Best Framing Tool Belts- Features to Look When Choosing One

Published on: April 2, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

A framer is someone who gives shape to or frames or someone who constructs. A framer is a carpenter who constructs a wood-framed building’s primary structural elements called the framing. Framers build walls out of studs, beams, and headers, build floors from beams, and frame roofs using range poles and rafters.

best framing tool belt

A framing person needs to carry lots of small and large tools with him because when he works at the roof or any hanging position, it’s tough to carry the whole stackable toolbox system with him. That is why a suited framing tool belt is an essential accessory for those gear sets.

Furthermore, various materials, sizes, and functions make it tough to choose a suitable tool belt for framing. So don’t get panicked. Here we’ve gathered a list of reviews of different framing tool belts. After reading these reviews, we hope you should know everything you need to know about each belt and get an idea of what makes for a great value in tool belt purchasing.

Features to Look When Choosing a Framing Tool Belt

If you want to feel confident at the time of choosing a toolbelt, then follow some must-have features that a perfect tool belt should have. It not only saves your money but also will save a lot of time and effort. The following features are a few of them:


This is among the most challenging factors when picking a tool belt that can genuinely help. There are different materials available in the market since their price, quality, and features may vary. A framing tool belt is built of leather, canvas, polyester, nylon, etc. You can also find tool belts mixed with hard metal roller buckle, loop, holders, and stainless steel.

However, leather products are the primary choice of both professional and non-professional farmers. It is famous for decades because of the long-lasting service and fantastic durability. Besides, a combination of grade leather and the ballistic fabric is another popular mixed material that is incredibly long-lasting. Furthermore, they are not as expensive as genuine leather items.

Additionally, before purchasing, ensure that the material used to build the tool belt is corrosion-resistance for long time usage.

Size and Capacity

Any accidental events can happen if we wear a belt that is too loose or too tight. It is essential to get an exact size, one that accurately and smoothly fits your exact waistline.

Fortunately, tool belts are available in various sizes, mostly small, medium, large, extra-large, and XXL. Always buy a tool belt based on your actual waist size, and that can adjust up to a 52-inch waistline so it will not be a problem when you gain or lose weight in the future. But make sure that your chosen item’s size fits you perfectly.

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Always remember, the primary reason for using a tool belt is to carry your tools. So you have to estimate its carrying capacity too. Try to purchase a belt with the specific number and size of pockets, pouch, and tool holders you need.

Design and Slot

Design is another important fact when choosing a framing tool belt. There are two primary designs available in the market, one is a harness, and another is a waist. Harness belts are better used in an elevated workspace, and waist belts are for all standard fields. It depends on your preference, which one suits your tools and works best.

Moreover, several compartments on a tool belt can vary from 10 to 20, and some even reach more than 30 ones. They are made in different sizes, and the main pockets will be the biggest among all, other smaller ones will be layered on those pieces. Depending on your tool’s size and usage, you may choose the number of compartments used for.


If you don’t want to sore your shoulder, hips, and lower back, try to buy a lighter material tool belt. A tool belt itself usually weighs about 3 to 7 lbs. The lightweight tool bag can be used easily and comfortably. Usually, heavy material is heavier than the others but ensures that you can tolerate such weight while still boosting your work performance.


As the toolbag is holding the tools’ weight for a long time, it should be comfortable. Comfort comes in the form of padding, harness strap, thickness, durability, and so on. Furthermore, the belt part should be comfortable enough for a long time wearing.

Tips for Care and Maintenance

There are sure things you can do to deal with framing tool belts.

  • Ensure you don’t invest an excessive amount of energy in a very sticky climate.
  • Whenever you’re finished with a venture, clear off the residue from the utility belt.
  • Coconut oil is probably the best thing to deal with a calfskin framing belt. You might need to flush your utility belt from time to time, with it.
  • To clean the utility belt, utilize tepid water.
  • Delicately wipe out any grime from the belt with warm sudsy water. 
  • By and large, the cleanser fixation should be lower (twice the water and 1-time cleanser 2:1 or 3:1 proportion).
  • At long last, utilize your utility belt with care. Assuming you do as such, it will keep going for quite a while.

Now View Top 8 Framing Tool Belts, Below

1. Dewalt DG5617 Pro Framing Tool Belt

  • Weight: 2.75 pounds;
  • Waist size: 29 to 46-inches;
  • Pockets: 20.

