Best Spray Guns for Plasti Dip: Features and Recommendations

Published on: April 11, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

We call it plasti dip because, after painting, it gives a sleek and flawless plastic finish. Formerly it was used on automobiles. In fact, plasti dip was made to protect car paints from harsh weather and scratches. But now, due to its high resistance against rain, sun, and cold, different derivatives of plasti dip are being used in different items from the home to vehicles to furniture and so on. 

best spray guns for plasti dip

The plasti dip is basically a liquid rubbery paint. So, the paint is thicker than normal paints we use at home interiors. Special sprayer guns are needed to apply this paint nicely. Another benefit of using sprayed guns is that it saves time of manual labor of using brush paints, and also doesn’t even need over paints or multiple layers. 

So, here, we will be discussing suitable spray guns that work best for plasti dips. There are various models suitable for different professionals and non-professionals. So, let’s find out which one will suit you. 

What Is Plasti Dip?

It is an air-dry, special elastic coating. Honestly, this is the first peeled, adaptable, protective, non-slip, hard elastic cover. The Plastic dip product offers a wide range of cover options, from automated customization to home improvement.

Why Use Plasti Dip?

Why not? It is proven to be highly resistant against heat, sun rays, rain, hail storm, and scratches for automobiles. It does the same when applied to other staff. Besides, the paint is thick, rich, and leaves a satin finish on surfaces. Plast dips don’t need any thin paint to prepare the surface like chalk paint or milk paint. So, it is the most cost-effective and less time-consuming method of painting nowadays. 

Cautions to Take While Using Plasti Dip

While using any paint with the latest sprayer, proper caution should be taken. The same goes for using plasti dip. In this case, breathing the fume of plasti dip is even more dangerous. It can cause respiration and nervous problems. Plasti dips are basically illegal due to their harmful contents. Today, the containers sell those products under different names. However, a 3m Paint Respirator face mask, lung protection, or at least a P95 musk will protect the user from breathing in the poisonous fumes while spraying. 

Things to Consider With Spray Gun Plasti DIp

The first thing is safety. Use protective eye gear, gloves, and mask before using the paint. 

Prepare the paint to the right viscosity. All the spray guns include viscosity cups. One should take proper attention and care while preparing the paint without any lump because a small lump is enough to ruin the gun. 

If you are painting the interior, then make sure to cover every item in the room as the paint floats in the air and settles later on the uncovered items. 

First, adjust the paint flow and pattern by spraying on cardboard. If you are satisfied, then proceed on to the real spray painting. 

How to Remove Plasti Dip

Thick plasti dip is easy to peel off from any surface. Thin plasti dip may be difficult to peel from the edges. A pressure washer, WD-40, or a dip remover works in this case.

Editor’s Speech

Plasti dips are cheap but leave a luxurious superior finish. It does not take any skill or training to DIY. In fact, a container of cheap paint and an inexpensive spray gun is all it takes. But it is always important to follow the safety rules while doing something on ourselves. 

We have reviewed spray guns of different types so that people of various budget ranges can easily choose one for their needs. But in the end, proper maintaining ensures the lasting and repeated performance of those guns. 

Our Recommended Spray Guns to Use Plasti Dip

Here is a tiny list of spray guns that allows thick paints like plasti dips. These guns are available in various price ranges and features. We have considered both whiles are shortlisting them. 

YATTICH Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Spray Gun

  • 3 different spray patterns, 5 nozzles (1.2mm/1.5mm/1.8mm/2.5mm/3.0mm), 1000ml container,5-pcs Paint Strainers;
  • Max flow: 800 ml/min;
  • Max viscosity: 100 DIN-s;
  • Power cord: 2m;
  • Spraying pressure: 0.1-0.2 bar;
  • 3.83 pounds. 

This spray gun is designed for applying varnish, sealers, and thin paints to different furniture and art pieces. The adjustable knob works great to apply paint to the furniture’s corners and edges and on the boards and walls. There are four nozzles included with it. Most of those are for applying varnish of different viscosity to apply on different items. Only the 3 mm nozzle is for applying latex and milk type paints. This one is a suitable one to apply paints to walls and interiors. 

The entire unit only weighs 3.83 pounds, which is quite light for long-term use. There are five different strainers to strain the paints. So, it does not clog the system of this unit. This spray gun is easy to assemble, use, disassemble, and clean. This is the routine for each use of spray paint guns that works with plasti dip. With this unit, following the routine is a breeze and makes the gun go a long way. 


  • Easy assembly;
  • Easy to maintain;
  • Suitable to apply varnish on furniture and milk paint on walls;
  • Adjustable to paint precisely on edges.


  • None.

Paint Sprayer with 3 Spray Patterns to Paint Ceiling, Fence, Cabinets with Plasti Dip

  • 600W motor;
  • Adjustable valve;
  • Three patterns and 2 nozzles (2.5mm/3.0mm) included. 

This set comes complete with all the assortments a non-professional need for painting their own ex=establishment. The major advantage is its revolutionary design. The motor and the gun are separated. So that tons of weight is reduced from the gun, and the user can hold it longer without any strain on the hands. The blower, on the other hand, can be strapped on the shoulder for easy carrying. 

The right viscosity of the paint is the key for non-clogging the unit and the perfectness of the finished result. The manufacturer didn’t eleven forget to include a viscosity tool with this unit at this price point. Impressive, isn’t it?

