12 Best Exhaust Clamps in 2024 (Factors Have to Consider)

Published on: March 3, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

In any vehicle, when checking the exhaust system, you will note that pipes are usually welded together. However, some are joined with exhaust clamps, significantly when the pipes have been changed to the aftermarket exhaust pieces, such as performance mufflers, headers, or other customized components to enhance the exhaust system. And this joint is done by exhaust clamps.

An exhaust clamp is a clamp made of metal designed to connect individual pieces or support welds to fit around an exhaust pipe, just like they are used in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications.

best exhaust clamps

These exhaust clamps are available in a spread of options, which are band clamps, V-band clamps, lap band clamps, hanger clamps, narrow band clamps, and U-clams – which are the foremost popular.

Once the clamps become broken or start to affect, you risk them slumping and allowing pipes to return loose. Once these sections come loose, they will hand under the car. Not only that, but it’ll enable exhaust, which is highly dangerous to inhale, to escape.

Factors to Consider for Exhaust Clamp:

The exhaust clam is pretty essential for different types of repairing and construction jobs like automobile shops, plumbing sectors, or welding purposes. But, when the exhaust system wears out or gets broken, finding various types of exhaust clamps such as U clamps, band clamps, V band clamps, exhaust clamps hangers, lap band clamps, etc. you have to consider some factors which will help to select the right one. 

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So, before purchasing an exhaust clamp, you should consider these exhaust clamp buying guides.

Size of the Clamp

According to the clamp’s inside diameter, the size of the clamp is measured. According to the vehicle and year of manufacturer, the sizes of the exhaust pipes are different. A large exhaust clamp will leave the pipes loose and make exhaust leaks, as well as the smaller ones, which will tighten the pipe and thus cause exhaust leaks. So before purchasing, look at the exact size of your car manual.

Materials of the Clamp

As most of the time, clamps have to get in contact with water or very harsh environments, so aluminized and stainless-steel material clamps will be robust and strong enough to prevent them from wearing out fast. Also, it has to ensure that it is rust and corrosion-resistant.

Style of the Clamp

If you are replacing an aftermarket clamp, you have to ensure the exact style that will work for the exhaust pipe connections. As different styles for multiple uses, clamps are available in the market, so check the car manual or contact the aftermarket supplier, then buy the exact and correct style clamp.

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Edge of the Clamp

The clamp’s edge is crucial because it indicates the exhaust pipe’s broad area that has to fit well around the pipe for proper connections; otherwise, it may lead to exhaust system problems. A small clamp then the pipe will be tight, will not cover the entire area, and cause exhaust leaks in the exhaust system, which may later lead to the complete replacement of the entire

Ease of Installation

It is vital to get that exhaust clamp, which will be easy to install to connect the two exhaust pipes in the exhaust system.

Type of Exhaust Clamp

A variety of automatic smoke clamps are accessible there. The most common types are:

V-band Clamp

A V-band clamp is great for premium vehicles that include super exhaust frameworks. They are the most costly and more intricate braces than the others.

U-bolt Clamp

The U-bolt fits around the clip line and the flexibility is just right. However, the problem seems to be when you try to disconnect them from the drain.

T-bolt Clamp

There is no substitute for T-bolts or T-bar clamps when it comes to getting air association.

View Our Top 12 Exhaust Clamps, Below

There are numerous sizes and shapes of exhaust clamps on the market today. But, when looking for specific uses in the exhaust systems band clamp, finding a good one is sometimes tricky. This article suggests the popular exhaust clamps for you, which you can consider using in your automobile.

1. Roadformer 5″ Stainless Steel Lap Joint Exhaust Band Clamp

  • Made of stainless steel; 
  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Leak-free connection;
  • Superior sealing capability;
  • Pre-attached hardware;
  • Recreation block technology.

The first one in our exhaust clamp review is Roadformer 5″ stainless steel lap joint exhaust band clamp. This lap joint exhaust band clamp is from Roadformer, one of the most reputed manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive and truck industry for brand new maintenance items, new repair parts, and accessories.