Dewalt DG5617 takes first place in our list because of its spacious pouches and reasonable price. Another great feature that is unbeatable is that it includes suspenders, which do a great job of distributing the load and keeping it from falling solely on your waist. We can blindly say that you will have enough room for all kinds of work gear to need the upcoming duties, possibly.

Furthermore, it also comes with a gigantic zipped pocket, suitable for storing valuables like your phone or keys. It has a total of 20 pockets so you can easily carry your tools on them. Besides, there are slots for nail sets, pencils, parts, and so on. This easily adjustable framing tool bag allows you to hang the bag in multiple different positions.

To perform effectively at the worksite without worrying about tools, this bag suits most average-sized framers to put their gadgets in neat order. This belt fits with waist sizes between 29 to 46-inches, so this model is an excellent choice for you if you experience other belts being too large. This comfortable tool belt has 5-inches soft padding and fair weight distribution features to avoid users’ body soreness and gives optimal comfort.

Moreover, the smart zipper design reduces the chance of tool spilling incidents so that framers can bend and move freely. A secured pouch handle allows belt adjustments and easy one-hand carrying. The roller buckle will help the whole apron stay on better, making it more secure for slim framers. The full-set arrives with tough tool bags, firm suspenders, and a flexible belt.


  • Yoke style padded suspender;
  • Easily adjustable pouch handle;
  • A full set of tool belt;
  • Spacious and sound design all tools fit easily;
  • Long-lasting item just buy and use for a long time;
  • Comfortable and secured zipped pocket;
  • Well fitted and easy belt adjustment.


  • The plastic connection on the suspenders easily breakable;
  • The phone pocket is smaller for several types of phones.

2. Occidental Leather 8089 7 Bag Framer Tool Belt Set

  • Weight: 5 pounds;
  • Pockets: 7.

Occidental leather is a trusted brand from many years of reputation among the farmers. This model is not an exception in terms of durability. Those who find choosing a toolbelt is hard can choose this model blindly.

This high-quality product lasts for decades of heavy use without having any problems. Besides, it has a great capacity to store all of your tools conveniently. Even when it’s loaded down, that time is also very comfortable. So, when you come home from work at the end of the day, you will wear less due to your belt.

Furthermore, the top-grade leather is flexible enough around the user’s waist and also scratch-proof. The manufacturer produces six sizes, from small to XXXL, to think about user comfortability.

If you keenly look at the bag’s design, hammer loop, and small pouches, you can understand how much effort the manufacturer put into constructing this tool bag’s layout. Also, the weight distribution to hold multiple tools at once is equal enough to avoid waist and shoulder pain.

There is an added two-ply tool bag to hold the bag in its shape. Also, the extreme abrasion-resistant industrial nylon made multiple pouches keep all the tools safe and secure.


  • Comfortable and excellent quality;
  • Long-lasting and super tough;
  • Great design with ample capacity;
  • Leather Tool Holders and Corner Reinforcing;
  • Well functioned with excellent durability;
  • Abrasion-resistant industrial nylon material.


  • Expensive than other similar tool belts;
  • No carry handles make it difficult to carry or hang.

3. Style n Craft 98434 Pro-Framers Combo Tool Belt

  • Weight: 4.14 pounds;
  • Waist size: 34 to 60-inches;
  • Pockets: 17;
  • Belt width: 3-inches.

This heavy-duty top grain oiled leather and velvet dark tan color tool belt. It is one of the most gorgeous and fashionable pieces with high quality and excellent functionality. This tool belt is popular among customers because of its alluring and elegant looks.

It comes with 17 different pockets with a double pouch design, which is more than enough for the daily tools you’ll need. Besides, the comfortable and durable three-inch wide belt is also adjustable, so it can fit in most of the waist between 34 to 60-inches. That’s why most people will be able to use this belt without any adjustment.

Another important feature it holds is six internal pockets on the right side of the main pouch below the tape holder for carrying smaller tools like pencils, nail sets, knives, etc. In the center of the belt, the metal hammer holder makes it easy for the user to reach the compartment. Also, on the outside, there are two smaller pencil holder pockets.

