8 Best Carving Axes & Hatchets

Published on: March 18, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Wood carving has been a trendy hobby since the beginning of the iron era of human civilization. From then, till now axes of different sizes and shapes are handcrafted with thousand-old methods. Even in the ultra-modern era, an axe has to be crafted by hand in the ultra-modern era to make it flawless. On the other hand, carving wood is still a favorite leisure activity when people choose to take a break from the grip of technology and set off for an off-grid life for vacations. 

Campers are the main users of carving and carpeting axes and hatchets. This same tool benefits them from chopping down trees or making firewood and curving out woods to make bowls and spoons.

best carving axes & hatchets

However, we have created a list of carving axes and hatchets from different manufacturers to make your wood carving a little bit easier. Axe is an expensive tool, and choosing one is tricky. If one gets the wrong axe, it will not serve the ultimate purpose the best way. So we recommend reading the full article without skipping a bit to know which axe is the best for the reader.

Difference Between Axes/Hatchets for Curving and Cutting Trees

For curving, the axe head has to be thin and slightly curved. The handle is also made curved for an axe, which is meant for carving. On the other hand, the straight one is only good for cutting out a shape but worthless for scooping out a curve. Read more: How to Find the Best Wood Carving Tools

For cutting trees, felling or chopping, or climbing, a straight-face axe with a straight handle is the best option. There is no such rule that you can’t use a curved-edge hatchet for cutting. But one should know which one is good for what purpose before settling onto any particular hatchet. 

How To Pick a Good Hatchet/Axes 


The decent quality Tomahawks have wooden handles, but gradually huge box stores are selling Tomahawks with elastic handles. A wooden handle is ergonomic and more durable. For the best quality, search for a hiccup or wreck handle.

For Carving

To carve out a wooden piece, the hatchets with a concave face are the best. You can scoop out big chunks with it. A small handle and lightweight will help you to maneuver the hatchet easily. The best quality hatchets are those, which are traditionally made. These can be sharpened easily, customized to the shape of the face, and stays sharp for a long time. Read more: 7 Best Chainsaws for Carving You Can Use


The heaviness of the hatch head will affect its utilization. You will gain the drive with the chance that it will be too strong but lose accuracy, when it is too light it will not be cut exceptionally. For your first hatchet, the head should be around three pounds and you can work up to heavier pieces with more experience.

For Multipurpose Use

For camping, backpacking, axe competition, chopping trees, and carving, the hatchet should have to be universal. We love to do all these things during camping. So, a hatchet with a straight face with the slightest concave shape is the best. One thing you must look at while picking a versatile saw is it’s joint. The joint has to be sturdy and reliable. Besides, a large handle will make cutting trees easy. On the other hand, the slightly concave shape will scoop out small chips at a time. The carving will be slow, but you will have control over it. 

Safety Tips

Similarly, like all instruments and sharp cutting edges, specific measures should be taken to limit any risk of injury. With a number of key advancements recorded you can be sure that you are safe enough to guess when out in the shrubbery. 

Choose the Right Size Hatchet

Tomahawks come in a variety of shapes and sizes that it should be.

Wear Fitting Things

Whether it’s gloves, wearing fitness clothing, good glasses, or several durable boots can go a long way in protecting you in the event of a catastrophic accident. 

Evaluate Hatchback Regularly

At any moment did any terrible worker blame his device? Try not to be a terrible worker! Be sure to give your hatch a precise review before using your switch, to avoid any breakage during your swing or swing time. The honesty of the handle and the original head for verifying two or three key areas ensures that it is securely attached to the hatch’s trench.

Keep Edge Sharp

If you’re swaying with an undisclosed sharp edge, there’s a decent chance you’re swaying in a less controlled way with more fidelity and along these lines. A sharp cutting edge will permit you to slash with precision while observing your swing.

View Top 7 Carving Axes & Hatchets

1. Husqvarna 13″ Wooden Hatchet

  • Weights 2.32 pounds;
  • Long 13-inch handle;
  • Handle length: 15-inches;
  • Made with hickory and handmade Swedish steel.

