Best Safety Vests with Pockets with Comfortable Designed (10 Options)

Published on: March 30, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Want to make yourself visible around a risky workplace? Neither to find the best option for that with construction safety vests. For such a feature, more popular as reflective vests. However, police officers, the fire department remember to wear it in all seasons according to their risk level.

For instance, construction workers wear yellow, lime, and orange colors with in-built fluorescent shaded safety vests. As well, the bright colors, along with black trim, enhance drivers’ visibility from any distant places. 

safety vests with pockets

Stuff holding pockets, like electrician tool belts, you can find these in a wide range. Even the pockets with Velcro sewing will encourage more. Moreover, almost all branded ones feature unisex designs, whether some only manufacture a single size.

Types of Safety Vests

The American National Standards Institute provides 3 classifications of safety vests: Class 1, Class 2, and sophistication 3. These ANSI ratings are meant to assist workers to decide what safety vest is better for their work environments.

Class 1 – These vests are standing for workers at rock bottom risk levels but are still in peril of great physical trauma and even death. Class 1 vests are typically used for job sites where the traffic doesn’t exceed speeds of 25 miles per hour, and therefore, the work is typically done pretty distant from the roadway and heavy equipment.

Examples of people that would use this sort of vest include contractors doing sidewalk repair in a suburban neighborhood. Consistent with the ANSI regulations, Class 1 safety vests should have either a security yellow or orange color, and that they must have a minimum of 155 sqr inches of reflective material.

The reflective tape should wrap around the middle and over the shoulders of the vest. These vests don’t require sleeves.

Class 2 – This safety vest classification is for higher-risk environments, including roadwork, where the traffic moves no faster than 50mph. Class 2 vests got to be larger than the category one because they have to be more visible.

They need to possess a minimum of 775 square inches of safe yellow or orange background space and a minimum of 201 square meters of reflective material. Road survey crews commonly wear these vests, airport baggage workers, construction workers near or functioning heavy equipment, and cut cross guards at schools.

Class 3 – These types of vests are worn by people that add high-risk environments because these places are where visibility may be a top priority. The people who wear these vests are usually road workers who do repairs within the freeways, enforcement and rescue personnel, and tow car workers.

These also include emergency assistance crews who got to add but optimal weather. The category three vests are the most important of the bunch because the ANSI requires a minimum of 1,240 sq. inches of safety yellow or orange backgrounds and 310 sq. inches of reflective material.

These vests often have short sleeves, making them resemble a shirt instead of a standard vest. For workers who might have to answer emergencies, the vests got to be easy to require off just if they get snagged on debris.

How to Choose a Perfect Safety Vests


The first and foremost opt-out factor while shopping for a new safety vest. Enough carrying needs you can meet by the pre-attached pockets on your vest. Some of these appear in the class-1 and class-2 category. Considering all pro and newbies’ affordability, we have enlisted 10 class-2 certified branded ones.

Instead of some dissimilarities, enlisted ones have composed pockets. For example, if you are a surveyor or a renovative engineer, you need a pen/pencil, measurement tape, ID card, and mobiles. Try to invest your worthy bucks in a wide range of sizes of composed pockets vest, especially Velcro stitched.    

ANSI Compliance

Branded vests at reasonable prices, do not mean the cheapest ones. But not even ANSI compliant is a big deal forever. It not only increases your safety but also ensures that the vest has been manufactured under solid regulations. Integrated proper visibility from distance, by the trim and fluorescent color contrasting, is a perfect example.

Be skeptical, and ask the vest seller how much the reflector material manufacturer included. In short, the expected vest follows ANSI requirements or not. 


Is your construction or surveyor vest enough to fit and provide comforts? Is it easy to wash? Regarding the first question, vests come in universal or in a single size. If it seems loose, to make it fit right, adjust with straps. An extra wearing, in case of hot or humid climates, becomes very uncomfortable. It is worth checking that the vest comes with mesh fabric or not. Else, providing a non-breathable function can cause harm while wearing it for an entire day or night.

Regarding the machine-washable issue, you cannot only throw all your vests along with the laundry shop. Both washable process incompatible vests can get frayed or ripped up for further usage. Give a good hand wash if it voids washing machine compatibility.  

Our Recommended Top Rated Safety Vests with Pockets, Below

Somehow, if you and your new team want to start over in such a risky environment, class-1 or class-2 safety vests can contribute a lot if you have already chosen, not a big deal. But if not yet, you can rely on our well-researched ten safety vests. With a buying guide and some known questions, but not yet known answers, can make your spending time much more successful.

