9 Best Grease Guns for Heavy Equipment

Published on: February 21, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Grease guns require heavy equipment for regular home lubrication tasks. In short, it is useful for easy maintenance. In particular, heavy metal tools, based on bearings and bolts, have a permanent need for greases on these for smooth activation, driving, and no-soon-to-rust issues.

9 best grease guns for heavy equipment in 2023

Even in DIY projects, like sliding components together inside kids’ toys. As well, common greases, such as Lithium complex, Sodium-based, and calcium greases, are better for multipurpose. By following the gun’s manual, users can pour greases into cartridges.

Likewise, air pressures or hand pumpers, a broad variety of grease guns for heavy equipment, are available as the best aftermarket tools. 

Seems quite stressful the right picking part of a grease gun for heavy equipment. Targeting your budget, we have encountered high-quality grease guns listed below and even presented some from our experience. Go through and enjoy cornerstone FAQs and a complete buyer’s guide.

The Grease Gun Type


Obviously, the ones utilizing a battery are known as battery-fueled oil firearms. They are otherwise called cordless oil firearms or electric oil guns. These oil weapons are exact as well as have the most elevated tension. How? Since these oil guns have strong engines that can convey up to 15,000 PSI, as well as, have movable stream rates to control how much oil is apportioned per stroke. Thus, assuming that you really want accuracy as well as strain for large equipment or different weighty applications then cordless oil firearms are your ideal decision.

There are currently plenty of oil guns available, some using pneumatic energy while others use batteries and, as the name implies, these include gaseous excitation oil firearms, single handgrip oil firearms, hand siphon oil guns, automatic oil firearms, uncompromising oil weapons, and so on. We need to learn about different types.


Use air pressure to replenish oil and they are really precise because they run with how much oil is given per stroke and others have a decent amount. PSI high-pressure Air Oil firearm carries up to 6,000. Thus, if you really want accuracy and do not want so much tension, then these oil guns are ideal for this recruitment.

Hand Lever

It is a manual oil gun that works in one hand for the most part. These oil guns are not really accurate or precise but they are powerful. How high-pressure these oil firearms can give up to 10,000 PSI and basically, they are used where you really want high tension for oil fittings and the accuracy doesn’t make much of a difference. A single-hand grip oil gun is his best figure.

View Top 9 Grease Guns for Heavy Equipment, Below

1. Dewalt DCGG571M1 Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment

  • Weight: 14.8 pounds;
  • Max. Pressure: 10000 PSI;
  • Misc: Plastic construction, V11 Torque, 42-inches hose, battery-powered, variable speeds, LED lights.

Starting our day with the most powerful battery-powered grease gun for heavy equipment deals. DCGG571M1 series, manufactured by Dewalt, makes itself stand out from the crowd by delivering variable speeds. Regardless of AMP power, the 4Ah lithium-ion battery becomes an ultimate power supplier. 20V acceptance lasts your battery till the task ends, whether by managing up to 16 cartridges.

The worth of pressure of about 10000 PSI is perfect for tougher jobs, though heavy material tools from Dewalt are always well enough for those. Apart from its fame, an integrated pumper provides good combines while delivering grease per minute, around 5 pounds. It makes your tougher jobs much comfy, whether the pump filter provides a clear indicator view. 

Both 42″ hose and a pair of bright LED lights give access to greasing hard areas and cause no damage to the handle with no-mar tip existence. 

What we liked 

  • No-clogging pump mechanism;
  • Pump priming option;
  • Fast recharging battery;
  • Variable speeds;
  • LED lights.


  • Nothing noticeable. 

2. Lumax LX-1152 Heavy Equipment Pistol Grease Gun

  • Hose Length: 18″;
  • Max. Pressure: 7000 PSI;
  • Misc: 3-way loading, grease pumper, steel body.

Next is the Lumax series LX-1152 gun, which allows grease in confined areas, by loading up to 7000 PSI. You can consider it as a weight-to-price ratio class, yet a powerful grip-powered pistol gun. It comes with 3 loading options. We have used direct loading with a canister to use indirect loading with its suction pump. 

