Best Welders for Automotive Sheet Metal: The Features You Consider

Published on: March 31, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by David Rowan

The welding machine is ideal for welding overlapping pieces of metal. Its welds thinner metals together. When other welders like TIG or MIG welders aren’t up to the task always. There no filler material is necessary for it because the welder works by melting together a small section of the metals. These welders come with a simple design and are built for one purpose only. 

best welders for automotive sheet metal

There we share top-level welders with these reviews. We have tested and have worked to compare how those worked. Choosing the right machine for the job can sometimes be challenging. Hope, our guide supports you to increase your knowledge about welder machines. So you can make a choice one for your specific needs. 

Types of Welders 

Here are the most common types of welders that are available in the market. TIG welding machines are one of them. It is ideal for auto bodywork because it is flexible in its positions. So you get full control and precision on your job. The structure and the result are also better. Ease of usage and also has a foot controller, while you can adjust the head density. 

Stick welding machines use a consumable kind of electrode. Since it doesn’t need gas coating. So, whether you are working in high wind, drafty you can still use this welding tool with ease. Some additional cleaning steps might be needed to get the results. 

MIG welding machines are the top choice of weld lovers to do auto bodywork. There is a shielding gas flowing in the tube. It is an ideal choice for beginner welders as it doesn’t require too much time to learn. In fact, in an hour you can learn how to use it properly. It has more flexibility and also assumes different positions when welding.

How Does a Welding Machine Work?

If you’re looking for a welder then you must know about how it works and its using procedure. Whether you might be an expert and already know about this topic then you can skip over this part. If you’re a new user to welding and want to know before jumping in, you will get a huge benefit from what we have to say.

In most cases, these welders are used for the car industry. But varieties of manufacturers also find them useful. The copper alloy electrodes are used because they can pass electric currents perfectly. Depending on the welder machine and how much pressure is needed.

Advantages of Welding

When we use any tools, they all have positives and negatives. The biggest positive thing is you will get superbly durable welds. When you need welds you don’t have to get extra metal weld materials for welding. All that is required is an electrical power source. Of course, this also helps you save on equipment costs. Welders are not required to have extreme heat either. Speed is another feature to consider that makes it popular.

Disadvantages of Welding

Remember always that the welding is not effective on all materials. Low carbon steel like nickel alloys, titanium, and stainless steel are the common options that are great to work with. Generally, most of the people will find that the welders can be tricky to maneuver. Angles are not good friends of the welders.

Weld Safety Precautions

The electrodes of a welder pass electricity and produce heat, and there is a risk of fire hazards of using time. To avoid any risk, you must ensure that the electrodes have completely cooled down before they are placed on a surface. You have to use gloves during use. Always ensure that you are wearing protective eye and face gear. Before welding, we advise that you add corrosion protection to your metals. This will increase the manageability of your job.

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The Features Considerations You Need to Choosing a Welder

Here we try to briefly discuss what welding is and the safety precautions you have to take. Let’s examine a few of the features considerations you need to make and the facts you should be watchful of when choosing a welder machine for your specific needs.

Whether you like to decide purchases online or mortar stores, we suggest that you keep these crucial points at the forefront of your mind. Must ensure that you are making a better choice among hundreds of welders currently available in the local market.

First Check the Amperage

The amperage plays a big role in how much power it can emit. If you are working with thinner metals than you need an amperage of at least 100 amps and up to 130 amps to achieve better results. If you are working with thicker steel than you need as much as 180 amps to produce your needle results.

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Find Out Its Heat Transfer Capacity

Generally, your power supply will lower down the voltage input so that it can provide a considerable amount of current. If you do this, the unit will produce maximum heat that can affect its circuit. The unit should have a way to end up with a power supply failure. That is why you should look for a high duty cycle.  It gives the longer you can run this device without letting it rest to prevent overheating.

Consider Spending More Money or Features

In this case of welding devices, you spend more money and features. These features affect the output, workability, and the result of the unit. That means if you are choosing a cheap welder then you will also most likely get cheap and unsatisfactory results.

The Materials You Should Use

You must have to think about the metals you’re working with and the sections of the gauge you intend to welding. While you buy a quality multiprocess welder machine, you’re going to have few problems with your regular steel welding projects. But when you think about welding aluminum then you need to think harder about your purchase.

You also want to look at the amp range for this tool as you need a broad range. While you’re going to weld heavy and light materials together then you can avoid this capability and go with a narrower range.

Editors Selected Welders for Automotive Sheet Metals, Below

200A Lotos TIG200ACDC Welder

  • 200 amp TIG welder;
  • Item weight 58.0 pounds;
  • Total length 123.6 inches;
  • It supports a 240-volts current.

