8 Best Miter Boxes (Things to Consider)

Published on: April 3, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Most miter saws are quite small and portable, with standard blade sizes starting from eight to 12 inches. The miter saw was invented by Ed Niehaus, the Chief Engineer within the machine division for Rockwell International, in 1964.

best miter boxes

When you want a 45° or 90° or 135° accurate angle cut or an exact and precision cut with a hand, saw or back saw or miter saw or even Japanese saw, it is not easy to cut well perpendicular to the support. But with a miter box, you can make accurate angled cuts (typically 90° and 45°) easily, precisely, and more comfortably.

Things to Consider for Choosing a Miter Box?

A miter box is old-fashioned, wonderfully simple, and affordable in the woodworking tool or DIY world to make precise angle cuts in wood pieces. Since these tools are easy to store, use, and require no power source, they are quiet and light enough to be easily moved to any project location.

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This u-shaped structure miter box has two components—a hand saw whose teeth are used for cutting against the grain of the wood and pre-cut slots are placed into to the top of both sides to help the woodworker to hold the piece in the workbench steadily when making 45- and 90-degree cuts. 

Now, How to Use a Miter Box?

Most of the miter box comes with hand miter saws or a mini hacksaw, or miter saw that is usually used for applications like wooden molding, skirting boards, or picture framing to make the finished joint a neat and precise cut.

Step 1 

Begin with marking the angle using a carpenter’s square or triangle on the material where you want to cut either on the edge of the face and with a bar or quick-release clamp or via nut bolt, securing the miter box to a stable surface.

Step 2 

Measure your cut length accurately by ensuring you measured the long end of any miters.

Step 3 

Place your wood or trim within the miter box, use any clamps or hold-downs or regular clamps on the sides of the black clamp pins in the holes on the plate, and secure the piece to the box. Ensure that the wood is correctly oriented toward the cut and secured angle so that the saw blade will precisely cut on the mark’s waste side.


Assuming you are the person who has been doing woodwork for quite a while, you should be searching for a thing with high energy. Also, you should require a miter saw that slices through the wood the manner in which a blade goes through any food.

Dust Collection

This fact is neglected by many individuals, yet they need to realize that residue and garbage can add more to the air, which can cause air contamination also. 

Regardless, you might go for such a thing that can try not to make dust, so the wellbeing of the specialist is saved. Besides, it likewise empowers you to see the region that you are cutting on the wood. 

So it implies that it guarantees clear-cutting. Our group prescribes you to go for such items that contain a residue assortment so it can go straightforwardly to that assortment.

Our Picks of Top 8 Miter Boxes Are in the Below-

But finding the topmost miter box, among hundreds of features models and according to your needs, isn’t easy. So in this article, by knowing the essential features like price, type, brand, the bad, and the good of the miter box, we’ve made this guideline for you by selecting an accurate Miter box available in the market.

1. Stanley (1-20-600) Storage Miter Box with Saw

  • Aluminum box;
  • 90, 45 and 22.5 angle cuts slots;
  • It has a Built-in clamping system.

Stanley miter box(1-20-600) is a lightweight, durable and straightforward miter box with a saw to make precise, accurate angled cuts or miter cuts in a board securely and efficiently. Its built-in saw system can quickly stop you from preventing cutting into the miter box. For smooth, staple use in various projects, it has two mounting holes in the base.

Its cam-shaped pins twist and lock with a honeycomb base, making the material to stay secure for accurate miters cuts on 45° and 90° angles, face angle 45° and 22.5° angle for octagonal shapes. While cutting, adding stability, and holding the miter box in place, it has an extended lip on the bottom of the box.


  • For its lightweight and durable features, it is simple to use;
  • Excellent cuts with ease and precision;
  • Good enough feature for a DIY projects;
  • 11.81in length box with a patented storage system;
  • Molded-in storage bins can hold cam pensand pencils.


  • The box is not wide enough.

2. FIRSTINFO Metal Aluminum Miter Box

  • Stronger aluminum construction;
  • Extended lip base;
  • Accurate 45°, 90°, and 135° cutting angle;
  • Works well on wood, plastic, and metals;
  • One year warranty.