KwikSafety (Charlotte, NC) Safety Vest with Pockets

  • Weight: 6 pounds;
  • Pockets: 11;
  • Material: polyester.

KwikSafety means to ensure your safety at your construction site. So, we have decided to give a head start with this second class safety vest. Certified by both ANSI and OSHA standards, it comes with both male and female compatible universal size vests.

Featuring 11 pockets can let you carry a lot of emergency stuff, as well as you can use it as PPE. Speaking of the exterior, 1 Hi Biz and 3 large expandable pockets with pull tabs you can use after including i-phones. Inside the vest, 2 mid-sized rooms are available for mobile or wallets. 4 vertical rooms as per pencil, marker, or pen size are available on the left side top.

Unlike other models, its 100% polyester makes itself a genuine waterproof mesh vest with combining overall woven stitches. On top of the durable zipper, 2 grommets let you for enough tab pulling. 2 contrast stripes and Hi-Viz neon fluorescent, make it visible in the late-night working area to avoid accidents. And, yes, it is breathable, you can ensure it by the front black side panels.     

What we liked 

  • Quite heavy; 
  • Powerful fluorescent fabric, combining with polyester;
  • Multipurpose 11 pockets;
  • Tab pulling grommets.


  • Found nothing.

Radians SV55 300D Woven Polyester Safety Mesh Vest with Pockets

  • Weight: 1.1 pounds;
  • Pockets: 8;
  • Material: 300D woven polyester.  

The next one that we can prefer is Radians SV55, as well it is pro-choice too. Wearing this heavy 300D woven 2-tone Hi-Vis patented safety vest makes yourself much safer whether it’s day time or night construction duty. Not only a perfect choice for the construction workers, but the field engineers, cargo lifters, and similar job holders also.

Unlike the previous one, it may not contain the biggest pockets but not even the lesser ones. The attached eight pockets have versatility, for instance, six medium front pockets. Among these, 2 can/bottle holders with tab pulling to keep those in place. Another 2 outside covered flaps for radio and split pencils, and inside 2 layered pockets are for valuable stuff. While servicing for cargo, enjoy the lower large rooms with flagging tape grommets.

It is 3M 8712-grade, 2” silver glass bead tap is better reflective. Many prospective users love it much for its kind of in-built stiffy Oxford material. That offers extreme resistance, in case of harsh working environments. Means to take the overload of stuff in cargo pockets.  

What we liked 

  • Can accommodate as much as required quantities;
  • Several multi-functional pockets;
  • OXford materials in structure;
  • Contrast trim edge.


  • By not layering, it may fit loose;
  • Not provide female based vests.

JKSafety 9 Pockets ANSI/ISEA Standards Safety Vest

  • Weight: 4.8 pounds;
  • Pockets: 9;
  • Material: HQ Polyester;
  • Style: Unisex slim cut.

Next high visibility construction safety vest, we have enlisted from JKSafety. In our opinion, as prospective users, its versatility and unique patent are reliable for all surveyors, warehouse personnel, securities, and so on. Its unisex design, altogether with the 100% pure polyester fabric which is very much reflective. So, any renovation professionals and security guards can wear it at late night duty too. 

Lightweight, yet durable and natural ventilation mechanism, provided by the pads inside the silver glass bead strips. Yes, it’s designed four 2” wide strips are good enough to provide 360-degree retro-reflection. 

Also, certified by ANSI/ISEA standards, which makes a call on real benefits. How about the pockets? Well, its 9 pockets wrap themselves with fluorescent yellow color, which helps us to find our emergency tools or stuff in the night time. Another specific design that makes it stand out from the regular crowd. It is the transparent PVC badge pocket for displaying workers’ IDs.

Other smaller or larger Velcro flap closures you will experience with snap buttons. A zipper divides all these in your vest’s both sides. 

What we liked

  • Plenty of pockets;
  • Spacious spaces with tough capability;
  • Durable material;
  • Suitable for multiple applications.


  • Not a good zipper.

Neiko 53941A High Visibility Safety Vest

  • Weight: 4.2 pounds;
  • Material: polyester.

Targeting your budget, we are going to introduce another construction safety vest. Experienced by us, manufactured by Neiko series 53941A, which has a unique design with high visibility. How? The unisex design includes the neon yellow mixture and silver glass 4 strips on the back and front. Both sides, vertical and horizontal stripes, provide as much visibility as possible.

How about working all day long by wearing a vest? We recommend this, as it provides the 40% temperature soaking power with a well-ventilation mechanism. Ensures that you will never find a perfect substitute for it. Else, washing by hands after usage may take a long time, but will last long.

However, instead of pockets, the whole vest only has attached zips up the front. Comes in small sizes, which means perfect wearing for short structured people. It sounds like a PPE, right?

