Best Orchard Ladders: Guide for Most Accurate Selection

Published on: April 11, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

No ladder is sold in stores or online as an orchard ladder. The main reason is, no two orchards are the same. An orchard changes as the trees grow. So, the ladder to be used in the orchard should be considered wisely. There are some features you need to pay attention to while using or buying a ladder to use in an orchard. We have covered those issues here so that you can pick a ladder that is suitable for your orchard. 

orchard ladders

We also created a list of the best eight ladders that are suitable and convenient to use in orchards. All those ladders are versatile and different from one another in terms of features, length, material, and so on. Don’t’ miss the review and guidelines for the best ladder you can ever buy for the orchard. 

Types Of Orchard Ladders

Step Ladder

You may as of now have a stage stepping ladder, so you are fulfilled that it is a protected decision. It can work well for certain kinds of tree managing, it may not permit you to arrive at the tallest branches while utilizing a stage stepping ladder for tree managing. Ensure the spreader is connected and that the ladder is raised up on even ground. 

Additionally, try not to utilize the initial two stages as such. You require an alternate sort of stepping ladder assuming you can’t climb it.

Tripod Ladder

This stool is one more sort of stepping stool that can be used for tree managing. They’re great for cutting fences or cutting trees. Stand stepping stools are commonly more costly than other stepping stool types. 

They should be incredibly amazing and consistent enough to chip away at the lopsided ground, and they should have two legs at the base, with a solitary leg that can be put behind the tree or support to be nearer to the tree. The drawback stays that stand-stepping stools are difficult to save and move around.

Extension Ladder

It is another stepping stool you can use for tree managing. You will see that as it may require a spot to hang it, and it will probably be the most ideal decision for higher tree limbs. These stools will for the most part be inclined toward the tree or an extremely huge part of the tree for most of the time.

Mix Ladder

A mixed stepping stool can be used as a stage stepping ladder and an augmentation stepping stool assuming that you want the best of the two universes for tree managing. You can ascend the high branches and the more limited ones with one stepping stool. This is the right decision for some individuals.

Key Features to Look for in an Orchard Ladder

To be honest, some people do not want to spend on a ladder to use only for their orchard. Sometimes they use ordinary ladders for doing regular chores in the orchard. But there are differences in using a specialized ladder and an ordinary ladder for a specialized job. The performance and convenience speak of themselves. So, here are the features that make a ladder convenient to use in an orchard. 


To use a ladder in the orchard, it is better to take an expandable one. There are many telescopic ladders available in the market. The minimum height of the ladder should not be higher than the height of the trees in the orchard. Say, you have an orchard of newly blooming mango trees, then a 4 to 7 ft ladder should suffice. If it is a full-grown palm orchard, then 11 to 20 ft ladders would be necessary. Just make sure the folded height of the ladder does not overreach the trees.  

The Ground of the Orchard

Not all ladders are safe to work on uneven or terrain surfaces. Tripod ladder is the best, but stair ladder and A-line ladder also function well on uneven ground. So, make sure to check if the ladder is suitable for your orchard ground or not. 

Weight Capacity

People make the mistake of choosing a ladder only based on their body weight. But the ladders are used in the orchard along with power tools like saws and picked up fruits and so on. So, the added weight of those should also be taken into consideration. 

Tool Trey and Wide Steps

Talking about the tools and loads, the ladder must have a tool tray to make room for tools you use in the orchard. All the ladders we reviewed here offer tool rest that can hold multiple items so that you can work peacefully. 

Working on a ladder in the orchard takes time. So, the steps of the ladder should be wide enough. Stress-free and fatigue-free stepping on the ladder is the main motto here. 


You will be taking the ladder from one tree to another in your orchard. So, the ladder has to be easy to carry, expand, adjust, and lock. If these features take ages to perform, the ladder will create a nuisance instead of usefulness. 

Non-conductive Material

Are there any electric lines near your orchard? If not, though I suggest taking non-conductive ladders. Because these ladders are usually versatile and people use these in their homes as well. A non-conductive ladder is the safest option in both cases. 

Conversion Functionality

Again, you must be considering how many ways the ladder can be used other than picking fruits and cutting branches, right? Then you should consider how well the ladder performs when it converts from one design to another. 

Editor’s Note

Every orchard is different in terms of the types of the trees, ground surface, the height of the trees, and the size of the orchard, and so on. So, the ladder for the orchard also should be personalized. Don’t skip our tips to choose a ladder based on the configuration of your orchard. 

Using a ladder requires caution. Before stepping on the ladder, every time check that the ladder is placed properly and locked in place safely. Besides, proper storage and maintenance play a great role in the durability of the ladder.

Reviews of Suitable Ladders to Use in Orchard

1. Werner FTP6212 Fiberglass Tripod Ladder, 12-Foot Height

  • Fiberglass tripod ladder;
  • Height: 12 ft, 4,6,8,and 10  ft length are also available;
  • 300 pounds of load capacity. 
  • Weights 51 pounds. 

