11 Best Radiator Coolant for Hot Weather

Published on: March 27, 2022
Written by Liam Jaxon / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Engine coolant is important to cool down your engine in scorchy summer. It raises the boiling point of water in summer and protects your engine from damage. It keeps the engine from overheating while driving in extremely hot weather.

Though the best antifreeze coolant will last for a long time, you need to replace this after a certain period of time.

best radiator coolant for hot weather

Buying the right coolant is more tricky than you imagine. Because you may decide to select one according to color as the previous one. But you’re totally wrong! Color is not a standard to select this type of product. You need to know more details.

Don’t panic! In this guideline, I’ve gathered the most popular coolants currently available in the market for hot weather and other basics about it.

What is Engine Coolant

In a cold climate, there is always a possibility that the water of your car cooling system may get frozen. This may damage the entire system including bursting radiator and cylinder jackets. To prevent this type of accident people use some additives known as Engine Coolant or Antifreeze. You can even use them in the hot climate as it also prevents the same water from boiling over in summer.

So engine coolant or Antifreeze is a clever liquid solution that controls your car’s engine temperature. It is ethylene glycol based liquid and can be added to water to reduce the freezing point.

It keeps your car running even if the temperature is decreased or increased by reducing the freezing point of the water-based liquid and increasing its boiling point.

How Does it Works

As we all know that the boiling point of water is 212°F or 100°C and freezing point is 32°F or 0°C. But when you mix water with ethylene glycol both boiling and freezing point of water can increase by 235°F or 113°C and freezing point of water can decrease by -67°F or -55°C.

When water becomes frozen it expands and crystallizes. But if you add the antifreeze to the water, the molecules have to struggle harder to join together to crystallize. Their struggle reduces the freezing point.

So by controlling water molecules, engine coolant helps your car engine to run at any temperature.

How Do You Know When You Need a Radiator Coolant?

Your vehicle temperature is warmer than normal, which means you need to add some radiators. A coolant that protects your motor from overheating. And similarly protects your vehicle from freezing temperatures.

Whenever you see a drop of orange or green liquid under your car, this is the right time to add radiator liquid. An Evans waterless motor coolant added substance can be utilized instead of liquid catalyst and water.

Moreover, assuming you hear a crushing commotion coming from in the engine, or on the other hand assuming that specks and circles of rust begin to appear in the radiator fluid, those are signs that it’s the ideal opportunity for a top off.

The second you notice steam or a scent like bubbling maple syrup coming from the motor, quit driving right away and have your cooling framework investigated by an auto fix proficient.

Benefits of Utilizing Radiator Coolant

The benefits are varied and this is the reason they’ve turned into a need for vehicles over the long run. Here we talk about some of the benefits that these coolants offer.

Helps Maintain the Best Fuel Economy. Radiator coolant is responsible for maintaining the existence of the motor. These types of fluids have a proper fever in the body of your vehicle and maintain life, keep it safe and grease all its parts.
Reduces Maintenance Costs and DowntimeThis type of radiator fluid has undergone several seating tests and lab tests to protect different parts of a vehicle. These include radiators, wet sleeves, water siphons, and each of the polymers and metals found inside your car’s motor.
Safeguards the EngineThese coolants contain a concentrated blend of premium quality and durable inhibitors that have been shown to withstand the terrifying heat, corrosion, rust, scale, and untimely depressions of water siphons for 12,000 hours or 600,000 miles of assured reassurance.
Forestalls Car BreakdownsAbout 40% of road breakdowns are caused by a problem with the vehicle’s cooling structure. Yet, whenever utilized accurately, these coolant choices can safeguard the vehicle for at least one year.

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Types of Engine Coolant

Different types of cars need different types of coolant. You should know well about your car type and the required type of coolant before buying. Basically, there are three types of coolant available in the market.

1. Inorganic Acid Technology (IAT):

It contains phosphate and silicate to resist corrosion, used for older cars and need to be flushed after every 36000 miles or every two years.

2. Organic Acid Technology (OAT):

To inhibit rust and corrosion different manufacturers use a different chemical in this type of coolant. These are long-lasting than IAT but incompatible with older engines. OAT can be the best coolant for the aluminum engine. It needs to be replaced after every 150000 miles or every five years.

3. Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT):

It contains silicate phosphate and nitrites. It is compatible with almost all types of engine. You can replace this antifreeze after every five years or after 150000 miles.

Top 11 Coolant for High Performance Cars (Every Vehicle)

1. Engine Ice High Performance Coolant

This is the best coolant you can ever get within affordable range. Engine Ice (item no TYDS008) has met all the standards to declare it suitable for any materials and vehicles including demanding cars and high performance bikes. 

