10 Best Impact Drivers for Automotive Use

Published on: March 6, 2022
Written by Liam Jaxon / Fact-checked by David Rowan

The impact driver is a device used to operate the nuts and bolts installation, remove or adjust the car suspension, reconstruct the engine, etc. It can save time and energy by quickly completing the task. Also, it allows the user to work in a narrow space, which makes it a user-friendly device.

Generally, motor vehicles are constructed with a lot of joints of screws, nuts, and bolts. So it’s a huge task to repair, install, or remove those joints. It’s impossible to do without a speedy and reliable fastening tool like an impact driver or drill. But there might be some questions about what is the difference between an impact driver and vs drill.

10 best impact drivers for automotive use in 2023

Typically, an impact driver’s primary purpose is to create an immense torque amount in the smallest space to install or pull a screw. Also, there are some differences between an impact driver and an impact wrench of the right angle or regular angle.

Impact drivers also help to decrease the pressure on your wrist. It gets the job done much faster on every part of the automobile. But it’s not an easy task to choose a heavy-duty and high-torque model if you are a newbie to buying an impact driver. 

We made this task easier for you by listing a few top heavy-duty impact driver models with unique features that you can choose from without any doubt. To assist you more, we add a simple buying guide that you can follow to get a high-quality impact driver.

Featuring for Top 10 Impact Drivers for Automotive Use

A motor vehicle works from medium to heavy-duty performance. Considering all the above features, we listed several top-quality impact drivers for you to fulfill your needs. So go through the following writing to choose one that suits you best.

1. Dewalt DCF887B Impact Driver for Automotive

  • Motor: 20v brushless;
  • 1/4 inches hex chuck;
  • Three bright LEDs on the head;
  • Torque produces 25, 120, and 150 ft-lbs;
  • Speed: Variable 1000, 2800, 3250 RPM.

We all know that Dewalt is a reputed manufacturer of robust and long-lasting power tools. For this reason, our first consideration is Dewalt DCF887B for its unique features. It weighs only 2 pounds but delivers up to a torque of 1,825 in-lbs.

Besides, it comes with a powerful brushless motor that produces three RPM high speeds. It also has LED lights with 20 seconds of stay time after releasing the trigger to improve the engaged area’s visibility.

The 1/4-inch hex chuck with a comfortable grip sleeve accepts a 1-inch bit tip with easy single-handed loading. The included belt clip helps you to hang it with your waist when it’s not in use. Overall, it’s a multipurpose sturdy impact driver you can purchase within a budget price.


  • Three-speed settings provide versatility;
  • Three LED lights with a 20-second delay after trigger release;
  • One-handed 1/4 inches hex chuck loading;
  • Easy-grip sleeve for tight hold;
  • Compact and lightweight design; 
  • Long motor life.


  • It doesn’t come with a battery;
  • Bits are apt to be stuck in the drive guide.

2. Porter-Cable PCCK604L2 Combo Kit

  • Two-speed settings with 1/2 inches drill or driver;
  • Motor watt: 283 units;
  • Drill speed: 0 to 350 or 0 to 1,500 RPM;
  • Impact driver speed: 0 to 2,800 and 0 to 3,100 RPM;
  • Weight: 5 pounds.

We all want a powerful but budget-friendly impact driver for our vehicle work. The porter-cable impact driver comes with both qualities with two pieces, one impact driver and one drill. The compact design allows us to work in a narrow space.

The 1/4 inch bit compact impact driver is 6.9-inches long and 3.3 lbs weight for easy handling. It can release 1450 inches- lbs of torque to produce two speeds from 0 to 2,800 RPM and 0 to 3,100 RPM, perfect for auto-vehicle work. Also, you can change the bit with one hand easily. 

On the other hand, the sturdy motor has 283 units of watts produced from 0 to 350 and 0 to 1,500 RPM. Both the impact driver and drill machine have a two-speed setting, LED light, an ergonomic handle, and built-in bit storage. The combo kit includes two 20v 1.3 Ah lithium-ion batteries that produce more runtime.


  • The cordless option enhances portability;
  • Combo offers one drill and one impact driver;
  • Highly performing motor capacity;
  • Comes with two sturdy lithium-ion batteries;
  • Have LED light for clear visibility;
  • Small in-built storage prevents the loss of little bits;
  • The two-speed setting for easy control.


  • The driller is not as durable as the impact driver.

