10 Best Grease Gun Couplers (Analysis)

Published on: March 20, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

A grease gun is a standard tool for lubrication in a workshop or garage. It specifically leads to the point that needs to lubricate from the grease cartridge. The Jaw part of the coupler attaches to the grease fitting and then locks the connection to inject the grease no need to hold the connection for a long time. It usually prevents wastage and saves you from mess.

best grease gun couplers

Grease gun couplers appear in several types on the market. They differ in pressure ratings, styles, and configuration. Some are heavy-duty couplers that can operate under 10,000 psi pressure, and some are light.

However, those who are new to this tool should acknowledge some must-have features we include below before you buy a new one. Because not all grease guns are made in the same way, they’re manufactured to work for various purposes. 

Factors to Consider for Grease Gun Coupler

A Grease gun is straightforward to use as its design makes your life easier. Though you must know what is the best fit for your grease gun. So follow the below facts before purchasing:

Thread Size

The coupler should fit 1/8″ NPT thread to connect to the grease gun hose. It should match most pneumatic, manual, and electric grease guns. Most grease gun couplers come with the standard design with this thread.

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Grease Type

Before buying a grease gun coupler, you must think about what kind of grease fittings you need to lubricate. Maybe all the zerk parts you need to lubricate. Therefore select a handy grease coupler that is fits all. Ensure that the coupler has ball controls that limit contaminants and dust in the tube.

Pressure Rating

Check the pressure level on your grease gun. A couple with a high-pressure rating will remain unimpaired even under high pressure. Suppose the operating pressure is under 10,000 psi, then most couplers will work under these operating states.

If you use the grease gun to press the lubricant more than 10.000 psi, the chance is the grease will leak and even damage the coupler. So spend in a coupler that has an above 10000 psi pressure rating.

Barrel Diameter

Sometimes you need to grease the zerk in a tighter space. So, in that case, a small-diameter coupler can do this job correctly. A small-diameter coupler can do the job more quickly rather than a large-diameter coupler. So buy a slimline barrel coupler to get into tight spaces without any trouble.


Enough seal means strong locking capability, and a strong lock means less chance to grease leakage. The jaws of the coupler have a rubber seal. Some jaws have three seals; some have four. Four jaws sign that the seal is robust and robust jaws ensure the coupler fits tight under tremendous pressure without leakage. At purchasing time, look for three to four seals. 

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You cannot attach the grease gun straight to a grease fitting without a coupler. So we suggest having a coupler to help you grease easily with the least grease leakages. So below, we provide our selected top-quality coupler list.

View Top 10 Grease Gun Couplers, Below-

1. LockNLube GC81011 Grease Gun Coupler

  • Weight:4.2 ounces;
  • Pressure: over 10,000 PSI;
  • Thread size: 1/8-inch NPT.

LockNLube is the fittest grease gun coupler on the market compared to other products. This versatile coupler can connect and fit with all SAE and Metric grease fittings. So, with a 1/8″ NPT fitting, you would be able to connect all the grease guns you are currently using and buy in the future.

Moreover, the spring steel flexible jaws can handle the high pressure of over 10.000 psi, supported by four rubber seals to lock on the coupler to the zerk. So, even under high pressure, the coupler can hold the grease gun and properly go inside. 

This manufacturer’s motto is “Save time, save money, save grease,” which can genuinely be maintained by this coupler. In terms of pricing, it saves our time and money, which is unreplaceable with its cost. Overall, this is the leading grease gun coupler in our list that you can count before turning into the other couplers.


  • Unique patented design;
  • Easy thumb lever release;
  • Leak Proof strong lock;
  • Compatible with all grease guns;
  • Long-lasting and Rebuildable.


  • Not work in limited clearance spaces;
  • Little more pricey than a similar model.

2. LockNLube Easy-Prime Lever Grease Gun Coupler

  • Weight: 3 ounces;
  • Pressure: 10,000 to 40,000 PSI;
  • Features Loop & Lock storage design.

This standard grease coupler has many significant advantages: the high-pressure rating, the easy lever close-and-open mechanism, and a bit half an inch shorter to reach quickly for grease-fitting lubrication. Besides, the design is simple without a spring lever.

This versatile grease coupler can adjust with manual, pneumatic, and battery-powered grease guns. The four layers of jaws are also suitable for most standard zerks. 

Furthermore, it can handle a range of high pressure from 10000 PSI to a burst pressure of 40,000 PSI. The ergonomic thumb lever makes joining and separating more straightforward and effortless. 


  • It provides zero leaks status;
  • All grease guns or grease pumps can fit with it;
  • Perform well on fittings at any angle up to 90 degrees;
  • Ergonomic thumb lever;
  • Hard four-layered jaws.


  • No cons.

