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Published on: April 18, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

Handsome does handsome, as well as the height indicates its worthy tasks like its name, for instance, metrology investment schedule which measures the appropriate height of any object. From the invention of this device, around the mid 17th century by Pierre Vernier. It was far manual than today’s version, just a piece of the ruler, standard as vernier scale which was used to provide the basic measurements of workpieces and the best device for mechanical engineers.

Recent gauges are in the dial or dual variations, but a standard one limits to a thousandth (.001”). However, the upgraded electric or electronic or digital height gauges are appropriate to 0.0001”. To check the workpiece surface mate correctly, take a scriber and mount a test indicator. 

digital height gauges

Stone and wipe, the thing and process to the column intend to remove any scratches. Keeping altogether here in mind, we have analyzed and processed a blend of well-balanced and popular digital height gauges which may include 36 height gauge, machinist preferred ones, and somehow the best info which will drag you outside after the purchase of one. So, stay tuned with us and give a thorough reading of the entire digital and electronic height gauges listing.    

What Exactly Is a Digital Height Gauge?

A digital height gauge or popular as digital content height gauges means the ultimate machine which combines needle and dial with a double-digit counter. In particular, the usefulness of this familiar gadget is noticeable while the need for accelerating the emergency and regular procedure of precise measurements. And particular, the possibility is often noticeable in the subsequent application of the product correlative to a reference plane.

Such types of meteorology instruments are so accurate in the form of a height gauge, as well as well-known a stadiometer to facilitate doctor’s offices to measure the patient’s height. In terms of meteorology primary precise metering, for instance, establishing the location of features and dimensional characteristics in a foundational production operation can later oblige quality control. 

Why Need an Accurate Height Gauge?

If a floor installer takes an abrasive item, for instance, cera stone or rubber stone to make it smooth for further installation, and to remove scratches with burr or other smoothers, then it can make the item imperfect. However, it impacts the proper reading, and later while the rest of the items are ready, the stone may not be.

But if one employs alcohol as a perfect denatured solvent, then the unnecessary material can get removed from the stone usage accumulation. In that case, height gauges are the best solution to provide the absolute reading. 

In terms of height gauge form, it consists of a moving scribe or stylus with a sliding carriage that can mount to a column size or vertical axis beam holding a measuring scale. The user interface is quite controllable, for instance, the carriage, adjustment screws, a measuring jaw.

However, the beam may vary from 6” or more or less than that of 6ft depending on the length of the model you are purchasing. Also, the customizations are free to extend the purchased height gauge’s column. 

Apart from the digital counter height gauge variations including the size, height, jaw, and something adjusted to it, broadly characterized another 3 types, also available as per our team members’ experiences. 


This high-end format of height gauge in general allows users to measure things in different units, such as meters, liters, even millimeters vs inches. These most updated ones also come up with customization facilities, including features that can develop maneuverability and accuracy, for instance, 

A motorized measuring carriage can not only simplify the application process for the novice but also works automatically with an attached single sensor.

Built-in temperature completion adjusts the variation in thermal expansion coefficients across material types. 

Air cushion system figures out the lightest and smoothest movement.

Data storage permits to output of data and capabilities by providing SPC software application through USB bus or RS323. 


For smaller measuring size ranges, this model tends to be available in less than 300mm or 12”. Offers a mechanical dial with a significant needle pointer to allow newbies for easy reading. In terms of size, ease of storage, and portability one can get the smaller model.  


Need a manual height gauge for greater resolution? In particular, it consists of a vernier scale and a key scale, the availability you can assume from 6.5” to 6ft. However, the height gauge has both in-built metric (mm) or imperial (inch), and both the pricey ones. If the question arises on how do you use the digital height gauge, this model is a conquested answer. 

What Features Are Available With a Digital Height Gauge?

1. Highly accurate measurements

2. Ability to save data and recall measurements

3. Measurement in different units of measure

4. Ability to measure from a variety of points

5. Easy-to-read digital display

6. Zero resets for accurate measurements

7. Auto-off for battery conservation

8. Lightweight and portable design

9. Ability to measure in both inches and centimeters

10. Easy-to-use menu system

View Top 6 Digital Height Gauges Analysis

To measure accuracy with a height gauge, as well as to zero out all the misreadings, one needs a digital or electronic or machinist special height gauge, is it or not? Let’s have a thorough, worthy checkout with us as per our team members’ experiences.   