FIRSTINFO metal aluminum miter box is a versatile, excellent kit for using a manual saw or hand saw in producing precision cutting of woodworking, model parts, trim, railway track, etc. projects. It’s extended lip base with 90 degrees angle design makes it stable to position and comfortable to hold the piece in the workbench.

This aluminum professional tool quality miter box features slots for three angles- 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and 135-degree cutting edges. This is great for DIY molding and framing projects around the house or working place. Its 1.2mm maximum thickness of the miter saw blade gives a suitable size cut of 2-inch maximum depth and 3-inch maximum width materials.


  • Portable & durable feature gives you more comfort to use;
  • Useful clamp and very sharp edges;
  • Very sharp edges;
  • It cuts the suitable size of materials easily;
  • The maximum thickness of the blade is 1.2mm;
  • Flexible slip pedestal firm and fix the object during cutting work;
  • Ensures accurate finishing cuts for a wide range of materials.


  • Does not come with any miter saw blades or handles.

3. GreatNeck (BSB14) 12 Inch Miter Box

  • 12″ plastic miter box with a ruler edge;
  • Comes with a 14″ backsaw;
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty.

Want to cut hard and softwoods for accurate cuts at 90 degrees and 45-degree angles? Then this GreatNeck (bsb14) 12 inches will be the best high impact steel & plastic material ruler edge of polystyrene miter box for you. Its inches long serrated edge blade, it can cut slightly more extensive than a 3-inch depth cut.

It has sharp teeth, a precision set, and reinforced steel back-saw for accurate cutting for exterior and interior wood cutting. With its two screw set holes on the base of the box, it is very comfortable and easy to use while cutting wood.


  • Very comfortable to use with update feature;
  • High-impact steel & plastic material is use to made this saw;
  • 3-inch reinforced depth cut provides;
  • Make slightly extensive cuts without any doubt;
  • Designed to cut hard and softwoods;
  • Enhanced with steel back-saw for accurate cutting;
  • Suitable for exterior and interior wood cutting.


  • It is perfect for small jobs.

4. Stanley (20-600) Clamping Miter Box with Saw

  • Plastic box;
  • Patented design;
  • 14-inch backsaw;
  • Built-in measuring scale;
  • Honeycomb base.

This Stanley miter box (20-600) is featured with a built-in stop and honeycomb base with cam pins designed for a secure workpiece for accurate cut miters on 45-degree and 90-degree, face angle 45-degree, and all-new 22-1/2-degree edge for maximum versatility.

It also features molded-in storage compartments to hold cam pins and pencil and sports a molded lip on the base edge for easy use without mounting or pre-drilled holes in the base for secure fastening workbench. The high impact resistant material molded base and pins ensure the long life of this miter box.


  • It is easy to use for its lightweight and portable features;
  • Makes super easy, accurate angle cuts;
  • Comes with a miter box, saw, and two cam pins;
  • Suitable for light work of cutting skirting.


  • It is one kind of flimsy miter box.

5. ELMERS Miter Box Knife and Blades

  • X-Acto metal miter box;
  • Comes with an X-Acto knife and blades.

The ELMERS is a small metal mini miter box set from X-Acto that is ideal for creating small picture frames, cutting small pieces of balsa wood, basswood project, and specific crafts.

It also comes with X-Acto extra excellent razor saw blade 5.5x1with 1/4 54tooth for 7.19 that is great for cutting metal, balsa wood, and plastic. This mini miter box is designed to allow cuts at 90 or 45-degree angles and also capable of cutting at square ends, mitered corners, and perfect splices.


  • Great for quickly cutting plastic;
  • Used for 90 or 45-degree perfect cutting angles;
  • Handy for small jobs;
  • The guide holds the wood and blade steady;
  • Make accurate cuts in small stock, basswood, or moldings.


  • Can’t give precision or straight cuts.

6. Zona (35-260) Aluminum Wide Slot Miter Box

  • Aluminum miter box;
  • Wide slot;
  • Made in the USA.

