6 Best Log Splitters for Home Use (A Complete Guide)

Published on: February 18, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Felling trees, and later sectioning into logs, then creating kindlings are only half the battle. 

Similar to dealing with backyard firewood, or sawmill’s over 1000 thicker logs. Not a big deal if you are better off the manual splitter with a hydraulic-based electric or gas-powered logger. Even for home use or another commercial purpose around the area. As well as the cutting down chunks into halves or quarters are quite manageable. Because all of these pieces are ideal for winter fireplace woods and kindlings for campfires or outdoor jobs.

6 best log splitters for home use (a complete guide)

But the specified log splitter for home use is quite overwhelming while shopping in stores. We have found and experienced such bare-hand secured power tools for making your woods ready to use.

The below options lead to the acknowledgment of the existing variety of big machines. We ensure that the options will deliver such ideal features with a complete selection guide for lasting instead of disappointing you. Are you ready to accept the splitting challenge?

How to Select a Log Splitter for Home Use?

Power Input

Such great equipped splitting pieces are available for home use or for your sawmill to split more than hundreds of logs out there. You can find the splitters in the patented manual or powered by electricity and gasoline engines. Axes, hatchets, and kindling tools are manual. But above hydraulic splitters are perfect for splitting both wet and dry woods.

Electric log splitters are different and quite easy to store and install. Environment-friendly and adequate for small to mid-sized logs, as well as for better home use. 

However, gas-powered ones do not offer non-smoke for splitting firewoods. The fuel only allows running with the fastest speed at higher pressures if it is possible. In general, these are quite heavier-duty tools than mains-powered ones. This means available in the expensive logger category. It is harder and more dangerous to install, so you better work with care. 


How will you measure if the pressure is good enough for splitting your big or small logs? Well, logger’s pressures you can measure in tonnes of horsepower. The greater the range, the quicker to manage through. This means increasing your performance and productivity. 

You can take one with higher pressure for common home use, for instance, firewood splitting to warm up yourself and your family in the late winter. However, people would like to find something cheaper for regular applications. But we recommend getting better off with a hefty-priced one by investing your hard money.

Safety and Durability

Durability and safety come up in the ideal log splitter as complementary features. When you shop for a heavy-duty or lightweight logger, you find something that will expand its lifespan. Durability by safety equipment and proper care are more effective features. 

How can you keep the durability on? So far by proper caring. Here, safety instruments and strategies are important. Keep the engine but-free and clean it after every usage. Do the same with log cradles and valves. If you use a logger that holds a stand mount, need not kneel and have back pain during operations. Besides, hand gloves, goggles, and helmets do the same to protect yourself. 

Editor’s Speech

Hope it is clear now how useful and powerful a log splitter works. By far, it is strong enough to chunk firewood by running through the middle, even if it is harder or softer, especially taking the new hell down logs.

Well, there remain comparative tools, like splitting kindling similar to log splitters for home. But the listing may be used to narrow down and avoid being conned by cheap ones.

View Top 6 Log Splitters for Home Use, Below

1. Sun Joe LJ10M Hydraulic Log Splitter for Home Use

  • Weight: 87 pounds;
  • Split capacity: 18 in. long x 8 in. wide;
  • Wheel size: 2.48 inches;
  • Ram Force: 10 tons;
  • Misc: Log cradle, .17 gal hydraulic capacity, 10 tons splitting force, ram return spring.

While more hydraulic forcing log splitter for home use is available, we are going to give a head start with the Sun Joe LJ10M. Compared to its other series LJ602E, it is often better to tackle around the yard.

We agree and it is no longer secret that wood splitters, especially the hydraulic ones, are quite expensive as a regular home depot. But it is often better for the pros to buy a larger one to get the big hell down as larger logs. 

If you need to cut many larger logs, both wet and dry wood turn these into firewood. Then this is the best purchase you should have with 10 tons of driving forces. Operating a manual 2-speed pump is a breeze in this case.

Because its in-built lightweight measured .17 gal hydraulic storage enables it to do so and divide the logs about 18” Long x 8” Wide. Promises to provide thickness and maneuverability. As well as the log cradle assists much in holding and placing a big log, or a mid-sized one on the right track. 

Whether the steel well-constructed hydraulic ram is heavyweight, its piston rod is ready. For handling the log size, turn the knob that will reset the entire system by returning the spring.   

What we liked

  • Reasonable; 
  • Longer handles;
  • Instant and effortless starting;
  • Heavy-duty tool;
  • Durable construction;
  • Huge driving force;
  • Log cradle holds and places wood.


  • Nothing found.