The paint’s right viscosity is the key for non-clogging the unit and the finished result’s perfectness. These patterns just made the unit complete to paint the entire house from the fence to the roof to walls, window sills, and everything in between. So, I don’t see why a non-professional should not get the most popular spray gun he can afford at the most reasonable price. 


  • Affordable price;
  • Viscosity tools to prepare plasti dip;
  • Convenient application due to separate motor;
  • Long hose and power cords;
  • Adjustable nozzles. 


  • No cons. 

NoCry 1200ml/min Electric Paint Sprayer for Plasti Dip and Other Paints 

  • 5A/600W motor, maximum flow rate 1200ml/min (40.57fl.oz/min);
  • 1/16, 5/64, 3/32 and 7/64 inch in diameter nozzles. 

You can actually pour any liquid on this spray gun’s paint container, and it just won’t mind. The list includes any kind of paints, stains, oil, enamel, texture, airbrush material, and the list keeps going; I recommend this to users who work with various materials from time to time. 

If you are particularly aware of plasti dips, then yes, this gun will not deny using that as well. This gun has different adjustments to adjust the airflow and to adjust the paint volume flow. So, the finished result of using plasti dip is smoother, fast, and uses little paint to cover a large area. The good news is, there are four nozzles to work with this sprayer. So, clogged nozzles won’t be a problem anymore. 

NoCry spray gun for plasti dip and other stains works as good as high brand sprayers but costs one-third of those. Beginners and homeowners prefer this kind of unit to cut costs on power tools they barely use. So, I don’t see the point of spending on unnecessarily high priced guns. This one is a little on the heavier side. So, holding it for long may strain your hands.


  • Accepts a wide variety of paints and stains;
  • Long warranty;
  • Separate knob to control paint flow and airflow;
  • High flow rate. 


  • A little heavy (4.16 pounds). 

NEU MASTER Paint Sprayer to Use Plasti Dip

  • 3 Nozzle Sizes (2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 mm), 1200ml Detachable Canister;
  • 900 ml/min flow rate. 

To use plasti dip, the spray gun must have appropriate nozzles and adjustable knobs to control the flow. Both features are included in this budget spray gun. There are three nozzles of 2 mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm size that accept mostly thicker paints like plasti dip, liquor, and so on. Adjustable knob works like a miracle as it eliminates the need for overstains. So, the result is more coverage with less amount of paint. 

Previously, the canister they provided was somewhat small, and it needed to refill repeatedly. Thankfully, now the canister is almost the biggest in the market with 1200ml capacity. It also has a top cap to fill the canister without removing it from the gun easily. So, the downtime to pouring and preparing paint is reduced with the improved design. 

Overall, this is a budget gun to cut cost over repeated paints and using a lot of paints. Its flow rate is quite satisfactory to complete the job without waiting for long. This may not meet the professional’s approval, but for DIYers, this is a decent unit to save bucks on a professional-looking painting job without investing a penny on professionals. 


  • Cheap;
  • Large canister;
  • Cap in the canister for easy filling;
  • Large nozzles to use plasti dip. 


  • Not for professionals. 

Earlex HV5500 Spray Station HVLP Sprayer

  • Three-spray pattern adjustor;
  • On-board hose and gun storage. 

Finally, a spray gun is found in the market, which offers onboard storage for the gun and its hose. Now preparing the paint and pouring will be more convenient than ever. The pneumatic power and motor of this unit are designed to be put separately from the spray gun. So, the painter will not have to feel fatigued in their hand while holding a heavy gun for hours. 

This unit offers a 500-watt motor and 2 psi pressure to run the gun. It requires 160 DID per second viscosity to work with the paint properly. The included hose is incredibly 9 ft long. So, it can cover a large area in one go. 

Just like other regular spray guns, the pattern adjustor and the adjustable flow features are the same. The main difference lies in its convenience. This inexpensive unit indeed is the most convenient one for covering large projects without any issues. 


  • Lightweight gun;
  • Extremely long hose;
  • Air-powered;
  • Easy refilling.


  • Less powerful motor compared to the competitors. 

Wagner Spraytech Sprayer for Using of Plasti Dip and Unthined Paint

  • Two nozzles for large and small jobs;
  • Flow rate: 8.0 gallons per hour.

This is a professional tool to use unthinned paints in different projects. It comes with identical nozzles. The i-Spray nozzle has a large coverage area to use on larger surfaces. There is also a Detail finish nozzle to cover small projects and fine detailing on the corners and edges. Whilst other units offer only three pattern types, this unit also determines how to spread or narrow the flow along with the pattern of vertical, horizontal, and circular shapes. 

This sprayer is a high capacity gun with a high flow rate of 8 gallons per hour. As it is recommended to use unthinned paints, this unit is great to use plasti dip on automobiles and enamels and other latex paints of various surfaces. 

This unit is priced very high. But the amount of time it saves from manual painting, the money it saves from preventing overpainting, and the superior finish it delivers, the price should be worth for professional use. 


  • For professionals;
  • Superior finish;
  • Suitable to use unthinned paint.


  • Highly expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last?

3 years

Properly covered, it will withstand many adverse conditions. It is completely sturdy and will not lose its bond. The splash distance when applied as well as the number of coats applied will sharply determine the lifespan of the item.

At What Temperature Would Plasti Dip Spray Be Good?

For best results, apply plasti dip blaze and glow tone on a soothing white plasti dip-covered surface. We recommend applying when the temperature is 70 to 80 ° F, sticky below 60%, virtually no air. Keep away from direct daylight.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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