5 Best Veneer Saws Reviews (4 Things Consider Must)

Published on: April 1, 2022
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An ideal and a sharp veneer saw is an excellent way to come to the saw. This article clarifies the easy task of honoring a standard veneer saw.

It will supply you to decorate the cut with a square on one side and a bevel on the other. The square side part has been taped. When creating a joint between two bits of the veneer saw.

best veneer saws reviews

It is a more expert saw, the purpose of cutting the tip and the exceptionally fine teeth. You can present it in style in the image above, yet it is seen as a simple observation that looks like a standard saw. 

For example, a veneer saw surface and you need a really fine cut, a focus saw at that moment would be your better choice. Suppose you are passing rush time but want a perfect saw then just read the bellow line.

Now it’s time to talk about the best veneer saw in the market. The Lynx Veneer hand saw is the overall best choice. It included with necessary facilities for good cutting with good experience. If you have much time let’s know about some good veneer saw so it can be easy for you to select the right one. 

What is a Veneer Saw!

It is a handheld saw that is explicitly made for cutting and cutting veneer. It has many delicate teeth that are seen through the veneer. And it won’t leave any kerf in the slices because of the short thin curved sharp edges.

How to Choose the Perfect Veneer Saw

Keeps up Its Sharpness

These are internally sharp, yet they will usually lose sharpness after a while. However, it has great sharpness and it retains enough sharpness after regular utilize. You will similarly like the general form and nature of this item.  It is sufficiently sharp to experience a significantly thicker wood with negligible hard work.

Incredible Choice as Finishing Saw

It is more structured to finish utilization. This allows you to continuously clean and tidy. It is a decent observation to make progressively accurate and intricate cuts. It keeps sharpness good.

Lightweight and Compact

This veneer saw looked lightweight even with compact highlights. It should have the ability to deal with larger enterprises that run similarly solid wood. It works through small initiatives of the moment. You cannot diagnose this disease in any office. And especially in the case of its sharpness and clear results.

Clean and Consistent Cuts

It spreads out like wood, so it doesn’t shed excess wood. You have the opportunity to choose this kind of effect and if you are inclined to use something adaptable and sharp, consider getting the device.

Uses of a Veneer Saw

The first pace in starting your cut is resting the blade against the board material you would like to chop. Employing a guide block, hold the flat side of the blade against the block while ensuring that the veneer saw’s teeth are balancing lightly on the board or material you’re cutting. Make sure to urge an outsized and categoric guide for the saw blade to butt perfectly against it. 

The second pace is to apply little pressure on the saw and pull it toward you in long but slow strokes. Ultimately, a slow stroke is all you would like to separate the veneer sheets, as long as they’re very thin. And exerting excess force on the saw may break the blade or destroy the fabric or maybe leave kerf within the cut.

However, whether you force or pull the saw depends on the teeth. Some blades have teeth that don’t point in any particular direction, while others are available for two sets of teeth. This suggests that the saw works on both the pull and push strokes. Or simply, you would like to alternate between cutting by tilting the saw. 

View Our Selected Veneer Saws

Just below, we’ve also completed some summary reviews on each of those, so you’ll see which is the best choice for you.

1. Lynx Veneer Hand Saw

  • Weight: 4.6 ounces;
  • Dimensions: 12 x 3.75 x 2 inches.
  • Feature: one side crosscut, one side rip. Can rotate the blade;
  • Length: 8-1/2″;
  • The blade is .020″ thick with no set.

There are different models of veneer saws. The Lynx veneer saw reinforces the starting piece in the center of the wooden board. And can be utilized for other decoration work.

Unique sides of a blade- It has 15 TPI and two unique sides of the edge. These are made with the goal that one side develops crosscut teeth. Tear teeth arrangement on the opposite side. The saw has a beech handle and is exclusively rank stuff. Sharp edge length 3 “.

Flexible- As soon as you utilize the saw you will move from a reach to a flexible position. The curvature permits for regular contact and equivalent weight while you’re cutting the veneer.

Suitable handle- Sometimes handle of this tool creates some issues at work time. But this veneer comes with a suitable handle without pain.

Thing to Positives

  • Easy to simple action;
  • Good level of reason;
  • Excellent quality;
  • Use Comfortably.

Thing to Negatives

  • No negative sites are claims.

2. Kunz Veneer Saw

  • Model No: 115;
  • 16 TPI blade;
  • Dimensions: 9.45 x 2.99 x 0.08 inches;
  • Length: 7-3/4”;
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces.

Blade teeth- A quality veneer saw by German-made grove equipment. It has teeth on the two sides and a marginal oval shape. The teeth are cut to cut, not fixed to cut. It has a replaceable edge. And give precision flush cutting work, it’s equally great for cutting weird wood. 

Good quality handle- The handle is also balanced, which considers the freedom and impact when using and empowering the flash-cut with the rear. This handle is due to the hardwood. And it has an ideal feel to the hand.

Suitable design- The exceptional tooth design gives the client the ability to create push and pull cuts, which are slightly removed when viewing.

Lightweight- An incredible tool for cutting and flushing saws. Lightweight made it a more smart and easy manageable tool. 

Thing to Positives

  • The blade is unstable;
  • Slightly oval size blade;
  • Offset handle permits for clearance;
  • Balance price with quality.