This coolant reduces the operation temperature of the car engine up to 20° Fahrenheit, maximizing energy efficiency of your racing car. The boiling temperature is 256° Fahrenheit, which is perfect to protect car engines from damage on the hottest days of summer. Its freezing temperature is -26° Fahrenheit, perfect for regular winter days.

Its main contents are propylene glycol which is diluted with deionized water. This coolant is pre mixed, so you just pour it in your vehicle’s cooling system,  no need to dilute it with water. To get all its benefits, just make sure to flush your car’s cooling system three times before applying this liquid. This material is convenient to recover seal failures and water pump gaskets.

Things We Liked

  • Reasonable price;
  • Premixed;
  • Suitable for racing cars and bikes;
  • Non toxic;
  • Compatible to any metal. 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.

2. Havoline Extended Life Antifreeze / Coolant Premix 50/50

This premix coolant has several features that can be found in pricey coolants. Such as, its service life of 150,000 miles/5 years. This coolant is formulated with  aliphatic organic additives which meets GM DEX-COOL requirements. 

This chemical has corrosion resisting properties but it is not proven to seal micro leaks. But it is evident that this cooling agent will not corrode the water pump gasket of your car, it does not contain any erosion causing substances to damage metals.

Havoline coolants are compatible with most of the new and old European, Asian and US made cars and light trucks. For summer days, this coolant is widely used and proven to be good and economical to use for any medium range vehicle. It is not recommended to use in racing cars and bikes.

Things We Liked

  • Does not damage water pump seals;
  • Affordable;
  • Longer interval for coolant change;
  • Premix. 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Only suitable for light automobiles.

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3. Star brite Star-Cool Premium Synthetic PG Engine Coolant

The manufacturer Star brite claims this Star-Cool Premium Synthetic PG Engine coolant to have the longest service life for diesel engines. You get 750,000 miles/ 7+ years/ 12,500 hours in diesel engines with Star-cool coolant. On the other hand, for gasoline engines, this coolant will be usable for up to 2+ years, 250,000 miles or 4,000 hours. 

Poly organic additives (POAT) are mixed with deionized water in a propylene glycol base to make this antifreeze non-toxic, technologically advanced and efficient. This premix coolant has met OEM specifications. Other than cooling the engines in summer days, this liquid heals small scratches on metal and makes them corrosion resistant.

265°F bloi over and -26°F (with 15 psi caps) freezing point makes this coolant ideal to use all year round.

Though it is claimed to be suitable for high performance cars, in reality it is less suitable to cool powerful engines; mostly convenient for cars and light trucks.

Things We Liked

  • Can seal small pinholes and cracks;
  • Premixed;
  • Long service life;
  • Non toxic.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Pricey.

4.Maxima-82964 Coolanol 50/50 Blend Performance Coolant

This premium quality has ready-to-utilize 50/50 blend. Its depends on deionized water and ethylene glycol to give security to all aluminum and magnesium parts against rust and erosion. It works for most landscape vehicles, including cruiser and ATVs.

The Coolanol alternative contains antifoam specialists. That diminishes water siphon cavitation. And increment its cooling limit, figuring out how to guard working temperatures inside breaking points. It likewise shields from stop ups during winter, 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

It operates to raise cooling method breaking point up to 256-degrees Fahrenheit, with a 15-pound radiator top. Preferably appropriate for all cruiser applications, this liquid is very low on silicates.

Additionally, this coolant is alright for aluminum radiators since it has been tried in this field. We would prescribe abstaining from blending. Other coolants that may as of now be on your motorcycle.

Things We Liked

  • Low-silicate fluid;
  • Built-in aluminum and magnesium.
  • Cooling capacity.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.

5. Genuine-Honda Long Life Coolant – Perfect for Motorcycle Coolant

The coolants we find in the market, labeled ‘suitable for motorcycles’ are less effective for motorcycles compared to cars. Motorcycle engines are different from car engines, hence, requiring different coolants. This coolant from Honda is meant for Honda and Acura motorcycles and proven to be effective as coolant and antifreeze for cars as well. 

Ethylene glycol is diluted with deionized water in 50/50 ratio to make this type-2 antifreeze, ensuring 10 years or 120,000 miles long life for cooling motorcycle engines. Metal and non metal parts and machineries of motorcycles stay protected because of the long-term protective characteristics of this Genuine coolant.

It is free from any form of corrosion causing chemicals like silicate or borate. This is premixed, and blue in color. This product is reasonably priced. It is ethylene based, not polypropylene based. So, it is toxic for health. This is the only issue of this coolant. Other than this, it is a great option to cool down motorcycle engines in summer heats.