A hatch of wood is ideal for combustion, camping, and nursery work. This is attached to the handle using both wood and steel.

The narrow bit is ideal for chopping down a tree, climbing it, or even doing fine detailing work on it. The sharp face of the blade is slightly concave. I find this perfect for making bowls and spoons where one needs a concave-shaped cutting tool. 

The head is made in Sweden by a century-old axe-making technique. I suppose it should suffice for your consideration on this axe. The only issue is, it is hard to find a good axe at this price point, so this model gets out of stock pretty quickly. Grab your hurry before it is taken.

 I liked 

  • Low price;
  • High quality;
  • Leather cover;
  • Versatile.

Didn’t like

  • Limited stock.

2. CRKT Freyr Outdoor Axe with Deep Beard Design

crkt freyr outdoor axe with deep beard design 2
  • Deep beard design;
  • Weight: 1.79 Pounds;
  • Blade Length: 4.528″ (115.01 mm);
  • 4.5-inch head;
  • 15-inch handle.

At first sight, you will love everything about this axe. It is elegant, high-end finish, and well made. The problem lies in the quality of the axe head. The head has a deep beard shape that was supposed to work well on chopping wood for carpentry. But in reality, the head arrives super dull. You can hon it, but it loses its sharpness pretty quickly. Moreover, the head has a thick bit, which is also a problem. 

Apart from all these issues, I still suggest this for people who rarely go camping. For occasional use, this cheap hatchet will do the job quite well. We all know how high-quality axes cost. For a beginner on a budget, this one can be an excellent choice to try your luck.

I liked

  • Budget-friendly;
  • The durable finish on the head;
  • Well, ergonomics.

Didn’t like

  • Poor quality.

3. Drake Light Bearded Axe/Hatchet

drake light bearded axe 3
  • Weights 1.3 lbs ;
  • Small bearded head design;
  • Beech tree handle. 

It is a well-made bushcraft hatchet. It is so light that you can actually take it everywhere with you. Its head has a small beard and a thin bit. Are you a fan of making small bowls and spoons from softwood? Then you will appreciate the smaller shape and concave face of this hatched. It also holds the sharpness longer. 

The overall quality is quite impressive. It rarely gets any complaints from the customers. It lasts so long that you will not need to touch any other axe in your life. In fact, the next generation also can get this one from their ancestors. 

I liked 

  • Suitable for spoons or small bowls;
  • Makes detailed work effortless;
  • Long-Lasting.

Didn’t like

  • Nothing to mention.

4. Mapsyst Bearded Hatchet / Axe for Bowl Makers

mapsyst bearded hatchet 4
  • 1.3 lbs weight;
  • High-end blade with a straight handle.

One doesn’t have to be an einstein to guess that this hatched is unique in design and performance. To make it lightweight, the blade is made curved instead of thick and straight. The handle is also straight, which made this axe more versatile. Use it through competition, chopping wood to make a curving shape, or doing subtle detailing on any masterpiece, everything comes out outstanding with this too. 

The best thing about this axe is, it is cheap yet looks expensive. I know the looks should not judge a curving tool, but the rust-proof material of the blade is genuinely praiseworthy.

I liked

  • Cheap;
  • Perfect for detailed work;
  • Elegant looking;
  • Versatile use.

Didn’t like

  • Nothing to mention. 

5. Gränsfors Bruks Hand Hatchet for Beginners

gränsfors bruks hand hatchet for beginners 5
  • Short, 9.5” handle;
  • Head Type: Hatchet;
  • Weights 0.6 kg;

A short axe is a prerequisite for carving small workpieces. The 9-inch handle of this Gränsfors hand hatchet provides the perfect balance to cut and edge precisely. To start woodworking as a beginner, this one is a budget-friendly choice. Moreover, for its low profile design, it is suitable to carry in backpacking trips too. 

As it is a budget hatchet, you have to deal with its flaws. The blade is not as polished as the high-end hatchets on this list. In fact, the blade arrives dull. You have to sand and sharpen the blade to make it usable. Even if it is cheap, a protective sheath is included in this package. 

