Best Tape Measures for Woodworking (6 Factors Consider)

Every woodworker knows the value of a measurement tape, as it gives the accuracy in detailed work. We all know that a tape measure is a plastic ruler used to measure size or distance, and it serves for most everyday tasks. Different build materials can be found like plastic, a ribbon of cloth, fiberglass, or metal strip as a standard measuring tool. A measuring tape can be easily carried in a pocket or toolkit and can measure around curves or corners.

Tapes may have several scales, be made of different elements, and be of different lengths depending on the usage. Nowadays, this standard inexpensive small tool can be found in any household, garage, junk drawer, portable toolbox, car, etc. But looking for a new tape measure can be confusing sometimes from dozens of models available in the market.

best tape measure for woodworking

Besides, understanding tapes full functionality will also be essential to your search for the desired tape measure out.

To assist you, we have also added an in-depth buying guide along with reviews. We hope these reviews will help you find your desired measuring tape for woodworking.

What to Look for Choosing a Reliable Tape Measure?

If you are a professional or beginner woodworker, the measuring tape is a must-have tool to start woodworking.

It uses a rigid and curved hard strip that can stay rigid and straight when extended and shrinks into a convenient storage roll. Besides this common feature, tape measures also have some other specialties and facilities. Before you purchase, make sure the tape measure meets the following criteria:

Blade Length

A smaller tape means a lighter and compressed tape. It is also convenient for carrying. But depending on your job, you need a shorter or longer tape measure. Usually, measuring tapes have various lengths. We recommend opting for blades of length 25 feet or higher to be on a safe side to measure any length. Especially woodworking needs to measure the shortest to most extended material most of the time. 

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Clear Plain Number

Tape measures usually have black and red measures on a yellow or white structure, as this is the optimal color blending for readability. You can measure wood or something for recording their accurate length or height. So, having exact numbers is significant for measuring tape.

Sometimes the numbers printed in a blur tape fades off and give you an inaccurate measurement. So, look for ones that have exact and big numbers with enough space for reading.

Locking Point

All standard measuring tapes should have some locking system. Because it is difficult to measure something if the blade keeps sliding. This feature will also protect your finger from the sharp edge of the blade.

Modern measuring tapes have a self-locking mechanism with an automatic spring lock that holds the tape out. Then again, to withdraw, it must be released. Some have a button on the bottom of the roll to press to hold the tape out or recall. So you can choose your one with this facility.

Durable and Long Lasting

To estimate the durability of the tape, always concentrate on the blade and case materials when buying. If the blade and case are armored with rubber, it will help resist unavoidable falls from high, and your tape will last long. 

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The better the mechanism inside the tape, it will operate more stable to continual use and misuse. That will extend the blade’s longevity.

Exact Measurement

The primary purpose of using tape is to get an accurate measurement. Digital types of tape are highly accurate, but there are excellent analog ones too. Readability and printing quality are also crucial for accurate measurement. 

Two crucial points control the accurate measurement, blade stretch and tang. The loose tang design helps to get accurate measurements. The amount of tang travel needs to be accurate. The thickness of the tang controls the amount of tang travel. So choose the stretchable blade with a loose tang and clear printing. 

The following tape measures we listed employ the latest innovative elements to meet your needs and ensure you do your best work.


Ergonomics is very significant with regards to measuring tapes. It should be agreeable in your grasp and simple to utilize. Search for configuration highlights, for example, elastic coatings and reduced structure factors. The elastic coating helps with stiffness as well as an added benefit for people who are drenched in sweat.

Editor’s Note

Getting the right tape measure requires following a severe plan to help you make the right decision, especially for woodworking. But always remember accuracy is the primary priority for choosing a tape measure rather than material and advanced features.

We hope the tape measures listed below will provide you with accurate measurements and allow you to get the object’s right dimensions.

View Top 10 Tape Measures for Woodworking – Below

1. Komelon SL2825 Self Lock Tape Measure for Woodworking

Komelon SL2825 Self Lock Tape Measure for Woodworking

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  • Weight: 1 pound;
  • Blade length: 25 feet;
  • wide: 1 inch;
  • Self-locking mechanism.

Komelon introduces this unique green case design tape that allows the blade to enlarge smoothly and a push-button to withdraw the blade with full control. It is a reliable tape measure for woodworkers. The rubberized case, accompanied with the nylon coated blade, ensures maximum durability. Additionally, it has a self-locking mechanism that allows the smooth blade extension.