Zona (35-260) is the United States’ highest quality materials made aluminum wide slot miter box. The miter box has a perfect .031inch wide slot with 3/4inch cutting depth for cutting square ends and mitered corners.

With its 45 and 90-degree cutting angles, it works great for small projects by giving accurate cuts. This mini-miter box has a 1/8″ lip on the bottom and a 3/16″ hole on the side to clamp or screw the miter box in place.


  • 5-1/2inch length and 1-3/4 inch cutting width gives you comfort to use;
  • 45 and 90 degrees cutting angles;
  • Perfect splices and mitered corners;
  • .031inch wide slot with 3/4inch cutting depth;
  • Suitable to use on softwoods and small projects;
  • Easily adjustable with any Zona razor saw or with a mini hacksaw.


  • Too thin aluminum;
  • Not usable for hardware-store construction.

7. Great Neck Saw (PMB12) Plastic Miter Box

  • 12″-plastic miter box;
  • Made in the USA;
  • The ruler edge ensures rigidity.

Another product by Great Neck saw is a high neck (pmb12) plastic miter box for doing accurate cuts in woodworking projects. In this little plastic miter box’s slots, you can easily fit the hacksaw blade to 12″ x 4″ x 2-1/4″ preset cuts at 90 degrees and 45-degree angles. All the features of this bright yellow miter box make it suitable for exterior and interior wood cutting.


  • Lightweight and durable construction;
  • Very comfortable to fit, and ideal for accurate cuts;
  • Suitable for a small and medium projects;
  • Ruler scale for quick measurements;
  • Holds the materials firmly in the miter box;
  • Ruler edge high impact polystyrene construction for rigidity.


  • Some complaints about the slots of the saw are too thin.

8. Stanley (20-112) Clamping Miter Box

  • High-impact resistant material;
  • Built-in measuring scale clamp system;
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Another useful hand tool from Stanley manufacturer is Stanley 20-112, clamping the best miter box, an ideal miter box for precise angles and versatile cuts. It has high-impact resistant material with a molded lip on the base edge for easy use without mounting.

It holds material securely with two screw holes on each side in the base and comes with a design for a secure workpiece and easy use for accurate cuts.


  • Gives precise and versatile cuts;
  • Hold material securely for ease and precision cuts; built-in saw stops helps to prevent cutting into miter box; 
  • Holes in base ensures tight fastening to a workbench;
  • To hold cam pins and pencil, it has molded-in storage compartments.


  • Cheap plastic box material used from other miter boxes.

Frequently Question Answers

What is the Contrast Between a Compound and Sliding Miter Saw?

The main difference between them is the rail or rail above the sliding miter saw. These rails permit you to slide the saw back and forward as you cut. The saw can do what a compound miter saw can do. It permits you to slice materials that are up to 16 inches thick.

Would You Be Able to Utilize a Miter Box With a Circular Saw?

You can make fresh, accurate bevel cuts or miter cuts by looking at the circular saw but it is interesting. The blade guard doorman can stick, making it extreme to get started. Furthermore, because the blade has been calculated, it is harder to follow a line properly without bending the curve and imagining the blade.

What Is the Miter Box?

A miter box helps woodworkers to get a perfect angle cut for joining  and creating a corner. And it is the set of multiple tools like- a razor saw for creating the cut. Traditionally a miter box is made of metal and can easily adjust for 45-90 degree angle.

Are the Miter Boxes Accurate?

A power miter saw can lose its arrangement with components, particularly when the instrument is first operational. Backsaws and Manual miter saw boxes can cut with more significant precision cuts, making them particularly useful for fine craftsmanship, for example, creating outlines of images.

Final Verdict

A miter box is specially used for making exact angled cuts or for precise and versatile cuts or often for the construction of joints for softwoods and minor projects.

Here we’ve tried to give you our suggestions on a miter box with saw sets available in the market to make accurate angled cuts in small stock, basswood or moldings, etc.

Without our list there is a miter saw which is most durable that is dewalts dws780. This dewalts miter comes with a compound cuts system which provides a high visibility scale according to easy miter angle adjustment. Think this guideline will help you to grab your desired one according to your needs.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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