The 8 Best Lawn Tractor Batteries

Published on: March 29, 2022
Written by Liam Jaxon / Fact-checked by David Rowan

If you own a lawn, you must use a lawn tractor for saving your time during gardening. And with the help of the best batteries, your lawn mower will serve you the best.

As you’re using a battery powered lawn tractor, you need to change or replace them whenever they get damaged or out of order.

But while buying batteries for your tractor, you need to be careful about a few things to get the best output from them.

best lawn tractor batteries

Here I’ve introduced you with the most popular and recommended batteries of the market, you can check their features and other details.

You’ll also get a brief description of how to choose a good quality battery and some basic tips to maintain them.

In short, you’ll get a proper guideline from buying a lawn tractor battery to maintain them properly.

So, let’s get started…

How to Choose a Lawn Tractor Battery

Battery-powered lawn tractors are more convenient and easy to operate than others. You can use the same battery for a long time depending on its usage. But you need to make sure to buy the best quality battery.

And for buying a high-quality lawn tractor battery you should consider the following component-

Features for Best Performance


Nowadays, batteries come with calcium into the plates which helps them to retain charge for a long time. As they are using calcium, the plates will have less possibility of corrosion and also the battery will be more durable. These types of batteries are highly preferred as they are less prone to damage.


The next important thing you should check is the voltage rating of the battery. For your lawn tractor, you may need a battery of around 12 volts. You’ll also find batteries with 36 or 40 volts, pick the one that is suitable for your tractor. Also, consider the crank amp of your lawn tractor and choose the battery accordingly.

The CCA Rating

Through CCA (Cold Cranking AMPS) the lawn tractor battery determines the power and reliability if it is in low temperature. Generally, CCA is measured by the current that is produced in 1/2 minute to 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features for Best Fitting

Mounting Position

The must-have feature of a good quality tractor battery is it can be mounted in any direction. This means the battery needs to be sealed completely to omit the possibility of spilling. Besides, different lawn tractors have different places to mount the battery, and also they have to go through any type of bumpy or rough road. So the battery needs to be constructed in a way to perform consistently in any situation.

The mounting configurations need to be checked as well. Some lawnmower or lawn tractor batteries come with a positive terminal, and some need bolt and nut connections. Knowing the connection type beforehand will make things easier.

Terminal Size

You also should check the terminal size of the battery. This needs to be accurate or both your battery and tractor may get damaged. U1r batteries, which are considered as the general type of battery, come in dimensions of 8.3 inches (length), 5.1 inches (width), and 7.5 (height).

Features for Your Safety

Condition Resistance

Basically, lawn tractors are used for outdoor activities such as trimming or cutting vegetation. During the session, the battery will be exposed to outdoor conditions so it needs to be resistant to any temperature to not get damaged by hot or cold weather. And it must be able to work in any extreme temperature.


The battery must need to be resistant to any possible chemical of the vegetation. It should be shockproof and have a vibration absorption feature for a bumpy road.

Maintenance of Lawn Tractor Batteries

Like your other gardening tools and equipment, you must take care of your tractor battery. Only proper maintenance can help you to use the battery for a long time. And for maintenance, you can follow these simple steps-


Maintain a constant charge cycle for your tractor battery. If you don’t do this seriously, your batteries will become crystallized and lose their charging ability in the future. This will result in difficulty cranking up the battery. You can use a maintenance charger to make sure that the batteries are always charged.


A dirty battery tends to get corrosion which can lead to permanent damage or operational failure. You can protect your batteries from this by cleaning the dirt and grease and also the terminals regularly.

Check the Water Level

Try to check the water level of the battery and fill them with distilled water according to the requirement.

Check the Connections

The way your connections are attached to the terminals also affects the health and performance of the battery. So check there is no loose connection in the battery because in most cases the reason behind a faulty battery is the loose connection.

So make sure to tighten the connection with the terminals and if the fasteners are not getting tight enough, try to replace them.

Editors Selected Top 8 Lawn Tractor Batteries:

1. 12V Deep Cycle Battery for Husqvarna YTH2448 Lawn Tractor – by Chrome Battery

  • 12 volt 35 amp hour;
  • Sealed lead-acid battery;
  • Terminal Type: T3.

The good thing about this lawn tractor battery is, it arrives with a full charge. A great benefit for impatient customers (like me) to test its performance right away. So, I did. And it cranks up my lawnmower instantly. However, this battery has got some negative reviews so I had to test it even further.

So, I left it unused for 2 weeks. And noticed that its voltage drops 1 or 2 volts. But I believe that’s not a big deal as long as it stays connected with a smart charger.

