7 Best Vertical Band Saws for Metal, Wood, or Lumber Cutting

Published on: February 2, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Affluent vertical band saws capable of working with several ranges of materials. Turns out to be a good solution to cut through wood, plastic, meat, and various metals. Even every categorized band saw produces less noise, chips, and dust. Often some can cause respiratory damage as well.

Professionals select and use their rapid tastes for a long time. But a vertical band saw act more than a professional one. It comforts for frequent usage, even providing enough rip capacity to the mounted and complex edges.

7 best vertical band saws for metal, wood, or lumber cutting

If you are a hobbyist, you may have confusion. Like how to choose the blade or best TPI for cutting metal. Except, for some versions, do not allow you to rip metal and wood at the same time. Both metal and wood-cutting bandsaws differentiate by their absolute blade speed. Whether your regular band saw is as fun as the hack saw.  

Almost every vertical bandsaws conclude with the same features as a horizontal one does. But our selected machines will not let you get mixed finishing till the end for your ready-to-go item. Most of them are high on their self prior production, without more representation for error.

Factors to Consider for Vertical Bandsaw


Pay attention to the weight. As it ensures portability and durability. For example, aluminum made equipment sound lightweight and easy mobilization.

But the steel or cast-iron made will not sound like that. Still, there remain such big but lightweight vertical bandsaws. Potential buyers are worth checking this most while buying from the various sizes. However, it will rely on your height and scale of work-load that it can take into consideration or not. 

Suppose, you need a large metal or wood project to accomplish. But you bought a smaller version for cheap. That is not worth the money regarding a benchtop metal bandsaw or vertical bandsaw. Make sure that the wheel has a cap lock mechanism which avoids unnecessary accidents.


Things like bevel tables, LED lamps, fences, and frames fall into the auxiliary features category. But power rating becomes the second oversight unit for the majority of buyers.

Though it probably matters a few because most manufacturers are engaging the same powered motor. Offering more than enough powered engines to cut through your shred. As long as you are using a proper blade integrating other counterparts. Basic competency can solve all machine issues though it can cost much. 

Variable Blade Speed

The most critical factor is its multiple blade speed, according to the picked stuff type. Potential buyers should go for it. As per modern vertical bandsaws regarding settings are quite split. It is a basic that quite hard metals like cast-iron work normally at slower 100 SFPM. The faster blade speed needed for brass and steel is about 1000ft/min. So, the softer the materials, the faster speed is necessary.

One should consider many typical cutting angles too. As most vertical band saws prefer to cut at 45 and 60 degrees. At present, some high-end versions are preferred more than that. As long as the rotating option is used to wise up, let more precise cuts.


Safety components are another critical part while driving through your workpiece. Most harder metals or critical shaped or narrow lumber are not so easy to cut off. Machine issues may create, even if it is high-end or low-end vertical band saws, that may be good for your money.

The safety of body parts while operating is your responsibility. Like wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Even with some little ones for your ear and eyes.

Besides, blade guards, you should check while buying. It is essential to protect your fingers from being damaged as it associates with your tool’s sharp edges. Yet, the machine coolant system is a big deal. Even it hinders it from getting hot while operating.

Quick Solutions

What is a Good Brand of Bandsaw?

This two-level speedwork takes into account additional accuracy while you’re making your cuts, permitting you to modify your methodology in light of your materials and task.

What is the Difference Between a Wood Band Saw and a Metal Band Saw?

Band saws for wood normally have one speed – quick. Band saws for the metal need to be cut far denser, and harder materials. Cutting these materials creates undeniably more hotness, and that implies that you need to pump the brakes to the right speed for the specific material. 

So metal cutting band saws frequently have customizable velocities.

What is a Horizontal Bandsaw?

These saws use a delicious metallic “strip-like” circle to cut metal objects, and the hard teeth run in a large flat plane. The running sharp edge clears a bend through a decent slicing plane to create a repeatable fixed-point cut. The flat band can be cut just straight at the right point on the saw

View Top 7 Vertical Band Saws, Below-

1. Kaka Industrial Mini Metal Cutting Band Saw (BS-85)

  • Weight: 46 pounds;
  • Blade Length 13 millimeters;
  • Material: Metal;
  • Power Source: ‎Ac;
  • Voltage 110 Volts (AC);
  • Wattage 1000 watts;
  • A portable band saw can be rotated from 0° to 45°.

Looking for a particular model vertical band saw that offers much more rigid and reliable to-use features? This is from our go-to-choice listing as per running it on voltage 110 operations.

What can you get included in it? A 4-in-one item such as a bi-metal blade, swivel frame, and vertical angled table seems to give good professional results. On top of that, the in-built coolant system ensures the dryness of your workpiece. Sounds kind of like a dry metal cutter, right? Even the automatic shutoff option keeps safe while driving through.

