Best Rubber Mallet for Flooring- Factors You Must Consider

Published on: April 12, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

The basic tool rubber mallet, neither dents to your determined surface, nor stains (white rubber mallet). With very little pressure, you can shape up as per your imagined firearm things out of the fire pit, however, quite useful to resemble hammer’s shapes too. As well as sledgehammers, or further brass-coated ones. 

From our well-experienced, this lightweight hammer version is common for driving chisels. Also, ideal for woodworking, flooring, paving and intense workpieces too. And yes, rubber mallets are available in a wide range of sizes and materials in construction too. Well, in that case, this is very challenging while picking out one lovely color, construction, and size.

best rubber mallet for flooring

To make your selection easier, even if you have never bought a perfect piece as per your need, we have enlisted well informed 9 rubber mallets with additional features. To remove further difficulties, below the list, a complete buyer’s guide remains with short FAQs and relevant answers. So, happy hammering. 

The Factors You Must Consider When Choosing a Rubber Mallet

When purchasing a necessary rubber mallet, we think of it as a substitute for sledge or sometimes dead blow hammers. Without figuring it out, an unknown model and the purchase will never make any sense. So, the pinpointed factors while buying rubber mallets will become a big hand for you.


The head part of a rubber mallet, differs itself most from other hammer versions. For example, some units have Steel or Brass-coated, or some with entire single-forged. However, in mallet cases, whether there is a single rubber-coated hammerhead, also, double-coated models are available too, for instance, Zexett Rubber Mallet.

This counterpart even determines the strike power you can use, as well as the well-balancing fact too. Although a white rubber head is rather hefty-priced than a black one. The reason is the staining on the surface though none of the categories does dent any surfaces.  


When the mallet counterpart head determines the capability of striking, its single handle material becomes either a comfy provider or a non-comfortable, even slipping delivery. Well, handle materials often depends on the price. If the price is regular or very much affordable, the package has wood or simple Steel on offer. In contrast, quite higher bucks contain Fiberglass, hardened Steel, and high-density wood like Hickory or Tennessee handle. 

As well, different materials in construction primarily offer versatile features, as well as shock absorption, fits anti-vibration, and more. Even perfect assembly after disassembling after or in between jobs advantages often impacted by the handle materials all themselves.  


Rubber mallets, unlike other hammers versions, often intend to have numerous recoil. This feature often is not good at all for longer operations, for instance, woodworking, floor installation. However, we have found formidability in some cases, for instance, Tekton 30605 which is all in all. In the sense of comfortability, rubber grip is a super flexible even countable fact. 

Rubber grips not only deny the chances of slipping during heavy blows, but decrease the tiresome operations also. Though Steel and almost FIberglass get coated with rubber on handles, whenever Fiberglass ones especially breaks down, another purchase you will demand.  

View Our Editor’s Picks Rubber Mallets, Below

Are you aiming for a cost-effective, and dual-faced rubber enhanced mallet instead of a metal hammer, even for having perfect positive and soft hits? Well, quite equivalent consecutive runners-up rubber mallets without issues are waiting for newbies and pro touches.

Zexett Rubber Mallet for Flooring

  • Weight: 1.4 pounds;
  • Length: 13”;
  • Misc: Fiberglass handle, enhanced rubber head, perfect for flooring installation.

What is a specialty? We are raising or want to discuss it because it is a reinforced tool, specially built for flooring installation. Unlike other single rubber mallets, it has double-head rubber on offer. In particular, you can call it a double rubber headed mallet. Sounds cool, huh?

Well, this unit’s enhanced 35mm rubber head has a great connection with the 255mm long in-built Fiberglass handle. If you have bought, or while using it, a black point is noticeable, which means a connecting point in between the head and handle. 

Else, the entire making is about helping absorb vibration, as well as through the in-built rubber grip. And how about durability? Can it survive after one year of forceful flooring installation or other rough surface construction? Well, the answer is yes. Even delivering more than 10x expected forces on leather crafts, jewelry, and hardwood, no issues like handle bent or head fall apart are possible. 

What we liked 

  • Lightweight, yet faster force delivery;
  • Specially built for flooring installation;
  • Durable;
  • Shock absorption metal integrated;
  • No vibration with rubber grip.


  • Slippery.

Tekton 30605 Rubber Mallet

  • Weight: 2.5 pounds;
  • Misc: Fiberglass handle, core protected poly jacket, double-tipped head.

Another Tekton rubber mallet with the most similar qualities constructed to work years after years. Well, compared to the previous same brand mallet, this one weighs quite heavy, but not kind of a barrier for transportation. It is because of the all alone 1.5pounds weighted dual-tipped head, which is regular at serving softened positive strikes. 

You may ask about the length. Well, around 14” black and red blend mallet we think is very good for construction, and automotive operations. Without damaging wood and common hard surfaces, even if you wear hand rubber gloves, no hits will get missed. 

However, with a core protected Poly jacket, we have used it with damped stinging vibrations. Also, powerful to absorb missed hit’s impact, as well as the shocks while applying the roll pins at once. 

