Best Husqvarna Chainsaws Ever Made (Analysis)

Published on: March 29, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

From homeowners to professionals, the most used chainsaw brands are Husqvarna. Even the convenient use of sawmills makes them more popular. It delivers a wide range across the world as well. For instance, gas, electric-corded, and battery-powered.

Most people found 455 rancher chainsaws as the best ever made. Some found the Husqvarna 120i as the most powerful. Even customers have a little battle. Choosing between Stihl or Husqvarna. Whether Stihl has a tendency to design for home requirements. But Husqvarna is both for professional loggers and landowners. Even the smallest Husqvarna chainsaw offers the same as the big ones.

best husqvarna chainsaw

Have you got overwhelmed? Do not worry. We invest our time to explore the best Husqvarna chainsaws. The affluent are available in markets. Our reviews have been compiled to save your time. Also, to avoid such risks of being betrayed.

If you are looking for the best Husqvarna chainsaw, you should give these models a try. Here you will get the right idea about the protection, strength & perfect quality of all the models reviewed.

Are Husqvarna Chainsaws Good Enough?

Well, they are. Such good facts that one cannot ignore while using. As Husqvarna chainsaw stands the oldest manufacturer. Supplying several types of quality chainsaws. Each series holds specific forms from 1689.

Have a look at why to take it into consideration:


Suppose you are a beginner or a veteran. Which fact will you test before buying a tool? Of course, the safety issue, right? Like, this old company provides long-listed safety components. As well as including various safer materials in chainsaw configuration.


The single most crucial aspect. Determines efficiency of a chainsaw to manage tasks. Choose pro-graded ones for heavy-duty. The less powered for cheaper ones.

Size Bar

It matters. The longer the bar size, the deeper the cuts. And the shorter for the contrary.


Far from the other companies. Customers afforded to high priced ones are available. Even perfect quality products at a cheaper price.

Our Selected Husqvarna Chainsaws Models, Below-

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

  • Integrated with a 2-cycle 55.5 cc engine;
  • 2.6 ounce bottle to include pre-mix gas;
  • Quick-release air filter;
  • Side-mounted and simple chain tension method;
  • Available chain, case, and sharpener from separate purchases.

Want a Husqvarna chainsaw that is worth your money? Honest answer you will find in this one’s features. What gives this model the first slot in our review? 

Well, the answer is its budget-friendly and quality acts. Kind of a well-made heavy-duty chainsaw. With a power 5 anti-vibration system and pro-grade stuff. Engineered for landowners, home and professional tasks. Likewise, in pruning or cutting firewood. Try a 24 inch bar instead. This cuts 5 cord more firewoods in each summer. As designed to run with a maximum power of 9000rpm.

The low vibration mode ensures safety. When you are resting from a wide array of tasks. While the x torq engine minimizes the exhaustion. As well as the automatic chain oiler mode secures the engine’s long life. 

What We Liked

  • Smart start function;
  • Easy to adjust oil control;
  • Ergonomic front handle.


  • Brake band problem;
  • Small fuel tank.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II 14 in. Battery Powered Chainsaws

  • Comes with a 40V 4Ah battery with a charger;
  • Suits ⅜” pitch and .043” gauges of chain;
  • Empowered with a 120 and 2 cycle battery;
  • Included PPEs with the purchase;
  • Perform with a 38.2cc motor.

Your waiting time has finished using other brands. Consider Husqvarna 120 mark 14”. Take advantage of this beast. Complete regular and efficient cuts with short effort. 

Compatible with a 40V battery, better than other economic models. Including chain, guide bar, sharpener, and case. Integrated controlling keypad to save power. Users can switch on the ranged power. Homeowners neither find a better cordless lightweight chainsaw. 

Without debate, a throttle trigger gives finger fatigue. When you work with a breeze at 9000rpm. An in-built hand brake abates uncertainties during operations. 

What We Liked

  • Anti-vibration technology;
  • Sturdy and compact features for safer usage;
  • Great chainsaw for newbies;
  • Well responsive.


  • Must be used in a non-gasoline environment;
  • Serious battery problem.

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Husqvarna 130 Gas Chainsaw, 16 Inch

  • Transparent fuel indicator of 15.2 ounces;
  • Fixed flow oil pump;
  • Activated chain rake;
  • Air purge function for removing air from the carburetor; 
  • Equipped with SmartStart feature and combined choke.

This is the perfect one to pick from the 130 series. It looks a lot like the 445e gas-powered model. Exceptional design for unusual yards. This powerful chainsaw runs wild with 3.2 HP and 9600 RPM. 

The X-Torq engine consumes 30% and emits 60% less than others. You know how important lower fuel consumption is to protect the environment. 