Though the related counterparts make it quite heavy for lift gate service, it requires such a forklift for unloading some.  


  • Quick positioning vise;
  • Safety hydraulic down feed;
  • Anti-corrosion coating.


  • None.

2. Powermatic PM2013B || 5 HP Vertical Bandsaw

  • Weight: 935 pounds;
  • Motor: 5HP;
  • Blade speed: N/A;
  • Rip capacity: 20inches.

A great solution for professionals from the manufacturer POWERMATIC series 2013B. Also, preferred by those who are worth checking out the better and more qualified model.

Well, it features a 1-phase 5HP 230V motor that offers blade speed for progressive driving.

It comes up with a mix of engineered stiff cast iron table and trunnion, allowing the largest fixed vertical position for huge pieces. Thanks to the T-Square styling Accu-fence, maximizes your precise cuts through lumbers, wood, and steel. We found an innovative positive locking cam. With a pressure adjustment system, it gives a perfect alignment to the blade. So you can use the extended side plates in both vertical and horizontal positions.

The aluminum wheels inside the chassis are for better carrying. Unlike other manufacturers, no wheel wobbling occurs to generate pretty consistency. Though other counterparts do not give a damn at the same time. Also, a great aesthetic look can accelerate the overall performance in workshops or home depots. Minimizes the challenges from being a continuous craftsman to a professional one.


  • Electric powered;
  • Works on 230 Volts;
  • Oversized side plates.


  • Problematic for daily usage.

3. WEN 94396|| Variable Speed Handheld Portable Band Saw for Metal

  • Weight: 14.5 pounds;
  • Motor: 10 AMP;
  • Blade speed: 60 to 420 FPM;
  • Voltage 120 Volts;
  • Wattage‎1200 watts;
  • Included ‎portable band.

What do you imagine while purchasing a band saw? Will it meet ambitions to operate with large pieces of large projects? But the fact is while you are re-imagining, your vertical band saw may not fulfill. As per need more power for desirable cuts. Even it offers a 2-in-one saw, table saw, and band saw.

This one provides such a type of more resaw capacity. At least a 14.5 inches blade helps though it is hard to find. You can take account of the bevel vise that keeps balancing your cuts. That may provide more precise looks at  0° to 60°. Unlike other WEN series, this 94396 model is designed to operate workpieces laying over a 6” stand. Both in vertical and horizontal spaces with a uniform grip. Besides, make yourself compatible with a 3-speed blade.

Only lift the head in the opposite direction you want to cut off. Like, lift up into the horizontal position and unite the existing table. All the maneuver is appropriate if it is not your style for vertical position. Ensure an auto shut-off mechanism while it is out of the gearbox. For your bandsaw’s long lifespan.


  • Cut everything like a railroad to steel bars;
  • Maintain pivotal rules;
  • Burr-free chops;
  • Blade tensioning system;
  • Tilt knobs.


  • Problematic bi-metal blade service.

4. SHOP FOX W1715 || 3/4 HP Metal Cutting Vertical Bandsaw

  • Weight: 121.7 pounds;
  • Motor: 3 / 4 HP;
  • Blade speed: 78 / 108 / 180; 
  • Rip capacity: 4” x 6”.

Another fantastic chopping model from the electric-powered bandsaw series W1715

SHOP FOX. Thanks to the t-slot single-phase meter to integrate such a 64-1/2″ x 1/2″ x 0.025″ blade. That cut off at least 4.5 round stocks and 4″x 6″ rectangular bars at 1725 RPM. The vise includes horizontal operations, for instance, holding stuff for angle cuts from  0 to 60-degrees. As well as cutting the same round size capacity 4-½” at 90° and 60°. Except for the straight cuts at vertical positions through the entire pieces. Even the ball-bearing tools support better variations.

We know that safety is obvious while working out with sharp equipment. From the manufacturer, they ensured the handles and auto shut-off option regarding the issue. Even a V-belt replacement mechanism changes the cutting speed of your bandsaw. So do harmless health as well as your hand-picked chopping piece for precise cuts. In any case, portability and durability render 100% natural from our experience. As if the compact design takes a little space under your workshed.

How about the feed rate? In general, the feed rate depends on the variation of spring and handle quality. First, add the tensioning system to the spring. Then make it faster or slower by twisting the handle anticlockwise or clockwise.


  • Pre-installed vertical cutting attachments;
  • Easy to change blade speed;
  • Feed rate controller spring.


  • Brass gear would slip down.

5. Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14” x 12” || Vertical Bandsaw

  • Weight: 266 pounds;
  • Motor: 1.75HP;
  • Blade speed: N/A;
  • Rip capacity: 14” x 12”.