They do provide real value quality standard products for their customers. This 5″ exhaust clamp is made from stainless steel and tested over 100 hours of salt spray to ensure excellent anti-corrosion performance.

Tested with OE specifications of torque & clamping retention makes this lap is reliable in providing a great connection and sealing for id and od pipes. 12.9-degree high-strength fasteners provide more durability, real sealing capability, and safety with the leak-free connection.

This clamp is made with an innovative recreation block technology to provide flexible fitting and compatible settings and create 360-degree stretching force distribution full clamping without damaging flex tubing, elbow joints, outlets, muffler inlet pipes, and other connections in the exhaust system.


  • Quality finish with tight sealing;
  • Ultra-glossy aluminized steel surface ensures long service life;
  • Provides great connection for 5” od pipes to 5” id pipes;
  • Available in different sizes;
  • Distorts protected;
  • Developed and tested to OE specifications of torque & clamping retention.


  • Pricey than others.

2. AMAAM (2 1/2″) Heavy Duty Saddle Style U-Bolt Muffler Clamps

  • U-bolt exhaust saddle style clamp;
  • Made from stainless steel;
  • Features with highly specialized anti-rust coating;
  • Comes with a saddle, U-bolt, & two nuts.

Amaam (2 1/2″) heavy-duty saddle-style U-bolt muffler clamps are much more robust than any other clamps. Made from stainless steel with an anti-rust finish coating, it is robust and durable for long-term use, and the double layers prevent the car underbody’s exhaust system from corrosion. The U channel is firmly and perfectly sized to the exhaust tubing without any slops. 

As this U-bolt clamp is available in different sizes such as 6 inches, 5 inches, 4 inches, 3 ½ inches, 3 inches, 2 ¾ inches, 2 ¼ inches, 2 ½ inches, 2 inches, 1 7/8 inches, 1 5/8 inches, 1 ¾ inch, 1 1/8 inches, 1 ¼ inch, and 1 ½ inch, so it is suitable for multiple uses. This clamp comes as a package of the saddle, U-bolt, & two nuts.


  • Sturdy and durable construction;
  • Easy to install;
  • Rustproof;
  • Includes saddle, U-bolt, & two nuts.
  • Available in numerous sizes for multiple uses.


  • Soft and fragile steel.

3. 3″ (35794) Heavy Duty U-Bolt Exhaust Clamp by Exhaust-Mate

  • Aluminized coated steel clamp;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • 3″ U-bolt exhaust clamp;
  • Available in different sizes and styles.

Exhaust-mate is a famous company for providing convenient and effective exhaust repair services, starting from the engine to the tailpipe for commercial, import, and domestic applications. Like various clamp styles and sizes, their accessories and hardware help complete exhaust jobs much easier and faster.

Their exhaust-mate (35794) 3″ heavy-duty U-bolt exhaust clamp is that accessory you need to do the complete exhaust repairs job especially good for heavy-duty pipework. This U-bolt clamp from exhaust-mate is available in different clamp sizes and styles according to installation needs.

Constructed from aluminized coated steel, it makes it not only resistant to corrosion and rust but also durable and robust for long-life service. Moreover, the connections in the exhaust system also ensure a leak-free connection.


  • Robust, durable, and robust material;
  • Easy installation;
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work;
  • Leak-free connection;
  • Inexpensive.


  • Poor service.

4. Exhaust-Mate (35753) 3 1/2″ Heavy Duty U-Bolt Exhaust Clamp

  • Aluminized coated steel clamp;
  • Ensures a leak-free connection;
  • Anti-corrosion;
  • 3 1/2″ inside diameter;
  • 3/8-16 thread diameter;
  • Has a variety of clamp styles and sizes.

Exhaust-mate (35753) 3 1/2″ heavy-duty U-bolt exhaust clamp is another useful and sturdy construction clamp for heavy-duty pipework. Like the product mentioned above from the exhaust-mate, it also offers the same convenience and effective exhaust repair service. This U-bolt kit has a 3 1/2″ inside diameter and 3/8-16 thread diameter that allows you to tighten your clamps solidly by making it suitable for a 3.5″ exhaust pipe, muffler, and catalytic converters connection.