1. iGaging 6” Digital Electronic Height Gauge 


Material Stainless Steel
Accuracy 0.0005-Inch
Display Fraction type
Base Magnetic 
Weight 2.05 pounds 
Batteries 2 CR2
USB Port Yes 

Aiming for the most perfect and precious height gauge? Well, the iGaging 00718122841752 model has earned this place. Even users in the shopping outlet ask for 2-in one, meaning the digital counter and electronic configuration for professional applications, nothing can beat this.


In particular, the user interface the manufacturer has generated for the pro and high-end customers, for instance, conduct this one as oil and dust resistant. Accuracy comes within 0.001-Inch, yet one can maximize it to 0.0005-Inch. 


In general, it represents the line numbers collaborating the appearance range on the measurement scale. The more lines the device is holding, the more the measurement granularity one can determine. The way this model comes, it often supports scribing soft metals. The pointer to do that well-suited even for hard metals, as well as the scriber, is pretty much sharp for hardened steel. 

Measuring range

This range one can see with the repeatability and can read in the large, for instance, 0.01mm and 1/128-Inch. It means the vertical range varies over the material depending on that the height range can give the measurement as per your demand. 


This feature reflects so far the significant digit in a better size to watch the reading at ease. The whole form of the digit amount display is well-known as the resolution of the digital height gauge and yes, this one holds the perfect numbers of digits.


To get the jobs done within this budget, get this one for consistency and repeatability. If your stuff has enough fixed size, then not a big deal to get the precision. Why? Because the lite heavy yet well-balanced digital height gauge can serve with no feed knob. Even whoever has experience on a wide range of digital dial calipers for hard thumb wheel, this zeroes out that issue off the charts without fooling you around 20 minutes. However, not that reversible for holding a hex screw on the pointer top.  


The steel so far on the scribner’s top has enabled as per the height gauge usage instruction to the measuring foot. Also, the thickness is well enough, about slightly more than .285”. Neither pros nor newbies should apply undue torque to the scribed stuff, however, it affects further accuracy by the gauge measuring jaw or probe.  


Compared to other models of this similar company, it guarantees 3 display modes, one is Fractional Inch (1 1/4″), Decimal Inch (1.25″), and another metric (32 MM) and all are LCD. 


Want specialized measurements against slots, holes, angles, and other smallest parts of the taken stuff? Well, this one features cylindrical probes to perform in a better way and off the chart other models to purchase. 

Editor’s Notes

Mostly noticeable while performing with accuracy, USB port and enough flat steel beam with similar flatten solid aluminum alloy base to keep the steadiness as long as one wants. Speaking of the USB port, easy to find near the thumbscrew. Even the manufacturer has packaged an rs232c USB interface, software, cable within a kit (35-777).  

What We Liked 

  • Display;
  • Perpendicularity;
  • Flat base with strong magnetic power;
  • Batteries include;
  • Perfect for soft scribing metal;
  • Great repeatability. 


  • Nothing noticeable. 

2. Mitutoyo 570-314 HDS Digimatic Height Gauge


Inside depth 38.5-inches
Material Carbide 
Accuracy with + or – 0.002”/0.05 mm 
Display Electronic 
Base Magnetic 
Weight 14.11 pounds 
Item volume 4677.75 cubic_inches
Measurement range 0” – 24″/0 – 600 mm

Searching for all good parameters including HDS digimatic height gauge? Then this is a shop worth checking out models manufactured by Mitutoyo. The specialty reflects on its electronic microprocessor which enables users (both novice and professionals) to preset any desired height at any (vertical/horizontal) position.


What the gadget for, the accuracy remembers in the list first. Well, this model recognizes absolute with + or – 0.002”/0.05 mm of accuracy whatever the material is with scrubbing or without. Statistical Process Control (SPC) often supports minimizing the wrong output of measured things. 

Measuring range

Though the digital gadget is operated electrically, a manual hand-operated wheel gives the proper and easy feed to the users. It fits the gauge on the beam. Approximately, 0” – 24″/0 – 600 mm is the measurement range, yet the precision comes to 0.0005”/0.01 mm.


An electrostatic capacitance linear encoder takes to the utmost precision of repeatability by preventing Overspeed errors. However, an interface cable can transmit the output port results to an in-built Mitutoyo computer or mini-processor.  