While going through rapid tasks, you can change as many canisters as you can. Though you only need a little amount without reciprocating an entire cartridge. Speaking of its barrels, constructed with steel, creates no soon-to-rust problem. 

Moreover, no rapid wearing out, no bending, and even no further scratches on the hard-wearing body during tight areas greasing. Such small ridged portions along the canister ensure ergonomic grip during operations. You can also thank its integrated non-marring tips out of the factory. 

What we liked 

  • Lock functions for protection;
  • Budget-friendly;
  • Easy to use and store;
  • Air bleeder valve.


  • Nothing found. 

3. Lincoln 1162 Pneumatic Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment

  • Weight: 5.6 pounds;
  • Hose Length: 30″;
  • Max. Pressure: 6000 PSI;
  • Misc: Variable-speed trigger, hose attachment clips, and coupler valve.

This is something upgraded and unbeatable at this budget from Lincoln, serving rugged durable tools since 1910. Else, manufacturing grease guns to meet all lubrication tasks and heavy equipment, such as this 1162 pneumatic grease gun. 

Its special design has been engineered for providing users with more capacity and power. Comes with a manual operating system by hand, which saves power by a 30″ flex air hose rather than a battery extension length.

The entire system acts like an auto-controller. And the variable speed trigger, damn awesome for grease flowing. Unlike other models, a combination of a small valve and filler coupler allows bulk grease filling, as well as keeps your indicator view always clean. 

What we liked 

  • Easy maintenance;
  • Continuous operation;
  • Needs cleaning after 5/6 refills;
  • Solid metal construction.


  • Very fussy.

4. Lincoln Lubrication 1264 Heavy Equipment Grease Gun

  • Hose Length: 30″;
  • Max. Pressure: 8000 PSI;
  • Misc: 12V, cordless.

Come with the fastest Ni-cad charging battery, around 110V, instead of using air-consuming power. This is the main reason why your heavy metal-equipped grease gun is good enough. Depending on the trigger type, the flow rate you can estimate, you know! However, the trigger works well while you need to slow down, filling for each precise shot. 

Unlike regular grease guns, the flexible nozzle on the gun’s top lets you rapidly fill and prevent flows outside the cartridges. Do not worry. It accepts even highly grease-loaded cartridges. As well, the further operations are on until the final empty gallon. A 2″ needle bearing is awesome for helping in your final drive.

And, all are included in a customized carrying out of the factory to last the tool by a proper storage system for a long time. Isn’t it a better replacement for your old air pressure greaser?

What we liked 

  • Allows continuous operation;
  • Good-sized hose length;
  • Fastest charging;
  • Durable;
  • Helps in precise shots.


  • Nothing noticeable.

5. Milwaukee 2646-22CT Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment

  • Weight: 18.1 pounds;
  • Max. Pressure: 10000 PSI;
  • Misc: battery-powered, 18V, 2- speed trigger, air valve, priming mechanism, spring guard with 48″ hose.

Another versatile heavy grease gun with a multi-voltage charger right out of your toolbox. But with a cord operating system, do not think it will limit its mobility. You will get more freedom by the afterward charger to move it everywhere. 

You can thank its solid cast materials for careful manufacturing and increasing its longevity. On top of that, 2-versatile flow rates, about 10 ounces per minute, make it faster to grease from rather than similar models. This means the battery will carry on 10 fillers per charge. 

Offering both priming mechanisms and a combination of valve and filler coupler is available. Either for accepting cartridges or bulk grease filling. The 48″ hose length speeds up the performance in difficult spaces. Also, it makes it easy with clipping on the gun’s top.    

What we liked 

  • Durable and portable;
  • Easy transportation by shoulder strap;
  • Adjustable flow rate;
  • Double speed trigger;
  • Highest lubricating power per charge.


  • Nothing noticeable.

6. LockNLube Professional Heavy Duty Pistol Grease Gun

  • Weight: 3.59 pounds;
  • Hose Length: 20″; 
  • Max. Pressure: 8000 PSI;
  • Misc: dual swivels, 2×10 inches gas cartridges, lock, and loop storage design.