What we liked 

  • Rubberized grip;
  • Vibrations and shock absorbing;
  • Heavy-weighted suits hard jobs;
  • Damage nothing;
  • Dual-headed tips. 


  • Nothing noticeable.

Estwing DH-18N Deadhead Mallet 

  • Weight: 1.1 pounds;
  • Misc: Hickory (Carya) wooden handle, dead-head tech integrated, 4.5” length head, 2.5” face diameter. 

Jumping to the next rubber mallet integrated with trendy high-end tech, in particular, deadhead technology, manufactured by the fab hammer manufacturer Estwing. What does that extra-ordinary point mean? The specification exists in its bounce resistance. Yes, it can put back your strikes from bouncing, even after applying it on roll set pins. 

The Hickory handle, made of hard anti-slippery wood, is a breeze while some may think its fending for regular hitting jobs. As well, if we take a look at the Brass-coated hammers list, it is quite fab than that for shock-absorbing. Either accurate strikes, or sturdy controls over operations with the 2.5” face diameter and 4.5” length head, you are not fooling around yourself at least.  

What we liked 

  • Perfect for safe smoothing;
  • No bouncing chances;
  • Accurate strikes control;
  • Dead-head technology;
  • Proper length with flexibility. 


  • No non-marring tips;
  • Head flake out possibilities.

Vaughan RM24 Professional Rubber Mallet

  • Weight: 1 pound;
  • Length: 14”;
  • Misc: forged Steelhead, flame treated Hickory handle, non-marring tips, sure-lock wedge.

With classic grip, not yet an accurate rubber mallet, quite typical for furniture assembly. This 14” length Hickory handled with a pro touch forged Steelhead was beyond our imagination before making it to work out. Have you ever experienced well-balancing by the mallet to reduce arm fatigue, even elbows too? 

However, it leaves controlling power even after striking with the handmade triple-wedged in the tapered eye on versatile thick stocks to seal pins inside. If you have already bought, its half side 2” white tip and another half with 2” black tip are quite noticeable, right? 

Well, the white side is not an accurate non-marring, neither for hard pounding. In contrast, the black side is well enough powerful for that, even it can leave rub or scrub off on that surface you have imagined for pounding. Else, it has ground absorption material that would have provided us positive strikes at ease.  

What we liked 

  • Well-balancing;
  • One side non-marring, another for hard pounding;
  • Good length;
  • Hard, yet lightweight construction;
  • Triple-wedged head. 


  • Single white marked soft tip.

OX Tools Standard Trade Combination Mallet

  • Weight: 2.07 pounds;
  • Length: 14”;
  • Misc: semi-hard construction, Fiberglass handle, non-marring ground tips, comfy grip.

Well, at our application times, we felt it as a substitute for dead blow hammers. Slight heavy-weighty, since the Fiberglass makes it far possible for carrying. Quite different from the classic wooden handle, it combines dual colors on its semi-hard construction.

But yes, wrapping the core in rubber is damn awesome for having the perfect control over every stroke. Well, about hitting pins on dense materials, like hardwood, or Shepherd locks into the earth, you can continue with it with more or fewer issues. Including scuffing materials being placed, and kind of flooring with a drill press, it provides similar strength, in positive ways. However, the non-absorbing materials excluding once drag us from purchasing it. But yes, newbies will enjoy their first carpentry and maybe till the last with such a handy tool box.  

What we liked 

  • Easy to carry and use;
  • Provides better controlling;
  • Semi-hard construction;
  • Enough durable.


  • No absorption material;
  • Pricey. 

Alltrade 648336 Soft Mallet

  • Weight: 1.25 pounds;
  • Misc: Steel and rubber constructed. 

Well, this unit from Alltrade is not as similar to your expected looking. Though at first, it should look like a white rubber mallet, yet a ball pein hammer with no shock absorption materials, as well as no rubber grip. But yes, instead of a rubber mallet, you can apply it. However, comes with a short S.S. handle, still, this is not anti-slippery at all.

But yes, you can take advantage of this lightweight stuff, as if the durability of its almost 11” long Steel handle you feel within definite times. From the specification or manual reading, we have learned that the model has been manufactured to exceed tool standards. And yes, the innovative strong Rubber head is heavy to deliver strong enough blows at every swing. 

Well, in every non-marring model, handles with Fiberglass coated in rubber is noticeable, but this time, the head is full rubber wrapped to save your surface. Whether putting heavy-weighted itself on the floor may sometimes damage somehow.  

What we liked 

  • Non-marring double rubber head;
  • Fiberglass durable handle;
  • Direct contact;
  • Positive soften blows.


  • No, handle shock absorption material;
  • Quite pricey. 

Coleman Rubber Mallet with Peg Remover

  • Length: 12”;
  • Misc: tent peg remover, double-sided head, easy to pull-up stakes. 

Introducing another tent peg remover integrated rubber mallet from Coleman. However, this may quite troublesome for regular high-impact strikes with a hook, even providing better controls. And yes, you can use it on either Steel tent pages or Plastic. Sounds powerful, right? 

