5 Easy Homemade Chainsaw Mill Plans You Should Try

Published on: March 2, 2022
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

Some people love DIY work. If you want to cut some logs or trees, it is better to use a chainsaw mill. By using a chainsaw mill, you can cut the slice accurately.

A chainsaw mill is a kind of sawmill used by one or two people for cutting the logs. The chainsaw mill is used for over 60 years and established as a safe and reliable tool for professionals and homemakers.

5 easy homemade chainsaw mill plans you should try

This tool becomes perfect with time and increases price with it. There are many professional chainsaw mills in the market. If you have faith in your DIY work, then you can build a chainsaw mill at home.

After building a DIY chainsaw mill, you can compare between the professional and homemade chainsaw mill. Here, I will discuss easy homemade chainsaw mill plans below: 

Guide for Some Simple Homemade Chainsaw Mill Plans

homemade vertical chainsaw mill
Credit: Photo: instructables.com

Homemade Vertical Chainsaw Mill

If you want to work with a typical chainsaw mill, you can easily buy it. It will be helpful if you make the chain mill to your benefit. A vertical chainsaw mill is one of the DIY chainsaw mills.    

This vertical chainsaw mill works through gravity, which increases the efficiency of the work. If you want efficient work, then you can try to make this chainsaw mill at home. Let’s discuss the whole procedure of it.

For this procedure, you need to plant a post three feet under the ground for solid anchoring. The post length is eight feet with a 4×4 dimension. The post must be planted vertically, but maybe it will not be perfect. If you want to build permanently, then it will be best to make a concrete post.

For making a base, you can use maple woodblock while sitting on the ground. Then place the log and use a wedge to keep it straight. To save the log from moving, you can drive screws through the bottom of the log with the base. The attachment must be away from the cutting area.

To protect the top of the log is moved, you need to use the heavy log brace. You can apply an offset post for a permanent solution, but the effective and faster way is to drive a screw through the wooden brace.

Then, run the chainsaw vertically, and it provides a clean straight cut. For cutting through the center, you can use a 90-degree position. If you want to cut a large log into flattening a face or square up, then the vertical homemade chainsaw mill will be the perfect one.

Homemade Chainsaw Mill without Welding

homemade chainsaw mill plans

You can easily make a chainsaw mill without welding. For making the chainsaw mill, you need to follow some simple steps and inexpensive easily available materials. Before cutting a log, you must keep it ground and drive the screw through the log with wedges. In this way, the log will not be displaced during the cut.

The next step is making a rail upon the log with wood. To make the rail, you can just drive the screw between the log and the wood to attach them. After that, attach the chainsaw with the chainsaw guide bar above the rail.

Now you can cut the log straight. Try to use a chainsaw sharpener or a better chainsaw for accuracy.

The Cheapest Homemade Chainsaw Mill

the cheapest homemade chainsaw mill
Credit: Photo: YouTube.com

If you are concerned about the cost to make a chainsaw mill, this method is for you. By following this method, you can save money as well as comfortable tools.

To make a chainsaw mill, you must need a chainsaw rail to attach the chainsaw and move easily. To make the chainsaw mill in this process, you will require woods, screws, nailers, etc.

First, make the frame for the rail in 2×4 dimension. As a chainsaw is dangerous to use, you can make a slider upon the rail. Attach the slider with the rail and scrub the top for smoothness.

Then make a vertical structure on the slider to add the chainsaw. For attaching the chainsaw, you need to make a hole into the vertical frame. Now for safe operation, you can make a handle with the slider.

Now place the chainsaw mill beside the log and cut into a perfect slice.     

Homemade Portable Chainsaw Mill

homemade portable chainsaw mill
Credit: Photo: pinterest.com

If you are interested in making a chainsaw mill by own, it comes in handy to consider its benefits. If you make a portable chainsaw mill, it will help to move from one place to another.

A pair of guide rails attaching to the chainsaw bar can create a chainsaw mill. At first, you need to build a ladder frame that will be attached to the wheel. For temporary work, you can build the ladder with wood. But if you want to build permanently, then use steel or aluminum for making the frame.

You must have to create a hole upon the ladder surface as you can attach the guide rail with a screw. After placing the guide rail, it is easy to screw up the chainsaw bar with it.

After creating a portable chainsaw mill, you can work in your suitable place. Just place the log upon the ladder, and after fixing, cut straight for the right purpose.   

Guide to Easy Chainsaw Mill

If you want to build a chainsaw mill with cheap materials on your own, then read carefully the details given below:

The chainsaw mill is known as the straightforward one. The jig attachment of the chainsaw mill holds the guide bar below and aligns with the reference edge. In this way, you can cut an easy flat straight edge.

This chainsaw mill is quite adjustable. As the guide bar and guide rails of the chainsaw determine the thickness of slabs, it is important to adjust the distance between them. It would be helpful if the outboard of the mill’s end is accommodated with different sized guide bars easily.


Which Is the Suitable Size of a Chainsaw for a Chainsaw Mill?

Chainsaw size is depending on the size of the log. There are various types of chainsaw mill available like- 24”, 30”,36”,48”, and 56”. Typically, you may lose 2 to 4 inches of width after attaching a chainsaw with the chainsaw mill. For example- if you want to cut a 24-inches log, you will need to use a 30-inch chainsaw mill.

What Is the Way to Know the Size of the Chainsaw Bar?

You can easily measure the chainsaw bar with measurement tape. First, you need to open the bar from the chainsaw casing for measuring length. Then measure the bar from the top to the endpoint. If the result is fractional or uneven, consider the nearest even number.

Final Words

A chainsaw is the most dangerous tool. So it would help if you handled the tool very carefully. For any DIY work, at first, we need to ensure safety purposes. If you want to make a chainsaw mill at home, you need first to learn the chainsaw operation.

In this article, I am trying to discuss easy homemade chainsaw mill plans. After reading, you can acknowledge the procedure, money savings, and comfortable handling. So, you can find out which one is the best option for you.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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