I liked 

  • More control over curving;
  • Affordable;
  • Very light;
  • Suitable for backpacking as well.

Didn’t like

  • The blade is not well finished.

6. Hults Bruk Akka Forester’s Outdoor Axe

hults bruk akka forester’s outdoor axe 6
  • Swedish axe steelhead;
  • Weights  2.2 pounds;
  • Straight hickory handle;
  • curved 24-inch hickory handle.

Maybe this one is not the best carving axe, but it is great for cutting off branches. Often campers are looking for an axe that can be used to clear up forest trails, cut branches to make a campfire, and of course, curve out the wood at their leisure. No one prefers carrying two axes in their camping for cutting and curving. So, for camp lovers out there, this one is the best deal for you. 

The head is made in Sweden with Swedish steel. This head quality itself is promising in terms of quality and durability. It’s cutting age and also longer than most of the axes in the market. The axe arrives with a pre-sharpened head that is covered in a full-length artistic sheath. You can utilize this beauty right out of the box. 

If balance, the axe is important for you, then you must know that this one has impressive ergonomics. With the long handle and dense hand, it only weighs 2.2 pounds. Cutting and curving will be more fun and comfortable with this axe. 

I liked

  • Full cover sheath;
  • Lightweight;
  • Arrives ready to use;
  • Good for clearing forest trails.

Didn’t like

  • Nothing to mention.

7. Prandi German Style Hatchet for Carving

  • The Head is 600 grams;
  • 4 inches head size;
  • 15.75” handle length.

The head and handle specifications are for those who need the details before spending a fortune on a carving hatchet. No worries, this Prandi Hatched head came from Italy, and it is assembled in Germany. There is less likely that any quality issue will arrive upon using this beauty. 

It arrives with a leather sheath and a golden mark of ‘Prandi’ on the head. For safety issues, the head arrives dull, and you need to sharpen it before use. On the other hand, the handle also has a glaze of varnish so that it comes to you intact, without any scratch, and so on. So, you have to sand out the varnish from the handle and apply oil to it too. Otherwise, the grip on it will be slippery. 

This hatchet from Prandi is one of the most favorite among axe-throwing competition winners. Its flat and thin head digs in wood faster than most other hatchets. With more precision and patience, you can use this to carve out the edges of bowls and spoons from softwood. Some have complained over the poor assembly of this too. It happens to all handmade products. You can always claim for replacement in those situations. 

I liked

  • Ergonomics;
  • Good quality sheath;
  • Thin head cuts fast;
  • Good grain-oriented handle.

Didn’t like

  • Need to scrape off the varnish from the handle.

FAQs for Carving Axes

I’ve additionally included a Rounddown of Deals with Tomahawks, their materials, features, and most searchable devices related to the device for its honor.

Does a Woodcarver Utilize a Hatchet?

Designed in a basic but effective way, Tomahawk cut has been helping carpenters and specialists for many years. Although basic construction continued as before, a cutting hatch was later developed to be used in various wood-cutting fields, such as wood-cutting.

Will You Be Able to Sharpen a Hatchet With a Blade Sharpener?

Try not to make your hatch too sharp! Assuming you spell your device with a blade sharpener, it will be incredibly sharp. Hacking will be an exercise in sharpening vanity from lifting spirits.

How Would You Sharpen a Hatchet?

The least demanding method for physically sharpening a hatchet is to use a unique weight stone. Due to its consistent shape, it is not difficult to perceive and the current curve will help to move with the correct point.

Final Verdict

I advise you to get the cheaper version first to begin wood carving. When you have the confidence that you already mastered the skill, then switch to the higher quality axe or hatchets. If you are not a camper, then you don’t need a wood carving axe. Likewise, if you need a cutting axe or league competition axe, there is no need to get a curving axe; instead, you can get a multipurpose axe that serves both purposes. 

Before ordering, look for the details if there is an option to make custom orders. Getting a personalized axe for left-handed or right-handed people is also a popular habit. However, we have listed axes that cut both ways. Warranty and return policy options are also needed to be checked carefully before placing the order.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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