Lapidary Trim Saws (7 Features You Should Look at)

Published on: March 5, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

A lapidary trim saw is the primary tool that carefully polishes and refines a chunk of rough stones into a perfect shape stone. A motorized saw is precisely cut within medium to large-sized semi-precious metals, core units, minerals, and glasses. It’s a safe, portable, and sturdy saw that can deal with almost 3 inches of solid rock.

Usually, a person who uses lapidary techniques of cutting, grinding, and polishing a stone is known as a lapidarist. Only a lapidarist knows that cutting stones into small usable sizes of gemstones is not easier without a lapidary trim saw. Modernized 2 x 72 belt grinders, also can grind chunks of metals or stone, but it’s heavy to use and is not versatile. The perfect trim saw can trim-out cabochon preforms in rocks, glass, minerals, or clean facet material.

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Whether you are a lapidary beginner, professional, or hobbyist, choosing a suitable lapidary trim saw machine is essential for a hassle-free and seamless working experience. But it’s not a piece of cake to select the suitable one from tons of designs in the market. 

So, in the following writing, we aim to guide you through buying the right lapidary saw by accurately showing out the pros and cons of the different brands available on the market. 

Lapidary Trim Saw Selection Guide

A lapidary trim saw is slightly different from other saws as it has fine blades that can cut into slabs close to a pre-drawn-out cabochon shape with great accuracy and leave very little waste. But this useful tool can ruin your precious workpiece if you won’t buy the right one.

To ensure that you bear no problem making the right choice, we’ve organized this buyers’ guide with some essential factors below that effect a lapidary saw option. 

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Size and Weight

The first thing you need to decide is what size of trimming work you will need to do. The size of the device is critical to learn which one will be fit for you. If you’re planning to cut big stones, you will need a more extensive lapidary trim saw. The standard choosing rule is to pre-determine the largest rock size you will cut and select a saw with a three times bigger blade than the stone.

Also, the weight of the saw plays a vital role in choosing a lapidary trim saw. If you wouldn’t plan to move it, then a heavy one is ok. But if you have the plan to move, then we suggest you go for the lighter model.

Blade Measurement

Next, the saw blade’s measurement is crucial because you need different blade types to cut different materials. Like, for cutting small gemstones and fine lapidary work, you’ll need a thin blade. On the other hand, tile cutting and shaping can be done with thicker blades. So buy a trim saw on the base of your work type.

Construction Material

We all know that construction material determines product durability, like that stainless steel built material in lapidary trim saws serves longer than other materials. Also, powder-coated metal bodies will prevent rust and corrosion from helping you to work with it in the long run. So try to select a powder-coated stainless steel trim saw for longevity.

Power and Motor

All the motor running devices maintain a rule of “the more power, the more speed,” but in a lapidary saw engine, it’s different. Here faster isn’t always greater. The motor speed of a lapidary saw is measured by RPM or revolutions per minute. In this case, the slower the speeds, then the greater control and more torque at the time of cutting or trimming. 

With this variable speed control option, you can handle denser materials easily. Like, large stones with a thick density will need a saw with a tame motor speed to constrain how much you can cut. We suggest you choose one with a variable motor speed adjusted according to your requirements.


Some lapidary saw has a coolant reservoir that stores water and cools down the blade’s temperature to stop accidents while working. Also, the in-built blade guard prevents users’ eyes and lungs from tiny particles and harmful debris. Some lapidary trim saws also have extra space to keep the valuable stones and prevent them from losing.

Easy Maintenance

Basically, trimming and cutting is a messy jobs. The user-friendly lapidary trim saw has movable parts that can easily be removed and cleaned without any hassle. Some trim saw comes with cleaning equipment. Also, the coolant reservoir has an easy water drain-out system to clean the dirty water regularly. So choose that trim saw, which facilitates all these features.

The Quality of Construction

While you’re purchasing a lapidary saw, ensure you pick one developed from solid material, like hardened steel. Additionally, it’s ideal on the off chance that you go for powder-covered bodies, as this will assist with forestalling rust and consumption.

