Best Crimp Tool: Types of Crimping Tools and Top Selection

Published on: April 17, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Different electrical connection depends on what? A simple terminal, consisting of a push-fit connector or a bolt-down with an open function to crimp onto the wire and cable’s bare end.

The terminals, often simply are popular as crimps, and have Steel, High Carbon Steel, and ABS or PVC handle in their construction. If prospective users want, crimping tool assistance is right there to squeeze the crimp shut, as well as for forming a secure connection between cable and terminal. 

crimp tool

To employ your crimper in all these jobs, your first task is to study the crimp tools, such as types of crimping tools and their uses with different categories. Even aiming for inline connections, for instance, from the bolt-down inside your PC to the metal rings that you can carry to attach to your battery.

Therefore, to go up with a variety of confirmation challenges, you better take a tour of our article to acknowledge the core info to get the perfect assistant for a particular task.   

What Is a Crimp Tool?

Crimping tools sound like a device that is used to create stamps or seals. How? By keeping pressurizing materials or components together, for instance, attaching connectors to the cable ends. 

Crimping tools have multi-functional offers with their different styles from the manufacturer’s depot. Featuring compressions, alongside cutting, bending, shaping and similar actions take the user to the next level. But the design comprises to work with s[ecified cables, pipe or wire sizes, often gages, while the rest of the models work with several. 

Crimp Tool Categories

This type of gadget comes with basic styles or designs with distinct advantages and disadvantages. For smaller crimping requirements, a manual operating device is the precise one to continue your super jobs. So, we have short-listed the available and trendy ones with short details. 


The most common manual style available in the crimp tools market. In particular, while you need a job that requires numerous crimping operations, this crimper is damn awesome with a soft and ergonomic handle. 

However, to join something a crimping tool’s usage time needs pressures, even if you try on a Steel or other metallic object, a Steel made handheld crimper is the solution. With greater portability and resemblance of traditional pliers with clamps give a great addition to the newbies specially. The clamps may bear a notch on one side and a ridge on either side.  


Not only by electricity but also an optional battery operated version is available as a trendy one in the roadside crimping tools store. Invalid the extra effort as it was needed in the handheld manual design activity compulsion. The additional battery power brings easy tasking, including ergonomic fittings and ratchets.   


Bulkier style in crimp tools category. What is on offer? Well, first of all, the higher capacity variations help in getting mounted on workbenches to accomplish the toughest crimping tasks within moments.  


This one also prefers less effort to accomplish any hard or short-term crimping jobs. As we have experienced, this tool’s compression power comes in a great supply of hydraulic fluid. Even by the high price, it will deliver extra power for demanding repair, industrial applications, and maintenance as well.  


This is an alternative crimper of handheld or other manually designed ones. Such a hammer-style crimper resembles a microscope stand. Integrated both metals and substrate the manufacturers have placed on its stand base. Take a glance and the noticeable thing is beneath a huge cylinder that dips down, later on, the spring mechanism lifts up to perform any crimp actions as per your need.  

The durability, strength to non-breakable performance and featuring metallic obstructions give the best distinction from the handheld designed crimpers. However, a hydraulic version is also available in stores. 


As per its name, consider it as an air-compressed gadget to join materials. If you need a serious force or pressure to get the work done, even if the taken object is too heavy or hard like Steel or Iron, then this compress is the right and smart choice rather than the previous crimpers. 

However, one is available in handheld or manual and another in the workbench version. 

Types of Crimping Tools and Their Uses

With no further ado, crimpers are the easiest tools to handle with battery, electricity, and another option by hand pressurization for versatile applications across a range of environments and industries. Therefore, we have enlisted a number of crimp tool types and their examples through presenting separate products along with precise characteristics, and remember that we have done our experience indeed. 

1. PEX Crimp Tools

A cross-linked Polyethylene, in the form of a flexible plastic crimp tool to impact on producing or repairing plastic water pipes in lieu of the Copper or Steel made ones.

This type you consider as the easiest one not only to install but also to join lengths of plastic with definitely measured tubing, in fact, no welding you need. For its specific design, as if holding uniform and ergonomic grip you can apply the exact pressure. As a typical tool, preferable in conjunction with clamps of Steel made, as well as for professional and DIY enthusiasts. 