2. WEN 56207 Electric Splitter for Home Use

  • Weight: 98 pounds;
  • Engine: 15 AMP;
  • Split capacity: 20.5” Length x 10” Wide; 
  • Wheel size: 5.5-inches;
  • Ram Force: 6 tons;
  • Misc: 14.75” cylinder stroke, 5-inch wedge, square 16” push plate, auto-cylinder return.

Searching for a standard electric log splitter that can plug into a household outlet? Well, WEN 56207 is the smartest choice per your need. In this case, the entire system starts with a quality electric motor. This helps to empower the machine’s hydraulics instead of a combustion engine. 

The mains-powered ones have balanced compatibility for home use. Whether gas-powered ones accelerate a separate engine, the electric hydraulics splitters come with an integrated setup from the factory to manage large, thick logs.

As well this one goes through with 6 tons of force. If you want to turn for another split, an auto-return function retracts between logs. The 34 stand underneath the log candle is enough to hold a pressure of 13,000 pounds of log cracking. It depends upon you, whether you work by standing to save your back. Or, use the low profile that sits on the ground. 

No time to think about the cold starting again. It is perfect with the overall combination of 20-second cycle time, 16-square-inch push plate, 14.75-inch cylinder stroke, and 5-inch wedge.

All these mechanisms create compatibility with the hardest of woods. For instance, the mentioned cycle time handles at least 120 logs per hour. 5” wedge confirms accuracy to divide by rotating solid logs 45 degrees. Also, the two 5.5” never-flat wheels make sure easy transportation between jobs. 

What we liked

  • Heavy-duty tool for taking up harder logs;
  • on-board pull handle;
  • Side-mounted support wings;
  • 34” stand mount;
  • Auto-cylinder return; 
  • Easy to transport and store.


  • Nothing found.

3. Powerhorse Hydraulic Horizontal/Vertical Splitter

  • Weight: 400 pounds;
  • Split capacity: 25” Length x 16” Wide;
  • Ram Force: 22 tons;
  • Misc: 7.75” wedges, 4 by 24 inches cylinder, log cradle.

You may have owned a category 1 or category 2 tractor. But once you buy this Powerhorse manufactured combined 3-point hitch, it might be a good fit. It also fulfills the aim of having one of the heaviest log splitters for business purposes in your sawmill. By far, you can regularly use it in backyard chores with rapid action. 

It assembles to your tractor in. x 24in. hydraulic cylinder, to extract the need for superflows gas or electricity. A perfect manual briefs about its user-friendliness and its heavy-duty pivot design. Such design helps to divide logs or bigger firewood into vertical and horizontal positions, by the hydraulic valve creating 22 tons of driving force.

However, the auto-return cylinder will save both time and effort. Whether the cycle time ensures that your tractor has within 3000 PSI. So, you’re supposed to get around 3 seconds. Again in reverse space about a 3.7 seconds speed.

Fret about the log rolling down by the huge splitting force? The log cradles will catch by side wings. Also, the huge force can’t do any harm, because of the well-constructed thick-plate steel with an angled shift. Is well known as the reinforced stripper design rated for continuous overloaded use. As long as you switch between vertical or horizontal positions, no bending, twisting, or tearing off is possible. 

What we liked

  • I-beam construction for heavy-weighted rapid tasks;
  • Not require extra gas or electricity;
  • 3-point hitch for power and portability;
  • Confident to switch between vertical or horizontal;
  • Cost-free maintenance;
  • Requires only two .5” hydraulic hoses.


  • Nothing found.

4. Prince LS-3000-1 Detent Valve for Home Use

  • Weight: 10 pounds;
  • Compatible with: 5-inches cylinders;
  • Misc: Relief valve adjustable between 2250-2750 PSI, detent release from 600-2000PSI.

Prince LS-3000-1 is a detent valve and an exact OEM replacement for some original valves on old or new log splitters. Manufactured with a well-balanced hydraulic, chrome-plated spool, and built-in relief valve ports to fix with 5” cylinders. 

To release the pressure, it is capable of making all open-center systems flexible. About to detent release pressure, which itself can adjust between 600-2000 PSI. More than that, another range of pressures it is capable of releasing, about 2250-2750 PSI. This is possible if the hydraulic log splitter’s cylinder flow rating is up to 25 gal/min. 

Its spring-centered design in one direction means to release the clogged pressure in the opposite direction. The valve internal is debris-free, so the machine will run first-class. An auto kick-back protection mechanism stabilizes and turns it back to its place when the cylinder completes strokes. Either you can use its handle to move itself to install up or down.