Robust and durable materials, leak-free connection, and availability in different clamp sizes and styles make these pipe clamps highly recommended by so many people in the exhaust system working.


  • Constructed from reliable & durable material for long life;
  • For heavy-duty jobs;
  • Prevent leaks and control material distortion;
  • Suitable for 3.5″ exhaust pipe, muffler, and catalytic converters connection.


  • Poor service.

5. Roadformer 3.5″ Stainless Steel Lap Joint Band Exhaust Clamp

  • Roadformer durable private label package;
  • Size available: 2.5″, 2.75″, 3″, 3.5″, 4″, 5″;
  • Both aluminized steel & stainless steel are available;
  • Used in an exhaust system of Automotive, Commercial Vehicles & off high way industry.

Roadformer 3.5″ stainless steel butt joint band exhaust clamp becomes the right choice when cosmetic appearance is important. This universal fitment clamp connects two pipes with the same outside diameter, like a 3.5″ od pipe to a 3.5″ id pipe. 

Its flex tubing without distorting pipes makes it the best seal, perfect for Catback exhausts, mufflers, downpipes, headers, and manifolds. No welding design with flexible removal and repair makes this butt joint clamp fast, easy, and accurate.

Robust and high-quality stainless steel makes it the best alternative to welded pipe. It has a Reaction block and forces the bar to complete the inner circle seal around the joined exhaust components.


  • Reliable and sturdy;
  • Easy to install & remove;
  • Universal fitment;
  • Rust resistance;
  • Installation manual;
  • Shiny surface with no burr;
  • Capable of preventing exhaust gas and noise leak;
  • Pre-threaded nut bolt for fast, easy, and accurate installation.


  • No cons.

6. 4″ U Bolt Saddle Exhaust Clamp by Roadformer

  • Zinc-plated steel made;
  • 4-inch U bolt double-edge clamp;
  • 1/4-inch-thick clamp;
  • Flat band design;
  • Heavy-duty welded saddle design.

With zinc-plated steel made material, this 4″ U bolt saddle exhaust clamp by Roadformer is a solidly built, corrosion resistance clamp that will last for a long time. It was developed and tested to the highest heavy-duty standards with OE for having equal performance in durability, safety, and reliability to work correctly with extra strength.

The 4″ U bolt double-edge clamp has a 1/4 inch flat “u” part near the threads, so it has given even coverage, superior strength, and sealing-ability over the standard crush. 360-degree flat band seal to prohibit pipe distortion and damage and better protect pipe ends.


  • Excellent material;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Welds hold up strong to high torque;
  • Nice flat U-bolt for tight spaces;
  • Developed and tested to have equal performance with OE;
  • Suitable for all makes, standard sizes covered;
  • 360-degree seal to prevent leaks and control material distortion.


  • None.

7. 35335 Exhaust Clamp by Walker

  • 2-inch clamp;
  • Leak-free connection;
  • 3/8-16 thread diameter;
  • U-bolt exhaust clamp.

Walker is an all-time famous brand because of its accessories, variety of clamp styles, and sizes you need to do your effective exhaust repairs job. Their 35335-exhaust clamp is another best clamp for your money to make most stock applications more comfortable and faster and use them.

Its incredible features, just like the others, make it favorable for using it in all types of applications starting from the engine to the tailpipe for commercial, import, and domestic use. The durable and robust material, leak-free connection, and 3/8-16 thread diameter make this 2-inch U-bolt exhaust clamp complete most stock applications’ exhaust job effectively.


  • Very high-quality clamps;
  • Strong and solid;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Perfectly fits most stock applications.


  • Poor customer service.

8. TOTALFLOW (TF-275SS) 2.75″ Single Bolt AccuSeal Exhaust Muffler Clamp

  • The USA-made;
  • 409 stainless steel construction;
  • Exclusive reaction block;
  • Corrosion and rust resistance;
  • 2. 75″ Accuseal single bolt exhaust muffler clamp.