Thing to Negatives

  • The cut is not stable.

3. Two Cherries 520-2200 Veneer Saw By Robert Larson

  • Weight: 0.25 ounces;
  • Cutting Angle 90°;
  • Cut a perfect edge for joining veneer;
  • Dimensions: 11.81 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches.

Big size– Easy-to-use veneer cutter tools give you outstanding results at work time. Work smoothly for big sizes. Suitable for heavy-duty.  Utilize it against a direct edge to cut the ideal joint without fail. For utilization in force strokes, the sharply curved edges of the shaper permit you to begin cutting mid-material.

Blade with teeth– Comes with a sharp blade. Gives smooth cutting like butter. A saw from the constructor is structured explicitly for utilization. The face cut with the standard blade leaves an angled edge towards the front. This oval was taken care of with sharp edges and counterbalance.

Different materials– You can use this tool with multiple materials. It is suitable to work with medium-thick materials, such as plywood, laminates, and plastics. 

Durable– This comes with good quality materials that last for a long time. No need to worry about quality.

Handle– it has a solid handle. This veneer saw handle ensures comfortable work time.  

Thing to Positives

  • Cut the perfect edge to join;
  • Simple-to-use;
  • Lightweight tool easy to manage;
  • Designed for utilizing power strokes;
  • Very reasonable price with good quality.

Thing to Negatives

  • No negative sites are found yet.

4. Crown 187 volt Veneer Saw

  • Material: BEECH;
  • Blade Length: 3″;
  • Overall Length: 8-1/2″;
  • Model: 187V;
  • TPI: 16;
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces.

Flexibility- You might as well do a quality cut presentation from the veneer saw. This is a deep flexible saw. You can utilize a slightly wider DIY fix and dovetail for joint work. And when doubling the cut it is suitable to cut the work of the tabletop and near the surface of the layer.

High carbon steel blade- Crown 187V tools it’s 3 inches 76mm veneer cut saw, 16 TPI. Made with a reusable high carbon steel sharp edge. The beach handle has teeth on either side of the blade and pushes the cut and stroke. Normal length about 8-1 / 2-inches long.

Good materials- The completeness of the Crown’s items is made from the finest materials by talented experts and attempts to supplant any tools that do not perform to your satisfaction.

 Thing to Positives

  • Excellent quality tools;
  • Resharpenable high carbon steel cutting edge;
  • Cuts on the pull and push strokes;
  • Has teeth on the two sides.

Thing to Negatives

  • Nothing to mention.

5. SUIZAN Japanese Veneer Hand Saw (Dozuki)

  • Model: 9-1/2″;
  • Overall Length: 20-1/2″;
  • Teeth /Inch: 30;
  • Blade Thickness: .008″;
  • Width: .012″;
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces.

Good quality with the easy procedure- Get flawless and perfect cuts from the suizan Japanese veneer saw without applying a lot of hand power with the help of the machine. This is the result of skilled Japanese craftsmanship. So you can expect great quality with just a hand saw. It is known for its 100 years of handicraft experience.

Replaceable blade- Since Japanese saws need to be replaced at regular intervals, right-cutting edges make it equally easy. It has been honored for innocence. 

Hardworking tool- There are limited KPFs that clear any path and cleaner and increasingly accurate cuts. If you are working on a larger enterprise and working with a slightly finishing cut, it’ll work for you.

 Japanese steel- All Suizan Japanese saws are made with the best quality Japanese steel. Due to the high-quality Japanese steel, this saw makes sharp cuts easily.  

Made in Japan- Most attractive part is this saw is made in japan. Infect all Suizan products are manufactured in Japan. Their hand tool is too much good quality. 

Thing to Positives

  • It is more lasting than expected;
  • Easy to use;
  • Flexibility;
  • Cutting so smoothly;

Thing to Negatives

  • The plastic handle is one of the negative sides of this veneer saw. For the user, demand needs to improve the handle materials.

FAQs About Veneer Saws

What Is a Veneer Saw Used for?

The Veneer saw is employed to chop veneers, thin sheets of wood from about 0.4 to 0.6 mm, that were cut or peeled off a log by a Veneer cutting machine.

How Does One Sharpen a Veneer Saw?

To sharpen a veneer saw, hold it perpendicular to the bench and use a fine file to sharpen the teeth, following the angles already established. Then, with the saw flat on the sting of the bench, file a bevel onto the surface fringe of the blade so that each tooth involves a pointy point.

In Conclusion

These are usually great for creating precise and delicate cuts. These are observers. And it can be assumed that a typical DIY fan will need any of these.

It should be obvious that there are two very necessary structures. And they are very surprised. The curved cutting edge models allow you to start cutting in the middle. Really they are intended to work fine on fine materials.

Just suppose, if you feel comfortable working with a big veneer saw then my recommendations   BAHCO NP-12-VEN. If you want a very budget-friendly  Veneer saw so without worry pick the Kunz Veneer Saw. Kunz is a popular brand and this model saw is wonderful. Do you love Japanese tools? If your answer is yes, then choose the SUIZAN Japanese Veneer Hand Saw (Dozuki). It’s made from Japan quality and price both are good so pick them.

More quality saw will be cut for all purposes. And the purposes of any kind of wood and plastic still seem precise. They are mostly surprised by their own features.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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