This feature for precise reading and the credit goes to its LCD digital readout display, which provides material’s sharp figures both in metric and inches for viewing ease. 

Measuring force

The grip base gives excise consistency to hold the unit in its comfortable position and well-balanced to travel the carriers on a perpendicular beam, as well as to mark the vertical distance indeed from the base in fine units.  


Without enough reversible features, the measuring process may not fulfill at the same time. Yet the manufactured gage model comes up with the mentioned capability to ensure the facts.


No need for excessive driving of the torque, however, it depends on the base material as long as how it stands in the position. 


Works electrically to display the recorded dials, line numbers, and units all including in the same place. 


It acts as a scriber, more than that it used to mark the position automatically on a workpiece as per your demand by scratching the piece surface and the incident is possible by turning its attached calibrated single screw in different positions. 

Editor’s Note

Its in-built separate functions, such as mini-processor, LCD digital readout display, preferred accuracy which is with + or – 0.002”/0.05 mm, and heavy-duty yet powerful carbide integrity have attracted the most while turning on to the workpiece. 

What We Liked 

  • Heavy-duty yet compact within a store case;
  • Sharp scriber;
  • Moveable pointer;
  • electronic touch-signal probe;
  • For long-term application on both hard and soft materials. 


  • Pricey. 

3. Wixey WR25 3″ Mini Digital Height Gauge


Material Plastic 
Accuracy 0.0005-Inch
Measuring range0 to 3. 2″ (0-83mm) 
Weight 3.98 pounds 
Batteries Lithium Metal 
Battery life 4000 hours 

Searching for more than an accurate meter giving a height gauge? Yes, Wixey WR25 cannot let you go out of the store until buying. In particular, the in-built display is the most important while the above-mentioned models were belonging to USB ports for external reading display. 


In this digital height gauge listing 3rd position, this one avails the place for conducting less measurement as if it is less than a digital model. If one purchases it for router depth and dadoes with a deeper blade, you can cheat it from the perfect listing. Moreover, it is a beginner-friendly machinist choice.  


Almost all the power buttons combine the zero button although it takes good practice to the novices. However, it does not offer an auto zero-to-use again even if one tries to start from the same stuff surface. It is quite a minor bother. 

Measuring range

Compared to previously mentioned models, this one gives the lowest measurement range of workpieces, only about 0 to 3. 2″ or 0-83mm.  


The distance between legs is noticeable at around 2.5”. Come with an attached small plastic tip to meter workpiece depth. The attachment to the ruler one can bump out to by simply pushing it over the plastic ones. 


As if no external port has been integrated, for relevant readout, one needs to depend on remote planer readout. 


Magnetic feet to give the gauge a self-standing option whether for setting the cutter depth or on router tables. However, for back fence adjustment, it offers a quite lower profile in its addition. 

Editor’s note

Push-button measurement from mm to inches and inverse to that unit with fractions. Switches between INC and ABS modes mean zero sets to preset buttons with the same and single button. Also, imperial scale and dual metric ruler are available. Better to keep the lock screw from sliding. 

What We Liked 

  • Fraction display;
  • Measure bore and slot depths;
  • Self-standing strong base;
  • Practicable graduation.  


  • Quite a mini model;
  • Unable to come to zero points. 

4. iGaging Snap Check Digital Height Gauge 


Measurement range 1/4″ depth to 2″ height
Material Plastic 
Accuracy 0.001″/1″
Display Fraction type
Weight 4 pounds 

Again from the iGaging manufacturer’s top-notch listed high-end height gauge which is entirely digital with an automatic shut-off system. Such an electronic process makes it different from other models while offering much more than parts like flat and ball tip anvils. 


This is a regular handy height gauge. Well-enough accuracy, such as .0001” or 1” one can get while turning it for the workpiece.  


Display 3 types of measuring modes such as Inch/mm/Fractions. This snap check model revives the full machine when you want to take the precise reading while in need of the relative depth of cut.  

Measuring range

1/4″ depth to 2″ height, a great height reading range. In fact, after the checkout, the gauge you can continue for setting jointer table parallelism, jointer knives, and more. 


The read-out is only on the single side whether the range you can maximize through the turning of the pointer or rare magnetic base from the height of the beam. To regulate the approximate depth of the workpiece, give a trial on either a router table or a router base. 