For producing exhaust muffler systems/kits for different vehicle applications like cars, pick-up trucks, muscle cars, foreign cars, SUVs, diesel trucks, and other types of vehicles, TOTALFLOW, which is based in California in the USA, is a leading and pioneer company all over the world. Their TOTALFLOW (TF-275SS) is a product of 2.75″ single bolt Accuseal exhaust muffler clamps. Still, other aluminized or stainless steel construction styles and sizes are available, such as 6 inches, 5 inches, 4.5 inches, 4 inches, 3 inches, 2.75 inches, 2.5 inches, 2.25 inches, and 2 inches.

This Accuseal exhaust muffler clamp is way better and works more effectively than the old U-bolt alternative for sealing muffler pipes, elbow joints, outlets, and inlets. Made from heavy-gauge 409 stainless-steel material, the construction makes it resistant to corrosion and rust by working correctly in all weather conditions and environments for a long time. Moreover, using a reaction block produces a bolt torque force that pulls the clamping bands around the exhaust member.


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Sturdy construction;
  • Accurate and easy to install;
  • Seal muffler inlets, outlets, elbow joints, and pipe;
  • The reaction block helps to transfer bolt torque into clamp strength;
  • Comes in a wide range of styles and sizes.


  • None.

9. 3″ Butt Joint Exhaust Seal Clamp by Roadformer

  • Made from aluminized steel;
  • Size available: 2.5″, 3″, 4″, 5″ so far;
  • Grade10.9 zinc plated steel fasteners;
  • High-quality Roadformer branded private label;
  • Reaction block technology provides a 360-degree seal.

3″ Butt Joint exhaust seal clamp by Roadformer is a nice clamp and an excellent option for connecting 3″ exhaust pipe, muffler, elbow, and exhaust tubing connection. Made of aluminized steel it is resistant to fire, heat, corrosion, and oxidation. Its pre-attached hardware gives you a fast, easy, and accurate installation without any hesitation. Labeled by Roadformer branded private means, it is a high-quality and durable product for long-term use. 

Its fixed reaction block technology distributes the clamping force equally, prohibits pipe distortion, and durable installation without damage to pipe ends entirely over 360 degrees. The grade12.9 zinc plated steel fasteners have the superior capability of clamping, sealing, and safety along with a strong finish.


  • Reliable finish with tight sealing
  • Pre-attached hardware for fast, easy, and accurate installation;
  • Universal fitment to join 3″ od exhaust pipe;
  • Resists to fire, heat, corrosion, and oxidation;
  • 360° clamping force to prevent leaks and control material distortion.


  • No cons.

10. FAYUE 2.5″ Stainless Steel Lap Joint Exhaust Band Clamp

  • 304 stainless steel;
  • Universal fitment joins 2.5″ ID;
  • Inside diameter: 2.5″ exhaust clamp;
  • High-strength plated fasteners;
  • Real sealing capability;
  • Reaction block surface;
  • 1-year service warranty.

This FAYUE 2.5″ stainless steel lap joint exhaust band clamp is made for a universal fit for vehicles with 5 OD to 5 ID exhaust muffler, tip, or pipe connections. These exhaust band clamps are made of 304 quality bright and stainless-steel straps to offer strong torque, strong hardness, long service life, and outstanding anti-corrosion performance. A pre-threaded nut bolt also helps to join pipes in the exhaust system easily and quickly without welding or crimps.

High-strength plated firmware provides excellent, even clamping pressures on overall sealing force without distorting the pipe and superior sealing capability providing real sealing of leakage-free use in exhaust pipes connection. Moreover, its reaction block generates a powerful force that tightly pulls the clamping block around the exhaust components.


  • Innovative technology;
  • Anti-corrosion;
  • Pre-threaded nut bolt for easy installation;
  • Prevent leaks and control material distortion;
  • Prevent exhaust gas and noise leaks;
  • Available in various sizes for different uses;
  • Perfect for Catback exhausts, mufflers, downpipes, headers, manifold, and catalytic converters connection.


  • None.

