How to Refinish Wood Floors (Step by Step)

Published on: December 18, 2021
Written by Eric Devin / Fact-checked by David Rowan

The biggest thing about hardwood floors is that they last forever. It is on the basis that when the surface is deformed excessively by imprints, scratches, and scratches, you can fix it with a sand mesh and rebuild it. On the Wood Floor, we have remodeled many wooden floors in the Kansas City area and they look like new ones.

how to refinish wood floors

We make it easy with our dustless resurfacing process, regardless of whether your floors are seriously worn out or if your stain shade needs to be changed. With just a few quick steps we will be in and out of your home in just two or three days!

Here is the process of refinishing wood floors spread to our forehead. Furthermore, we guarantee, it’s true that it’s basic!

Utilizing Necessary Tools and Supplies

You will additionally need a story cradle, buffing cushion, screen sanding, pot finishing cushion, a respirator for natural smoke, and a window fan to complete the hardwood floor occupancy.

Instructions to Prepare for Refinishing

If you’ve installed your floor before, there are things you can do to make sure your experience is fast and flawless.

Remove Furniture from the Floor

First of all, remove the furniture in the area where the floors will be restored. So when the installers show up, they will have the option to move right away.

Calendar Activity Is Out of the House

There is no need to leave your own home with the current dustless reaping. Be that as it may, if our group operates in a common area of your home, it may be increasingly beneficial for you to plan a practice outside your home. It will make the experience feel less bitter.

Recover Any Belongings from Rooms Beforehand

Before we begin renovating the hardwood floors in your home, make sure to restore any resources you may need in the following 24 hours. For example, when you are launching hardwood floors in the corridor and you are using the day-to-day things from the washroom that started with the passage, you will not be able to get near when work begins.

Make your Pet a Case

To protect their pets, we recommend creating or keeping your pet. As a rule, mortgage holders will even enter a portion of the home.

To Refinish Wood Floors Step by Step

Step 1: Test for Grip

First, choose two test zones on the floor for any event: one from the high-traffic area, the other with a divider or in a storage room. Clean each zone with a wooden floor cleaner and a 6 x 6-in range. Regions with a sanding screen. At that point delete the sanding buildup, sweep it around the test zone, and level it with polyurethane.

Then, following 24 hours, investigate the polyurethane. It should be smooth, except for a few “bridles” brought on by dust particles. At the moment, tease the polyurethane with a coin. Press down temporarily, but not too hard – even a word ending can scratch your closing chance of pushing it as hard as possible!

In the event that the polyurethane is smooth and does not scratch off with moderate weight, your test is a triumph and you can recoat the floor.

Do this as it is, if the polyurethanes are broken when you scratch, or if the surface has a popped or orange-striped surface, there is a new finish to the old wrap from being followed properly. These “some” furniture can be clean, window cleaner or a hundred different things. Be that as it may, however, there is only one single arrangement: you need to get down on the exposed wood and begin to completely restore the timber.

Step 2: Money and Materials

Reclaiming a common floor of 200 square feet or so is a large part of the cost of sanding and rebuilding. The greater part of the reclaiming of hardwood floors is for leasing machinery and support, so reclaiming floors in two rooms is worth a couple of thousands more money than requesting a single room.

Each instrument and materials for this initiative are in the home focus and accessible on the web. Wood floor vendors carry a large portion of these items for remodeling hardwood floors.

This is what you’ll require for refinishing hardwood floors:

1. A fluid floor cleaner detail for wood floors.

2. Screw cushions to remove stains on the floor. Scotch bright is a regular brand. Normal steel sheep will work the same way, Still, you should not utilize steel fleece over off-steels if you want to employ a water-based finish; Medium particles of steel will cause rust stains.

3. The varnish brush is clearly made for applying varnish and another clean coating. Utilize ordinary fiber for water-based oils or fibers produced.

4. A completion tool cushion intended for applying floor wrap-up. You can purchase a long handle that screws into the container, however, any push sweeper handle will work. Several instruments are made for oil-based perfection; Others are made for water-based items. Check the name.

5. A breath that contains natural fume cartridges for passage through harmful drainage. When you are using mineral spirits and oil-based polyurethane. These breaths are expensive, yet completely basic.

6.  A gallon of mineral spirits, a 100-yard sanding screen, and a residue cover.

7. A cradle, which you can discover at a rental focus or on a ground surface store. You will also need an extra buffing cushion and sanding screen plates. The screens are accessible in a few corners. Utilize a 150 /120-rough if accessible. They are less fragmented than 100-thick in wood. Get three screens for a common room at any event. You can recover what you don’t utilize.