3. LockNLube GC81032 XL Grease Gun Coupler

  • Weight: 4.9 ounces;
  • Pressure: 10,000 PSI;
  • Thread size: 1/8-inch NPT.

LockNLube XL model offers a 3.6-inch longer barrel, which is 2 inches longer than the regular LockNLube model. So, when you deal with intensely recessed oil fixtures, then it helps tremendously. It will help you reach rigid fittings located in axles, U joints, shielded PTO shafts, harvester heads, and so on. Once you connect it, your hands need to pump up the grease gun without holding the grease gun.

The outside diameter is only 1 mm bigger than the regular LockNLube grease coupler model. The 1/8 NPT thread suits most grease fittings and is suitable for most grease guns. Besides, the four rubber jaws can be replaceable from the time of purchase to an extended period. It doesn’t leak in a locked position and will not jump off under high pressure.


  • A mess-free operation;
  • Long enough to grease deep joints inside the equipment;
  • Leakproof in high pressure;
  • The thumb lever helps attach and release the gun quicker;
  • It is compatible with all standard grease guns;


  • Its thickness makes it tough to fit in tight spaces;
  • The end coupler diameter is wider.

4. Lincoln Lubrication 5883 Slotted Coupler

  • Weight: 0.32 ounces;
  • Pressure: 1000 PSI;
  • Ninety degrees slotted design.

This compatible coupler works well on every difficult-to-reach fittings. It only needs to push it in the zerk fitting at the time of greasing. It is an excellent option to use for those problematic grease fittings. It can easily fit that place Where other couplers have failed to fit. It can handle pressures up to 1,000 PSI.

Perhaps it needs a flexible hose while pumping. Without applying excessive force, the coupler fits into the zerk without moving. However, this coupler does not drip any grease and pulls the zerk very quickly. 

Furthermore, if you don’t want to attach this coupler to your small grease gun permanently, you can buy a grease zerk from the store and use it as an addition. It’s small in size, so it’s easy to clean without messing up. The 90 degrees slotted design allows the grease pattern to remove essential spots and reduces the need to switch fittings.


  • Ninety degrees slotted design; 
  • Reach a narrow space to remove vital jerks;
  • Suitable for each fitting;
  • It can take high pressure;
  • Different and attractive design.


  • Have a high chance of dripping;
  • Not ideal for U-joints.

5. LockNLube Easy-Prime Pistol-Grip Grease Gun Coupler

  • Weight: 4 ounces;
  • Pressure: 5,000 PSI max;
  • Features Loop & Lock storage design;
  • 20-inch whip hose;
  • In-line hose swivel.

The coupler is a bit smaller than the other general couplers but works more perfectly without any leaks. The spring-loaded balls hold the valve to block leakage, and a spring-loaded sleeve helps to connect quickly. This coupler is ideal for hand-operated grease guns to lubricate the front and all-wheel-drive vehicles.

Further, the coupler has small and large sleeves to take pressures up to a maximum of 5000 psi and fit with any standard-heavy duty couplers. The head of this coupler is somewhat shorter than the standard straight coupler. Subsequently, because of the shorter size, it easily connects. 

The leakproof seal ensures no grease leaking possibilities, and the hose connector holds to the zerk fitting unit when pumping the grease. The zinc-plated coating protects the coupler from corrosion and provides a long-lasting effect. You need one finger to attach and remove the coupler. This coupler serves as a helpful accessory for any grease gun.


  • Works great for all projects;
  • Perform with hand-operated grease guns only;
  • Practical for various lubricating parts of vehicles;
  • Sleeves contain medium and heavy work;
  • Leakage proof and high quality.


  • Slow work.

6. Dewalt DCGG5702 Right Angle Grease Coupler

  • Weight: 1.6 ounces;
  • Pressure: up to 10,000 PSI;
  • Thread size: 1/8-inch NPT.

This right-angle coupler is very lightweight and designed in a way to tightly access up to zero fitting. It is compatible with most standard grease guns. Besides, no batteries are required to run the coupler. The small diameter allows easy connection with the recessed fitting.

The coupler can resist pressures up to a maximum of 10,000 psi and adjust with all kinds of heavy applications. The coupler has three shafts and a grease fitting for slacker lift bearings. So it moves out of the zerk without any difficulty. So, to describe it in a word, it’s a durable and long-lasting coupler in the market.


  • Powerfully designed to reach zero fittings;
  • Zerk fittings are handy for cordless grease guns;
  • Capable of doing heavy work;
  • Firm fitting works excellent;
  • High-quality product.


  • Loosen and tightening is difficult;
  • It doesn’t work correctly for all applications.

7. Milwaukee M18 2-Pk Grease Gun Coupler

  • Weight: 2.08 ounces;
  • Suitable for the M-18 grease gun.