What we liked 

  • Appropriate for various applications;
  • High visibility, promotes safety;
  • Breathable polyester fabric;
  • Unzip and zip at ease.


  • Very small;
  • Hand washable;

Global Glove GLO-079 HV Polyester Surveyors Vest with Pockets

  • Weight: 11 pounds;
  • Pockets: 6;
  • Material: mesh polyester.

Aiming for a less pocket safety vest at a few bucks? GLO-079, manufactured by Global Glove, and also a value pack according to your requirements. Well, it’s 4 large outside and 2 inner pockets, and smaller ones work like loop closures. In fact, a hidden D-ring you will pass while unzipping. 

How about the grommets? Unlike other models, more than 2, about 4 grommets have provided us with a better experience. As well, 2 at the base to tighten up the vest during monsoon construction. Another 2 at the neck, let us enter our earphone or remote light turning on a wire at low-light conditions. As well, it features microphone holders on our shoulders.

Mesh polyester fabric in construction comes with a well enough breathable mechanism. The ANSI/ISEA compliance tells such a fact for shopping it. However, it does not offer a unisex design. Including simple, strong zipper closure gives quick zip and unzipping options.

What we liked 

  • Visible and reflective with orange stripes;
  • Large enough to fit;
  • Plenty of spaces for holding materials;
  • Heavy stitching.


  • Expensive;
  • Not a sturdy built-in Velcro. 

Dib Safety Reflective Construction Safety Vest with Pockets

  • Weight: 8 pounds;
  • Pockets: 11;
  • Material: polyester.

Searching for genuine and solid large Velcro sewed utility pockets over vests? You can go with this heavy-duty vest, manufactured by Dib Safety. The Velcro on every pocket has led our experience to the next level, as these prevent stuff from falling off while bending over.

How about the holding info? One at left chest gusseted, the heaviest one for carrying its similar weight, and right chest 2-tier. Another 2 stretching cargo rooms with flaps and 2 inside patch pockets. Another 4 are divisional, for instance, pencil/marker/pen/torchlight holding. 

Though the safety vest does not offer a unisex patent package, you and your crew (if exist) like us, will love its definite universal size. Featuring a lot in the manufacture, like 3M reflective tape with 2” width and 3” ventilation contrasting colors. Extra reflective around arms and for additional visibility, down to the same piping and around pockets. Durable webbing in a reinforced zipper helps in quick unzipping and 2 mic tabs on both chest sides. 

What we liked 

  • Velcro sewed long-lasting pockets;
  • Universal size;
  • Easy garment for washing;
  • Visible and reflective;
  • Breathable structure.


  • Often runs very large.

KwikSafety Reflective Safety Vest with Multi-Use Pockets

  • Weight: 1.15 pounds;
  • Pockets: 5;
  • Material: polyester.

We would love to introduce the most attractive designed construction safety vest out of the factory and in our listing. Well, it is from KweakSafety again. Comes with a unisex design, and special 5 pockets, which have cleared the test in ANSI/ISEA lab. Ensuring enough contentment to you, its versatility goes over the adheres that you need.

Pockets in detail, the first pair of sensible, front, and large rooms outside, that we have experienced the greatest ones. Because both have ensured enough closures, strength and pull tabs. Another for identification card holding and the rest pair for holding phone/ radio, pencil/marker room, and tool loop. 

It’s front with mesh polyester fabric, which is breathable. Similar to the previous models, stitched overall with Hi-Viz neon fluorescent, creates a laser light visibility. However, the back and collar around the region with reinforced lining gives an additional purchase purpose. In fact, four 2” vertical and horizontal black piping trim, looks like zebra crossings, led with silver retro tape. By that, anywhere and anyone can hit the nail on the head, like surveying and roadway highway traffic.    

What we liked 

  • Useful in many activities;
  • 2” black lining with silver retro in between;
  • Unisex design;
  • Sleek and attractive;
  • ID holding transparent pocket.


  • Quite difficult to clean. 

Dewalt DSV521 Heavy Duty Surveyor Vest

  • Weight: 1.01 pounds;
  • Pockets: 4;
  • Material: polyester.

At this time, we intend to suggest this industrial safety vest. As in Dewalt, you can expect such heavy-duty products, such as chainsaws, fret saws, axes, and more. At any working time, it becomes another example of a protective vest. Its outlook and internal design both have made us feel in real protection.

On top of that, prioritizing its higher visibility in design makes it more insightful, even from 250 meters away. Not only featuring around 2” depth reflective tape but a 3” black trim, in detailed, mesh polyester helps much in this issue. Regardless of that, a pair of mic tabs inside the shoulder pad inclusion is very comfy, even after going over hoodies. Think, how much of the ventilation system has been reinforced? 