Step 3: Clean the Floor

A dull putty blade is convenient for scraping petrified bite gum and other guns. For acute imprints, utilize a hosed cushion with mineral spirits. Try the briefing off-screen that comes up short. When you clean, utilize bits of duct tape to examine any deep scratches, edges, or areas where they have been completely damaged. You will have the experience to consider this problem spots unique.

When you are cleaning your wood for a wood floor finishing venture, you can discover deep scratches that fall completely into the wood. While you generally can’t completely erase these scratches, you can make them significantly less observable. In the event of your floor being light or light from the floor shown here, you must first wet the scratch with mineral spirits. A wet layer of mineral spirits produces an almost identical appearance to a layer of polyurethane. What’s more, on a light shade floor, it can only obscure the scratch long enough to cover it.

Step 4: Vacuum and Tack

Leave the place for 10-15 minutes for the powder to settle. Put a perfect channel in the vacuum and clean the floor using a felt-bottled connection. Work according to the deck strips, wiping over them to get any powder that resides between the sheets.

Lastly, dry-tuck the floor with a microfiber material pushed along the grain.

Step 5: Buff the Floor

You have to go from one divider to the opposite of the house on the floor. Swing the cushion slowly as you go. Override each region on multiple occasions so that you do not cut it completely. To lift the support to your right, gently lift the handle. Swing it left and down the handle. To control dust, put fans in an open window, close the hydraulic, close the work area and cover a residue.

Clean the whole house by starting at the windowsill, molding, and any other surface where residue can accumulate. Vacuum the floor, this time with a mineral spirits hose. The cloth should be made free of charge and washed with no clinging agent, which may interfere with the bonding of polyurethane.

Step 6: Pick a Completion

Polyurethane is the best floor finish for a do-it-yourselfer. The other floor is either more or less substantially harder to work with.

Oil-based polyurethanes are easy to apply in the light of which they dry slowly, giving you more opportunity to spread and smooth the range. These have a yellow color and are gradually obscured over time, which can be positive or negative for restoring hardwood floors, depending on the look you need when rebuilding hardwood floors. A disadvantage of oil-based items is the horrendous fumes they radiate. Open your window and wear a respirator.

Water-based polyurethanes are generally more potent than oil-based variants. If wet, they have a smooth shade, but they are completely dry and clean. Smooth shades make these easy to see, so you tend to miss the spots when the wood is restored to the floor. All things considered water, water-based items are dried more quickly to apply the light.

Step 7: Reveal the Poly

Spread the 1-inch wide finish by the grain as fast as you can. The roller was taken care of with a 3-inch snooze spread utilizing it a few days ago, with the grain fully exposed, over the crosswise. Cover each pass and work fast to keep a wet edge.

Following 10 minutes, brush more ends at the edges, then pour and roll again for 10 minutes. Proceed until the floor is secured. Hold for 3 hours before recovering and seven days before returning the furniture.

How Do I Prepare the Floor for Refinishing?

To prepare the floor for refinishing you should:

1. Give the floor a thorough cleaning. Start by sweeping and vacuuming the floor to remove any dirt and dust. Then mop the floor with a mild cleaner.

2. Repair any damaged areas. Fill in any cracks or holes with wood filler or epoxy. Make sure to sand down the area after the filler is dry.

3. Sand the floor. Use a drum sander to sand the floor down to its original finish. Make sure to move the sander in the same direction as the grain of the wood.

4. Vacuum and mop again. Vacuum the sanded floor to remove any dust and debris. Then mop the floor with a mild cleaner again.

5. Apply a stain or sealer. Depending on the type of finish you prefer, you can apply a stain or sealer to the floor. For a stain, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. For a sealer, apply a light coat over the entire floor.

6. Apply a finish. Once the stain or sealer has dried, apply a finish of your choice. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’


Currently, your old hardwood floors will look new once more. Be sure to continue some circulation to the cells in which the new underground surface is introduced.

On the off chance that you likewise plan on putting new floors in your kitchen or a washroom, at which point you should source flooring materials providers who can assist you find proper floor tiles, tile, and additional covers.

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Hi, I am Eric Devin and I am a professional interior architect. Since childhood, I've always enjoyed DIY projects! And, I have loved to solve simple household problems using essential tools and equipment. I have also acquired a lot of information about basic household tools settings by working with contractors.

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