What we liked

  • Top installation handle;
  • Kick-back protection;
  • Spring-centered and back-off design;
  • Enabled to fit with 5” cylinders;
  • Extract high pressures from 600-2750 PSI.


  • Needs large hex wrenches to set up.

5. PowerSmart PS9006 Electric Logger for Home Use

  • Weight: 104 pounds;
  • Cycle time: 22 Seconds;
  • Ram Force: 8 tons;
  • Hydraulic pressure: 2740 PSI;
  • Motor speed: 3450 RPM;
  • Split log capacity of 10-inch Diameter and 21-inch Length.

Last but not least model is the PowerSmart series PS9006. Keeping in mind its safety and portability, patented with solid retracting power. The most outstanding safety controller aka two handles supports you in loading one log after another within 5 seconds with less effort. As well used to avoid injuries while engaging two hands altogether for simultaneous operations.  

Though it takes less time to lift another log, it is better to operate a hardwood within 6 seconds. After dividing such hardwoods 22” in length x 10” in diameter at 3450 RPM, the auto-return cylinder takes itself to the right place. The integrated wheels mean to port around your work areas. Somehow, you will get confused considering it is lightweight, as will you take it to the log or bring the wood over it? 

Unlike similar hydraulic models, no extensive costs and fume-free operation with an electric engine. Without the sledgehammers, axes, or hatchets, all by themselves, you can depend on them for years after years. 

What we liked 

  • Lightweight for portability;
  • Fastest splitting mode;
  • Durable steel construction;
  • Long-lasting stable performance;
  • Designed for light-duty or home use;;
  • Patented 8 tons capacity.


  • Expensive.

6. Sun Joe LJ602E w/Hydraulic Log Splitter

  • Motor: 15 Amp;
  • Splitting Force: 5 Ton;
  • Log diameter (Max): 10 in.;
  • Log Length (Max): 20 in.
  • Hydraulic Capacity:1 Gal
  • Weight: 97 lbs.

Looking for one budget assembled for delivering instant splitting force? Sun Joe LJ602E manufactured a larger designed horizontal log splitter for home use, focusing on wood-burning purposes. Compared to similar hydraulic loggers, it is much more flexible with steel frame construction to split even harder to hardest woods. 

Though its manual says, it can divide more than 20.5-inches of Douglas fir rounds. Which we found not true. Only capable of 12-14 diameter stock to spark through with lower friction, as well as few vibrations. You can consider this ripping compatibility as its drawback. Either is comfortable for those who need such a log-size handler, even if it’s about splitting oak with its 5 tons force. 

It is simple and requires a few strengths to use. Whether you can use its short-stroke power handle until you feel the pressure rather than splitting small firewood. Now I feel the pressure let off. Then use the longer stroke handle rather than finishing the burning maple and oak-like walnuts. We rarely used the short-stroke as the other one makes rapid fir split. It is quite similar to the previous model, though common features are not assembled in an easy way. 

What we liked

  • Mid-sized stock splitter;
  • Hydraulic capacitor;
  • Huge splitting force;
  • 2 handles according to the log diameter.


  • No issue.

Quick Solutions

How Does a Logger Work?

Most loggers are available with several power inputs. But the most modern ones offer a better feature, known as an automatic return cylinder which returns the hydraulic on the ram. If your traditional one has not, pull down a small handle.

At the splitter end, you can see a usual narrow and pointy shape. While its ram pushes thicker wood into the logger, which places a variety of pressures according to the splitter size. Focusing on the center causes separation through the middle of the log to half right down. This is enough accuracy to maintain clean splitting. 

Hydraulic Log Splitter for Home Use: Gas-powered vs Electric?

Overall, the patented hydraulic log splitters provide advantages and disadvantages. Well, it depends on your most desired logs’ thickness, sturdy attitude, and other circumstances. 

It is a straightforward tip to use one of the hydraulic ones. Gas-powered ones are a beneficial option whether you need to drive through the logs with huge force, about 15-27 tons. If not, use the alternate electric models, without smoke and the trouble of oiling, mixing, and related installations. If you want one for home purposes, we recommend an electric log splitter.

How to Understand the Pump Is Good Enough?

In this case, symptoms are common to all the patented wood or log splitters’ pumps. Driving the pump shaft and supplying power to accelerate the system will inform you about the pump’s condition. Once you proceed and if the hydraulic valve leaks with a bursting sound, the cylinder will not extend an integrated wedge. More similar bad symptoms are;

  • Pump and cylinder leakage at the same time;
  • The engine will not give an instant start;
  • However, it starts, may run rough, or misfires.

As long as possible wear safety equipment. And, be careful while operating with this powerful piece of machinery.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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