It is ironic, however, the feature does not work well as long as the other models have availed the position. 


Relying on the base, the manufacturer has integrated smooth spring plunger movement. However, it has an auto shut-off/on in the meantime if users take the model for battery lasting tasks.

Editor’s note

All joint measuring or tough site-to-measure workpieces, including router bits to either base or table, works more than one can expect. Smooth spring plunger movement gives a better addition to the entire half-digitized model. Also, the auto-on/off button on the front part is a better conclusion right now. 

What We Liked 

  • Lightweight yet powerful;
  • Humidity & Dust Resistant;
  • Temperature control in auto shut-off process;
  • 3 types of displays. 


  • Lower accuracy rate;
  • Battery life does not prolong. 

5. iGaging Machinist Digital Height Gauge


size6 to 7.9 inches
Material Polymer 
Accuracy 0.0005-Inch
Display 3 types 
Base Magnetic 
Weight 6.4 pounds 
Batteries 2 CR2
Measuring range 0” to 6”

Aiming for a 3-in-1 digital router, including height gauge, thickness gauge, and depth gauge? The last one from iGaging manufacturer with a 0”-6” measuring range is ready to serve as a multi-gauge. 


Nothing different from the other models, for instance, only 0.00005” accuracy one can enjoy while driving his/her workpieces to measure the depth. 


Though it does not concise the pointer on the top or between the legs, measuring anvils and an on-sided measuring ruler is damn awesome. 

Measuring range

Almost 0” to 6” turning range, including a slot depth of 2.90 inches and a router depth of 0” to 3.10”. 

Base material

Everything is housed in a Polycarbonate frame which is really a beast competency, not to roar but to allow all in itself to stand freely. However, the feasibility of the movement enables a wide variety of degrees, such as 70, 80, or 90, including a horizontal way.  


Easy to switch your appropriate workpiece measurement from inch to mm or to metric, as well as fractions reading is also available. 

Editor’s note

Features 0 set functions, intending to automatic or emergency shut down. Prioritizing 2 hardened Steel anvils, flat and point includes lining up or marking the measuring point on the desired stuff wherever you require. 

What We Liked 

  • Protective plastic case;
  • 2 CR2 battery;
  • Plastic made yet tough material;
  • Carbide and HSS blade compatibility. 


  • Found nothing. 

6. Mitutoyo 570-312 HDS Digimatic Height Gage


Material Carbide 
Accuracy With +/- 0.0005”/0.01 mm
Display inches or metric units
Base Magnetic 
Weight 14.90 pounds 
Measurement range 0” – 12″/0 – 300 mm
Inside depth 23.6 inches

Last but not least digital height gauge with proper analysis as well as the instructions included in the tool package from the manufacturer. Although it is quite similar to the previous Mitutoyo model, its clamp lever does not allow as much as holding an option to the pointer to the configured gauge. 


Almost similar accuracy as the above-mentioned model provides, for instance, with +/- 0.0005”/0.01 mm. However, 

Measuring range

Compatible with separate workpieces, for instance, the measuring range goes up to 12” or 300mm. If users want to make the piece relevant to the same place, they can turn it to 0” and again move the piece for the required generation. 

In-built Computer

Unlike the rest of the height gauge models, whether half of the specific model is manual or electric, this one has an in-built mini processor. However, the microprocessor gives the maneuverability to set the material to zero position, and even if you wish further, the feasibility increases to an optimistic zero reading. 

Measuring force

With greater reversible power, no need to drive the torque too fast as if it automatically goes through the soft materials, except for the hardest ones. 


Yes, it has such a feature in the lower part, a workpiece can be precisely measured to make the travel on its vertical column.   


Entirely LCD type, which does not only enable the gauge to provide accurate readout 0.0005”/0.01 mm. Even thinking of graduation, nothing can beat it. 


The touch-signal probe is entirely electric, and on compatible units, the scriber may get replaced. However, one can employ it in mechanical engineering, processing, and manufacturing. 

Editor’s note 

Specifically, preferred its absolute USB port and plug. After the plug-in task, the gage can receive enough loaded input from a touch probe which is managed with electricity, moreover, for efficient digital measurement. Also, an integrated LR44 battery.  

