The Best Cordless Mini Circular Saw for Woodworking Project

Published on: April 1, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Having a large tool tends to be more inconvenient after a while. Likewise, cordless is much more convenient than the electric-corded ones, we agree. It comes from the flow since lithium-ion has been conducted. From the beginning, the cordless circular saws were struggling for proper performance, now they exceed the 15 AMP corded ones.

Both beginners and professionals find it more flexible whether for home usage or workshop jobs. We also decided to test such straightforward and lightweight tools. Later, we found the cordless mini circular saws handier, as the pros found these too much.  

the best cordless mini circular saw for woodworking project

If you want a hassle-free saw then a cordless circular saw is a good option. It’s better than a corded saw. We bet neither of you will have the better ones than the below mentioned. At the same time, you can save time and select any mini version to complete your woodworking projects. Later transport and store them anywhere means to be convenient.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cordless Mini Circular Saw

In general, individuals utilize a mini corded circular saw, however in this high-level era, no one has to live in custom time, and therefore you should utilize a cordless one!

Engine Power

This saw is a pointless apparatus without an engine, it’s a basic, justifiable thing that the motor is something fundamental in a roundabout saw.

The higher the engine’s power, the quicker you can complete your work, so while purchasing your chosen model, you should ensure that the machine has finally 3,500 RPM.


Keep in mind, less weight doesn’t mean the item is great. Just you need to ensure that the item has an extraordinary harmony among weight and body size.

We generally suggest purchasing a circular saw that gives a lightweight element, so you can rapidly move the device and oversee it!

Battery life

Since the above circular saws are cordless and handy, they are empowered by the battery for flexibility. One may want to cut many solid wood blocks and need a cordless mini circular saw with excellent battery life.

Most of our listed ones are using a 20-volt battery, which was installed early by the manufacturers. There is an option to replace your installed battery with a more powered and advanced one for more significant tasks, or at once it runs out. It becomes breezy while you are working outdoors, along with multiple batteries.

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Blade Designed Left or Right

Users, most of the hobbyists and beginners, do not care if the cordless circular saw’s blade is lefty or righty. Often they have a preference should not buy a saw that has the wrong blade side on. The best idea is to try both sides of the blade, left and right on. Then you can realize which one makes it comfy to track your cutline. You can even remember the rule of vice-versa. The blade left was designed for righty and right designed for the contrary.

Cutting Depth

The cutting depth ensures the maximum width of the workpieces that you can cut. You can confirm it by checking the blade size. The sizes are almost in inches mentioned, including other features, like no-load speed motor and voltage. Almost all the cordless circular saw’s blades are about 6.5 and 5.5 inches.

Even if you can cut a workpiece in a fixed position, which is mentioned in degrees, apart from high cutting depth, you should make sure that the saw provides precise cuts or not. As well as other features, for example, durability and portability.

Benefits of Cordless Mini Circular Saw

Now we are familiar with cordless tools. Day by day cordless tools become more popular to the user. The cordless mini circular saw is one of the popular tools in the market and industry. Do you know the benefits of this tool? Let’s know about the benefits of the cordless circular saw.

Easy Portable

The main benefit is easy movement. Cordless saw is an important tool sometimes users need to carry it in different places. You can not carry corded tools easily but cordless tools are free from this issue.

Safe Tool

Corded tools have a change of eclectic shock. On the opposite side, cordless tools are free from this negative site. Sometimes users of a corded circular saw or another saw face eclectic shock, sometimes they admire the hospital. But without worrying about electric shock, you can use the circular saw. You can call it a safe tool. If you want to get rid of the danger, pick a cordless saw.


When you use the corded circular saw you need a power supply. But for some reason when you have to work with a power-less area then what happens? Suppose you work on an under-construction building where there is no eclectic supply you can’t work in this place.

On the other hand, a cordless circular saw is hassle-free. It comes with powerful batteries so you need not worry about the power supply. The cordless circular saw was very easy to use. Straight cut and angled cut is very easy to create through this kind of saw. 