Lapidary Trim Saw Maintenance Tips

All the power tools need maintenance to run for extended periods. For that, a lapidary trimming saw needs the following care to run smoothly-

a) Changing old blades frequently can lessen pressure on your saw motor. So if the edge gets old, share it with an axe-sharpening stone​​to work like a pro again. If it’s too old, then replace it with a new one.

b) Lubricating is another point that keeps your saw rustproof. So try to lubricate it with saw oil regularly.

c) Occasionally clean the sludge layer at the bottom of the sump manually with a putty knife.

d) After each use, clean the blade and top of the saw with a fabric towel.

e) If your lapidary trim saw has a coolant reservoir, then drain the dirty water after each usage and wipe it out. 

Details View of Our Prime 6 Lapidary Trim Saw Below

From a professional to a DIY-er, we want to invest in a good lapidary trim saw that provides excellent service in the long run. Here we listed some of the top trim saws for your needs with so many different options to consider. After all, every job has additional requirements, so we hope you’d surely choose a lapidary trim saw from the below list that can serve you well under all circumstances.

1. Hi-Tech Diamond 6-inches Lapidary Trim Saw

  • Blades: Two 6-inch;
  • Speeds: between 800 and 3,400 RPM;
  • Coolant tank range: 16 ounces;
  • Dimensions: 15.5 inches L and 9 inches W;
  • Weight: 18.81 pounds.

With power and precision, this Hi-Tech model arrives with two saw blades for cutting different materials. A silver cut diamond saw blade for cutting rocks and minerals, and a red sintered diamond saw blade for cutting glass, topaz, fine agates, and quartz. It has a 1/4 HP engine that provides a variable speed between 800 rpm and 3,400rpm, depending on your desired speed.

The coolant reservoir builds into the base of the saw directly under the blade. It can carry up to 16 ounces of water and puts the blade wet while it spins. The blade’s spray shield also helps to drip water onto the blade frequently. The removable saw table has an ample surface area of 15-1/2 inches by 9 inches broad.

The trim saw has a vise attachment that keeps your hands away from the blade and helps you make more precise cuts. Add to this; it has a spray shield and an Allen wrench. It’s built from lightweight and rust-resistant material. As it is movable so you can carry it anywhere you want.


  • Trimming-out cabochon preforms, facet metal, and rock parts;
  • Lightweight, rustproof, and impact-resistant;
  • Portable and easy to move;
  • The heavy-duty ball-bearing motor produces variable speeds;
  • It has a plentiful work area with a removable setting;
  • Arrives in a two different types of blades;
  • It includes a built-in vise attachment tool.


  • The coolant tank is smaller than other models;
  • It operates with only a 6-inch blade.

2. Hi-Tech Diamond 10-inch Lapidary Slab Saw

  • Blades: Two 10-inch;
  • Powerful 1/3 hp motor;
  • Speeds: 1725 RPM;
  • Arbour size: 5/8 inch;
  • Weight: 35 pounds.

This 10-inch HI-Tech lapidary saw is economical and straightforward for slabbing more large materials into more flexible workpieces. This is why it takes the second position on our list. It has sufficient strength with its ⅓ HP motor and two 10-inches blades for creating more massive cuts and produces a constant 1725 RPM speed. 

Moreover, it adds a vise attachment and comprehensive printed as well as visual directions. It comes with additional accessories, a spray shield, and an Allen wrench to enhance your stonework proficiency. 

Talking about building material, the manufacturer makes it with unbreakable and cross-linked polyethylene. For this reason, it is known as an impact-resistant and rustproof unit. The in-built coolant reservoir can contain up to 32 ounces of water, and after using the drain plug facilitates fast and easy cleanup.  


  • Durable, rustproof, and impact-resistant material;
  • Powerful motor but lightweight design;
  • The coolant reservoir holds sufficient water;
  • Built-in drain plug for fast and easy cleanup;
  • A vise attachment for precise cuts;
  • Unbreakable and long-term assistance.


  • It’s a bit heavier than another similar model;
  • It doesn’t allow tiny cuts.

