Do Live Wallpapers Drain Battery? Check It Out!

Published on: May 2, 2022
Written by Liam Jaxon / Fact-checked by David Rowan

For those of you guys who are wondering, do live wallpapers drain the battery? Perhaps, you prefer to use the live wallpaper. The exact answer is that some live wallpapers drain your battery. But, the consumption percent is not as high as the battery is completely damaged. 

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do live wallpapers drain battery

Do Live Wallpapers Drain Battery

Typically, live wallpapers are livened up with ever-changing backgrounds keeping your phone dynamic. Once you can change the live wallpapers or every time. It depends on your choice. Also, you can ignore live wallpaper if you think that is draining your battery. 

But, if the wallpapers are designed well, they don’t pull bunches of power as you might guess. And, the battery doesn’t defect if you are careful about the home screen of your smartphone. 

Don’t use up a lot of time on your home screen, always set up the quick shut-off system. If the home screen stops fast, the battery drain reduces. Of course, you should consider the phone’s specs. 

Do You Use Well-made Live Wallpaper? Does It Drain Your Battery?

The short answer is Yes. Depending on the smartphone’s GPU and CPU, live wallpapers can drain or consume the battery. But, the amount of drain is not too much and users need to avoid these wallpapers. In my experience, I don’t find any well-regarded live wallpaper that consumes up to 2% of the battery. You can try Chrooma or Minima for less than a drained battery. Another thing is, live wallpaper starts to consume battery when your home screen is active.  

So, live wallpapers will kill the battery in two paths. One likely cause is your display has to contain light-up luminous images. Another cause is stressing consistent activity in your phone’s processor. It doesn’t matter what color display is used, light color or dark color. Both are quite similar in light action.

By the way, some live wallpapers are beating the battery more than others. Want to know how much battery your live wallpaper utilizes?

First, go to the Settings option, then follow the below consecutive-

Settings > About> Battery > Battery Use

A less than 5% rate is very low and you can continue your live wallpaper. Or, if live wallpaper takes up to 10%, you can avoid it. Because it is not ok.

I think it is very painful to always worry about the battery drain. The best solution is to ensure that the live wallpaper is well-made. That’s okay. Then enjoy the awesome live wallpapers according to your demand.

Do Apple Live Wallpapers Drain the Battery?

The answer is pretty complicated. 

You know, live wallpaper drains the battery or due to living wallpaper, your phone’s display consumes the battery. Be sure the battery can be damaged not only because of a still wallpaper. If you use a clock or weather display, it may move in the background or home screen and drain the battery like live wallpaper. 

There is another belief that the white color or bright image consumes more battery or kills the battery quickly. A good idea is to use almost black color or shade wallpapers that are helpful to save the battery against over-draining. Another solution, you could minimize the screen brightness. 

Now, turn on the main question. Does Apple’s live wallpaper drain the battery? It depends on the type of your phone along with the battery quality. To reduce all complexity, you should go to ‘Settings’ to find the percentage of drained. Then, make a decision, is it right or wrong? 

Does a Live Wallpaper Consume Battery Charge?

Yes, it does but not exactly as you imagine, fairly less. So, live wallpaper consumes a little battery charge. Are you on your home screen all the time? If your answer is yes, your battery can damage and it extends the battery charge eventually. But, live wallpapers that are very bright and colorful can drain the battery so fast. Instead of using colorful wallpapers, a black or single-color type of live wallpaper is the best way to protect more impact. Even these take less charge of the battery. 

How Much Battery do Live Wallpapers Drain?

Nowadays, well-optimized wallpapers can drain the battery very little. So, the amount of battery consumption is not a lot as you have to ignore. About 2 to 4 percent is consumed by most of the well-known wallpapers in the market today! Compared to typical live wallpapers, modern wallpapers reduce battery consumption. 

What Factors Influence How Much Battery Life a Live Wallpaper Uses?

1. The complexity of the animation

Live wallpapers that have complex animations and effects require more processing power and thus consume more battery.

2. The size of the wallpaper

Larger wallpapers require more processing power and thus consume more battery.

3. The type of device

Different devices may consume more or less power depending on their hardware and software.

4. The amount of customization

The more customization options a live wallpaper has, the more battery it will consume.

5. The refresh rate

Live wallpapers that refresh more frequently use more battery than those that refresh less often.

Do Live Wallpapers Drain Battery iPhone Reddit or iPhone 8?

Yes, live wallpapers drain the battery on iPhone Reddit as well as iPhone 8. But, the impact is very negligible. Perhaps 3% to 5% consumes the battery. 

Does 4k Wallpaper Drain the Battery?

Of course, 4k or HD wallpapers also drain the battery slightly. Due to rendering the HD live wallpaper, the GPU will work more and waste the battery charge.

Which Wallpaper Takes Less Battery?

Generally, white pixels are more powerful and produce more light. On the other hand, the black pixel doesn’t produce any light. This is why when you are using a black background on the home screen, your display generates less display than white and other colors. So, it saves the battery from draining. 

Why Do Some Android Live Wallpapers Drain Your Battery More Than Others?

This is a relatively important question. Yes, some live wallpapers drain your battery faster, and others simply affect the battery at.

However, the amount of impact of live wallpapers on the battery is dependent on the wallpaper’s quality. That means how well-optimized the wallpaper is. If you take the wallpaper free from the Play Store or collect it from third-party ones, it can drain the battery fast. For this wallpaper, your phone’s processor has to work continuously. 

Alternatively, some wallpapers are badly designed and not good for the battery. Whether you keep your display off or you take it on, this worse live wallpaper might go on to weaken your battery. No worries, some live wallpapers are excellent so you can try them with confidence. 

Does a Live Wallpaper Drain More Battery Power Than a Static Image?

A live wallpaper can drain more battery power than a static image, especially if the live wallpaper is using a lot of motion, animations, and effects. static images. Live wallpapers are more resource-intensive because they require more processing power to animate the image.

Wrapping Up

Now that you have learned, do live wallpapers drain the battery, all that remains is in your hands. Though some live wallpapers drain your smartphone’s battery, you can take well-made wallpapers to protect against all hassles.

However, this article has posted or updated all essential data and some related questions and answers on this matter. 

Now, enjoy your amazing live wallpaper!

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Hi, I am responsible for the 'Homeowners Power Solutions' category. My name is Liam Jaxon and a licensed technician with 7 years of experience in vehicle batteries, electrical gadgets, and home appliances. My working experience in different residential & light commercial electrical sectors and the automobile industry helped to acquire vast knowledge in this industry.

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