This machine offers accurate aluminum welding made easy by its 200 A square-wave AC inverter. 200 amp AC/DC electric current rated output delivers quality steel and aluminum welding. It comes with a start torch controller, and it can control the heat produced with a foot pedal. The Lotos welder also supports a stable arc and deep welding pool. We can achieve a beautiful shape of welding from this. 

This tool can work on dual voltages from 110/120V to 220/240V as well as double frequencies ranking systems from 50 to 60 Hz. Now this machine has a strong quality with a lightweight. This small machine takes minimum space out there. Overall it is a perfect machine for those persons who can carry out precise industrial quality welding.  


  • Easy to use;
  • Clean and brief welds;
  • Dual voltage input system;
  • Works with AC and DC both electricity;
  • Inbuilt foot pedal for heat controlling;
  • Square wave inverter used for aluminum welding.


  • The machine is a little heavy.

2. Lenco Autobody Dual Spot Welder (LNXL4000)

  • 208 and 230V primary voltage;
  • 50 amp line fuse;
  • Protected by control panel;
  • Solid-state timer.

This Lenco auto body spot welder offers to users a smooth and consistent weld that makes it ideal for those people who need a welder machine. You can set the timer as you need, and it will stop automatically.

There is nothing complicated about using this item. You should use this tool with care and keep safety in mind in your working times. The Lenco spot welder’s features come with a protected control panel and well-streamlined construction.

You have to note at this point, that this welder is not ideal for beginners. It will be more effortless to join body parts with the Lenco spot welder. Unfortunately, finding parts for these tools will be difficult. Every shop does not stock it. You might be able to purchase those parts from any online supplier.


  • High-quality tool;
  • Flexibility;
  • Larger tool storage option.;
  • Clean and smooth welds;
  • Includes wheels for mobility.


  • Too advanced for inexperienced welders.

3. Everlast 251Si Multi-Process Welder

  • Digital IGBT inverter constructed;
  • 120/240V dual voltage;
  • 030 to .045 inch  wire diameter;
  • Adjustable MIG/Stick arc force system.

This Everlast fourth-generation multi-process welder is great to all-rounder for my top pick. It’s a solid improvement over its predecessor and its welding function is more adjustable than other old welders. It was also strikingly easy to set up and use. The hot stick start option makes it easier to burn in 6010 and even 7018 rods. Its price tag is also user-friendly. 

It offers a great quality of build and more durability. It also comes with three welding options: synergic MIG, pulse MIG, and Pulse TIG. The digital synergic MIG function is automatically adjusted to the wire speed. Inverter technology makes the Everlast 251Si not only save your money but also produce quality welds.


  • Not noisy when in operation;
  • Robust build and low cost;
  • Flexible performance;
  • Quick connect to MIG gun;
  • It has a foot pedal for holding;
  • Easy to set up and use.


  • It’s heavy and shouldn’t be moved by one person.

4. 120 volt Forney Easy Weld Welder

  • Anti-spatter spray;
  • Multi-process welder;
  • MIG gun and ground clamp included.

Forney Easy 140 FC-i MIG Welder is an entry level-welding machine suitable for multipurpose welding work. You can also use it for MIG, TIG, DC, and Stick welding jobs. The Forney Easy Welders size is small and can be used for all types of smaller jobs. It is also suitable for hobbyists, DIY projects, and metal artists. It is very easy to use and you can easily increase your performance. 

This welder offers you to do MIG welding of up to ¼ inches in a single pass. This is more than for any daily activities that will be in your garage. The Forney Weld is also portable and has a sturdy building. It is a 120-volt welder so you can easily plug-in it to almost any home outlet.


  • Infinite voltage;
  • Includes additional gear;
  • Low skill level needed to operate;
  • Lightweight and Power efficiency;
  • Portable and Adjustable feed speed.


  • Slower wire feeding speed from other welders.

5. Lincoln Electric CO K2697-1 Wire Feed Welder

  • 120 volt AC input voltage;
  • MIG/Flux core welding processes ;
  • Wire size 0.025 inch to 0.030 inches.

The Lincoln electric welder is a very powerful MIG welding machine. This welder is specially made for small-scale welding projects. It comes with a lot of useful features that make it an ideal choice for your household welding tasks, and small welding workshops.  This welding machine is easy to use, especially for beginner users.  

It has a 5-position voltage controller system which gives you smoothness of the power selection. It will deliver you a seamless and smooth operating experience. If you are not particular about an industrial powerhouse welding machine then it is a perfect fit for your needs. 