The device is equipped with a double spike roller buckle that is not easily moved. Additionally, the rivet with caps locked on the bag clearly ensures better support and safety on heavy gear for longer than usual. All hardware is antiquely finished lasting for more extended periods. Besides, the top handles are added on both pouches to carry the set around with ease. It is really the best choice for this price.


  • User-friendly double pouch design with 17 pockets;
  • One size fits most;
  • Heavy-duty nylon thread stitching;
  • Three inches wide tapered leather belt;
  • Durable and tough enough for heavy-duty framers;
  • Stylish with excellent comfort and lightweight framing tool belts;
  • The rivet with caps enhances safety.


  • The top grain leather is thin and flimsy;
  • Most places are covered with a single stitch.

4. CLC Custom LeatherCraft 21448 Framing Tool Belt

  • Weight: 1 pound;
  • Waist size: 29 to 46-inches;
  • Pockets: 15 (5 main reversed pockets, 10 smaller pockets).

If you are currently looking for a durable and handy tool belt, look no farther than this. The combination of double-layered ballistic fabric with premium grade leather trim indeed makes you feel you are with the right companion. It comes with a thick and wide five-inch padded belt with double tongue steel roller buckle. That helps disseminate weight over your waist and back, significantly reducing fatigue to work for a more extended period.

It also comes with 27 pockets, which have plenty of space to store your pieces of equipment. Moreover, these pockets are distributed by 17 smaller pockets to carry pliers and smaller tools, and 8 main inverted nail and tool pockets. It also has some leather pants in the belt’s fastening area and the nylon pockets’ coating area. This best quality combo tool belt comes in four pieces, double-layered 1680D ballistic material with premium grade leather trim.

The carrying handle design provides simple adjustments for easy carrying. Indeed this custom leather tool bag is durable enough with its fantastic quality and long-lastingness. The fashionable look attracts people to carry it around, notably.


  • Good reliable quality;
  • Durable premium grade leather material;
  • The spacious room divided into different sizes for any tools;
  • No spilling gear because of reversed nail and tool pockets;
  • Very comfortable and lightweight tool bag;
  • The handle design provides simple and easy carrying.


  • Pockets are not as wide for larger tool;
  • It has medium durability.

5. Occidental Leather 5089 Framing Tool Belt

  • Weight: 5.55 pounds;
  • Waist size: 34 to 53-inches;
  • Belt width: 5-inches.

The Occidental leather framing tool belt is manufactured of premium quality top-grain leather with very durable and visually appealing. Every stitch adds extra strength to the already strong leather material. Further, the wide strap helps to carry more tools without any discomfort. The strap’s width evenly distributes the pouches’ weight and contents so that a framer can work for a long time without aching waist and shoulder.

The detachable framing bags come with the belt with more than enough storage space for all of the tools you will need and a couple of others that you might not be using but are still worthwhile to bring.

The available belt size varies from small to XXXL, which is beneficial for thin or overweight users. The hand-specific tool holders support maximum working cadence on the job site. The tool holder system is also designed so that small tools can’t spill out of the pocket. This modern design tool bag is beneficial for modern framers.


  • Comes with a set of useful wide pockets;
  • Durable and last for many years;
  • Constructed by genuine top leather;
  • The wide belt distributes weight efficiently;
  • No-spill tool holder system.


  • Heavier than other similar models;
  • Not suitable to use in wet weather.

6. Bucket Boss 50200 Original Builder’s Tool Belt

  • Weight: 2.40 pounds;
  • Waist size: Infinite 52-inches;
  • Material: 600D polyester fabric.

This universal fitting framing tool belt is perfect for tall and big framers for an infinity design that is capable of fitting up to a 52-inch waistline. So, the user has the option to loosen the belt, so he or she does not have to depend only on the belt holes.

Another useful feature is the pouches’ construction in a single-body manner so that the smaller pockets are installed around a much bigger one. If any farmer wants to add or reposition the pouches, he can do it within a minute easily. This means that three or more tool pouches can be added with the user to have all the things that will most likely need.

This product is made of a tough synthetic 600D polyester fabric, famous for being lightweight. This is the material that is usually used for making school bags and camping chairs. For this reason, it is durable enough that it significantly lowers its possibility of fraying.