Iwiss IWS-3801SH PEX Crimp Tool


Weight  4.4 pounds 
Material Carbon Steel
Sizes 1-inch Crimper, 1/2&3/8&3/4-inch Jaws, Gauge, Spanner
Handle Plastic 

Editor’s notes 

4 sizes of crimpers have built-in jaws, which permits to crimp a wide range of [pings, rings, wires, and more for the users. Mostly we have picked it up for easy holding though being made of heavy material like High Carbon Steel. However, weighs a bit more than 4 pounds to serve the maximum power to install PEX at ease in hard-to-reach areas even by the need of less distance while the handles are fully open.

Moreover, the jaws as it was built into have ensured a reliable connection while we have tried to connect the PEX pipe without leaking. However, no-go/go gauges checking are almost free of cost, means included in the package. 


  • Secure operating jaws and handle;
  • Ergonomic grip;
  • Provides enough pressurize capability;
  • Different sized toolkits in a single box;
  • Durable material made. 


  • Nothing noticeable. 

2. RJ45 Crimping Tool

Another crimper with more than enough flexibility with greater power delivery capacity to perform in harder jobs, however, noticeable in its configuration as it is a handheld one. The single advantage which attracted our team members the most and is the terminal compatibility, such as CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, and CAT7. 

Klein Tools VDV226-110 Wire Crimper


Weight  14 pounds 
Material ‎Steel with Black Oxide
Crimping to wires 4, 6, 8 positions 
Cable parameters 28-22 AWG flat or round

Editor’s notes 

If you want to spend a good amount of bucks on a three-in-one type crimper, including  RJ11/RJ12 and RJ45 Pass-Thru connectors compatibility, then Klein Tools VDV226-110 is the smartest one. 

As we have mentioned, a high-end tech Pass-thru is very much significant to reduce prep work time. Along with the integrated wiring diagram helps in eliminating waste materials and rework. In packs of 10, 50, and 200 allow crimping to wires in 3 positions, such as 4, 6, 8. What else is special? Well, definitely the mechanism named as a full-cycle ratchet which ensures before every task a complete connector termination. 

So, as superior workmanship with compact design and non-slippery rubber grip, we have selected it in the 2nd position. 


  • Rubber grip reduces hand strain;
  • Compact design;
  • Works like a stripper, cutter, and crimper;
  • 3 position crimper for modular connectors;
  • Full-cycle ratchet mechanism.


  • A little bit pricey.

3. RJ9 Crimp Tool

This one type is a broadly used crimp toolset. The specialty remains in its integration, such as fits with 3 dies and sometimes with 4 crimping heads. Compared to the previous one, has better compatibility with standard connectors, as well as RJ11/RJ12 and RJ45. As a potential user, now it is time to save and invest your saved time in something profitable. 

Foto4easy 3-in-1 Network Crimper Plier


Weight  12 pounds 
Material 45-graded Carbon Steel body 
Crimping to wires 4 slots and a discreet blade 
Handle ABS plastic handle

Editor’s notes 

Another 3-in-1 plier com crimper to save much more time, including compatibility with 8P8C/RJ-45, 6P6C/RJ-12, 6P4C/RJ-11, 4P4C, 4P2C plugs. It has attracted us in a better way when we found that the boxed orange strip tool features a discreet blade and 4 slots to rip the PVC jacket of different cable thicknesses.

What about the body, make any distinction? Well, speaking the truth, ABS Plastic handle gives an anti-slippery and no damage to other wires, as if we have tried to crimp a 4P4C (RJ9) connector on a handset cable and from that a separate cable with ICOM-2820H ham radio. Guess what? Well connected. As well as the High Carbon Steel body to serve last with portability.


  • 3-in-1 network crimping plier;
  • Crimping causes no damage to shelled-wire;
  • All types of plugs compatible;
  • Time saver and portable;
  • Long-lasting performance.


  • Found nothing. 

4. Bootlace Crimp Tools

Specialized in design to increase the compatibility with Booltace Ferruls, even referred to ferrule connectors. However, pliers you can use depending on the single variety of the cable thickness. But in exceptional case like ferrule, means to hold in-built circular clamps in hand together to attach the fibers and wires or posts by swaging or deforming the ferrule to a particular and permanently tighten the end onto another parts that it holds.  