  • Portable and lightweight construction;
  • Continuous wire feed speed;
  • Easy to use and included a spool gun switch;
  • Auto-wiring technology;
  • Made in the USA.


  • It is not suitable for thicker metals and industrial projects.

6. Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process Welder

  • 9FV TIG Torch: (85657);
  • Anti-Spatter Spray: (37030);
  • Nozzle Gel: (37031);
  • Welding Nozzles: (85336 and 85337);
  • Diffuser: (85339);
  • Mild Steel MIG Wire: (42285, 42286, 42290, & 42291);
  • Flux Core MIG Wire: (42300 and 42301).

If you’re looking for a low-cost and light use welding machine then, Forney is an ideal choice for you. At first, you will mind that the TIG torch is not included in this welder. So those who do not need the TIG welding then this is quite a good machine for them.  Before selecting the welder, comparison helps you to make the right decision.

This is perfect for light welding jobs and also capable of the TIGER L.F. The synergic is a very helpful feature for beginner welders. Because it will optimize the arc automatically to produce better welds and reduce its spatter. And if you don’t need it you can easily switch to manual settings.


  • Easy to set up and use;
  • Having a digital readout system;
  • Portable and great for the DIY project;
  • Solid casing and Lift Arc TIG support.


  • There are no cons found.

7. Professional Portable Welder 120-Volt

  • Recommended for single-phase;
  • Heavy-duty spot welder;
  • Stark 120V spot welder;
  • 2.5 KVA output and a 50% duty cycle.

Stark 120V portable spot stark welder comes with high-quality steel replacement tips. You don’t have to replace the welder, you can replace the welding tips whenever it is necessary. Stark professional welder is an excellent option for beginners.

 It is a simple set up procedure and easy to operate. Additionally, it delivers professional-grade welds. It is a highly popular mobile spot welder for professionals. This single-phase machine is a little heavy for a spot welder.


  • Easy to operability;
  • Sturdy yet compact design;
  • Quick press and release mechanism;
  • Replacement tips are available.


  • A little bit heavy for a portable spot welder.

8. 240 Volt Stark Professional Portable Welding Machine

  • 16 amp current rating;
  • 6 inch deep replacing steel tip;
  • Single-phase design;
  • 50% duty cycle;
  • Lever weld function included.

This 240-volt single-phase spot welder makes it easy to weld different types of materials. The Stark professional welder makes quick and strong a broad selection of materials. The simple weld system makes it possible to do a large amount of work in a minimum or short time. The handle provides you with an easy pick-up and goes for a mobility solution. This welder can be operated and makes it easy for beginner welders to learn the trade. 

The Stark is also a professionally designed spot welder for the licensed welder. This is a safe machine for everyone to use. When you purchase it, you also get an extra set of tips. You can use it for many different uses. If you are looking for the easy clamping mechanism which can quickly operate, then you’ll buy the Stark portable spot welder.


  • Quick press and release mechanism;
  • Well-constructed and durable;
  • Runs off of 240V for extra power;
  • Simple liver function available;
  • Smooth operation with the lever;
  • It works comfortably with different materials.


  • A little heavy for a mobile spot welder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Welder is Used on Cars?

Generally, there isn’t a definitive welding processing system when it comes to auto body work. The most common types of auto-body welders are MIG, Gas, TIG, and Stik. A MIG welder machine is the most versatile one and is used for various materials as well as different thicknesses. If you purchase a quality machine then you will be able to finish all kinds of welding jobs.

What is A Multi-Process Welder?

A multi-process welder is one kind of welding machine that handles up to 4 different welding processing systems. A welding machine saves you from having to get multiple machines and also makes it easier for your workshop to handle many different kinds of jobs at once. It could also free up space in a cramped workshop.

How does this Machine Join the Metal Sheets?

This welder is resistance welding joins two or more metal sheets by applying the pressure and heating to the weld area. This type of welding process is not required for any filler materials.

In this process, the metal sheets are welded using shaped alloy to copper electrodes. These electrodes convey electrical current heat through the weld pieces. This point is heating from current is turned off, and the pressure is maintained to solidify the molten nugget to form that joint.


Now, you already have gone through these reviews, FAQs, and other topics, we are confident that you can easily choose the welder depending on your need. All the products we have mentioned are tested by our experts. So that you can make your decision when you choose a welder from our list. 

Whether you choose a welder it will depend on what you will be done with this machine and how much you can spend on the welder. Always should have good investments for the welder. Always keep safety in mind to prevent damage to the welding machine. So, what are you waiting for? Go out and find your welder that will make your work easier and reliable to use.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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