7 Best Radial Arm Saws (How to Select)

Published on: March 27, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Tired of looking for a strong machine for all crosscuts, bevel, and miter cuts at the same time? If we ask for everything in a radial arm saw, will you buy it? Instead, many pro-graded woodworkers may have purchased a band saw, or get all these jobs done by a table saw.

Is it good enough? Well, some may say yes to the compound sliding miter saw. We also agree that it has become the king at present, but not a new replacement, in terms of cutting boards, lumbers, and woods. 

best radial arm saws

Well, it is pretty confusing, even much more than selecting the right one from overwhelming and competitive models. To save you from deceptive salespeople and get acknowledged what you are up to, we would love to present some surprises. The rundown of 7 radial arm saws, with a well-researched compact buyer’s guide, will help in no-mistakes performance. Not helpful enough? Straight read the FAQ section thoroughly.

How to Select a Radial Arm Saw?


Selecting a radial arm saw, nothing but blade sharpness with a safety guard is vital and top in consideration’s list. Running after brands and other useful accessories attached to one saw is not a perfect solution for serious lifetime services. Whether different blades come in various shapes and materials in construction, some are rust-free, or some may get broken within a short time.

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Another importance you should never deny is about TPI, like an integrated saw fence. TPI, Teeth per Inch, determines the competence to drive through any heavy and sharp or less thick materials with precision.


Selecting a radial arm saw, it is neither to deny that it often comes with heavy instruments and heavy speed for precise and fast cutting. And, scientifically determined by the RPM. As if the blade running speed limits your project, meaning how and which version you can apply on your woodworking or metal cutting project.

However, a high RPM limit is suitable for hardwood, whether at a low or middle speed, you can turn on for contrary materials. For instance, Bosch CM10GD has a higher RPM, whether the same brand series is offering normal revolutionary per minute is for softwoods.


Accessories mean what other good comes with a radial arm saw as if it contains more than a simple cut. In particular, not each model, but numerous ones offer crosscuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, and more.

As if, well known as a compound miter saw, or sliding saw or 2-in-1 table saw and so on named. Like potential laser guide systems or some innovative technologies, for instance, the Axial-Glide system, the cutting angles and capabilities in these often should come in handy.

On top of that, a powerful motor integration often needs to ease your sawing over materials. And to do that, read the manual guide thoroughly, else ask the pros. Even multiple attachments, we did after completing different tasks for lifetime services. 

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How to Uses Radial Arm Saws

It has a wide assortment of recruits. You can utilize it for building furniture, wood framing, wood cutting for DIY activities, fine woodwork, and home development work. Although it is not the most adaptive power tool of the pound-power-pound, it is certainly adaptable due to the perfect number scattered externally.

In this part, I’ll clean up each of the extruded weapons that can be cut.

The Rip cuts

Numerous radial arm saws have a ribbon-cutting element tied to the head of the ear 90-degrees, so the edge is consistent with the fence. Seeing and hearing an arm, regularly cut the workpiece securely against the back fence across the entire length.


This saw is a great device for crosscuts.

Dissimilar to rip cuts, cross-cuts are really perfect. A long time ago the woodcut along the length of the wood would make the cut, but the crosscut would cut a bit across the width of the wood. Thus, these are not meant to cut lots of wood or cut huge pieces of wood.

Nonetheless, these are an original type of cut when doing mind-boggling carpentry projects. Moreover, not at all like the tear cuts, which show the wood to be damaged after cutting, the cross cuts leave the wood in great condition and respectable.

An important point to note here is that you are pulling the cutting edge on the other side of the wood and resulting in a trip cut. A sharp edge with a decent negative hook angle is enthusiastically suggested.

Bevel Cuts

As well as the density of a piece of wood, the way they are cut at an angle separates them from the pieces of the miter. These cuts are widely utilized in carpentry, particularly in projects where the administrator requires no sharp edges.

 If you want to make a compound cut, you should similarly turn the spiral arm to the required meter point.

View Top 7 Radial Arm Saws Reviews, Below

For ongoing literal projects, or further, for instance, woodworking or metal grinding, either taking these for crosscuts, bevel or miter cuts, it is worth checking the top 7 Radial Arm Saws.

1. Dewalt DWS779 Sliding Compound Saw

  • Weight: 56 pounds;
  • Motor: 15 AMP;
  • No-load speed: 3800RPM;
  • Blade diameter: 12”;
  • Arbor size: 5/8” or 1”.

The first best experience we want to share, the most expected manufacturer, Dewalt’s series DWS779. We were very fortunate to apply this radial arm saw, aka sliding compound saw, in many woodworking and metallic cutting projects. However, the pattern does not have a pre-attach system of laser guidance. However, nothing can beat our eye laser system.

Else, speaking of the motor life with heavy power delivery and 3800RPM speed, take this corded sliding miter saw to the next level. A bit pricey, but 12” blade diameter and being many handy leaves no hue by any means. 