View Top 7 Cordless Mini Circular Saws, Below-

Here, in this article, I’ve researched the most popular seven Cordless Mini Circular Saws. I have described the specification & their exact uses to find it easy which one to pick for their project. Let’s get started on the reviews.

1. Makita XSS02Z Cordless Circular Saw

  • No-load speed: 3700 RPM;
  • Bevel angle: 50 degrees;
  • Blade length: 6-½”
  • Cutting depth: 2-¼”
  • Voltage: 18V.

Makita XSS02Z gives us a big head start in our listing. Because of its fastest cutting speed and energetic power to drive through the wood, unlike other mini cordless circular saws.

If you wish to purchase power tools, for instance, a cordless circular saw, it will make your money worth it. Also, it will enable your ripping capacity relatively better than before with its 6.5” lengthy blade. Sounds powerful, right? Well, the basic tool with a heavy gauge is engineered for accurate and smooth cutting at a single phase. Also, the bevel angle adjustment goes up to 50 degrees by a 3700 RPM x-torque motor.

Whether you want a cordless battery-powered circular saw, especially for wood projects, this 7.3-pound weight is available at stores. So you may have reduced operator fatigue.

What We Liked

  • 18 V power battery will high-speed power;
  • High-speed motor earn fast work;
  • Durable with durable materials;
  • 6-½” blade length idle for heavy work;
  • Lightweight saw easy to move whatever want;
  • 24-teeth carbide blade.


  • Nothing negative review is found.

2. PORTER-CABLE PCC660B Cordless Circular Saw

  • No-load speed: 4000RPM;
  • Bevel angle: 0-50 degrees;
  • Blade length: 6-½”;
  • Cutting depth: 2-⅛”;
  • Voltage: 20V.

Another high-end cordless circular saw PORTER-CABLE PCC660B is available next to your stores. It also has many potentials for your money. 

Offering a 6-½” blade provides a breezy feeling during operation as spins at 4000RPM by itself. Because the attached carbide blade allows cutting any type of workpiece in 2-⅛” diameter. You can even justify its bevel angling power as it pivots the shoes up to 50 degrees along with the rip capacity.

Doesn’t it sound quite decent considering the blade size? We also appreciate the same, even if you want to have aggressive movements over the workpieces. A contoured over-molded handle will help you do so at any time you go for, as it offers a good grip.

The blade’s carbide teeth offer better durability. For instance, other designed features for increasing user comforts, for example, 6.5 pounds to reduce job site fatigue. 

What We Liked

  • 20V working flow battery system;
  • Up to 50 degrees bevel adjustment;
  • Lightweight and portable saw;
  • Carbide teeth blade ensure fast work with different cutting;
  • Offers non-traditional cutting applications;
  • Balance budget circular saw with quality;
  • Comforting handle without painful experience.


  • Compatible with only 20V Lithium-ion battery tools.

3. BLACK+DECKER BDCCS20C Cordless Circular Saw

  • No-load speed:  N/A;
  • Bevel angle: detents at 45 and 90 degrees;
  • Blade length: 5-½ inches;
  • Cutting depth: 2-¼ inches;
  • Voltage: 20 V.

One of the most popular brands, Black+Decker, manufactured this cordless circular saw series BDCCS20C. It positioned 3rd in our cordless mini circular saw’s listing. What do you think? Well, it offers such reliable and powerful features from the installation.

Though this 20 Volt mini circular saw is for very light-duty work, trying on a pressure-treated 2×4 will not disappoint you at all as it includes 12 teeth per-inch carbide blade. You will find neither a better saw blade than its 5.5 inches one for fast cutting into a wide range of applications. You can simply use it as it comes with standard spinning to drive through the materials. 

You will find it more reliable while transporting it from one room to another. Also, the easy storage will give you much comfort to fold and stay at any corner in your workspace or workshop. 

What We Liked

  • Decent blade speed;
  • Easy to carry for the lightweight model;
  • Bevelling allowance up to 45 degrees;
  • Ergonomic shape and design;
  • Provides a charger from the manufacturer;
  • User manual installed.


  • No noticeable negative side is found by users.