We have to keep up with the trendy knots, it or not? LAGUNA, a well-reputed brand, launched such a worth-mentioning product from the series MBAND1412-175. Besides, issuing non-stop high-end tools such as vertical band saws day by day. Make us more grateful to offer such tools at cheap prices.

Getting the hang of at ease may separate it from other ones. Therefore, you can mobile

your band saw to the desired location with a high-quality metal stand. Including 1 rotating wheel and 2 certain potentials. You can use a third-party mobile base instead of the toolbox. The compact design adds more auxiliary rigid features. The 21” x 16” worktable has a specialization with a micro-adjusted 1/8” width blade. That can tilt at 45 degrees right and 7 degrees left. Else, automatic stop actions at 45 degrees instant.

Including an aluminum rip fence and cast-iron worktable and wheels. The components sound no lightweight and have fatigue issues, right?

Some kinky issues may seem at the purchase in the line of better things. Strange small footprints are one of them. This red-flagged short-width stand may not fulfill your expectation.  But better for frequent band saw users, unlike other high-qualified ones. Allows for resawing 12” deep with a 115” long and 13 ⅝” throat capacity blade. 


  • Heavy-duty compatibility;
  • Tilting knobs;
  • Quick release tension;
  • Dust port;
  • Famous ceramic Laguna guide.


  • No anti-vibration mechanism.

6. KAKA Industrial 7″ x 12″ || Metal Cutting Horizontal Band Saw

  • Weight: 356 pounds;
  • Motor: 1.5 HP;
  • Blade speed: 86/ 132/ 178/ 260 FPM;
  • Rip capacity: 7″ x 12″.

Did you feel like driving at 230V while the actual rate is 115Volt? We know it is kinky. But this high-end professional offers such dual voltage performance at a single phase. Yes, from KAKA Industrial electric-powered series vertical band saws. With 4 SFPM for several types of material cutting. For instance, the smallest 86 SFPM for bronze and steel. Even the highest 260 SPFM for cutting-off aluminum and plastic. Thanks to this great innovation for counting potential users’ relaxation with blade speed.

The strongest point of this unit you should check. It is the hydraulic cylinder, that controls most with perfect feed rating. You can take advantage of the micro-adjusting pulling system. Not only this increase in a machine vise. But run up the table place after the stuff also. In short, enhance the engine’s lifespan as long as it should.

This one may have specialized ripping optional accessories. Relatively circular cuts 7” and 5” at 90° and 45°. Similar to the rectangular angles, 7” x 12” and 4.75” x 4.88”. Follow the same to rip through a circular plastic tube. On top of that, we found such an extra beneficial function. Well, it is the rotating clamping plate. Renders most perfect rips whether it is a sturdy wood or soft bronze.  


  • Easy to get miter angles from 0° to 45°;
  • 4-blade speed;
  • Straight and square saw cuts;
  • Universal applications.


  • Expensive.

7. JET 414418 18″ || 1 HP Metal or Wood Vertical Bandsaw

  • Weight: 582 pounds;
  • Motor: 1-¾ HP;
  • Blade speed: low 80-265 SFPM, High 1000-3200 SFPM;
  • Rip capacity: 18” x 12”.

Need a high-end professional and stylish eventual speedy machine? We bet this could be the right choice to consider as an electric-powered vertical bandsaw. It helps most in metal and wood cutting. Worth your money of ripping materials in a dual-purpose vertical position. 

But speaking of ease, it is considered to be the most desirable one among both professionals and newbies. Features a built-in T-square fence for 16.5” rip capacity. As well as a tilting table rotates workpieces 10 degrees left and 45 degrees right.  It is all about the ease of workload. What about the rigidity and strength it is featuring? Even though this vertical bandsaw is not exactly simple equipment from the manufacturer JET. We found such different advantages, for instance, dual-purpose blade width. Like 1/8”-1” for metal and 1.5” for wood on a 19” W and L table surface. Ain’t it cool?

Engineered with a definite straightforward durable worktable. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, for example, two limitations of blade speed of low and high. So one should not have to struggle much to achieve a satisfactory level while operating. Get used to the bare tools that reduce friction among blades and increase performance.


  • Heavy-duty gearbox;
  • Cast-iron table;
  • 4-inch dust collector;
  • Carbon steel blade;
  • Cutting height scale.


  • Better with bi-metal blades;
  • Not sure of 120V.

Final Words

Among decent vertical bandsaws, our reviewed ones also render horizontal bandsaw features altogether. Often people buy a kind of tool that meets their demands at. It becomes having 2 choices, first, return it and second, never invest in it again. Such schemes are not expectable, and can even empty your pocket.

Well, research can solve such problems. Do not forget to read the manual instructions. As if you want to secure yourself by avoiding all confusion. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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