3. Angelloong Mini Table Jewelry Lapidary Saw

  • Blades: Two;
  • Power: 350w motor; 
  • Frequency: 60HzÂ;
  • Speeds: Variable from 0 to 10,000 RPM;
  • Table saw arbor size: 8mm;
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs.

This model of Angelloong produces this multipurpose lapidary trim saw at a budget price. Not only does it trim but also combines buffing, grinding, and carving functions as well. Moreover, the other added feature is it works as a sander as well. The 110V motor produces flawless speed adjusted between 0 to 10,000 RPM and makes for easy and time-efficient operations. With this speed, it can cut a large piece of material quickly.

The adjustable angle ruler gives precise maneuvering powers. Add to that the multifunctional design allows you to use it in a broad application. Other facilities feature the two-wheel buffer machine with 6-inch wheels, two blades that can cut 30mm objects, fiber wheels, a jade carving disc, and a woodcutting disc. 

This versatile saw can be usable with two different types of grit at a time. It buffs smoothly and quietly with a blade guard to block particles and protect your eyes. This multifunctional trim saw is suitable for crushing, trimming, shaping, and smoothing different materials like jewelry, precious metal, aluminum, chrome, jade, plastic, wood, paper, model, and other items.


  • All-in-one wide application;
  • Variable speed for easy control and operation;
  • Long shaft and spacious benchtop;
  • Extended enough grinding and fiber wheel size;
  • Smooth and quiet operation;
  • Threaded mandrels for easy replace the wheels;
  • Suitable for a different work environment.


  • The instruction manual lack exact assembly instruction;
  • The wood-cutting disc is not very durable.

4. Mophorn Multifunctional Jewelry Rock Saw

  • Power: 350w motor; 
  • Cutting depth:1.02 to 1.14 inches;
  • Cutting width: 3.94 inch;
  • Push feet angle: 0 to 90 degrees;
  • Speeds: Variable from 0 to 10,000 RPM;
  • Saw arbor size: 16/20 mm;
  • Weight: 12.67 pounds.

This multi-operative lapidary trim saw from Mophorn can fix any cutting job for professionals to DIY users who may require accurate finishing. The most exciting feature of this trim saw is that it’s lightweight and portable to move from one place to another quickly. Also, it has a multi-angle calibration capacity to cut width angles with careful and safe control. 

The water-cooling system continuously reduces blade temperature while cutting to work for an extended period. At the same time, it works to block spatters and repels water leakage. The advanced safety features are equipped with two rubber damping pads to absorb the shock and help depress the vibrations while the machine is in service. Also, they prevent the device from moving places due to vibrations.

Furthermore, the power switch has two power indicators for safety, one is red, and another is green. The carbon-brush cover mounting port is replaceable with a flat-blade screwdriver. This saw is suitable for the beeswax, nephrite, wood, amber, bodhi, and many other materials.


  • Multifunctional performance with various materials;
  • Provided with anti-slip shock absorbers for safety;
  • Waterproof way while cutting and cooling;
  • Extended operational life and easy cleaning;
  • Comes with an accurate calibration capacity;
  • It can be controlled from a different angle;
  • Replacing blades is hassle-free.


  • The blade’s height cannot be adjusted; 
  • Limited usability makes it suitable for small projects.

5. SKIL 3540-02 Trim Saw for Lapidary

  • Voltage: 120V AC;
  • Blade diameter: 7 inches;
  • Miter angle: 0 to 45 degrees;
  • Push feet angle: 0 to 90 degrees;
  • Speeds: No load from 0 to 3,600 RPM;
  • Bevel positive stop at 0/45 degrees;
  • Weight: 17.69 pounds.

This 7-inch saw is suitable to use for installing or replacing floor tiles. It is constructed with durable and quality material for long-term usage. Moreover, the stainless steel tabletop combats corrosion even after daily repeated operations. You will be impressed with the saw package that arrives with the adjustable rip fence and miter gauge to make more accurate and straight cuts.

The saw table can provide 0-45 degree bevel cuts for making a wide variety of styles or shapes of tiles with perfect precision quickly.

