Jack Hammers for Concrete (How to Select the Right Type)

Published on: March 4, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

A jackhammer is an essential tool in the work of construction. It is also famous as a demolition hammer. This powerful tool is used to break concrete, rock, block, and solids. Not only that but a jackhammer is also used for crushing bricks, and surfaces and removing tiles. 

You will find jackhammers of different brands in the market. The quality and value of each product are not the same. You can’t do everything with one jackhammer. Some items are perfect for concrete work, and some are not. Heavy jackhammers are best for concrete work. 

jack hammers for concrete (how to select the right type)

You may be confused to find an accurate jackhammer for a concrete project. Don’t worry, we are here. This review article will help you.

You will find a top 10 jackhammer for your concrete work project. All product reviews are collected from real users. This article saves you time. You will find the buying guideline here, which will make you more aware of this item. Frequently question-answer parts are also included with this review. 

How to Select a Jack Hammer for Concrete? 

Before buying any product, you need to have different ideas about that product. This guideline helps you in choosing a jackhammer for concrete.  Read the more useful guide:  Sanders for Refinishing Furniture You Can Use


Although we have a machine in the rundown that can switch between replacement and a direct flow, most electric drills currently use rotational flow. Rotating Power expects you to plug the gadget into a divider, so the first thing you should look for is a long power cord.

Watts and Amps

When investigating bundling, one method of selecting engine integrity is to check watt and amp ratings. Most models are recorded in bundles but some may contain one or both. 

In contrast to the two brands, the higher qualities compare to more grounded engines. We suggest evaluating a drill not less than 12 amps or 1,200 watts which completes each brand in our rundown.

Beats Each Minute

The beats each moment is a proportion of how frequently the etch hits the ground in one moment, and it’s straightforwardly connected with the strength of the motor. 

A higher BPM will permit you to finish your work a lot quicker, and ordinarily, it can compensate for a lower sway power by conveying more blows against the substantial.

We suggest searching for the largest number you can find, however, it ought to be something like 1100.


Your safety must be considered when you utilize these devices. We offer a couple of energetically thick work boots with the assurance of steel toes. Similarly, You will likewise require well-fitting work security glasses, gloves, and earplugs.

Assuming you are working with concrete, you should wear a respiratory safeguard to prevent a condition called silicosis, which is caused by the absorption of silica dust when crushing concrete. Silica can scar the lungs and prompt the nubs to frame which causes breathing problems.

Impact Rate

The quantity of sled strikes conveyed by the instrument is known as its effective rate. For jackhammer, this rate is very important. When you choose a jackhammer for your project remains about the impact rate. You can do light work with a low-impact rate product. But when you go to heavy work like concrete braking or rock crushing, you need a powerful and high-impact rate hammer.

Anti-Vibration Strategy

Jackhammer should accompany an Anti-Vibration quality. The item should highlight the tech that empowers you to keep a separation between the machines. The separation implies there is little vibration on your side as a client, although the machine is vibrating.


The most important part of the jackhammer is the chisel. It helps break the surface, rock, or solid. Maximum jackhammer has two types of the chisel. When you find the perfect jackhammer for work, always remember the chisel shape and size. Different design chisels are used for different types of work. The right chisel will speed up your work and save you time.  

View Top 10 Jack Hammer for Concrete, Below

Look at the lists of 10 jackhammers. This review may help you in concrete work. This makes your work fast and easier.

1. XtrempowerUS 2200 Watt Heavy Electric Demolition Jack Hammer for Concrete

  • Speed: 1800 Impact per minute;
  • Motor Power: 2200 Watts;
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz;
  • Color: Red;
  • Plastic handle;
  • Protective gloves;
  • 1 protective glass;
  • Carrying case;
  • Anti-vibration;
  • Weight: 44 Pounds.

 XtrempowerUS is ideal for separating solid, breaking concrete, rocks, blocks, and so on. This hammer is also ideal for home remodels or stone brickwork ventures. This 2200 Watt electric hammer conveys 1800 effects for each moment at 55 ft/lbs, which can crush the hardest surfaces.

This is one of the best-sold jackhammers in the market.  A Customizable 360° grip gives additional control and solace during broadened use. It’s a user-friendly product that works great. You can use it both horizontally and vertically.

With the help of a 16-inch bull, points etch and 16 inches flat etch, different types of work can be done. 2 different chisels, pair of safety gloves, defensive goggles, hex wrenches, and a carrying case are available with this elective jackhammer.  So you can work very easily.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Easy to handle;
  • Versatile use;
  • Easy to carry.


  • Overheating.

2. Zeny 2200Watt JackHammer Concrete Breaker

  • Speed: 1900 Impact per minute;
  • Motor Power: 2200 watts;
  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz
  • Chisel: 2 Different sizes;
  • Plastic handle;
  • Anti-vibration;
  • Weight: 46.9 Pounds.

This item is ideal for destruction, trenching, chipping, breaking openings in solid, block, brick, tile stucco, removing an establishment, solid section, oil fireplace, and significantly more. It’s the best choice for heavy work.

