Best Wood Burning Tools: 5 Factors Have to Consider

Published on: March 20, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

To create a beautiful and creative piece of art in wood, you need a spectacular tool. It’s a popular way to show creativity in the wood piece from the decade by burning it. Another name for wood burning is pyrography. The word pyrography means “writing with fire.” It is an openhanded art for decorating wood with burn marks by a heated pen-like object’s controlled application.

The wood-burning tools look very similar to soldering irons with a cylinder shape handle and a metal tip to draw a design by heating the material’s surface. Some burning devices offer a transformer to monitor the temperature and maintain the appropriate setting to make impressions.

wood burning tools 5 factors have to consider

If you are new in this Pyrog graphics field, you must first understand the wood-burning process, tools, and features to create beautiful art. Though, a perfect piece of wood art requires skills and the right equipment that delivers worry-free service. Usually, a wood-burning kit comes with different tips for various burning methods like straight lines, shading, rounded lines, etc. You’ll also receive a metal safety stand for the pen.

Before choosing a wood-burning tool, you need to consider many factors like budget, intended use, etc. that suit your needs. We put together all these factors in the following writing to help you to decide.

What Is Wood-burning (or Pyrography)?

Have you ever seen an ornamental wooden piece, sort of a branch slice plaque or a clock, that features a pattern, image, or quote on its surface with a deep, natural-looking brown marking? More often than not, those pieces are created using wood-burning techniques!

Within the industrial world, some wood burning is completed with pre-fabricated brands, almost like heated stamps. The handmade and more intricate projects, however, are usually done freehand employing a wood-burning pen.

Factors to Consider for Wood Burning Tools

A perfect wood-burning tool proceeds one step further by its efficiency, accuracy, and comfort. But if you are a newbie or DIY worker, it’s not a cup of tea to choose a perfect one without acknowledging that few must-have features. Our tools score expert team proffers the following essential elements that you should look at the choosing time.


First of all, the wood-burning tool needs to be powerful enough to reach a balanced temperature. If it gets hotter than the desired temperature, then it will blacken the wood more. Usually, the power varies from 45 watts to 130 watts. Always look for a burner with more amps to perform positively and accurately. We suggest both beginners and professionals choose the power carefully to work with the tool properly. Read more: Finding the Wood Carving Knife

Heat Control

A variable temperature control feature is essential for woodworking projects. All the projects are not the same and might need different temperatures to give various wood shades. Basically, the tip’s temperature determines how dark the wood is going to be. So changeable temperature ranges in the tool allow you to give different shades to create valuable wood art. 


Different burning tools have various tips, and these tips allow you to make different artwork patterns. So it is essential to buy the right tip. There are different types of models and styles available on the market like fixed, interchangeable, polished, non-polished, and so on.

In short, fixed tips have less versatility than interchangeable ones. An interchangeable one is better for professionals with detailed artistry.

On the other hand, polished tips are smoother and can seamlessly run on different surfaces. It also can be used at different temperature ranges. In the case of a non-polished tip, it is less smooth and imperfect for a lighter burn. Overall, we advise you to buy polished tips with a kit that supports interchangeable tips.


As woodworking is time-consuming, the burning tool must have a comfortable handle to reduce user fatigue. An ergonomic handle with a groove can help you to work for an extended period. Also, a tool stand will help to hold the burner when it’s not in use. So wisely choose the burner with these features. Read more: 10 Best Wood Carving Tools You Can Choose


Each tool needs to be safe to use, especially burning tools, because beginners can quickly burn their hands if a proper safety guard is not present on the burner. The heat of the wood burner reaches up to 1050 degrees, and the tip gets extremely hot. If properly not handled, it can accidentally burn the user’s hand quickly. Try to buy a wood burner with enough insulation material on the grip handle so you don’t accidentally burn your hand.

Analysis of Our Selected Wood Burning Tools-

Our experienced tools analysis team gathered the following list to relieve you from the stress of selecting a wood-burning tool. Our reviews will show you the pros and cons of each model so that you can find the right fit that you’re sure to love.