More than the cutting ability, quite fab to us at 2-different degrees. As well as 2×12 at 45 degrees and 2×14 lumber at 90-degrees, whether by innovative back fence design or by cam lock.

What we liked 

  • LED light attachment option;
  • Blade guard for safety;
  • Runs through 6.75” thickness;
  • High delivery speed;
  • Dust port;
  • Regarding 60-degrees left/right miter cutting capacity.  


  • Hefty prices.

2. Metabo HPT C10FCGS Single Bevel Radial Arm Saw

  • Weight: 24.5 pounds;
  • Motor: 15AMP;
  • Bevel range: 0°-45˚;
  • Blade diameter: 10”.

Previously known as Hitachi, but the new form has not been manufactured by compromising the previous quality. So, nothing to fret about. The new form, yet with a powerful 15AMP motor, about 5000RPM intends to produce.

Obviously, greater speed than the previous model ensures no-time precise cuts through thick and hardwoods. Even with a little effort, enable the workpiece either in miter cut direction or in single bevel cut exposure, at 0°-52˚ angle range or 0°-45˚ bevel range. But the second range will lead to only left side cutting.  

How about the handling system? With several adjustable stop points, and the large workbench always there for it. Along with the blade safety guard, the backed design will provide a strong vice clamp. However, if you are in an expensive mood, try a carbon brush replacement for lifelong services. 

What we liked 

  • Mid-sized depth reaching blade;
  • Adjustable stops for bevel cuts;
  • Powerful big motor;
  • Good portability;
  • Both miter and bevel cut compatibility.


  • No laser marker.

3. Dewalt DWS715 Single Bevel Compound Saw

  • Weight: 42.8 pounds;
  • Motor: 15AMP;
  • No-load speed: 4000RPM;
  • Blade diameter: 12”; 
  • Arbor size: 5/8 inches.

Is your every radial arm saw worth your money? If not, try this one from a well-established manufacturer Dewalt. Not only a name, but we have also used its every heavy-duty and other machines with durability and assembly of good features. 

Unlike other models, weighing less does not mean being featureless. Well, the 14 stops according to the project size, makes it more outstanding. Even the 4000RPM motor speed acts like a beast to drive through up to 2×8 inch lumbers at 90-degrees. 

Whether for easy sliding at the same angle, either tall fences 5.25” crown molding nested, or by more than the previous 1” in a vertical position at a single phase. This means to leave that piece by maintaining fence perpendicularity with the help of a machined base.  

For more help, contact the blade guard, wrench, handles, and vertical clamps.

What we liked 

  • Makes good rips and crosscuts;
  • Strong and long-lasting;
  • 3 bevel stops as per project need;
  • Into deep stock driving capacity.  


  • Expensive.

4. Dayton Radial Arm Saw

  • Weight: 331 pounds; 
  • Motor: 1HP;
  • Blade diameter: 10 In. and 12 In.;
  • Miter Capacity: 0°-45˚;
  • Bevel capacity: 0°-45˚ and 90˚.

To avoid disappointments later and enjoy an original radial arm saw, spend your decent bucks on Dayton manufactured one. Hence, from the day on Dayton investment, be fortunate to have a non-mixture saw, as in not with sliding compound saws.

It has enabled separate bevel and miter cutting points, as well as 0°-45˚ to 90˚ for bevel and  0°-45˚ for miter cutting at least 10-12 inches depth. Though the better portability does not come on its manufacturing offers. Speaking of the corded power source, well, yes, the 115V at 3 different stops lets users use enough amount as per the project size. 

However, a personal portable and durable stand to withstand hardwood operations. As a result, you would have ensured precise cuts with unnecessary injuries by the auto safety blade guards.  

What we liked 

  • Withstand power for stabilization;
  • Uniform rip reading scale;
  • Offers automatic safety features;
  • Convenient dust port.


  • Hefty-priced;
  • Not very portable.  

5. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD Corded Radial Arm Saw

  • Weight: 65 pounds;
  • Motor: 15AMP;
  • Bevel detents: 0, 33.9 degree, 45 degree left/right;
  • Blade diameter: 12”;
  • Speed: 3800RPM.

As one of the trendy radial arm saws, some patents integrate some trendy and innovative well-enough technologies. Yes, talking about Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD series corded electric saw has a pre-attached Axial-Glide system. So, we have to enlist in this class. Even pre-aligned square lock fences have let us achieve several wider cross-cuts. 

Comes in a compact mode, as well, provides 6.5” vertical cutting depth capacity, whether amounting to 14”, quite more than double capacity in the case of horizontal rips (45-degree spring). Take into account the dual bevel range. The rarest but let equal bevel and miter cuts. After all, do they want easy adjustments? Down to the handle, capture it through uniform bevel read, along with S.S. made marked miter scale.  

What we liked 

  • Axial Glide system; 
  • Detents for roof pitched angles;
  • One-touch lock/unlock mechanism;
  • Compact cutting;
  • Dual bevel capability.


  • Unfit for cross-cuts.