  • Adjustable and repositioned pouch system;
  • Single body structure make it easy;
  • Barrel-bottom makes it super function pouches;
  • Strengthened pouch bottoms;
  • Steel hammer and web hammer loop;
  • Belts consist of steel buckles and monster grommets;
  • Affordable price with quality.


  • Don’t have internal dividers in the pockets for the tinier things;
  • Pouches get easily slide off.

7. OX P263604 Four Piece Leather Tool Belt

  • Weight: 4.52 pounds;
  • Waist size: 29 to 46-inches;
  • Pockets: 22;
  • Belt width: 3-inches.
  •   Waist size 29 – 37 inches.

OX P263604 is the most beautiful tool belt made of oil-tanned top leather that performs well in different weather conditions. With the combination of beauty and toughness, the main bags’ have a large capacity to accommodate a hammer loop, a tape measure clip, and internal pencil pouches at the side. This quality tool belt has 22 tool holders and pockets that are enough for all the maximum useful tools you need to take.

Furthermore, apart from the high-quality stitching, this tool bag is also reinforced using rivets on all the high-stress points. With this sturdiness construction, it has a lower chance of slipping even when you load it with too many tools at a time.

This three-inch-wide tool belt fits so nicely around the waist that any framer can use it. You don’t have to worry about assembling frames and forgetting something from your toolbox on the ground.


  • Provided with several pouches and pockets;
  • Built of strong and beautiful oil-tanned leather;
  • 3-inches width leather tool belt;
  • Heavy-duty rivet support;
  • Have a belt tunnel brace.


  • Bags can’t be set in one place;
  • Mostly suitable for a left-handed person.

8. Occidental Leather 9525 Finisher Framing Tool Belt

  • Weight: 4.00 pounds;
  • Waist size: 29 to 46-inches;
  • Pockets: 5
  • Belt width: 3-inches.

Occidental Leather has been running their business of making suitable tool belts for almost 40 years. So this tool belt is also made of a suitable combination of high-quality top leather and nylon material. This strict belt has nylon’s lightweight properties rather than leather.

This Occidental tool belt is a single piece of material where the pouches are built into the belt. So there is no chance of the pouches sliding out of place. Another great thing about this belt is that there is also a version of it made for left-handed people, a mirror image of the right-handers’ tool belt.

This framing tool belt is perfect for heavy to light framing work. Additionally, the innovative round bottom provides as much tool placement with full capacity, so you don’t have to worry about any tool left behind at work time.


  • Wide opening pouches ;
  • Do not slide out of place;
  • Durable and lightweight material;
  • Ensures the most used tools are in the right pouches;
  • Has a variant for left-handed people.


  • It’s hard to configure the pouches;
  • Price higher than other similar products;
  • The loop prevents the pry bar from fully seating.


Most of the article added requests to ask questions so that users have some extra information about products. Now I am gonna answer some random questions at this stage.

How Long Do Tool Belts Last?

Generally, a framing tool belt lasts 10 to 12 years. But it depends on your use. If you maintain it and store it in the right place it can last more than 15 years. 

Can I Wash My Tool Belt?

Yes, you can but some expensive tool belts are not suitable for washing because they need dry wash for the fabrics. Some less expensive tool belts are made of nylon and poly-cotton materials. Yes, these kinds of belts offer washing facilities simply. Even at home, you can clean them through the washing.

How Do You Wear a Tool Belt?

Sometimes new users are confused about how to wear tool belts. It’s very easy just to put on your waist and adjust it according to your waist size. When you fill its comfort and it fits properly then put your tools on it.

How Do You Clean a Leather Tool Bag?

Cleaning a leather tool bag is a very easy process. You just need clean water. You need not add detergent to other cleaners. No shoes, no detergent, only clean water. After cleaning hang your tool bag for drying.

End Speech

With the help of a perfect framing tool belt, you can get rid of all the hassles to keep the tools organized, so you need to complete your job. We know it is hard to select a perfect framing tool belt due to the numerous convenient tool belts currently in the market. If you want my suggestions then my priority is Dewalt DG5617 Pro Framing Tool Belt. These framing tool belts are overall a good quality and standard price tool bag.

But with all these discussed features of different brands, we hope now you have a higher chance of selecting a high-quality framing tool belt, which can surpass your expectations. But remember, once you have the perfect tool belt, do not forget to take care of it by following the instructions and information offered.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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