Weller WSB25WB Wood Burning Kit

  • Temperature: up to 900°F/482°C; 
  • Power: 25W (120V);
  • Tips: Comes with nine tips;
  • Installation method Arc-welding;
  • Weight: 12.8 ounces.

The Weller arrives with a short barrel feature and a 15-piece kit for creating advanced wood projects. The mini iron container requires 25w power to operate. It includes different types of tips for the wood-burning process like a cutting tip, a universal tip, a pattern tip, a groove tip, a transfer tip, a shading tip, a calligraphy tip, a stencil tip, a dot tip, an embossing tip. The premium quality handle protects the users’ hands from heat and shock.

Furthermore, it can heat up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit or 482 degrees Celsius to correctly complete the wood burning projects. The pen-style head seems like an actual pen when you work. The less weight of the body and maximum heat of these two combinations makes it unique. It also comes with a sturdy storage case that can be used as storage for small parts.

The added project book gives you the necessary information like the operation method, features, precautions, etc. The solid iron stand also gives you the facility to keep on it when the iron is not used. This iron will also be useful for ornaments, model railways, and other electronic items.


  • The complete kit arrives with different types of tips;
  • A robust storage case can secure the parts when not in use;
  • Easy instruction and maintenance;
  • Lightweight material but quick heat-up option;
  • Heat and shock-resistant handle;
  • Short stainless steel barrel;
  • Perfect for sapwood burning arts and crafts.


  • It has no temperature control meter;
  • The electric cord is a little shorter.

Walnut Hollow Creative Wood Burner

  • Temperature: up to 950 degrees (F);
  • Power: 25W (120V);
  • Tips: Comes with 4 tips;
  • 4 different screw-in points;
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces.

Walnut Hollow is a reliable wood-burning pen for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. This burning tool’s other most attractive features are the mounted on-off switch and the heat shield that defend the hands from heat while working. It can heat up to 950 degrees which work on most woods. It also features a holding stand and four different tips of cone, shading, universal, and flow. 

The wood-burning tool arrives with an instructional manual to help the user with first-time installation. Besides, it heats comparatively faster than other wood burners and controls the heat during operation. With this feature, it can cut and curve any kind of wood. 

Though it is not suggested to let the 14 years old’s handle the burning tool, the 120 volts make the pen ideal for children aged over 14 under stern adult supervision. Overall this pen is a perfect choice for home crafting as it is pretty affordable and efficient. 


  • It has a long cord that reaches long distances;
  • UL approved for the USA and Canadian customers;
  • Easy to install and operate;
  • Heat Shield for hand protection;
  • Four different points tips and a firm stand;
  • A pen-like easy gripped handle;
  • Simple instruction manual.


  • Tips are not much durable and apt to breakage; 
  • It doesn’t offer an extra tip in the package. 

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Darice Wood Burning Creativity Tool Set

  • Temperature: up to 950 degrees (F);
  • Power: 25W (120V);
  • Tips: Comes with four tips;
  • Groove handle;
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces.

The Darice wood-burning set arrives with four tips that give you the freedom to work on various kinds of wood-burning projects. It’s actually helpful for a beginner for its easy usage and affordability. It is perfect for beginners to practice but not suitable for professionals as it has no temperature control system.

The construction of the body is durable enough to serve for an extensive period. It heats up so quickly that it saves a lot of time waiting for the heat. You may start your projects much faster, and the tip heat quickly touches 950 degrees for a firm dark burn.

 The groove handles and a heat shield protect the user’s hands from heat and shock. This set carries four all-purpose tips, one UL list burning tool, and an instruction manual. It’s a simple but effective pyrography tool with a budget price compared to the other reviewed tools.


  • It’s a UL-approved burner;
  • Lightweight and easy to operate;
  • Heat-protector for hand protection;
  • Clear instructional manual;
  • Comfortable groove grip;
  • A handy tool with four different tips.


  • It’s not ideal for frequent use;
  • Long-time usage warps the tip under the heat.

NSI 7733 Wood Burning Tool Kit

  • The kit included paints, patterns, wood, and many more; 
  • Power:110/120 Volts;
  • It can trace, burn, paint and build;
  • A permanent slanted tip;
  • Weight: 1.55 pounds.