What We Liked 

  • Greater measurement range;
  • Rapid up and down wheel;
  • Heavy-duty for controlling at ease;
  • Touch-probe;
  • Electrostatic capacitance linear encoder. 


  • Not enabled on hard workpieces. 

Buyer’s Guide for Digital Height Gauges

Motorized or Computerized

The ultimate question before buying a digital counter height gauge starts from here. Whether one needs a CMM which stands for 3D coordinate measurement or something similar, these driving modules are ultimately a wee bit short. Sounds expensive, right? Yes, it is. 

In general, a digital height gauge comes up with dual digit and dial-in counters altogether to decrease the layout time of an object. As long as the gage is computerized or integrated with the computer interface, the gadget will provide a USB port to transfer the output of reading which will get on the display. But the maximum matching of computerized and motorized height gage performed with floating zero and absolute zero, inch/metric/mm version rather than a vernier scale make sense of profitability. 


Sometimes the usage or preference also relies on the heavy-duty or lightweight yet powerful beam by which the user can match the object depth from the carriage. In that case, the entity of a granite plate below the gage blocks is also required. 

Differently designed models have Aluminum, Hardened Stainless Steel, Carbide, and much more hardened materials in their construction. Speaking of the truth for feeling the lightweight, yet powerful one, use the Aluminum or Carbide ones. Even while taking reading through the indicator or moving the object by putting it over the plate to select by the pointer for gradual marking. 

Touch Probe 

The trendy electronic version of applying a DTI enhances sensitivity, as well as further consistency of readings. They accomplish the task like versatile mills has compatible electronic edge finders. 

In particular, the probes have been designed while the gauge comes to contact of the taken object’s surface, specifically at that moment the LED light gives an audio tone like a sensor is working behind magically.  


Something significant you ought to constantly remember is that assuming the measure you are hoping to purchase will be utilized regularly where you work or study, then, at that point, it should be tough and durable. 

Hence, you could have seen that every one of the items we highlighted has super durable and durable markings on them as well as their bodies being made from pure.

What Else Have People Asked?

How to Use or Increase Your Height Gauge?

Most often the answer has been found in quality control applications, as these can perform a wide range of measurement-taking tasks. However, the application procedure for novice and pro are similar by maintaining the below instructions to use height gauges:

  • To scribe a surface part, make the steel stand to the vertical dimension from a datum plane for the perfect matching;
  • Perform 2D measurements;
  • Verify center-to-center dimensions;
  • Measure angles, flatness, and straightness/squareness. 

Can You Turn the 36 Digital Height Gauge into an Ordinary One?

For turning the 36 digital one into an ordinary one, the user has a keen requirement of the least count formula of the height gauge, even you can say least count micrometer too.

The exact formula of the famous Vernier caliper least counts is possible to well determine by dividing the minimum reading of the main scale. Moreover, you have to keep your eyes on the total number of the attached scale divisions which is possibly readable through the LCD or LED display, for instance, iGaging 6” Digital Electronic Height Gauge.

The difference appears between 0 to 0.1 mm 0r 0.01 cm of the vernier and ordinary scale. Therefore, a ruler’s least count is 1/10 = 0.1 cm or 1 mm. And with a ruler, the minimal dimension that one can measure is 0.1 cm or 1 mm. 

What is the Maximum Measuring Range of a Digital Height Gauge?

The maximum measuring range of a digital height gauge can vary depending on the model, but most common models can measure up to 6 inches (150mm) in height.

Can a Digital Height Gauge Table Saw Work in Lieu of a Digital Counter Height Gauge?

Digital height gauge table saw is a great integration of the modern age. This can work as a table saw which will cut the depth of the object you require and measure with the digital height gauge before the cut. However, it is helpful for adjusting the router table and router depth together with the similar.

Therefore, the working possibility gets done with the digital height gauge table much more than with a digital counter model. 

Wrap Up 

Knowing the type of height gauge, especially, everything about the digital models, such as touch probe or sensor, scriber, pointer, beams, dial indicator, and so on will be blessed while spending the worthy bucks. To this extent, this article on the analysis topic of digital height gauges or digital counter models has accomplished the goal with separate descriptions of each feature that has been included by the manufacturer.

At the bottom line, hope a thorough reading with a corner cut glass can fulfill the higher expectation to grab the perfect, yet may be the costly or smallest or the pompous one as your need.   

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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