It’s ergonomically engineered case gives users comfort in long term usage. This 25-feet long tape is an ideal tool for woodworking because it’s a one-touch button. So without other’s help, one can measure in the corners area too with this tool. The numbers are printed clearly and notably on the blade. So you can measure in low light situations. Besides, the price is much more reasonable than regular tape.


  • Impact-resistant rubber case;
  • The blade has enough length for most woodworkers;
  • The numbers printed on the blade are large;
  • The sides are over-molding by rubber;
  • Nylon coated blade enhances durability.


  • Sometimes it’s hard to pull out;
  • The spring mechanism sometimes fails.

2. General Tools LTM1 Laser 2-in-1 Tape Measure

General Tools LTM1 Laser 2-in-1 Tape Measure

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  • Weight: 0.75 pound;
  • Blade length: 16 feet tape and 50 feet laser;
  • Tape width: 3/4 inch;
  • LCD screen for quick reading.

This tape measure combines the range of a laser with the short-distance convenience of a traditional measuring tape. So you will get 2-in-1 cool features together. With the traditional measuring tape, you can measure up to 16 feet. However, the laser extends its range up to 50 feet. 

This 2-in-1 feature gives you both the facilities to measure by a ray or by tape according to your work. Precision and accuracy is another name of this measuring device. The laser shows its actual measurement in a clear LCD screen. Pushing a red button for activating the laser is the only thing you need to do.

Sometimes, people do not rely on laser measurement, as it won’t be perfect for all situations. In that situation, you can use the included tape measure. However, this model is for you if you need both a long-range laser and short-range measuring tape. The hook attached to the end of the tape measure allows easy hanging or handling. The tape measure’s standout is 5 feet long, and the width of the blade is ¾ inches.


  • Compact and lightweight,
  • Good range with accuracy;
  • Both laser and standard tape measure;
  • One-button control;
  • Battery operated laser guide;
  • LCD screen displays the range.


  • The laser mount almost high on this tape;
  • Hard to hit the picture frame edges.

3. Zabiki Measuring Tape for Woodworking

Zabiki Measuring Tape for Woodworking

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  • Weight: 0.75 pound;
  • Blade length: 25 feet;
  • wide: 1 inch;
  • Inch and metric dual side ruler.

Zabiki holds more than 20 years of reputation in the production and deals of tape measures. The quality of the product makes the customer buy their product again and again. It has 25 ft tape marking with large and bold numbers. Homeowners, professional handymen, woodworkers all find it an easy measuring tape. 

Moreover, the rubberized top grade material in the case is shock-absorbent that protects it from tear off from any accidental fall. Lots of tests have been done by the manufacturer to ensure durability and better protection. This hard-wearing quality enhances the tape’s persistence double. 

This tape’s most attractive feature is double-sided markers: inch and metric, making it perform all work types. Moreover, the retractable and sturdy blade provides a more precise measure result. For user convenience, it has a magnetic hook too. So overall, we can say this tape will be a good investment on a long term basis.


  • A top-grade rubberized material defends it from accidental drop;
  • Magnetic hook for support;
  • Giving more accurate measurement support;
  • Retractable and Strong;
  • Exact and large numbers.


  • Don’t have an LCD screen;
  • Sometimes in the spring I stop working.

4. Stanley Tools 33-725 FatMax Tape Measure

Stanley Tools 33-725 FatMax Tape Measure

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  • Weight: 1.18 pound;
  • Blade length: 25 feet;
  • Wide: 1-1/4 inches.

This Stanley 25 foot tape measure is an excellent tool for any DIY projects or a professional builder who needs a tape measure that can go a long way. The blade length is sufficient for most tasks. The tape is coated with durable Mylar polyester film, sturdy enough to survive a drop or a bang. Also, this thick plastic case has a durable non-slip rubber grip to avoid slip-off the tape. Hereafter, the heat-treated spring provides long life and sleek blade recoil.

Furthermore, the first three feet of the tape are covered with BladeArmor coating for serving maximum durability. The tape standout in 11 feet, and the post center is marked by 16 inches and 19.2 inches to make an easy woodworking or framing job. The top front lock design makes it easier to secure and open the blade. The precise black number printed on the bright yellow background is easy-to-read, even in low light.


  • First three feet with BladeArmor coating;
  • Mylar polyester film;
  • Post center markings;
  • Heat-treated spring blade recoil;
  • Non-slip cushion grip;
  • The top front blade lock design;
  • Secured industrial thermoplastic coating in the blade.