6. Dewalt DWS780 Sliding Compound Radial Arm Saw

  • Weight: 54 pounds;
  • Motor: 15AMP;
  • Motor speed: 3800RPM;
  • Blade diameter: 12”.

For carpenters, who have genuine faith in inaccurate angle cuts, they can consider the Dewalt series DWS780 radial arm saw in this class. Even a revolutionary arm saw aiming users with precise angle cuts can purchase it.

Especially its 10 positive stops, with an S.S. constructed plate, means miter detention for a huge improvement while sensing to turn your project on top.

Similar to Dewalt’s products in this class, it comes to cut at both 60° and 50°from the O limit with an exclusive back fence. Expected dual horizontal steel rails are a real breeze, even with exclusive linear ball bearings. Either want to support a crown or base molding excessive 13-3/4”, use the tall sliding fences. 

According to the design, we have experienced mitering capacity to the left side up to 50-degrees and the right up to 60-degrees. However, if you need an oversized bevel adjustment, go ahead with the bevel scale readings.    

What we liked 

  • Compact and dual steel rails;
  • Both miter and bevelling capacity;
  • Uniform reading scale;
  • Super-efficient dust collection system;
  • Improved linear ball bearings;
  • Big dust port.


  • No stands available.

7. Bosch CM10GD Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw

  • Weight: 64 pounds;
  • Motor: 15AMP;
  • No-load speed: 4800RPM;
  • Blade diameter: 10”;
  • Arbor size: 5/8-Inch;
  • TPI: 60.

While including it in this listing, people may ask why the last one, instead, provides a table saw. Well, if one comes in 2-in-1, for instance, radial arm saw, table saw, or miter or sliding saws-all in one classified product? Unbelievable, right? 

Bosch CM10GD comes with all. An Axial-Glide mechanism, meant to provide less workspace for smooth cutting controls. As well, no need to fret in tight quarters better productivity. Even running on a straight 15AMP gearbox motor, in that case, it was noticeable to us. Read more: Benchtop Metal Bandsaws Reviews

What else is different from a regular belt-driven saw? Without bogging down and less maintenance, allows actions against fences, especially about 6” crown capacity (45-degrees spring). Keep debris and dust-free at one click through a big combination of vacuum adapter and dust chute. 

What we liked 

  • Innovative axial-glide mechanism;
  • Lock and chop at one switch;
  • Quick bevel setups;
  • 5 miter detents.


  • Hefty-priced;
  • Unsuitable for handling large boards.


What Is the Difference Between a Table Saw and a Radial Arm Saw?

A table saw includes an edge that is inserted into the table and can be raised and lowered from it as you work. The cutting edge of a radial arm saw is mounted on a movable arm, the purpose of which is to keep it suspended above the table.

What Amount Does a Radial Arm Saw Gauge?

Sorts of Radial Arm Saws

Addressing the most well-known sort of radial arm saws, most of these apparatuses are weighty and intended to remain on the floor. Generally, these saws weigh more than 200 pounds and are intended to have a committed space in your working environment.

Does a Radial Arm Saw Have the Ability for Grinding and Dadoing?

A big yes is, therefore, waiting. Besides ripping, bevel cuts, crosscuts, miter cuts, it does not matter while dealing with grinding and dadoing at the same time. Well, quite unpopular, but quite useful for this machine. Instead of its pre-attached working table, have an oversized replacement with grinding wheels too similar to mills. 

But for dadoing, you have to increase head flexibility and the angles on an excellent working around. 

Are Radial Arm Saws Harmful?

Well, in particular, not some kind of that. But yes, the imperfect use of its blade rotation can bring dangers at every step. As if the blade can grab-all the saw. However, it is a rumor that it has intended to bite users. But not a true rumor at all. Instead, it is relatively safer. It is possible if you leap the arms into the job and kickback against its rotation. 

Somehow it can jam like other saws. So, find something with a jam releasing mechanism or tensioning. 

Can an Old Radial Arm Saw Get in Use Further?

In that case, from our experience, only a few replacements can make it fast for rapid actions as similar to before. Some substitute jobs you can make it go into. 

Converting into a drum sander, more like a slot mortise cutter or into a dovetailed one. Moreover, its pre-attached miter gearbox or set is very useful to create a drill press lift, most often like a metal drill press. If you are in a good base, take it for converting into an overhead pin router.  

Is a Radial Arm Saw the Same as a Miter Saw?

They have a higher slicing profundity permitting them to slice through thicker timber, while miter saws are not made for cutting thicker wood. Outspread radial arm saws can’t be moved around and need a station for working, while miter saws are convenient and you can throw them around any place you need.

Final Words  

Hope you know each detail for shopping for a radial arm saw, even with why and how questions and answers. However, for your nifty woodworking, you might have gone with similar type saws, but this time, it will never ditch whether for precision crosscuts or for miter and bevel cuts at the same time.

Else, for closure available details, it is worth checking out the buyer’s guide. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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