Generic K-0146 Crimping Bootlace


Weight  1.1 pounds 
Material Stainless Steel
Crimping to wires 0.14-6mm2
Handle ABS Plastic 

Editor’s notes

We felt to have such electrically insualted ratchet featured handy machine to ensure the dies should not get released at ease until a uniform connection has made upto. Almost a bootlace cable ferrule which is customizable, even comes in a customized form for crimpring to wires limit 0.14-6mm2. 

Though it is far better give a look alike of plumbing ferrule or the ferrule connector, it was a breeze trial for us fixture joints inside the pipe to create tight compression fitting. This is a type of symmetiracl ferrule with in-built 2 cones back-to-back and you can place in kind of either direction. However, we found the difficulty to handle with the handle as it was too tight, yet the Stainless Steel was a good sole.


  • Durable;
  • Portable;
  • Works like connector and ferrule terminal fixer;
  • Great design and lightweight. 


  • Tight handle to pressure;
  • A bit pricey. 

5. Auto Electrical Crimping Tools

Sounds full automotive crimper, right? Well, yes, this type of crimp tool has definite design to provide stiffy joins for the multiple cables and electrical connectors, specially within car engines. Even all of available standard plier designs feature pre-inuslated, non-insulated, ignition terminals, batteries. 

Swpeet Automotive Weatherpack Terminal Crimp Tool 


Weight  3 pounds 
Material High Carbon Steel 
Crimping to wires 22-14 Gauge 
Handle PC
Pieces 21
Terminals Delphi Metri-Pack 150, 280 & Weather-Pack Terminals

Editor’s notes 

To this extent, for a decent and durable crimper if you are searching for, then Swpeet featuring this automotive 21 pieces model is the greatest solution. As you know as a prospective customer, such automotive terminal removal key and handy devices are available, yet the decent are not. It has given a breezy feeling at once with the touch just ebacuse of its clean, semi-inculated, sharp and High Carbon Steel worthy body. 

For greater functioning, for instance, full-insulated and semi-insulated butt terminals connectors, we bet neither to find the best auto-funtioning one. A bit flimsy experience after a long-term work is not a big deal, however, the suitability for a big range of gauge Delphi Metri-Pack 150, 280 & Weather-Pack Terminals is another noticeable feature to explore.


  • Separate tools for certain jobs;
  • Durable and enough protable;
  • PC and ergonomic handle;
  • 3 terminals compatibility. 


  • Quite flimsy. 

6. Mini Crimp Tools

To utilize mini crimp pins with some thinner wiring widths, we refer to mini crimp tools. In this case, needs a coles-up precision, flexibility to operate in tighter spaces. Even only for this purpose, such a crimper features rotatable flip-top heads.     

Steelman 41870 Mini Crimp Tools


Weight  3 pounds 
Material Hardened Steel 
Wire stripper size 20-14 AWG and 12-10 AWG
Handle PVC
Tool length 5.5 inches 
Self-adjusting Yes 

Editor’s notes 

Aiming for quick and easy strip insulation from a number of electrical wires every time? If yes, then you can take into account Steelman 41870 Mini Crimp Tool. Even for further cutting and trimming purposes, the model utilizes a lightweight and ergonomic design and a single squeezing motion to manage every type of wire. 

We have checked out the precision in-built machine jaws., and guess what happened? Hold crimping points ranging between 20-14 AWG and another point 12-10 AWG. However, the manufacturer has mentioned on the level about semi-insulating compatibility, we have found the capacity of motions like both insulated and non-insulated wire terminals precisely onto Aluminum and Copper wires.  


  • High leverage design;
  • Different jaws with multiple points;
  • Durable;
  • An ergonomic handle provides anti-slippery performance. 


  • Found nothing. 

7. Amp Crimp Tools

The last type of crimp tool that we have experienced recently. Many of the earlier mentioned crimping tools have provided almost similar differences. But with this one, you will prevail something more, as if fulfilling the requirements of multi-pin devices. In general, in-built everything fits within the plastic housing. Just apply the precise force like professional AMP crimpers to form strong connections with suitable electric cables.  

Wirefy Store AMP Crimp Tool


Weight  1.17 pounds
Material Carbon Steel 
Wire stripper size22-10 AWG
Handle Thermoplastic Rubber

Editor’s notes 

More than an AMP tool and work like our most needed multi-pin provided heat shrink connectors. Compared to the earlier mentioned ratcheting system, helps in creating rock-solid crimps. The outstanding quality will impress the electrical wire enthusiasts to work.