3. Makita XDT131 Cordless Impact Driver Kit

  • Weight: 3.3 lbs;
  • Hex chuck: 1/4 inch;
  • Two built-in LED lights; 
  • Speed: Variable from 0 to 3,600 RPM.

This Makita model can deliver 1,550 inches per pound of max torque and variable speed setting from 0 to 3600 max RPM. It is the best-in-class solution for users who want more torque, longer runtime, and accuracy combining features. The brushless motors reduce carbon groves to let the BL Motor run 50 percent more relaxed and more efficiently for a long period.

The electronically regulated BL Brushless motor efficiently utilizes power to level torque and RPM according to the task’s demands. The 18v LXT 3.0Ah battery takes only 30 minutes to charge fully to improve potency. It’s an ideal tool for automotive mechanics who need a best-in-class cordless impact driver. The soft rubberized grip and LED light on the head can improve work efficiency.


  • The rubberized soft handle provides a comfortable grip;
  • Snug and ergonomic design;
  • Lightweight body decreased operator tiredness;
  • Two built-in LED lights brighten the job space;
  • Central ¼ inches hex chuck for quick bit change;
  • Aluminum material provides durability.


  • The driver gets overheated for long time usage;
  • A bit more expensive than similar models.

4. Craftsman CMCF800C2 Impact Driver Kit

  • 20v lithium-ion battery;
  • 1/4 inches bit;
  • Speed: Max 2,800 RPM and 3,100 IPM;
  • LED light on the head;
  • Weight: 4.82 pounds.

If you search for an impact driver with a muscular build great features and a powerful battery, we would suggest looking at this craftsman model. This cordless driver can deliver 1,460 inches-lbs of torque for automotive work. You can easily change the bit with one hand because of the quick-release chuck.

The included 20 v lithium-ion battery produces a max of 2, 800 RPM, and 3, 100 IPM to quickly complete the task. Also, this heavy-duty battery runs for a more extended period and provides continuous service. Moreover, the built-in LED light increases clarity in work zones. To increase usability, it can fit with the Versatrack hang hook.

Overall, it serves its best to complete your task efficiently.


  • Quick-release chuck for easy one-hand removal;
  • High performing Lithium batteries;
  • Compact and lightweight design;
  • Durable, powerful performance;
  • Built-in led light for illumination;
  • A long battery life.


  • It has a bulky charger that doesn’t fit to carry;
  • The battery is not suitable for heavy-duty use.

5. Dewalt DCF885C1 Impact Driver Kit for Automotive Use

  • Weight: 2.8 pounds;
  • Speed: No load from 0 to 2,800 RPM;
  • Built-in LED by pressing the trigger;
  • Has a 1/4-inch hex chuck.

This Dewalt model has impressively strong production to help you get the job done swiftly and work with the most persistent materials efficiently. It offers a max torque of 1400 inches-lbs and produces no-load speed from 0 to 2,800 RPM, and impacts min of 0 to 3,200 IPM. If you want to increase the visibility at a particular driving place, the LED light automatically turns on when the trigger is pushed.

The compact and ergonomic design reduces user fatigue and can reach narrow spaces. Also, you can change the 1/4-inch hex chuck easily with one hand. The package included one impact driver, a 20-volt max battery, and a fast charger. Most of all, it’s a beneficial impact driver for those who want to handle powerful machines.


  • Built to form a lightweight structure;
  • Easy mobility and convenience into tight holes;
  • It comes with an LED light;
  • One-handed easy bit change;
  • Maximum torque and high no-loading speed;
  • It has a long battery life.


  • Not proficient in heavy-duty use.

6. Black+Decker BDCI20C Impact Driver Kit

  • Power: 20v;
  • Hex chuck: 1/4-inch;
  • Maximum torque: 1375 inches-lbs;
  • Speed: Variable from 0 to 3000 RPM and 0 to 39000 BPM;
  • Weight: 3.48 pounds.

Black+Decker is a unique impact driver that produces high-performing torque up to 1375 in-lbs max. All the necessary great features it delivers can fulfill your automotive repair or installation efficiently. It is also lightweight and small. The 20v battery offers variable speed control range from 0 to 3000 RPM and 0-39000 BPM.

This model’s best features are the quick-release 1/4 inch hex chuck for effortless loading of the bits and its super small size. Typically automotive work needs to reach the hook and nook area that can perfectly fit with this driver. Lastly, it is a very efficient small machine that is great for some uses. The kit carries an impact driver, 20v max battery, charger, and screwdriver bit.