NSI takes wood-burning art to a higher notch. This is an all-in-one set for children to adults. It’s a sturdy and ergonomically designed pen set that includes everything you need to create and decorate the CD holder, picture frames or nameplates, corkboard, leather embossing, and so on. The user-friendly design allows you to work longer and more precisely.

The included high-quality and non-toxic paint sets arrive in different colors that let you express your imagination on wood canvas. The permanent slanted tip and patterns are perfect for any wood burning and foil embossing. The wood-burning pen comes with a polarized alternating-current line plug that will fit into the power outlet only one way enhancing the user’s safety.

It is specially designed for young enthusiastic learners who want to express their imagination in wood through this tool. But remember, adult supervision is always required to enhance the eye-hand skill of young artisans. Also, a user must use leather work gloves to prevent inevitable slips that could cause hand burns. There is no other better option than this wood-burning kit to trace, burn, build, and paint.


  • All in one kit for painting, tracing, and burning;
  • Offer a comfortable grip with a heat shield;
  • Tips can be easily removable and changeable;
  • Versatile to work on different projects and materials;
  • It heats quickly and instantly;
  • Clear instruction manual;
  • Highly suitable for children over 13 years.


  • It doesn’t have variable temperature control;
  • Tips are sensitive to overheating and can be damaged.

Burnmaster Hawk Wood Burner Kit

  • Power: 130W (120V);
  • 1-Port Woodburner;
  • Tips: Comes with 10 tips;
  • Groove handle;
  • Weight: 4.98 pounds.

Burnmaster is a reputed company that manufactures high-performance wood-burning pens with all the essential equipment for quality wood art. The pen’s tips are compatible and replaceable with other tips from Colwood, Burnmaster, Razertip, and Detail master. Each tip is nicely shaped from advanced alloy tip wire and offers a superior electrical conductivity that makes them heat relatively faster.  

The burning tool’s dimension is 8.5 inches long,4.75 inches wide, and 3.5-inch handle. Moreover, the superior patented design and long-lasting metal body can serve a long time. Besides that, the kit has a pro-quality heater that takes 130 watts max. 

Other noticeable features like a precise power supply with micro heat regulation, a transformer reset fuse for overload protection, and a patch cord connecting pens to the controller box. Above all, the kit comes with an exact instruction manual to guide the user from installation to operating procedure.


  • It has a high-quality patented design; 
  • Overload protection for safety;
  • Durable and long-period performance; 
  • Compatible pens and tips;
  • Accessible to changing tips;
  • Precise heat control from start to end;
  • Faster heating results.


  • Little expensive than similar other kits;
  • It doesn’t offer a heat guard near the tip.

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TruArt Wood and Leather Pyrography Pen

  • Temperature: 850-Degree (F);
  • Power: 30W for wood and 15W for leather burning(110V);
  • Arrives with a razor blade and soldering tip;
  • Tips: Comes with 21 tips;
  • Barrel: Stainless steel;
  • Weight: 15.2 ounces.

True art is the favorite burning tool among pyrography artists. This wood and leather pyrography kit offers twenty-one different tips, including a solder point for soldering jobs and a razor blade tip for cutting. This pen uses two different watts: 30W for wood burning and 15W for leather burning. The 30W pen heats fast and has excellent heat preservation to do burning project work steadily and effectively. 

Furthermore, the tips are made of brass to transfer the heat to the metal quickly. On the other hand, the stamp allows you to craft patterns with a single touch. Covering all, it comes with a complete user manual with clear instructions on various parts of the pen, multiple tips, and safety precautions to understand before usage. 

Furthermore, the stainless steel barrel combined with heat and impact-resistant rubber enhances users’ safety. Because of its lightweight body, the pen is easy to handle and delivers precise results. The stencil allows you to craft letters and numbers instantly without any previous shape plan. Besides that, the sturdy metal stand helps the pen to rest while not in use. Overall it’s a budget-friendly beginner tool for wood and leather pyrography.