Next, the pistol grip grease gun from LockNLube is small, yet pro-graded and powerful. Packs 8000PSI in dual swivels, 3500 PSI per swivel. A 20″ hose makes the swivel fitting easier. So, the flow rating is high time, in terms of stroke per 1 ounce, about 37 strokes. 

There is a convenient rubber grip at the pistol shape bottom. It provides comfy and safer greases at each time. Compatible with ranging from 14-15 ounce standard grease canisters, even you have options to reload with your available greases. Featuring a unique design, lock, and loop. For further applications, this term keeps your used coupler fresh.

LockNLube is confident enough about material quality. As an upgraded design, patented both bulk fill and small valve together for faster grease filling. 

What we liked 

  • High strokes per ounce;
  • Accept strong and standard-size grease cartridges;
  • Perfect grip handle.


  • May leak in any strange spots;
  • Hefty-priced.

7. LockNLube 2-in-1 Heavy Pneumatic Grease Gun

  • Weight: 4.14 pounds;
  • Hose Length: 30″;
  • Max. Pressure: 6000 PSI;
  • Loading Options: cartridge, suction, and bulk;
  • Misc: 1/8-inches outlet thread, accepts 14-16 gauge bulk cartridges, single and dual pressure optimization system.

Another new and improved patented dual-shot heavy equipment pneumatic grease gun from LockNLube. This means capable of delivering both single and continuous shots through one gun. However, it will neither blow out the seal nor cause any leaking problems. Like us, you only have to twist and alternate the grease mode.  

Being specialized for lubrication integrates spacious input pressures, ranging from single shots by 6000 PSI and 2500 PSI for continuous shots. The function may not dominate but will work with any compatible air compressor. Featuring a 30″ hose compatibility increasing medium, not only increases air-compressor compatibility but protects against accidental twisting also. 

Though the stroke per ounce is very good and faster, about 5 strokes need to be greased per ounce. The standard-size canisters will support until the task ends. Now use its in-built handle clip and clean it with a loop and lock mechanism. 

What we liked

  • Easy storage and carrying;
  • The air bleeder valve helps to prime;
  • Heavy-duty and durable;
  • Ideal hose saves accidental swivels.



  • No con.

8. Alemite 555-E Pistol Grip Grease Gun

  • Extension Length: 18″;
  • Max. Pressure: 7500 PSI;
  • Misc: accepts 14 oz cartridges, hose, or coupler type outlet, 16 oz capacity.

Sometimes, being bigger and weighing too much is not better at all, right? This aspect leads us to use this 555-E latest lightweight but heavy-duty jobs-compatible pistol grease gun, manufactured by Alemite. Reaching into confined areas becomes a necessary job; for instance, car washing in workshops comes in very handy.

It reinforces itself with better grease-upholding capacity, measuring 16oz. We recommend it for beginners. Like we applied at the beginning for a precise greasing experience per ounce at 30 strokes, which is flexible with an 18″ extension hose.

The process is inclusive of a high-volume mode. Instead, its lever function helps between using either high-pressure delivery or much output. However, a bleeder valve extends the motors’ lifespan by balancing pressure, and a nozzle with a coupler fits well for avoiding grease leakage.

What we liked 

  • Applicable in a broad variety;
  • Perfect fluid handling systems;
  • Excessive pressure optimization power.


  • Found nothing.

9. Alemite 596A1 Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment

  • Weight: 6.30 pounds;
  • Extension Length: 36″;
  • Max. Pressure: 10000 PSI;
  • Misc: flow rate from 4-6 oz, dispense up to 24 cans, exert NLGI 1/NLGI 2 petroleum-based greases, 20V, and 2Ah battery.

The last addition is also from Alemite. But this time, quite a heavy one. The 596A1 is reliable for what is inlaid on the tin but may not be affordable if you are holding a tiny budget. This battery-powered is outstanding with its dispense grease category, petroleum-based. Also, adjusts 2-class flow rate settings within 10k pressures at, regarding 4-low and 6-high ounces per minute.