This coupler grease works very well, and it is suitable for long-day usage. These durable couplers stop leaking grease and work properly in a challenging and narrow space. On the other hand, it is not too expensive. It fits correctly with the correct measurement and makes lubrication quicker and easier.

The real head of the coupler is made of high-quality steel and ensures proper lubrication. Hassle-free attachment and removal make it more user-friendly than other models. There is no need to apply extreme force to work with this coupler.

This coupler does not leak in any grease and pulls the zerk very quickly—mostly, it’s suitable to use with an M18 grease gun. Most automotive workers use this coupler for various lubricating parts of vehicles.


  • Built of high-quality steel;
  • Fitting for use in small and challenging spaces;
  • Helpful for various lubricating parts of vehicles;
  • Durable enough to take high pressure;
  • This coupler can work longer than others.


  • Sometimes tips leak all around the zerk;
  • May leak under high pressure.

8. Lumax LX-1406 360 Degree Swivel Grease Coupler

  • Weight: 4.5 ounces;
  • Pressure: up to 4,500 PSI;
  • Thread size: 1/8-inch NPT.

LX-1406 coupler is one of the best couplers among other Lumax products. It is used for most hand-operated grease guns and swivels in a full 360-degree circle. Most machines are easily accessible with this 45-degree angle. The coupler can take pressures up to a maximum of 4,500 PSI with a 1/8 inch NPT thread attached.

The swivel fitting of this coupler is handy and quick. If you have difficulty reaching grease fittings in any of your machines or automotive parts, you may need this coupler. It is also stable, durable, and long-lasting. This coupler is cheaper than other similar models, so you can buy it easily.


  • Ideal to use with most hand-operated grease guns;
  • Swivels in a full 360-degree circle and locks in place;
  • Has a 45-degree angle to reach most fittings;
  • Long-lasting coupler;
  • Best for reaching hard-to-access fit bearings;
  • High pressure-taking capability.


  • Swivel fitting may be confusing.

9. Spurtar 2nd Generation Grease Gun Coupler

  • Weight: 6.7 ounces;
  • Pressure: up to 12,000 PSI;
  • Thread size: 1/8-inch NPT.

Spurtar is a renowned grease coupler that fits with all grease guns and grease fittings. The unique sealing gasket assures no leak from the front or rear at extreme pressure of 12,000 PSI. Even after locking on to the zerk fitting, it does not leak and will not pop off under pressure. Besides getting a clean hand, you don’t have to hold the coupler while greasing.

This long-lasting coupler works with air, manual and electric grease guns. It also fits a 1/8-inch NPT thread that is suitable for all Metric and SAE specification Zerks. Further, the leakproof rubber seal remains inside the jaws and pushes toward the grease fittings when the grease gun is pressurized. 

It is known as a quick-connect grease gun because of the level-pressing lock and release system; it saves lots of time than the traditional coupler.

Additionally, this quick-connect coupler is more extensive and longer that can reach a super tight spot.


  • Perfect for blind spots;
  • Leak-proof rubber seal;
  • Fit with all grease guns;
  • One-handed operation makes it effortless;
  • Lock and release a quick connect option;
  • Premium quality solid steel material.


  • Excessive use leaks out grease without going into bearing;
  • Separating it from the fitting is difficult sometimes.

10. Lumax LX-1400-2 Standard Grease Gun Coupler

  • Weight: 0.81 ounces;
  • Pressure: up to 12,000 PSI;
  • Thread size: 1/8-inch NPT.

The coupler mainly uses grease for boat trailer bearings. It can work correctly in all types of fittings. Also, it can be easily removed by a twisting system without any hassle. It is suitable for compact marine-style boat trailers, grease guns, and so on.

This grease coupler doesn’t require any screwdriver to set in the fitting. Furthermore, it has four hardened steel jaws for extensive strength. There are also spring-loaded ball control valves to stop leakage. Knurled bodies and flats have been designed for easy connection and extraction. The zinc-plated surface gives maximum protection against corrosion.


  • Small diameter allows easy connection;
  • Spring-loaded ball check valves to prevent leakage;
  • Four strong steel jaws for long stability;
  • Easy to install;
  • Made of high-quality steel material.


  • The removal process is complicated;
  • In high pressure, grease leakage occurs.

Final Verdict

Greasing enhances the longevity of any tool. But it can be difficult without any specific tool. So a grease gun coupler ensures that you reach connections on equipment at a certain angle. The leading cause of greasing difficulty is the low greasing maintenance of greasing guns that can impale a coupler. So always ensure it’s regularly and adequately maintained.

Therefore, after knowing all these detailed features, you can now select one of the above grease gun couplers and experience a smooth greasing activity.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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