  • The lock button is hard to move with a thumb;
  • Springs get weak quickly.

5. MulWark Woodworking Tape Measure

MulWark Woodworking Tape Measure

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  • Weight: 0.90 pound;
  • Blade length: 26 feet;
  • Body 3½ inches long.

MulWark is presenting this portable and flexible measuring tape for its user max comfortability. All the features it serves can be worth the price. This double-sided easy to read tape is perfect for woodwork that can measure corner areas too. Its impact-resistant, chemical odor-free, and rustproof. 

The dimension of this premium-grade ruler is 8m long, 25 mm wide, and 0.15mm thick. The rugged, versatile magnetic tip can stick to any ferrous materials that place the blade in a stable position, especially when measuring long distances. It can stand out horizontally 7 ft and vertically 13 ft without closing.

Additionally, the tape also gives an accurate zero reading owing to its different calibration. The soft rubber grip on the cover and moulded shape can fit securely and comfortably in your hand that reduces user fatigue. Overall this tape owns all the features that a perfect standard tape should have.


  • Powerful magnetic hook;
  • Extra-long dual-sided measure;
  • High-impact ABS case;
  • Top-grade rubber over-moulded;
  • Smooth spring withdrawing mechanism;
  • Ergonomic design with the one-thumb operation.


  • It sometimes twists when measuring long things;
  • It doesn’t lock itself straight.

6. FastCap PSSR25 Left or Right Handed Tape

FastCap PSSR25 Left or Right Handed Tape

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  • Weight: 0.65 pound;
  • Blade length: 25 feet;
  • Both Lefty and Righty options.

This nice-looking and compact measuring tape is perfect for all the woodworkers. This tape’s main attractive feature is it has an inbuilt erasable notepad that allows the user to note down measurements on the tool itself. Woodworkers always work with heavy equipment, so carrying an extra notebook can be difficult. Also, it has an added pencil sharpener.

Further, it has a standard reverse system where the blade rolls back automatically. It also adds the easy-read portions feature to 1/16 inches. The measuring tape is highly durable as a rubber coating around the body, preventing wear and tear. This lightweight measuring tape weighs only 11.2 ounces for easy portability, and the backside belt clip helps it hang with a belt.

Both standard units of measurement and metric can measure with it. Overall, if you purchase this one, you can get all the essential features like an ergonomic belt, notepad, and sharpener in a tape measure within a budget. 


  • Accurate reading of both metric and standard units;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • Erasable notepad and a pencil sharpener;
  • It has an ergonomic four rivet nose clip;
  • A heavy-duty protective rubber case;
  • Easily readable fractions to 1/16-inches.


  • Bulky than other similar models;
  • The case may crack and break when dropped.

7. Milwaukee 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure

Milwaukee 48-22-7125 Magnetic Tape Measure

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  • Weight: 1 pound;
  • Blade length: 25 feet;
  • 9 feet standout.
  • This unique measuring device is magnetic that is easier to use.

This tape measure’s length is 25 feet, which is considered a standard for measuring tapes used in woodworking. The 5 points reinforced frame makes it impact-resistant, so if something heavy falls on the device, it will withstand the weight.

Furthermore, nylon bond protection makes it 10x more potent and more extended blade life. The blade and the tape’s body have a protective coat to prevent wear and tear. This magnetic measuring tape has dual magnets attached to EMT sticks from below and steel sticks in front.

The innovative “Finger Stop” feature protects your finger from a sharp tape blade. The excellent news for architects or woodworkers is, you will be able to use this measuring tape to use the Blueprint scale to calculate drawings of 1/4 and 1/8 inches. It can stand out at 9 feet.

To increase portability, it has a belt clip that reduces pocket tearing. The exact two-sided printing allows us to take measures in the corners and improves measurement readability. Ultimately, it is a heavy-duty and versatile tape measure of severe woodworkers.


  • Nylon bond blade protection;
  • Five points strengthened frame;
  • A dual magnet for secure attachment;
  • Finger stop protects finger from blade retracts;
  • Blueprint scale for easy drawing;
  • Hook attachment of 360 degrees.


  • The tape gets very crumbly quick;
  • Promptly jams with little dirt.

8. Crescent Lufkin QRL625MP Clad Tape Measure

Crescent Lufkin QRL625MP Clad Tape Measure

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  • Weight: 0.76 pound;
  • Blade length: 25 feet;
  • Wide: 1 inch.