  • Variable speed setting produces maximum outcome;
  • Dense and less weight design easy to control;
  • Multipurpose usage makes it a versatile tool;
  • Great to work in a vehicles narrow space;
  • High-performing 20v battery.


  • It doesn’t have an LED option;
  • The battery power wasn’t tough enough.

7. Avid Power Impact Driver Kit for Automotive Use

  • Battery power: 20V Rechargeable;
  • Torque: Max 180N.m/1590 in-lbs;
  • Hex Chuck: 1/4 inch;
  • Speed: Variable from 0 to 2700 RPM;
  • Charging time: 3-5 hours.

Another best pick in our list is the Avid Power 1500MAH rechargeable impact driver. This model is as steady as it seems from its features. The tool produces a maximum torque of 180N.m/1590 in-lbs. With this high torque, you can undertake most tasks with efficiency. 

Further, this impact driver can handle screws or tighten nuts at an extraordinary pace with its variable speed setting up to 2700 RPM, so you can adjust the settings to the ones you prefer to work.

This user-friendly driver has a compact design that allows for working in a tight space. The bright LED light can increase visibility in the activity area. The big chuck enables you to change the bit easily and quickly. Overall all the features are perfect for vehicle usage.


  • The powerful motor produces high speed;
  • High torque setting;
  • Moderate measurement and compact design;
  • It can reach and run in a narrow space;
  • The LED light on the head improves visibility;
  • Works on screwing wood, plastic, drywall, etc.;
  • Quick bit changing option.


  • The battery charge lasts a shorter period;
  • The exterior is not very sturdy.

8. Porter Cable PCCK640LB Impact Driver Kit

  • Battery power: 20v max;
  • Hex chuck: 1/4-inch;
  • Maximum torque: 1450 inches-lbs;
  • Speed: Variable from 0 to 2900 RPM and 0 to 3000 BP;
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds.

This small-impact driver has immense power to complete automotive work in a short time. The high torque motor is 1,450 inches a pound, and high-performance gears deliver quick screw installation and removal applications. Moreover, the variable speed setting allows you to set the speed as you require from 0 to 2,900 RPM and 0 to 3,000 BPM.

Furthermore, talking about the battery, the 20v battery is made with lithium-ion to charge quickly and last a long. The ergonomic non-slip handle and cold-forged internal impact block make the user fit comfortably for a long time without slipping.

Additionally, the fixed LED on the top helps to enhance the visibility of the working area. The rubber protector on both sides helps it from wearing and tearing if it falls accidentally. The internal hex store prevents the loss of bits and a 1/4 inch hex chuck allows quick change of bits. Also, the belt hook makes the driver hang with your belt easily. Overall it’s a worthy investment.


  • Charge level monitoring system by fuel scale;
  • LED light improves visibility;
  • Quick and easy load chuck with one hand;
  • It can reach the narrow space;
  • High torque motor and variable speed;
  • Non-slip handle and ergonomic design.


  • The battery is not durable enough to last long;
  • The multi-stage trigger control might be rigid for some users.

9. Hitachi WH18DGL Cordless Impact Driver Kit

  • Battery power: 18v max;
  • Hex chuck: 1/4-inch;
  • Maximum torque: 1280 inches-lbs;
  • Variable speed range: 0 to 2400 RPM and 0 to 3200 BPM;
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds.

The Hitachi WH18DGL has an impressively robust production to get the job done quickly and manage with the sturdiest materials efficiently. It can produce up to a peak of 1280 inches/lb of torque. Because it highlights a cordless design, you can quickly move it and operate fasteners in tight corners and spaces. The variable speed control can produce a speed output of up to 2,400 RPM and 3,200 BPM.

Besides, this is a robust tool but small and manageable that everyone can handle this 3 pounds, lightweight driver. You can work for endless hours without getting exhausted or fatiguing your arm. You can quickly change the chuck that switches out ¼-inch hex bits without any trouble.


  • Less weight and fade-free lithium-ion battery; 
  • Maximum torque to handle challenging jobs;
  • Compact and variable speed control;
  • Reduces fatigue during lengthy use;
  • LED light efficiently brightens dark workspaces;
  • A free-standing battery design for easy storage.


  • Not suitable for all bits types;
  • It doesn’t have a belt clip to hang easily.