Well, another noticeable feature in configuration, even we have fallen in love with its firm grip on its tent stakes. Whether you will require a peg remover is ready to pull it up in the rest of time. However, you can again push it in whether a stake pulls up you will need. Even we have tried to pound Shepherd’s hook into the ground, and yes, worked well with later safe smoothing. 

But yes, if your desired thick nails being required to hammer into the earth, skipping this idea will make the hammer safe. 

What we liked 

  • Stake with peg remover;
  • Perfect controlling overstrikes;
  • Suits camping;
  • Good hammering capability on plastic surfaces. 


  • Not expectedly durable;
  • Unsuitable for dense materials hammering. 

Bangerz Sunz Double-Faced Soft Mallet

  • Length: 12”;
  • Misc: Hickory wooden handle, dual rubber-faced, evens out dents. 

Another non-marring Rubber mallet from well known Bangerz Sunz. It is a double-faced soft mallet, with force objects together, also easy to disassemble and assemble for instant striking operations. No shock absorption materials in construction you can consider as a drawback. But yes, in case of faster and strong enough delivery, it never quits. 

The parts joints have got secured by the proper texture design while it is in the factory. Later out of the toolbox, even after usage, for washing or another purpose, no hassle for disassembling we have experienced. Neither the protection is too tough, nor will hamper or kind of head flake out the issue will occur.

How about stamping on desired jewelry, is it out of the selected durable tool’s list? No, because in terms of durability, the hardwood, and soften in-built rubber head can break the hardwood too. However, it is lightweight, yet formidable, for instance, cabinet making, small food bucket sealing. But we do not recommend it as a substitute for a sledgehammer, though it looks like enough. 

What we liked 

  • Firm rubber density;
  • Lightweight, yet formidable;
  • Almost 4” diameter head;
  • Well-balanced. 


  • Neither shock absorption materials, nor anti-vibration.
  • Again assembling is terrible.  

Gunpla Rubber Mallet 

  • Length: 10”;
  • Misc: Steel tubular handle, solid black rubber head, 

The last one and shortest too, is a special rubber mallet hammer only for woodworking. Though it may not balance well enough and help in precision hits at every time, yet cool with a rubber-coated core for increasing anti-slippery advantage in the configuration. And yes, less than required energy on projects to make it less tiring, it is always ready with its solid, yet little heavy-weight.

Since, the shock absorption system in construction, but without vibration-reducing, one can drag your purchase interest behind. 

In particular, almost 4”-5” sizes high-quality, double rubber firm density faces designed to perform on numerous materials breaking or adjusting. Soft, hardwoods, aluminum, chrome, or magnesium parts are some of the examples. However, it is convenient as long as having ABN in construction. As well, the better trial you may have on tap tile into the non-thicked adhesive. Also, unavailable for disassembling counterparts like the previous one. 

What we liked 

  • ABN constructed counterparts;
  • Anti-slippery;
  • Suits best to woodworking;
  • A double-sided face absorbs shock.


  • No anti-vibration tech;
  • Unavailable for assembling;
  • Very short size. 

FAQs About Rubber Mallet

Can a New Woodworker Start with a Rubber Mallet?

Of course, one can pledge this career along with a woodsman’s axe or a hatchet. However, this tool does not harm as no dents leave on the project pieces you are working on. One only has to place a hand on the mallet’s end. Then it will fall under the accurate force you are giving as per its weight. 

Apart from that width, stay on the range where it makes you much comfortable. 

Is Mallet a Substitute of Hammer?

Well, it is not in definite jobs. Though white or black rubber mallet is a category of a hammer, well, quite impactful with positive and soft hits. As well, intends for less intense tasks. 

However, in the case of tied cloth around a heavy, hard metal block, a usual metal hammer can provide the decent expected results indeed.

Is Nailing Possible with a Heavy Rubber Mallet?

Yes, we have mentioned that it is another version of hammer instead of metals in its head construction. Even our enlisted mallets are capable and compatible with harder jobs you need, for instance, Gunpla manufactured rubber units. 

However, the matter is whenever you need one toolkit, make sure it is worthy of money because such mid-sized or small-sized may not need expenses a lot, yet money matters, right? 

What Is the Best Weight for a Rubber Mallet?

A 12-ounce mallet is frequently a metalworker’s or alternately tiler’s instrument. Universally useful mallets run from 16 – 24 pounds. Heavier models will give more power on the off chance that you have destruction work to do, for instance.

What’s the Difference Between a Mallet and a Hammer?

All things considered, a mallet made of wood, elastic, or incidentally calfskin. It has two attractive faces, which can be equivalent or different materials. 

A hammer is made of metal and usually hits them in the face and another device reverses it. For example, a mallet may have a split prick for nail removal.

Would I Be Able to Involve a Rubber Mallet Instead of a Wooden One?

It can be utilized to compel two parts to remain together. This is particularly helpful during development projects or during a home improvement situation where you really want to pound two bits of wood or different materials into one spot.

Final Notes

Although while reading thoroughly, you have understood how we put all details by experiencing each rubber mallet feature. Well, many are about to have similar features in constructions. Sturdy and stronger blow providers will make the lifespan quite broad. 

However, quality depends on price, and never drag back even after having one with double-faced as per a good buyer’s guide. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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