Other than the performance, the overall mechanism, delivery, and customer service were quite satisfactory for me. I didn’t even have to register online for their 24-month warranty, the customer center did that for me. Though the advertisement says it is a replacement for the Husqvarna lawn tractor, I will say that this tractor battery will fit any 12-volt lawn mower.


  • Well built;
  • Spill-proof tractor battery;
  • Can be attached to any positive terminal;
  • Draws high amperage;
  • Comes fully charged.


  • Pricey;
  • May drop voltage when not in use.

2. 12V, 20AH Lead Acid Battery by  ExpertPower

  • 12 volt 20 amp hour;
  • Sealed lead-acid mower’s battery;
  • Terminal Type: B1.

The batteries that come with lawn mowers and lawn tractors have low amperage. So, those take longer to get charged and last for a short time. To save you from that hassle, I have picked this battery which is a great alternative as a replacement battery and cheap too.

With just a few bucks on this battery, you can do yourself a favor by getting an amazing battery for your lawnmower, tractor, home alarm system and the list is endless. Yes, this battery can be used on other applications apart from the lawnmower. Why not? Because we don’t use the mower every day, on the free days, this battery can stay busy with other appliances as well.

There is another reason for recommending this battery as a replacement. That is, it is absolutely easy to install. You don’t need a hand even if you have never ever done that before. Just enlighten yourself from youtube on how to remove a car battery, remove the battery and place this one. And you are done.


  • Multipurpose Use;
  • Affordable;
  • Easy to  install;
  • The battery charges faster and lasts longer.


  • No cons.

3. 12V 35Ah Battery for John Deere Lawn Mower by Universal Power Group

  • 12 volt 20 amp hour;
  • AGM/ Sealed lead acid battery;
  • Terminal Type: B1.

Basically, this battery is made by John Deere for garden and outdoor appliances. But it is a versatile battery that can be used in almost any 12V appliances and vehicles. However, I have found that this mower’s battery is a bit bigger and heavier than the battery that is included with the John Deere lawn mower and tractor.

But, surprisingly, this replacement battery fits well, without taking much space, is user-friendly, and gives better performance. The handle makes it easier to carry around when it is not in use for your lawnmower. You can carry it to your home to use with other gadgets or cars.

The price is almost twice compared to other batteries with similar features. But one thing is proven that this battery performs better than those. It won’t drain even when it is not in use.


  • Easy to transport;
  • Fits well in lawnmowers;
  • Better performance than the factory-made battery.


  • A little on the expensive side.

4. 12V 35AH SLA Riding Lawn Tractor Battery by Mighty Max Battery

  • 12 volt 35 amp hour;
  • Sealed lead acid battery;
  • Versatile application.

When it comes to lawnmower batteries, you will hardly find any with amperage greater than 18 amp at a reasonable price. But these batteries are so versatile and useful that we don’t want to wait for days to fully charge them, which is the biggest drawback of low amperage batteries. So, we decided to put this 35 amp battery from Mighty Max on our list.

It is like a regular 12-volt battery with an amperage twice as other ordinary 12 volt batteries. Meaning, it charges faster and serves for a longer period of time. This battery is backed by a long warranty and a refund policy is also offered, which is new for an SLA/AGM type tractor battery. In case, the battery arrives faulty or goes bad within a month, you can claim replacement or refund.

The price of this battery is on the higher side, but I recommend it because we don’t like to deal with dead batteries often and purchase new ones frequently. Isn’t it? Its wide operating temperature makes it suitable to use all year round, all around the globe.


  • Maintenance-free battery;
  • Long-range operating temperature;
  • Comes with a refund option.


  • Expensive.

5. 12 Volt Battery for Toro Lawn Mower # 106-8397 – by POWERSTAR

  • 12 volt 3.3 amp hour;
  • Sealed lead acid battery.

Do you own a Toro Lawn Mower and want a replacement battery for it? Then this might be the best you can get at the least price. Yes, it costs almost one-third of the expensive lawn mower batteries available in the market. But, it performs as good as the expensive ones.

In fact, I found it more promising because, whereas other batteries have warranty offers for years, this battery has a replacement offer for two years. Who needs a warranty when you can replace the total unit, right?

Just like others, it can be used for various purposes, but for lawnmowers, it certainly fits Toro Lawn Mower. In the case of other brands, you may have to contact customer service. However, this battery may seem cheaply priced, but it’s not cheaply made. It is certified to be safe to transport and is totally spill-proof.

