-tool for carpentry, it’s important to refer to an essential multitool guide. Look for a tool with durable construction, a variety of functions like sawing, cutting, and sanding, and easy portability. Consider the material of the tool and the grip for comfort during extended use.

Does Everybody Have to Enroll in Bushcraft Skill?

It is not vital to enroll yourself in bushcraft sewing skill, likewise for a viva late-night preparation. It will become very crucial to spend time outside skill reinforcing time much. Some even expand their learning time due to better improvement, either creating tents, firewoods, kindles, camping, and more outdoor needs. 

If you want to take a cost-effective approach, better time by time get acknowledged. 

Final Thoughts

Bushcraft saw skill might be quite complicated to learn, as well. As per your project size and type, cutting, splitting, and shaping works are either too hard for such folding cutters. Besides collecting such folding saws from a wide range,  you can select from the above-mentioned ones considering performance and durability. 

Then lock the position, and happy sawing with this verified alternative backpack handsaw.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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