Included plastic handles keep the user from the power supply.  1-1/8″ bull point chisel, 1-1/8″ flat chisel gives this jackhammer extra power—metal development with mechanical covering finish for erosion obstruction and toughness.

With the help of a case, one can move easily. You will get 1 pair of safety gloves, 1 glass, 1 oil bottle, and 1 safety mask with this jackhammer. 


  • Reasonable price;
  •  Make work easy & fast;
  • Different types of use;
  • Easy to carry.


  • Found nothing.

3. Mophorn Electric Jack Hammer for Concrete

  • Dual handle;
  • With flat and bull point chisel;
  • Durable;
  • Weight: 37.8 Pounds.

It can play heavy duty. And it is suitable for breaking concrete, rock, road, ground, brick, tile, and block. New technology makes it the most demandable jackhammer for concrete breaking work.

A 2200-watt rock-solid drill with 2000 r/min no-heap speed makes it the best hammer in the market. Flooding power is guaranteed by a copper-center engine and an amplified steel compound chamber.

This hammer has 2 different handles. 360 degrees turn the front handle for all-around application. Agreeable elastic D-molded holds back the handle and retains vibration to diminish administrator exhaustion.


  • Make work easy & fast;
  • Secure chisels;
  • Multiple uses.


  • Found nothing.

4. Suncoo 1900BPM Heavy Duty Jack Hammer

  • Speed: 1900 Blows per minute;
  • Power: 2200 Watt;
  • Vibration reduction technology;
  • Double chisel;
  • Double handle;
  • 360° Swivel Handle;
  • Wheel-fitted case box;
  • Color: Orange & Silver.

For demolition work, a jackhammer is a very important tool. Suncoo jackhammer is best for concrete. This 2200 watts powerful hammer can easily break concrete, rock, block, road, etc. The impact rate of this hammer is 1900 bpm.

Unique design allows for quick motor change.  An oil channel was held close to the air chamber, firmly fixed. Point and flat design 2 different chisels make your work easier. 

Aside from a vibration hosing ring, hostile to slip elastic handle, the Suncoo hammer breaker utilizes vibration control innovation in a hammered instrument to decrease the vibration.  360-degree turn articulating assistant handle gives a flexible situation to more noteworthy administrator control.


  • Make work more easy & fast;
  • Multiple-use chisel;
  • Easy to carry with a Wheel fitted box.


  • Expensive.

5. TR Industrial IS-500 Anti-Vibration Jack Hammer

  • Sped: 42 Impact per minute( Hummer only);
  • 1,400 blows per minute;
  • Voltage: 120 Volts;
  • Anti-vibration;
  • Double handle;
  • Wheel-fitted box.

The almost 5-star rater is500 jackhammer is made for heavy work. It’s mostly used for commercial projects. These 42-pound hammers are easy to handle when you break concrete. And this jackhammer joins the elite with a hostile-to-vibration configuration to assist you with taking care of the most requested destruction occupations. 

Powerful performance comes with a 15 Amp engine with 36 ft. lbs. of effect energy and 1400 blows per minute. Hostile vibration innovation extraordinarily diminishes vibration and gives you the most extreme balance and control.

A point etches and a level chisel is incorporated. Sled and embellishments arrive in an uncompromising moving stockpiling case constructed intensely for places of work.


  • Easy to carry;
  • Lite weight;
  • Handle easily;
  • Work fastly.


  • Found nothing.

6. Smartxchoices Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

  • Sped: 1900 Impact per minute;
  • Two-handle;
  • Two different shape chisels;
  • Weight: 42 Pounds.
  • Voltage: 110v/60Hz;
  • Carrying box.

This item is perfect for demolition work, especially for concrete base work. 2200 watts makes this jackhammer more powerful. Per-minute speed range is the 1900 impact to ensure you complete your work properly. Smartxchoices electric jackhammer is equally suitable for both indoor and outdoor work.

Level Chisel, and Blow mod cases are incorporated. Pivoting etch secures in various situations to upgrade work points and offers better weight circulation in both vertical and level applications. Simple to work and ship, simply load up with oil, close and fix the filler cap with elastic or ring, and this drill will go option to work.

It is very well utilized to break out a concrete walkway and spot for diving dirt soil to channel in-ground grass sprinklers and uncovers old bush stumps; additionally can burrow fence post openings.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Safety mask & goggles;
  • Gloves for safety;
  • Useful oil bottles.


  • Not yet found.

7. F2C 2200 Watt JackHammer Concrete Breaker

  • Voltage: 110 volts;
  • Power: 2200 Watts;
  • Speed: 1900 Impacts per minute;
  • Weight: 45 Pounds;
  • Included Safety gloves mask & goggles;
  • Different shape & size chisel sets.

This product is ideal for concrete, destruction, chipping, breaking openings in solid, block, rock brick, tile, removing an establishment solid, etc.  It is one of the top-rated jackhammers on the market. This hammer is specially made for concrete work. A 2200 watts motor gives extra power to this item.