4. Hilti 3482502 Cordless Circular Saw with Tool Bag

  • No-load speed: 4000 RPM;
  • Bevel angle: 0-45 degrees;
  • Blade length: 6-½”;
  • Cutting depth: 2-¼”;
  • Voltage: 18V.

Hilti is a somewhat less familiar but well-established power tool brand. However, it conquered its position in our listing by producing such an excellent mini circular saw (1 pound) from the series 3482502 SCW.

It is not so popular compared to the above listed cordless circular saws, but it allows more jobs per charge of its built-in lithium battery. In short, the battery lasted a long time as a plus point of 2 manufactured batteries in the toolbox. We have experienced such good things; for instance, it works better in community gardening where there are no electrical outlets. Also, it gives smoother operation while chopping 8-foot plywood with its decent spinning 6.5” blade. 

Once installed, you can rip more and more wood and plastic in a single phase by rotating up to 45-degree angles. If you worry about any unnecessary accidents, an electric breaker instantly stops when the trigger gets released. It comes with a carrying bag so it’s easy to carry everywhere.

What We Liked

  • 2 new and advanced compact batteries, charger and tool bag installed;
  • Easy to read markings;
  • Easy to use adjustments;
  • More work per charge;
  • Electric brake;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Most lightweight with all feature of circular saw;
  • Beginner-friendly but also good for experts.


  • Very high price not for all types of users.

5. Bosch Bare-Tool CCS180B Lithium-Ion Mini Circular Saw

  • No-load speed: 3900 RPM;
  • Bevel angle: 0-90 degrees;
  • Blade length: 6-½”;
  • Cutting depth: 1.56-2”;
  • Voltage: 18V.

Searching for such a mini cordless circular saw which delivers full professional-applications cuts? Like you can plow through decking and wood with accuracy and speed. Construction pros, similar to farmers and roofers, who always love to encounter solid rips in tight spaces, will praise it more because of its in-built versatility and power that it delivers.

As a top of the line muscle, its 6.5 inches blade allows the capacity of 2 types of cuts at 2 different positions. For instance, you can rotate your material for 90 degrees and cut in 2” diameter and 1-9/16” at 50-degrees. Even if you want, you can change the blade at ease with the improved spindle lock. Is it not an outstanding powered tool cutting-to-weight ratio? It is a lighter and smarter choice than older designs.

Including two items, depth of cut gauge and an adjustable bevel, ensure consistent locking and help make cuts precise. Even more amazed when you know that the left blade is designed for a transparent view of operation for right-handed users.

No need to get tensed by the overheating motors like others. Because the motor and cell protection prevents this cordless circular saw from being overheated and overloaded, also, its footplate and depth bracket constructed with high-strength materials to withstand years of severe job site conditions. 

What We Liked

  • Lightweight yet made for heavy-duty tasks;
  • Great cutting hardwood;
  • Electronic brake;
  • Less downtime between frequent cuts;
  • Left blade designed for a clear cut’s view;
  • Quickest bevel cuts at difficult moments ;
  • Improved spindle lock.


  • Separate purchase of battery and charger.

6. DEWALT DCS391B Mini Circular Saw

  • No-load speed: 5150 RPM;
  • Bevel angle: up to 50 degrees;
  • Blade length: 6-½”;
  • Cutting depth: 1-⅝”;
  • Voltage: 20 V;

Most of the electric-corded powered tools offered by Dewalt, also battery-powered ones are common for cordless usage, including its mini circular saw option mentioned here.  

Dewalt’s DCS391B cordless circular saw is present in the 6th position. Its 20 Volt rated battery-powered system can run its blade and other functions by the highest speed engine 5150RPM. The 6.5-inches blade offers up to 50 degrees of aggressive bevelling when you turned the power on.

You can rip 2-⅛” depth at 90 degrees, 1-⅝” depth at 45 degrees, and more of any materials per charge. Though the lithium-ion battery offers 1.5 AMP, you can attach another 5 AMP battery for versatile, hardwood work.

You will also get provided an excellent quality build with this cordless circular saw. This means it should last longer by itself, portability and durability, and other in-built functions.