Things We Liked

  • Long service life;
  • Meant for motorcycles;
  • Suitable for cars as well;
  • Premixed.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Toxic.

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6. Valvoline G48 Low Silicate/Phosphate Antifreeze/Coolant

Valvoline has been the trusted name of a vehicle coolant manufacturer. Most garage owners stock this coolant because of its high compatibility. It goes with any car, light truck, or motorbike and can be mixed with other coolants irrespective of their colors. 

This coolant is greenish-yellow in color and it is premixed. It has corrosion inhibitors to protect your car cooling system from abrasion and stops spreading out of existing rusts. 5 years or 150,000 miles is the minimum service life of it but it goes much longer.

Aluminum engines and radiators stay safe with this coolant. Adding Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCAs) with AF2100-6PK Extended Life makes it effective to use in heavy-duty vehicles as well. Now, you can get this antifreeze for a lower price on Amazon.

Things We Liked

  • Goes with any make and model;
  • Suitable for aluminum;
  • Can be mixed with any coolant;
  • Affordable. 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.

7. Zerex G40 Phosphate and Nitrite Free 50/50 Prediluted Ready-to-Use Antifreeze/Coolant

This coolant is the latest launch by Audi (Part No. ‎861399-EA). The best feature of this coolant is its high compatibility to work on all engine types including OEM engines of Zerex. The identical OAT formula of its content makes it suitable for aluminum radiators

Ethylene glycol is the prominent component of this antifreeze. This substance is proven to be highly efficient as coolant and antifreeze. The coolant has impressive properties to protect car engines from abrasion and scale deposition.

It comes in a lilac color. You can make this G40 coolant even more versatile by mixing it and making coolants of your own requirements. The price is slightly higher than other coolants, but if you are concerned about your car’s aluminum radiator, then you must invest in this cooling material for your car’s safety. The only thing that can be improved about this material is its ethylene base. Propane-based coolants are less toxic and safer.

Things We Liked

  • Heavy-duty applications;
  • Long-life protection;
  • Can be mixed with G40 and G12++;
  • Nitrite-free, phosphate-free, premium Si-organic acid technology.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.

8. Valvoline-Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant for High Performance Vehicles

This (ZEREX G-05) antifreeze coolant from Valvoline is widely used in heavy duty vehicles like trucks. This is compatible with gasoline and diesel engines. Compared to conventional concentrated coolant, this one has low silicate; hence, not harsh on any metals, even sensitive ones like aluminum. 

This coolant is mostly ethylene glycol-based, giving long operation life to heavy vehicles. The nitrite in ZEREX G-05 has deposit control properties to protect the cooling system from forming scales and cavities.

To make your customized coolant, this coolant can be used as a base. This solvent allows you to mix with other high quality coolants. 50%-70% dilution of this coolant with water is sufficient to prepare your car for summer heats and give it ultimate corrosion resistant properties. High quality defoamer system does not cause damage to original vehicle finishes.

For these features and affordable price, this coolant is the most recommended one among concentrated categories.

Things We Liked

  • Can be mixed with other coolants;
  • Has deposit control ingredients;
  • Suitable for aluminum;
  • Protects from cavities;
  • Suitable for heavy duty vehicles. 

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No repairing properties.

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9. Ford-Genuine Ford Fluid VC-7-B Gold Concentrated Antifreeze / Coolant

Ford has brought this product specially to protect ford engines from rust and abrasion. But this coolant/antifreeze is compatible with any diesel or gasoline engines. Its long service life is convenient as you get a long interval between coolant changes. 

A solution of 50/50 deionized or distilled water with Genuine Ford Fluid has a boiling point of 265°F (129°C)  and freezing point lower than -34°F (-37°C). This feature makes this coolant/antifreeze suitable to use all year round.

This coolant is OEM type and comes in gold color. It is allowed to mix with other gold colored coolants. It is ethylene glycol based, so caution should be taken while dealing with this product. As this antifreeze/coolant is launched by Ford, hence, its effectiveness and quality is expected to be as good as their cars.

Things We Liked

  • Perfect for Ford engines;
  • Long service life;
  • Can be mixed with other gold colored coolants;
  • Protects against corrosion and rust.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.

10. K-Seal ST5501 Multi Purpose One Step Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

A good leak repair can save you from costly repair bills of cooling system leakage. K Seal is proven useful in seeking and sealing leaks, cracks and holes in every part of the vehicle cooling system. 

Ceramic microfibers and copper of this seal repair flow through the cooling system, find out the problem area and mesh together to fill up the gaps permanently. Its particles are perfectly sized to seal the leaks only, not to block the cooling system.