11. EVIL ENERGY 2.5 Inch Butt Joint Exhaust Band Clamp

  • T-304 band stainless steel clamp;
  • Joins 2.5″ od pipe to 2.5″ od pipe;
  • Provides a 360-degree seal;
  • Aluminum alloy I-block creates an inner circle seal;
  • Aluminized pre-attached steel hardware and high-quality bolts;
  • Anti-corrosion resistance;
  • 3-month warranty.

Evil Energy is one of the most outstanding manufacturers and exporters of tuning parts, including intake systems, exhaust systems, engine systems, welding systems, and interior & exterior parts. Their evil energy 2.5-inch butt joint exhaust band clamp is the right choice when cosmetic appearance is important and connects exhaust system components such as pipes, mufflers, and catalytic converters.

This type of clamp provides a unique seal and high clamp loads without distorting your exhaust components, and it is also easy and less time-consuming to install or disable when you are doing servicing.

Aluminized steel hardware and t-304 band stainless steel construction is a perfect option if you want to keep your exhaust tubes for a long time use. A wide strip of stainless band clamp is used for connecting two pipes with the same outside diameter by wrapping the exhaust pipe joint all around.

It distributes the clamping force entirely over 360 degrees, thus controlling material distortion and preventing leaks. Overall, it is robust and durable, extraordinary, and anti-corrosion resistance exhaust clamps are not cheap, but at a reusable price.


  • Universal fitment for most 2.5inch OD exhaust pipes;
  • Durable and robust material for long life;
  • Easy to install or remove with one bolt;
  • No over-compressed;
  • Join two pipes with equal diameters;
  • Available in four sizes;
  • 360° clamping force to prevent leaks and control material distortion;
  • Inner circle seal for better clamping and prevent exhaust gas and noise leak.


  • No installation instructions in the package.

12. Roadformer 3″ Aluminized Steel Lap Joint Exhaust Band Clamp

  • Made of high-quality aluminized steel material; 
  • Leak-free connection;
  • Anti-corrosion protected;
  • Distorts protected;
  • Provides 12.9-degree high-strength fastener;
  • Used for 3″ id to 3″ od exhaust ends connection;
  • 360-degree full clamping area;
  • Reaction block technology.

Another product from the Roadformer brand is the Roadformer 3″ aluminized steel lap joint exhaust band clamp. This lap joint exhaust band clamp is designed to be used for 3″ id to 3″ od exhaust ends. This aluminized steel 3-inch lap joint exhaust clamp is comparatively lightweight than other metals, but its ultra-glossy effects naturally provide outstanding durability performance for a long time. 

12.9-degree high-strength fasteners provide more durability, real sealing capability, safety with the leak-free connection, and the innovative reaction block technology provides flexible fitting and compatible settings. Its full 360-degree clamping area provides equal distribution of stretch Hing force. It can easily create the best seal available without distorting pipe, muffler inlets, outlets, elbow joints, flex tubing, and other system connections without damage to the pipe end.


  • Durable and reliable;
  • Compatible performance;
  • Pre-attached hardware for fast, easy, and accurate installation;
  • Suitable for all makes, standard sizes covered;
  • Protection without damages when fastening;
  • Developed and tested to OE specifications of torque & clamping retention.


  • Thin materials.

Most Asked Queries

Are Exhaust Band Clamps Good?

So many aftermarket exhaust systems use these sorts of clamps; even factory systems have used them. They’re great, and they’re certainly functional and useful for hangers and slip-fit pipe connections. They get the work done when properly installed.

Do Exhaust Band Clamps Leak?

Band clamps, for the foremost part, leak. There isn’t anything you’ll do about it. Personally, I might either do a two-bolt ball flange or something just like the pi-thons. Aside from that, I would say you just getting need to keep trying temporary fixes for a permanent problem.


It is dangerous to drive a vehicle if the exhaust clamps are broken and cause leaks. Having a vehicle means inspecting your exhaust system regularly and taking care of its components diligently. Once you find the right exhaust clamp, get the best components for your ride, and get the right size to save yourself many troubles.

We hope from our suggestions above, you can now get a basic idea about several exhaust clamp models, their practical applications, and the market condition. With the above guide, we hope you can find the top exhaust clamps for your ride.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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