Our best pick for an orchard ladder is this tripod ladder from Werner. Pruning, branching, or picking fruits from medium-sized trees is safer with this model. As this is a tripod style ladder, it can be securely placed on terrain, uneven or rough surfaces. Besides, the single rail on the back helps to fit this ladder to the closest to the tree and also reaches awkward places. 

This is a no-slip, no-fail ladder. The steps are double riveted for comfortable stepping which also prevents accidental slipping. The same goes for the rubber feet as well. The tripod design eliminates the risk of ‘ladder walking’ which is common for four-legged ladders. 

There is a tool tray on the top. Keeping pruning tools or fruit bags is convenient for that tray. The rails on the sides of this ladder are molded. Hence, even after years of use, this ladder stays new and sturdy. 

The medium size and low weight of this ladder enhance its useability as an orchard ladder. It can also be used as a utility ladder indoors and outdoors, but its features make it best for use in the orchards. This ladder is backed by a lifetime guarantee upon manufacturing defects. So, even if the price is high for a 12 ft ladder, this remains a safe buy. 


  • Tool storage at the top;
  • Secured tripod ladder;
  • High weight-bearing capacity;
  • Fits in tight space;
  • Durable fiberglass material. 


  • Very expensive. 

2. Louisville Ladder 12′ Nonconductive Step Ladder for Orchard

  • Includes magnet tray, hardware tray, curved front, drill and tool slots, paint bucket holder, and pipe holder;
  • The ladder weighs 47 Pounds.

Need a hand maintaining the orchard? Then a tripod ladder is of no use. A step ladder is the best solution for pruning thick branches in orchards. This 12 ft fiberglass ladder from Louisville is made of fiberglass with a polymer coating. The ladder is non-conductive, safe to use near electric lines. 

Just like most other orchard ladders, this one is also rated as a 300-pound capacity. But the molded tool tray on the top is a piece of art. Not only in the orchard, holding pruning saw, electric saw, and other gardening tools, but this tool tray is also handy to hold paint buckets, power tools, nuts and bolts, carpenters toolbox and many more. This is the feature that makes this ladder versatile. 

‘Ladder walking’ is a common problem for step ladders, but not with this model. There are spreader braces on both sides to eliminate walking or slipping of the ladder feet. In a budget-friendly price range, this is a reliable ladder to use in orchards. 


  • Non-conductive;
  • Stable braces for safety;
  • Convenient tool slots and holders;
  • Affordable. 


  • Bulky for reaching hard to reach places. 

3. Little Giant Green King Kombo 6′-10’ Versatile Ladder

  • 6 to 10 ft extension length;
  • Step ladder, extension ladder, and leaning ladder combination design;
  • Weighs 22 Pounds;
  • 375 pounds of weight capacity. 

No need to bring different ladders to work on different purposes. This ladder can be used as a step ladder, extension ladder, and also a leaning ladder. That is why it is called ‘King Kombo’-the king of all combination ladders. The best part about this ladder is, it has a rotating wall pad. This pad helps to lean the ladder against the inner corner, outer corner, and studs. The wall pad gives similar support when the ladder is leaning against a tree. 

This ladder has a 6 ft length when folded and 22 lbs weight, which is convenient to store and carry around. It is the best choice for orchard owners who have a new orchard with growing trees. The extended length of the ladder will come in handy when the trees grow up. This is an advantage as the long ladders will overreach small-sized trees. 

Another unique feature about this ladder is its extreme weight capacity. With the 375 lbs capacity, this ladder offers the maximum capacity to use in orchards. 


  • Replaceable feet for different job sites;
  • Easy to store;
  • Non-conductive high visibility material;
  • Extends length. 


  • No cons. 

4. Little Giant Ladders, Velocity with Wheels

  • Multi-position ladder;
  • Maximum height 26 ft
  • The ladder weighs 300 lbs weight capacity;

Little Giant Ladders has brought this Multi-Use ladder with great maneuverability. Its maneuverability does not lessen when this ladder works as an A-frame ladder, step ladder, 90-degree ladder, wall ladder, or as a scaffold system. Yes, this one is impressively versatile and can convert to five different ladders with different functionality. 

The weight capacity is not a bit compromised to make it work as a 5 in 1 ladder. The 300 pounds weight capacity is more than any moderate orchard ladder than offers 300 pounds capacity. Moreover, the steps of this ladder have 1.2 inch wide rivets for added comfort. 

The range of this ladder is astonishingly wide. When it is placed as an A-frame ladder, only 4 to 7 ft of its length is used. On full extension, as a wall ladder, its height reaches up to 26 ft. However, its 40 pounds of weight may seem heavy, but the big and sturdy wheels underneath is a nice touch to carry around this ladder from one tree to another in your orchard. 


  • Versatile;
  • Easy to store;
  • Easy to maneuver;
  • Suitable for uneven ground;
  • Cheap. 


  • Heavy.  

5. Little Giant Multi-Position Ladder for Effective Use in Orchard

  • Functions as A-frame, extension, trestle-and-plank, 90-degree, and staircase ladders;
  • 13 ft step ladder with 22 ft maximum height;
  • Wheels for easy transport. 