What We Liked

  • Carbide tipped blade;
  • Portable and lightweight tool free from issues;
  • Durable and made with good quality materials;
  • Maximum 2.5 inches depth rip capacity;
  • Bevels two different angles very easy to use;
  • 6.5” sharp blade work fast;
  • Rubber over-molded handle ensures painful movement;
  • 3-year warranty included with this quality tool.


  • Not included in the battery and charger, extra budget needed for these two-parts.

7. Makita SH02R1 CXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Mini Circular Saw

  • No-load speed:1.500 RPM;
  • Bevel angle: 0-45 degrees;
  • Blade length: 3-⅜”;
  • Cutting depth: 1-⅝”;
  • Voltage: 12V;

The Makita SH02R1 CXT is a part of the expanding 12 Volt max CXT series. It combines performance with a superior economy in a compact size, about 3.5 pounds.  

Its pod style 2 lithium-ion batteries add convenience, including an onboard L.E.D. charge level indicator. So you can have a clear view of charging time and do not have to wait a long time. This one is compatible with another 12V max CXT 4 Ah battery (BL1041B) for a longer run time. If you are tense about overloading and being overheated, skip all such headaches because a battery protection circuit gives protection against all the problems to arise.

Do not get disappointed with its 3-⅜” blade because it cuts plywood, pegboard, MDF, particleboard, melamine, and drywall. Its less weight in tight spaces brings it as an ideal solution. Even a dust blower keeps the line cut free of dust for increased accuracy. The manufacturer thoroughly inspects every feature before leaving the factory.

What We Liked

  • Blade wrench for fastest blade changing;
  • L.E.D. battery charge level indicator;
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle;
  • Lightweight and compact design;
  • Battery protection circuit;
  • The carrying case included easy to move with a different place.


  • Slowest speed motor users face problems at work time.


How Long Do Mini Cordless Circular Saws Last?

The scale-down cordless circular saw is strong and will usually last for several years whenever it is regularly cleaned and kept properly. In any case, assuming that you engage it consistently as well as in rock-solid initiatives, then, at that point, its lifespan will be reduced.

Keep in mind that power sources play an equally important role in determining how long your mini cordless circular saw will last.

Are Cordless Mini Circular Saws Any Good?

Above each cordless circular saw offer a comfy and ergonomic handle grip to make your hand feel balanced while operating. Also, smaller hands, women, men, or beginners can use it in a wide range of applications, who have difficulty holding on to big power tools.

You can take account of its power as an advantage, much better than corded electric-powered circular saws. It is not to show too good logic because the electric-corded tools keep limitation while moving around the job site for longer works. However, cordless ones have to rely on a secondary pre-powered source, not each one. So it is really good to have such mini cordless circular saws.

Why Are Left-handed Cordless Circular Saws Available Most?  

In general, the saw’s sharp blade aligns between the user’s arms like inside, rather than outside. If one holds his material with his left hand, there you can cause unnecessary injuries contacting the blade. But this scenario is quite rare with the right-handed circular saws. Because most people in this world are right-handed, about 89% at least. Though left-handed circular saws give you a much better transparent view of the cutting line, this theory tends the manufacturer to produce left-hand saws much.  

How Deep Can a 6.5 Inches Circular Saw Cut?

Cordless tools deliver much flexibility, as well as the circular saws, do because of not being cramped by the lengthy attached cords. So you can hold and run it in any direction to cut at several depth materials. 

We experienced that the 7.5-inches length blades can cut at least 2.5-inches. But the smaller 6.5 blades of a cordless circular saw can rip over 2x materials and at least 2-⅛” depth. So if you wish to drive through 4×4 materials at a single phase, it will not let you as the length is not large enough. 

At Bottom Line

Cordless mini circular saws are relatively small, light, and effective. Simple logic tells us that mini circular saws cannot have the fastest ripping capability as a longer one has. But they can work in the tightest spots, whether the time is not a big deal for users. 

Still, you are perplexed about what to select for your handy jobs. It is worth checking out the above aftermarket ones to accomplish and always being handy yourself. You can try the PORTER-CABLE PCC660B. It’s a super easy and useful mini circular saw with all features and budgets. 

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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