Lufkin Tape measure features 25-ft long tape with a 1-inch blade of easy-to-read markings. The labels print in fractions and decimal equivalents and arrange in a vertical sequence that allows them to read the tape from either side. Additionally, the four-strong rivets hook is held in place, keeping the blade steady as you use the tape measure.

More to this, the ergonomic case design minimizes slippage during usage. The whole blade is coated that passes ASTM standards so that the calibration signings won’t fade out with time. The coating on the hook blocks corrosion, rust, and other harmful factors that may demote the tape’s quality. 

Besides, the case designs with heavy-duty ABS plastic to resist shock indoor and outdoor projects. Additionally, it has a convenient toggle lock at the top that can lock the blade in different positions. Finally, the bright blue lucrative color makes this tape measure noticeable, so you can easily spot it over the workplace.


  • Abrasion-resistant material;
  • A quick-read design;
  • The over-mold case protects from shock;
  • Easy-grip ergonomic design;
  • Printed in fractions and decimal equivalents;
  • Toggle lock located on top of the tape;
  • Durable quad rivet end hook;


  • Heavy compared to other tape measures.

9. eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure

eTape16 ET16.75-db-RP Digital Tape Measure

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  • Weight: 0.61 pound;
  • Blade length: 16 inches;
  • Three memory functions;
  • Large digital screen.

Suppose you are looking for all the useful features in one tape, then this sci-fi look eTape is for you. If we describe it in a few words, then it’s simple, reliable, and accurate. Added to it, it’s rugged, durable, weather-resistant, made of polycarbonate plastic with a large digital display. The large LCD can provide you with real-time, accurate, and reliable readouts as the tape blade extends. You can record measurements too.

This xtreme tape measure designs with advanced features that can meet the needs of the modern woodworker. Moreover, it will allow you to convert measurements from one unit to another in seconds, like inches to centimeters and vice versa. To add to this, it can also convert fractions to decimals.

Moreover, it has three memory settings, which will save your measurements at the push of a button. You won’t have to bend when measuring the corners since you can easily use the tape measure’s backside as the starting point. Besides, this device has a heavy-duty coin battery that can last up to 64 hours in constant use.


  • Built of durable polycarbonate plastic;
  • An auto-shutoff feature; 
  • Weather resistance;
  • Quickly converts measurements;
  • Centerline calculation of inside or outside.


  • The blade is shorter than other similar models.

10. Komelon PG85 Tape Measure for Woodworking

Komelon PG85 Tape Measure for Woodworking

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  • Weight: 1.06 pounds;
  • Blade width: 25 mm;
  • Blade length: 26 ft.

Komelon is the most convenient 26 feet steel blade tape that is reliable for precise measurements. The tape’s body covers rubber, and the blade coated with acrylic to serve long-lasting and accurate measures. The compact size of the tape is more comfortable to carry on the pocket. It also comes with a belt clip for easy hanging.

The satisfying ergonomic design makes it more relaxed to handle than many other measuring devices. This tape measure also measures distance in the metric scale, which is enough for measuring tapes. The triple-riveted end hook and an excellent belt clip helps the tape stay in place and restrict movement or falling. Overall it is an excellent tape for professional woodworkers.


  • The steel blade coated with acrylic;
  • Triple-riveted end hook;
  • Small and easy to carry;
  • Easy-grip ergonomic design;
  • Highly accurate measurements.


  • Thicker metal makes it bulky than other models.

Frequently Asked Questions About Measuring Tape

What Is the Least Demanding Measuring Tape to Peruse?

The least demanding measuring tape to peruse has standard scales on the two sides of the tape, with no measurement marks. A genuine model is the developer’s enduring top choice. The 25-foot form is the most adaptable and simpler to peruse than more modest tapes.

What Measuring Tape Do Contractors Utilize?

Open reel tapes

Such estimating tapes are normally utilized by project workers, specialists, and manufacturers. These accompany a hand wrench for withdrawal and are commonly made of covered fiberglass. These can be 25 – 500 feet in length, having markings in the two meters and feet.

Would It Be a Good Idea for Me to Pick the 16ft or 25ft Edge Length?

The 16 feet in length tape is really great for indoor ventures like cupboards and tables, which don’t broaden significantly longer than 16 feet. Be that as it may, for the people who participate in enormous scope projects, the standard 25 feet tape is an absolute necessity.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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