Once installed, it requires charging less often. Besides, the installation is a matter of minutes. It has the same polarity as the original battery that comes with the lawnmower. All you have to do is to remove the previous connections and make new connections with this one; as simple as that.


  • Cheap price;
  • Replacement offer is for a long period;
  • Works and fits better than the original part.


  • Only recommended for Toro Lawn Mower.

6. 12V 5AH Battery for Vision CP12180 Brand Product Lawn Mower by Mighty Max

  • 12 volt 5 crank amp-hour;
  • Sealed lead acid battery;
  • Terminal type: F1.

By now, you know that Mighty Max is great for manufacturing good replacement batteries at an affordable price. This sla model was launched for Vision CP12180 lawnmower by mighty max and similar configuration toys and other solar devices.

But the good news is, if the dimension of this battery (3.54 in x 2.76 in x 4.21 in) matches your lawnmower battery, then you can also use it as a replacement. No matter which brand the lawnmower is.

So far, I haven’t heard of any drawbacks of this battery. It is great to use in other machines like a lawn tractor, golf cart, or any other vehicle. The battery is well sealed, maintenance-free, and easy to install. For the price and the renowned brand, you can’t go wrong with this battery.


  • Budget-friendly;
  • Works on other lawn mowers as well;
  • Versatile;
  • Long service life.


  • No cons.

7. 12V 18AH Battery for Craftsman Black Lawn Mowers by Universal Power Group

  • 12 volt 18 crank amp;
  • Sealed lead acid battery;
  • Dimensions: 7.15’’ x 3.06’’ x 6.6’’.  

Please note that this battery is smaller than most batteries we use in lawn mowers. The power and performance are the same, so that’s not gonna be an issue. I guess, to make it fit for most lawnmowers, this battery is made smaller. However, it is a perfect replacement part for craftsman lawn mowers but you can use it in any vehicles that run on 12v batteries.

Its amperage per hour is higher than other similar feature batteries. So, it is evident that this battery will serve better performance with faster charging, longer operation time, and ‘no maintenance’ qualities. The price you have to pay for this is quite reasonable considering the advantages.

We often have to face problems regarding the battery if it doesn’t fit our vehicle. We don’t know what to do with it as the sellers usually don’t want to take their items back. But that won’t happen with this battery. If it doesn’t fit your lawnmower, simply call them, they will take it back and reward you with a refund.  


  • Small size;
  • Fits most lawn mower brands;
  • Return option upon not being useful.


  • No cons.

8. Mighty Max 12v 35Ah SLA Lawn Mower Battery

  • Full depletion won’t damage the battery;
  • SLA/AGM spill-proof;
  • Operates well in cold weather;
  • Durable body. Ideal for lawn mower tractors.

Mighty Max Battery is quite possibly the most impressive and sturdy SLA battery and an optimal decision for an assortment of lawn tractors. This is compatible with lawn tractors. You can use it for other appliances as well but I have researched that most people are using it for lawn-mower tractors.

Rechargeable batteries can be mounted in any position, preventing shock and vibration. Long-lasting high performance at high and low temperatures. It is adaptable and usable for some gadgets including savaging engines and fish locators.


  • Complete corrosion will not damage the battery;
  • Very low self-discharge rate;
  • Spill-proof and vibration resistant;
  • Durable body;
  • Ideal for lawn mower equipment.


  • Mounting accessories are not included.

FAQs the Lawn Tractor Battery

Are All Lawn Tractor Batteries the Equivalent?

No, Not all batteries are viable with lawn tractors. 12 volts might be normal, yet sizes and aspects are unique. Some components trend-setting innovation and some are straightforward.

How Long Does a Lawn Tractor Battery Last?

When in doubt, you can expect the battery in a riding lawn cutter to last you for around four years. When it gets close to the furthest limit of this life expectancy, you’ll see the battery won’t hold its charge however long it once did.

What Batteries Do Tractors Use?

Lead-erosive farm vehicles are the most recognized picks because they are vibration-safe, shock-proof, and drip-proof. Lithium batteries are additionally a decent choice. These keep going for quite a while and they are more effective contrasted with lead-corrosive.

Can a Lawn Tractor Make a Big Battery?

However long it fits and voltage (12v supplanting 12v) is something very similar, you can place a bigger battery in your farm truck.


I hope, after going through this buying guideline, you’ll be able to choose the right batteries for your lawnmower. Just check the features mentioned above and match them with your requirements. Then pick the one that suits your tractor.

Finally, you need to be careful about your tractor batteries in order to get consistent performance for a long time. And check the manual to set it up or take some help from an expert and enjoy gardening…

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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