Eventually, the blade-cooling reservoir reduces the blade temperature and restricts it from heating up. The constant water flow controls the dust and debris to a minimum to ensure a clean work area.


  • Rustproof and durable stainless steel tabletop;
  • Blade cooling water reservoir;
  • Adjustable rip fence with miter gauge;
  • Extended bevel degree allows a wide range of cuts;
  • Water storage reduces dirt and rubble;
  • Simple to use with an easy blade change option.


  • Not work well for gemstones and precious materials;
  • The blade precision levels make it a bit tough to cut small parts.

6. JUXAMI Lapidary Polisher Bench Buffer Machine

  • Rated Input Power: AC 110V;
  • Power: 200W;
  • Frequency: 60HzÂ;
  • Speed:0-10000RPM;
  • Machine Size: 10.4″X 8.7″X 5.3″;
  • Mini Table Saw Arbor Size: 8mm;
  • Weight: 15.4 lbs / 7 kg.

The mini table rock saw lapidary from JUXAMI can fix any extras for DIY clients who may need to wrap properly. The most recent third-generation TM-2 is a saw with a large work stage of small tables and ornaments of choice over the market.  

It accompanies a water repository that turns out better for finishing, cutting, and crushing, rock, aluminum, chrome, valuable metal, jade, wood, plastic, and model enterprises.

Highly effective rock saw with an estimate of 0-10000 RPM, you can undoubtedly control the variable speed. This rock polishing saw machine measures 10.4 X 8.7 X 5.3 (26 cm X22 cm X 14 cm) and weighs 15.4 pounds.

This lapidary polishing utilizes a 110-volt, 200-power engine without any loss of speed or quality. You can use 2 different types of fat at the same time.


  • Best choice for miniature projects;
  • Great for polishing geodes;
  • Easily replace the buffing wheels as needed;
  • Variable speed for easy control and operation;
  • Powerful motor but lightweight design.


  • No issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lapidary Trim Saw

What is a Lapidary Saw?

Ans: A lapidary saw is a powerful tool to cut rocks, gemstones, or other hard materials into solicited slices or shapes. 

What is the Best Saw for Cutting Rocks?

Hello there Tech Diamond 10″ lapidary trim saw, strikes a chord immediately when we talk about the best saw for cutting rocks. Value, client experience, and execution considering all, this is the best you ought to have for your managing, cutting, and designing of stones.

Which One is Good to Use, a Slab Saw, or a Trim Saw?

Ans: Slab saws are ideal for cutting larger rough rock pieces into slabs for cabochon-making or cutting geodes. It has more extensive and thicker blades than trim saws. 

On the other hand, a trim saw has slender blades to cut into chunks close to a pre-drawn-out cabochon shape precisely. So they are different from their usage.

What Type of Blade Do I Need to Cut Stones?

Ans: To cut a sharp rock into slabs or trim slabs to shape perform cabochons, you will need a diamond-tipped cutting blade for smooth finishing.

Why Do We Need a Lapidary Saw?

Ans: A lapidary saw will give higher accuracy in cutting rocks and stones. It can produce any cut-on hard material besides semi-precious and refined stones. You can make long straight cuts as well as complicated design cuts.

Do We Need to Follow Any Safety Measures While Using the Lapidary Saw?

Ans: Any power tool needs safety precautions at the time of usage. You should wear protective glasses and a mask to block small bits of stones from entering your eyes. Also, wear a mask to save your lungs from dirt and debris. Besides, we recommend you work in a well-ventilated area to avoid toxic fumes.

To Sum Up

A lapidary saw is a crucial device for DIY workers to professionals for making unique jewelry or germs work. It’s an all-in-one tool to make precise cuts of semi-precious stones and rocks without reducing their grade or producing any wastage. It will allow you to cut small to large components with accuracy and bring out the shapes you want with ease.

After going through this whole article, we hope you are ready to get an efficient and affordable lapidary trim saw. But always remember that different materials need separate saw sizes, blades, and styles. Hope you can find one too.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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