The most optimized thing is the heat terminals have crimped the entire pressure in itself through the handle, and until it opened automatically. Professional grade single indent has been integrated to prevent heat shrink insulation damage. 

However, a star wheel is a great addition to adjust the entire force with (+) and (-) indicators. Don’t forget to take into account the handle release lever on the statistic lower handle.  


  • Works like heat shrink connectors;
  • Perfect ratcheting mechanism;
  • Quick-release option;
  • Overall durable;
  • Lightweight yet powerful.


  • High-priced;
  • No quick-change crimping dies. 

What are Crimp Tools Used for?

As well as the crimp tools are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, these have almost similar fundamental applications for regular or occasional purposes, such as for DIY electricians wire crimping or shaping or cutting. Not only to create a uniform bond but also a reliable bond is definite too. 

Regarding fundamental usage, crimping tools have different accessories, terminals, and ferrules connecting options. 

In case of replacing cables or installing wires anywhere, electricians, mechanics, and engineers often make heavy utilization of crimp tools. 

Electrical crimpers have no application in solder to make them stronger in a mechanical system. These may still gas-tight. However, to exceed from the moisture or oxygen, and to protect the metals, like Steel, Aluminum, and more within each circuit from potential and dangerous corrosion, in short, to make it rust-free for longer usage. 

For electricians, they may require to set ferrite beads and often to wiring to control current flow and prevent electromagnetic interference.   

How to Use a Crimp Tool?

It most often depends on the technique, as if how long the hands are on the experience field to join the wires within moments. However, it also involves the thickness of wires and type of crimping tools. Let’s dive into the step-by-step depth of how to crimp a coaxial cable.

Cut the stripped end of the coax with the sharpest purchased wire crimper or cutter, as well to create a short and sharp circle shape. 

Insert the stripped end into a stripping tool. Apply even pressure and move the cable.

Peel away the external coating after pulling it out of the device entrance.

Insert again into a cylindrical-shaped F connector without twisting. Typically, the connector’s frontal flange will work out by pressing around the central wire. 

Last, of all, crimp the connection by applying enough pressure and then release.  

How to Select a Crimping Tool? 

Crimp Terminals

The first ultimate accessory that you should check out. Kind of connector to join conductors, as if the current flows through it has the greatest distinction to a component. To crimp a terminal, it is typically installed within the crimpers. As far as space permits, with the wire then you can insert it inside. If it is sufficient is being applied adequate force intending to cold weld the terminal to the expensive wire. 

As we have mentioned that the variability in design and materials are great consideration, even suitable in terms of temperature and sized integrate to the matched wire size. 

Crimp Connector and Accessories 

Either to set lengths of wires and cables to other components or lengths as per as needs, they serve as terminals, as if it has conducted to reach the other end of the place. For enough compression within crimping tools, available in multiple shapes though it physically fixed over a short length.

  • Quick Disconnect Connectors – barrel or blade-shaped;
  • Ring Connectors – for secure attachments;
  • Butt Connectors – for wire splicing;
  • Spade Connectors – for slide connections.

Bootlace Ferrules

Kind of a crimp connector, with in-built metal wrapping up a wire. Also, a standard synonym we have used, cord end terminals. You can utilize typical multi-stranded wires to eliminate the strands fanning out. Thereby, it creates stronger electrical connections. Often it seems to get integrated with a color-coded insulation collar to save the strand’s connection and assist in placing the wire wherever it suits. 

Partially or temporarily stripped wires you can repair with such crimp tools. More than that, prospective users can install it into the bootlace ferrule, as well as the peepled insulation can cover both color and stripped wire sections within the tube metal. Therefore, a suitable and permanent joint between the metal tubing and the bare cable is possible. 

Final Verdict 

Versatile, yet common crimping operations need to boost up through their standardization and certain purposes. If you are a no-hand experienced electrician or machiner to continue further crimping operations, then it is your fortunate right to get acknowledged about each point of crimp tools. 

If a connector matches your operation, this will be amazing to continue. To encourage you on that continuation, we have analyzed and experienced some different types of crimping tools and their features, as well as with a complete buyer’s guide to having fun by saving time with searching. 

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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