Another prominent reason to select it, for its good storage capacity, made of woven twill fabric, and the stitching. However, the same patented big running pocket at the back bottom will keep your emergency stuff.  

What we liked 

  • Sturdy construction with heavy webbing;
  • Solid stitching;
  • Promotes all-time safety with reflective visibility;
  • Big running pockets.


  • Not that easy to zip up.

Salzmann 3M Multi-Pocket Safety Mesh Vest

  • Weight: 8 pounds;
  • Pockets: 3M multi-pocket;
  • Material: polyester.

Last but not least, one available as the best aftermarket safety vest. What makes it slow down after 9? Well, indeed, nothing comes with as many advantages as possible to meet our daily needs in a construction site. This one also has a lack, and it has no anti-heat resistance. However, it has a good ventilation system inside, including a 5-points breakaway.

Featuring breakaway leaves it out of the common crowd. While surrounded by moving vehicles or cargo wheels, it provides additional safety. However, you cannot wear much in summer for comfort less than other models. As a result, it becomes a great option in winter, as you can wear it over the coat.

A plus point of this multi-colored vest is its higher visibility. Its reflective rate is this high, around 500 cd/lux, as anyone can see such a wearing person from 200M away. Other holding packages are almost regular. Like, 4 separate pen holders, radio attachment clip, 3 larger pockets. 

What we liked 

  • Breakaway 5-points;
  • Durable;
  • Higher reflective material in construction;
  • Suitable for cold weather wearing.


  • Not anti-heat resistant;
  • Requires separate payment for customization.

XIAKE Safety Vest Class 2 High Visibility Reflective Vest with 8 Pockets

  • Available Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL;
  • Support Customization: OEM, ODM;
  • Pockets: 8;
  • Material: 120g Knitted polyester.

Searching for a 360º protective vest for all workers in every weather condition? This without leading you in the wrong way, is an available money-worthy option. Keep fearless while you are around running vehicles or working in roadway traffic.

Handpicked materials, mesh fabric, and polyester, increase the productivity of metro, railway, toll workers, and open breathable functions. Our crew has worn these on surveyors’ dresses in hot temperatures, around 90, and worked fine.

Easy zip and unzipping, including velcro patches on each large pocket, create enough strength to keep tightening up stuff in pockets. Both large rooms enable your phone holding capacity with rough tools as well. 

What we liked 

  • Putting on and off at ease;
  • Double PVC pockets;
  • Multiple applications for various workers;
  • Enough space for various tools and equipment.


  • None.


Should Construction Workers Wear Only Orange Construction Safety Vests?

In most construction sites, orange safety vests we can see the most are wearing. Why? Humans’ eyes, especially at night time, respond most to large, bright, contrast, and moving objects. We found nothing but similar things responding during daylight, except for dark-colored objects. 

Read more: How to Choose Best Work Gloves for Handling Wood

High color can enhance a worker’s visibility as much as possible. In fact, the contrast between the working environment and clothing against benefits further. To avoid accidents, a worker’s vest should be manufactured with orange or yellow color. 

Is It Important to Get Certified by OSHA?

What does it mean, OSHA? Occupational Safety and Health Administration ensures healthy working conditions. In detail, OSHA certifies any safety vests by providing the use of brightness for enhancing visibility power.

Especially there, where regular use of heavy equipment and running vehicles take place. Such workplaces, believe it or not, are the riskiest ones. The best step you and your crew should forward with is to wear class-2 safety vests.

As well, OSHA certified ones are available in larger sizes than regular ones. Compared to class-1, class-2 has as many reflective materials as possible in the making.  

Which Safety Vests with Pockets Provide the Most Comfortable Design?

Is Type-2 Safety Vest Different from Class-2 Ones?

Class-2, ANSI type-R/P, or Type-2 construction, or engineer’s safety vests are similar as well in construction. Compared to class-1 vests, these come with a larger version, which has become popular to fit various people.

As well, the type-2 counterparts and the front length provides at least 775” and reflective striping around 201 square inches. It’s back with the same material you will get in stores, available in yellow, orange, or lime color.  

Wrap Up

Working in a risk lifting environment? It is a must to keep yourself visible whether it is day or night time. In this case, hard hats, formed as protective gear, can protect you a lot. It can avoid several accidental issues.

Investing your worthy bucks on a good construction safety vest is a possible solution with other PPEs before causing fatal injuries. Saving your life and time, invest a little time with our complete buying guide along with 10 safety vests.    

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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