10. Milwaukee Electric Tools MLW2553-20 M12 Fuel Hex Impact Driver (Bare)

  • Power Source: ‎Battery Powered;
  • Maximum Power ‎800 Watts;
  • Measuring only 5.1” in length
  • Variable speed range: 0 to 3,300 RPM;
  • Weight: 1.17 pounds.

This Milwaukee Hex Impact driver actually increases the current value for 12V execution, including top-level driving speed, power, and size. Here power is sacrificed for portability and compatibility. This affordable model comes with an M12 impact driver, a charger, a 12-Volt Li-particle battery, and a convey case. It works at a no-load speed of 3300 rpm. 

Also, it delivers 80 percent more runtime because the Redlithium battery powers it. Moreover, it includes a fuel gauge to monitor the remaining battery charge. Furthermore, the other features include a tool belt, a one-hand accessory change, and an ergonomic grip. Hence, if you want a lightweight, cost-effective, compact, and powerful impact driver for your vehicle, then the M12 might be the right choice for you.


  • The rubber-molded pistol grip prevents accidents;
  • The powerful motor generates high RPM;
  • Redlithium battery prevents overheating the tool;
  • The LED light improves clarity;
  • The fuel gauge reminds you of a low battery.


  • Not proper for heavy-duty use;

What You Need to Know Before Choosing an Impact Driver

The most useful impact driver for automotive works is one that is very high torque and lightweight, and a bit pocket friendly. But there are some other considerable factors too that can make your motor work more efficient. We discuss those must-have factors below that you can keep in mind at the time of buying.


First, you need to know what type of impact driver you need for your job. There are three types of impact drivers available: corded, cordless, and pneumatic. Among them, the cordless one is most preferred by users because of its portability option. Also, it is comfortable to hold and operate without cords tangling. Moreover, it can be used in tight spaces and tight corners.

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Torque and Speed

The amount of torque is the primary feature of an impact driver you should look for. Each model and brand of impact driver produce a different amount of torque. As the automatic vehicle has tons of joints to fix, a high torque is needed to perform well quickly.

Typically, a 12V impact driver produces a torque speed within 800 to 1200 inches a pound, whereas 18V impact drivers create a much more massive torque between 1320 to 2250 inches a pound. We suggest you buy an impact driver with torque over 1000 in-lbs for battery longevity and overtightening. 

Voltage Power

The battery pack with high voltage can allow you to avoid frequent battery changes and charges. Typically, batteries of an impact driver use between 12 Volt to 18 Volt voltage, depending on the model. But, for professional automotive heavy-duty tasks, it’s better to use the above 18-volt battery for continuous service. For a cordless impact driver, the 2 Ah battery takes typically 30 minutes to 60 minutes of charging time. 

Brushless Motor

The motor of the impact driver limits its functions and execution. Usually, two types of motors are seen in the market: brushless motors and brushed motors. We suggest you buy one that equips with a brushless motor for frequent professional automotive use. Also, brushless motors can run efficiently to extend the working time. Brushless motors also generate less heat, so there is less risk of burnout. 

Lightweight and Portable

A heavier impact driver can quickly lead to arm fatigue and slows down work. The heavier the driver is, the less chance it is. Also, it increases TAT and decreases effectiveness. Hence, the impact wrench must be light enough and easy to manage to be used over a long period without significant tiredness. It must also have some belt hook system to keep your hands free while working on other tasks.

Frequently Asked Question By People

What Impact Driver Has the Most Torque?

Our top pick is the Porter-Cable PCCK604L2 Cordless impact wrench. Its 1/4 inch bit compact impact driver is 6.9-inches long and 3.3 lbs weight for easy handling. two speeds from 0 to 2,800 RPM and 0 to 3,100 RPM, perfect for auto-vehicle work according to your needs.

Can an Impact Driver be Utilized for Automotive?

They are utilized efficiently through weighty hardware and development and the car industry. Since an effective driver can be used to fix and loosen fasteners and perform other light vehicle tasks, it is generally fully satisfactory for most needs and a sufficiently more adaptive device around the home.

To Sum Up

Impact drivers for automotive usage are not different from any other impact driver in the make and performance. A few must-have features are a higher torque, influence, and enduring to fix the vehicle parts. 

We hope our above-guided recommendations help you choose and invest in a good impact driver for automotive usage that makes your projects much more comfortable and faster.

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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