While going for versatile ladders, we should pay attention to their adjustment. It is true for any equipment though. This multi-position ladder comes with easy adjustments. To move it from one function to another, only a simple knob is all it takes. They also named it after ‘rock lock adjuster’. This is how easy a multi-functional orchard ladder should be set. It takes some precautions to safely close the ladder. It may pinch your finger if the ladder is not carefully handled while closing. 

This 13 ft step ladder extends up to 22 ft as a leaning ladder. Adjustable length is suitable for trees of different heights. As the ladder is large and durable, its weight cannot be compromised. To make it easy to move, there are wheels underneath a pair of rails to port this 39 pounds giant from one place to another. 

Thankfully, this ladder has a work platform and cargo hold-two handy items to make fruit picking a lot fruitier. The price is a bit higher than the two ladders I have reviewed earlier. Considering its massive length, the price is reasonable. 


  • Cargo hold for carrying fruits;
  • Impressive length;
  • Easy adjustments. 


  • Needs caution to collapse the ladder. 

6. Little Giant Select Step 6 to 10-Ft Ladder

  • Height: 5 ot 8 and 6 to 10 ft;
  • 375 lbs weight capacity. 

When it comes to items with ultra-durability, there have to be unique materials to be used. For example, this 6 to 10 ft step ladder from the ‘Select Step’ series of Little Giant is made of fiberglass and resin.

This composite gives this ladder enough durability to carry 375 pounds of weight-the highest on this list. Besides, this ladder does not offer any other conversion feature, but still, it is the safest and most reliable in the market to work with around electric sources. 

The selective steps of this ladder are made extra-large to give heel to toe support. So, there will be less stress on you after standing on this ladder for a long time. This also has the identical ‘rock lock adjuster’ of any other ladders from Little Giant. However, this ladder transforms into a step ladder and a 90-degree ladder. This ladder brings an adjustable tool bags on the top. 

For unmatched durability, endless advantage, and ease of adjustment, this ladder comes to mind when I talk about orchard ladders. The only barrier to this ladder and the orchard owner is its high price. 


  • Extreme weight capacity;
  • Non-conductive;
  • Heel to toe support.


  • Expensive;
  • For a limited sized orchard only. 

7. Louisville Ladder 12-Foot Durable Fiberglass Ladder 

  • Ladder height: 12 ft;
  • Other options: 4 ft, 6 ft, 8 ft, and 10 ft;
  • Magnet tray, hardware tray, drill and tool slots, and pipe or 2×4 holder on top. 

Nonexpandable ladders are easier to use than telescopic ladders. For those who adore simplicity, this ladder is one of the most durable ones in the market. It has aluminum angle feet and reinforced rails for unmatched durability against wear. This is the reason behind its unusually high price compared to convertible type ladders. 

Though it is not expandable, it still serves as a shelf ladder and a step ladder. There is a V shape on the top of the ladder to make it convenient to lean against walls, poles, and of course trees. 

The molded tool shelf on the top can be used to keep power tools within reach while using this ladder indoors, for construction works, or for paint. This very tool trey is useful while using this ladder in the orchard. 


  • V shape top for safe leaning against trees;
  • Versatile use;
  • Works as a shelf and step ladder. 


  • Non-expandable. 

8. Little Giant SkyScraper Ladder

  • 103 pounds;
  • 11-21 ft step ladder;
  • Available Options: 15 ft and 17 ft. 

Basically, it is an 11 ft step ladder that expands up to 21 ft. This unusually long ladder works best for orchards with long trees like pine and eucalyptus. This ladder is made keeping the vaulted ceilings in mind to fix skylings or hand chandelier and so on. For this impressive height, this ladder can be placed spreading its legs avoiding obstacles. 

The folded dimension of this ladder is 8 x 43 x 139 inches. This size is easily stored in the house, garage and also not a problem to transport. Lock tab is included in this ladder so that it can be adjusted at any height from 11 ft to 21 ft. 

This ladder reaches twice the height of any ordinary ladder, so as its price. This ladder is a great investment to use in a high ceiling house and orchard with big trees. A tool rest would be a great advantage. 


  • Long warranty;
  • Reaches to an extreme height;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Easy to use around obstacles. 


  • No tool tray included. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall of a Plantation Orchard Ladder Do I Really Want?

The most famous models will deal with everything except the 10 – 12 feet tall and the largest tree. Organic product plants taller than 15 – 20 feet are well-pruned and watered by experts. Orchard stepping stools are helpful for collecting leafy foods for insects and diseases.

Are Orchard Ladders Suitable for Use Indoors?

No, orchard ladders are not suitable for use indoors due to their size and weight. They are designed for outdoor use and have a larger base than ladders used for indoor tasks.

How Much Does an Orchard Ladder Typically Weigh?

Most orchard ladders weigh between 10 and 20 pounds, depending on the size and material of the ladder.

Are Orchard Ladders Stable?

These have no spreader bars or locking elements to hold the front set up or settle the stepping stool. In order for a stand plantation stepping stool to work properly and remain stable, the stepping stool side rails and mounting shafts should penetrate slightly into the ground.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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