  • It has a dual power mode;
  • The tip heats quickly;
  • It has excellent heat preservation; 
  • Comfortable grip with heat guard;
  • A broad range of different tips;
  • Clear instruction manual;
  • The kit facilitates a stencil and stand.


  • The kit does not appear with a burner tool;
  • The tip’s quality and durability are average.

Wall Lenk L101KB Wood Burning Tool Kit

  • Temperature: up to 1050 degrees (F);
  • Power: 30W (120V);
  • Tips: Comes with seven tips;
  • Two cutting and fusing tips;
  • Weight: 1 pound.

Those who want a unique and quick wood-burning tool can choose Wall Lenk’s 10-in-1 kit. It has some unique features at an affordable price. One useful feature is the burner that produces up to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit to burn any wood surface. As well, this handy kit arrives in seven separate burning tips and a soldering tip.

Furthermore, the comfortable grip is easy to hold and thick enough to avoid any accidental occurrence. Overall, we’d recommend Wall-Lenk’s kit to anyone shopping on a budget that wants to draw on hardwoods. The wood burner can get incredibly hot, so it can make its mark without you having to apply too much force.


  • Produces high temperatures to operate on woods;
  • Groove handle and ergonomic layout;
  • Thick pen shaft to make design accessible;
  • Versatility features allow it to use as a soldering iron;
  • Two types of tips for cutting and fusing;
  • Comes with a sturdy storage case;
  • Perfect for professional woodworkers.


  • It takes time to arrive at the desired temperature;
  • It doesn’t have a temperature indicator.

Dremel 2000-01 Portable Tools for Wood Burning

  • Temperature: From 1022° F to 2192° F;
  • Power: 30W (120V);
  • Multifaceted 14-piece kit ;
  • Full tank burn: Up to 75 minutes;
  • Weight: 1.47 pounds.

The Dremel 2000 is a portable and versatile wood-burning kit with 14 pieces of accessories to complete all kinds of projects, from burning to shrinking, soldering, heating, and cutting. It has five different tips to enhance your flexibility. Most of all, it has a variable temperature to help you to choose the right heat needed for any project.

You might notice that temperature control is more useful in woodworking projects than fixed ones. The self-ignition characteristic allows you effortless hands-free operation and quick heating. Also, an integrated ignition trigger with a safety lock feature helps to start quickly with heat protection that prevents accidental occurrence. The flame lock-on tool allows it to be used for an extended period.

Moreover, the refillable fuel tank can heat up to 75 minutes of continuous work. This model also features a protective cap for sealing the tips after use, so you don’t unintentionally burn yourself. There is a storage case to organize and protect the ingredients. Overall it’s a good deal at an affordable price.


  • Versatile for working on different projects;
  • The self-ignition trigger makes a more comfortable operation;
  • Variable temperature helps to work on project needs;
  • Cordless features help to work in any place;
  • The flame lock system allows it to work for long periods;
  • Simple but effective usage.


  • It doesn’t arrive with a tool stand;
  • Refills with Butane can be costly sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Pyrography and Wood-burning?

Pyrography is the craft of consuming plans onto any responsive surface, even wood. Wood-consuming is the specialty of composing/consuming plans on wood. Pyrography should be possible on gourds, bark, nuts, leather, paper, and Ivory.

How Long Do Pyrography Tips Last?

Tradeable tips are fair for 90 days. With a myriad of tips to browse, we realize that choosing the right tip can be a bit of a test. We’ve put together the pyrography tip styles that are guided by their most common employment.

What Is the Difference Between Wood Burning and Pyrography?

Pyrography “basically refers to composition with fire. Many people refer to pyrography as” wood burning “, but wood-burning is actually done on wood, while pyrography should be possible on any open surface. Whatever you eat, your continuous wood-burning device will be required.

To Sum Up

A perfect wood-burning tool needs to be durable and compatible with several tips to correct your art. Now you are ready to peek at the wood-crafting world with a nice set of wood-burning tools that include everything you desire from the above list.

We hope you can now buy an ideal wood-burning tool after reading this well-informed and well-researched review. But remember, it’s better to buy a wood-burning toolset rather than a single device.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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