Dual speed mode accepts up to 24 cartridges, either at a lower or at a higher speed. Else, its reinforced nylon housing is a powerhouse. This mechanism optimizes its motor and is convenient for 3-way loading, suction, cartridge, and bulk. Featuring a universal auto follower results in better greasing without changing these loading methods in no need. 

What we liked 

  • The handle provides excellent balance;
  • Molded carrying case;
  • Durable glass fiber reinforced housing;
  • Good grease quality and delivery in single-speed;
  • 3-way loading.


  • Hefty-priced.

Factors to Consider for Grease Guns for Heavy Equipment

Pressures and Accuracy

Do you want to grease large areas within a short time? Well, you can select a huge pressure-delivering grease gun for heavy equipment. However, smaller ones will give more accuracy rather than bigger ones, for instance, household greasing. 

Instead of such a specific model, variable speed and pressure holding pistol grease gun is a breeze. Because of its modern power source, integrate toggles for changing pressures. Whether in professional lubrication tasks, pick a gun that can pinpoint exact areas by flexible nozzles and hose. Read more: Rail and Stile Router Bits Reviews


The second most critical factor in our pinpoint listing. People often think that developed countries manufactured heavy-duty grease guns may last long. As usual, all of such products may have come with stainless steel, anti-heated coating, and carbon-made sturdy materials. But this is not right. 

Well, the actual reinforced materials, like stainless steel, made guns last for longer and activate for better performance. Along with heat-resistance wearing, makes it more compatible, whether working in a warm environment.  

Safety Features

If your kids have regular movements in your tool cupboard, some heavy-equipped grease guns provide quite more or fewer safety features. One of the features is a lock mechanism. However, kids have reached your tool cabinets. But the machine will not let them activate it unless they know the unlock system. 

Some come with non-marring tips, to prevent your gun’s self-damaging. Coupler, lock, and loop are some similar safety mechanisms worth checking before shopping. 

Quick Solutions

How Does a Grease Gun Work Well?

We have listed 3 types of grease guns for heavy equipment, manual, pneumatic, or battery-powered, and modern grip guns. Each works well but in their way. Manual guns, as usual, have a plunger to take in your desired pressures. Then give a hard pop back with its spring. This type is rare at present. 

By far, pneumatic guns are comfy. While consuming electric power, enable dual or triple-speed pressure optimization. Simply push its trigger and let it lubricate. 

The last one, pistol grip guns, lets you hold its 2-pointed grips. Simply squeeze it according to your hand’s forwarded pressures. Congratulations! You have fired out grease. 

How to Load a Grease Gun for Heavy Equipment?

In general, 2 loading methods are fab. Either by an indirect method, inserting a cartridge, or grease direct filling the barrel. For the indirect one, first, unscrew the top. Then replace the empty used cartridge with a filled one. 

For direct and common barrel grease guns, first of all, hold the barrel and open the lid. Then step forward by installing the barrel end into the lubricating liquid. Now pull the plunger back; however, it remains wrapped with a coil at the gun’s back end, and you fill grease. Read more: How to Prep a Car for Painting Properly

Which Grease Type is Better for Wheel Bearings?

You can use any type of grease, depending on what you are going to lubricate. Speaking of lithium complex greases, it is good enough for trailer applications, especially for wheel bearings. To prevent hub contamination and avoid bearing, it forms an effective seal.

However, NLGI 1/NLGI 2 petroleum-based multipurpose grease is popular now. Also, the standard amount you will need in today’s modern transport sector, beyond 12-hydroxy greases. Differentiating both, you will find that modern multipurpose grease has much more water resistance and better heat covering capacity than lithium-based grease. 

Final Words

Turn to maintain any machinery by lubrication? Greases, as well, as grease guns for heavy equipment and similar services are essential parts. Limited lubrication is fine in such cases. But not enough or exceeding the limit can harm machinery. 

For having proper flexibility over your aim, it is worth checking out the above grease gun listing. Including common arising FAQs and a complete buyer’s guide for potential users.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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