With this model, one can modify it to act faster in the workshop. Rather than at home. A snap-lock cylinder cover of 38 cc saves one from spark plugs. Including Huqsvarna’s Lowvib anti-vibration technology like the 455 series. It helps for longer periods and comforts in small tasks. Go find in stores or through online shops like Amazon. 

What We Liked

  • Accurate for medium or small scale jobs;
  • Inertia activated chain brake;
  • Lower fuel consumption;
  • Easy starts.


  • Wrap up with lots of plastic materials.

Husqvarna 435e II Gas Chainsaw, 16 Inch

  • 40.9 cc 16 inch bar;
  • 2-stroke engine with an air injection;
  • Includes chainsaw helmets and chaps;
  • The actual weight is 16.25 lbs;
  • No less chain tension adjustment;

This one is the ultimate gas-powered professional-grade chainsaw. This model is also most popular in terms of size and power, except in novice hands. 

You can fire it up at instant notice and the engine pumps out 3.62 horsepower. All about such ample power is to reduce time and energy. While you are busy maneuvering over trees. It is easy to control from a handgrip. This makes me feel quite controlled with a 16” bar and 84 drive links. But the cuts will be smooth as using 28” tooth on 460 or 465. 

Sometimes, problems may occur like not turning on after several cord pulls. Usually because of such adverse weather patterns unlike before. According to weather conditions, adjust the oil pump. This unique model is still worth your money. Isn’t it?

What We Liked

  • Better fuel efficiency with X-Torq engine;
  • Air filter facilities for cleaning dust.
  • Maximum durability;
  • Practical tool.


  • Complicated oiling system.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

  • Random power 9000RPM;
  • Automatic chain oiler;
  • Inertia activated chain brake;
  • 60cc engine.

24 or 20-inch bar gas chainsaw will you choose? For sure, that met your needs. The 460 has more oomph than 455. In general, nothing changes in between their configurations. Even their gauge size. 24 inches holds both .058 and .05 gauges. As well as the 20-inch bar. But this one is the most demanded .05 gauge one. Known as the second husky of the 460 series.

The engine is at least 3.4NM. Engage in all-around jobs that need a larger bar chainsaw. The bar covers up to avoid risks during operations. As well as the 2-stroke fuel. It is crap. When the chain oil and bar are out of the box. 

Save money with this lower fuel consumption chainsaw. Get the classic carry case on separate purchases.

What We Liked

  • Great for cutting limbs;
  • Better upgraded;
  • Being used on your ranch.


  • The trigger gets stuck;
  • Carb cause issue.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 440e II Gas Chainsaw

  • Efficient all-round chainsaw;
  • 40.9cc 16 inch bar;
  • 2.6 ounces 2-stroke gas cylinder;
  • Air filter facilities;
  • Automatic chain oiler.

Designed by Husqvarna for regular tricks. Comes with flip-up tank caps. Also, with a slimmer body. That requires a slower pull to start. Almost uniform to the 435e model. But splits from the horsepower. Having 2.4 horsepower to take on prior jobs.

The exception lies in its auto return stop switch. That allows one to save power, fuel, and money. This 30¼” saw holds a sharp blade and larger fuel tank. This chainsaw is useful for cutting tasks like trees up from the ground, at least 5 in diameter. What more?

The same in-built chain system assists the operator with a centrifugal air cleaning system. Even at the time of kickback. As well as the X-Torque engine that accomplishes its job. 

What We Liked

  • Greater horsepower;
  • Convenient and lightweight;
  • Safe chain handles brake.


  • Schemed for smaller-scale works;
  • Eliminated chain tensioning.

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Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Gas Chainsaws

  • Optimized X-force bar has a durable nose, bearing nut, and center plate;
  • Fuel stabilizer to maintain operating temperature;
  • Quick adjustment chain tension;
  • Low kickback safety features.

Want to pick up only gas chainsaws from Husqvarna? 120 marks and 16-inch bar is the right one. It is smaller than the Rancher chainsaw line. But conserve fuel and emit limited energy.

You may have this 9.3 pounds in your garage or sheds. Else, having a 50:1 oil to gas ratio. For any casual or usual cutting task like tree trimming or driving into lumbers or cutting around 2-3 crosses of wood with it.

Somehow the chain can get stuck. But after taking full power, the saw acts better and faster. You can alternate the 16” chain with 18’’ to tackle more than 10” trees and lightweight works. A chain with .325” pitch and .5” gauge is best to integrate. 

What We Liked

  • Good quality;
  • Nice for the money.


  • Brake clutch hanged sometimes;
  • Hard to start.

Wrap Up

Above 7 models we reviewed in terms of their best qualities. In fact, the buying guide helps one most. To narrow down to your ideal suited chainsaw. Above Husqvarna chainsaws that vary in sizes, cutting capabilities, and so on.

Select the best one as per your requirements. The prior one may not be superb for the next person. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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