Two chisels are included with this item. One is a bull point chisel, and another is a flat chisel. With the help of different shape chisel sets, you can work with any type of concrete and solid. A pointed chisel is used for primary drilling and a flat chisel is best for separate lumps. Read more: 7 Power Tool Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Safety masks, one pair of gloves, safety glasses, an oil feeder, and one blow mold case are also included with this jackhammer. It is such a ground-breaking, solid drill that can destroy difficult surfaces without any problem.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Lite weight.


  • Found nothing.

8. Xtremepowerus Heavy Duty Electric Jack Hammer

  • Sped: 1800 Impact per minute;
  • Adjustable handle;
  • 2 chisels;
  • Voltage: 110v/60Hz;
  • Color: Gray;
  • Carrying box.

It is ideal for destruction, digging, chipping, breaking openings in solid, block, block, tile plaster, lodging establishment expulsion, solid section, oil stack, and considerably more. 2200-watt electric jackhammer conveys 1800 effects for each moment at 55 ft/lbs, which can separate the hardest of concrete and surfaces. Since an air blower isn’t needed, this is one of the most convenient jackhammers of this time.

A customizable 360-degree grip gives additional control that makes it simple to advantageously change, depending on the situation you require for the current task. Perfect for home and commercial with a voltage of 110v/60hz, it’s appropriate for you to utilize it for reception and business purposes.

Point and level both chisels include this heavy-duty hammer. Not only that but also a pair of defensive gloves, defensive goggles, and hex wrenches come with this electric jackhammer. 


  • Reasonable price;
  • Carrying case with handle;
  • Safety mask & glass;
  • Gloves for safety;
  • 3x  hax keys.


  • The case isn’t strong enough for heavy tools.

9. BOSCH RH328VCQ Jack Hammer

  • Speed: 4,000 RPM;
  • Color: Blue;
  • Type of modes: rotary hammer, hammer only, rotation only;
  • Wight: 7.9 Pounds;
  • Vibration control method.

This jackhammer conveys 22 ft.- lbs of effective energy for the best material expulsion rate in class, noteworthy for a device that weighs only 7.9 lbs. Given 4,000 bpm, this 8.0 amp device has all-metal lodging, metal cylinder, and case, and it can deal with hardcore applications, for example, open-air black-top work or indoor establishment expulsion.

It has a vibration control framework, incorporating a more drawn-out air pad in the sled component and a stun-diminishing top handle. The breaker hammer included in conveying the case with wheels is entirely versatile.  

The 360° articulating assistant handle is a very flexible position for more prominent administrator control. In-line plans ensure device balance controls are calculated, flat and vertical applications. Power and work capacity make this device one of the best devices for concrete crush.


  • Quick-change chuck system
  • Easy to carry with a case;
  • Easily handle ;
  • Lite weight.


  • Found nothing yet.

10. TR Industrial TR89305 Electric Jack Hammer

  • 1800Blows per minute;
  • Extra-long power cord;
  • Rolling case;
  • Safety equipment;
  • Weight: 35 Pounds.

This thing brings you more force and speed. The destruction hammer conveys an extraordinary 60 Joules (44.2 ft-lbs) of sufficient energy while loads just 35 lbs. Its high-quality modulus gear conveys a longer life. With all-metal lodging and barrel, this item is worked for rock-solid applications. With unrivaled 1800 BPM (blows-per-minute), the ultra-quick destruction helps you take care of business quicker.

With all-metal lodging and barrel, this drill is worked for uncompromising applications. With unrivaled 1800 BPM (blows-per-minute), the ultra-quick destruction helps you take care of business quicker. For security and accommodation, an extra-long 20-ft endured confirmation power rope with a twofold protected fitting for comfort.

The destruction jackhammer included point and level chisels, a couple of premium extreme work gloves, and a custom-fitting formed case with wheels for a simple vehicle. All in all, it is one of the best jackhammers for concrete, rock, and solid work projects.


  • Reasonable price;
  • Easy to carry with the rolling case;
  • Lite weight.


  • Found nothing.


In this part, you will find answers to various questions. This will help you with a variety of information. 

How Do You Use a Jackhammer on Concrete?

To help in separating the solid, utilize a “spud bar” related to the drill. Jam the level finish of the spud bar into the breaks framed by the drill, solidly grasp the handle with two hands and use influence to pry pieces of cement from the cushion for expulsion.

What Sound Does a Jackhammer Make?

Inside a pneumatic, or air-controlled, drill, a cylinder hits a striker plate upwards of 1,800 times each moment. The plate communicates energy to the bore, which resonates and seems like a crashing ringer.

How Loud is a Jackhammer on Concrete?

Using such equipment will generate bang, with sound power levels generally ranging from 108 dB(A) to 122 dB(A). Read also an experts guide: Palm Sanders You Can Choose


A jackhammer is a helpful machine that you can have. The item can permit us to manage different development ventures.  It is advantageous in practically all development projects. This item is handy for home and business purposes. You should pick the correct hammer for concrete or other demolition work.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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