Convenience of application is the most popular feature of this repair. You don’t have to flush or drain your vehicle’s cooling system. Just shake the bottle, add this additive to the cooling system and run the engine. This repair is compatible with any coolant and any engine. It weighs several ounces and costs little but saves your car from leaks which may in long run cause grave damage.  

Things We Liked

  • Seals leaks permanently;
  • Can be mixed with any coolant;
  • Easy to use;
  • Suitable for aluminum engine and radiators;

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It may cause discoloration of the coolant.

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11. EVANS-Cooling Systems EC53001 High-Performance Waterless Engine Coolant

This product is uncommonly intended for all cutting edge. just as vintage fuel controlled vehicles and light-obligation sorts of diesel. It has a breaking point of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, and it won’t vaporize.

It disposes of bubble over and after-bubble. And produces low vapor weight. Different abilities of this alternative incorporate forestalling coolant misfortune and lessening strain on cooling framework parts. Making it the correct answer for some issues that motorbikes for the most part experience.

The element doesn’t contain any water. So successfully wipes out consumption, liner and water siphon cavitation disintegration. Also worth thinking about is that it limits the potential for electrolysis issues, just as diminishing upkeep costs. Pre-start and motor thump are likewise managed, and this model improves ignition proficiency to convey more power and improved mileage. 

A pipe for simple pouring is additionally incorporated into the bundling.

Things We Liked

  • This is High Performance;
  • Freeze protection;
  • Compatible with other products.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No cons.

How to Choose a Coolant

The safest way to select your antifreeze is consulting with your vehicle dealer or manufacturer. But you can also follow some basic features. Like-

1. Fuel Type

Must check the engine type before buying your engine coolant. Because diesel engines are different from petrol engines. Best practice is to look through the manufacturer handbook, understand the engine type and buy their recommended coolant.

2. Temperature Range

Best radiator coolant for your vehicle is determined by the climate you are living in. If you’re living in an area where the temperature often drops below 34°F, you should consider a 70/ 30 or 60/40 ratio of antifreeze and water.

Before buying antifreeze for your car you just need to keep in mind that, the more the coolant ratio, the lower the freezing point.

3. Type of Antifreeze

While making a purchase of engine coolant for high performing cars, you need to consider the type of antifreeze your car needs. Because every vehicle needs a certain type of coolant to perform best. You can’t pick any of them randomly.

4. The ratio of Coolant

Some coolant comes in pre-diluted with distilled water and some may need to mix before using. Don’t forget to check the label of the bottle to determine if it is ready to use or need to mix with water.

Frequently Asked Questions for Radiator Coolant

What is the Coolant for Aluminum Radiators? 

This is one of the popular products however Valvoline is a better one. It is probably the coolant for aluminum radiators It utilizes the HOAT (Hybrid Organic Acid Technology like, Zerex G-05 Antifreeze/Coolant 1 Gallon) to give extreme assurance from rust and consumption intended for both gas and diesel motors.

Is Dex Cool Useful for Aluminum? 

Dex-Cool is an astounding coolant yet must be utilized  properly and kept up cooling.

What Kind of Coolant is Dex Cool? 

DEX-COOL is a particular kind of radiator fluid, found in select brands of coolants, made utilizing natural corrosive innovation. The makers, just as General Motors, have guaranteed that DEX-COOL can broaden the administration life and capacity of your vehicle.

How Long Can a Car Run Without a Radiator Coolant?

Given the chance that your vehicle will run without a radiator coolant, it’s simply going to last a couple of moments before harm is finished. 

Thus, assuming you are in a situation where your radiator becomes detached, make sure you sort it out as quickly as the time permits.

Could I at Any Point Put 50/50 Coolant in My Radiator?

Actually! Adding water to the radiator coolant will help you get to your goal, but adding a 50/50 mixture of coolant and water is ideal to stay away from any harm to the motor.

Allow the motor to chill off prior to eliminating the coolant repository cap so you don’t get scorched. Blend the coolant and water in a different holder prior to adding it to the vehicle radiator.

Waterless motor coolant likewise is a decent option for abandoned drivers. The waterless coolant will assist with diminishing the temperature of the motor, however, you will in any case have to occasionally add radiator fluid or water.


So these are our top 10 engine coolant for hot weather which can be used in cars and bikes. Hope this buying guide will help you to select the appropriate coolant for your vehicle.

Most of the coolant can be used for up to 2- 5 years. But you can check the water if there’s any sludge or rust in your radiator, you need to replace it with new coolant.

The best way to choose the right antifreeze for your vehicle is following the manufacturer’s handbook.

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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