Best Echo Chainsaws: 4 Factors Have to Consider When to Choose It

Published on: March 18, 2022
Written by David Rowan / Fact-checked by Eric Devin

A chainsaw is reliable and practical for clearing, limbing, pruning, and cutting tasks on hand. As well as taking care of the lumber pile, cutting firewood and removing tree branches around the house. In short, it is a saw on a ready-to-go action. Also, the chainsaw’s portability allows you to move it around your job site.

echo chainsaws 4 factors have to consider when to choose it

Echo chainsaws worth their name produce such models for extensive applications. However, several powerful brands are available there. Like Stihl, Husqvarna and so on. Even people might get involved in the battle to choose between Husqvarna, Echo, and Stihl.

But the reliability of the chainsaw matters when it is about regular trimming, logging, climbing, and bucking. So does the Echo, maintaining it for close to a half-century in the timber industry. Below we have outlined the top 8-picks. Take the challenge to pertinent the motto of this brand.

How to Choose an Echo Chainsaw?


We recommend choosing any chainsaw by the material type it is made of. It is best you should understand the demand around your area before buying an aftermarket chainsaw. 

The materials used to generate a chainsaw, intend to accomplish short wooden tasks. If you are thinking of something solid, the type of hardwood to drive it through, demands more power than the softer materials need. If you have a real need to drive it through hardwood trees around your home, choose a bigger one because the smaller one can’t do the same thing yet. Somehow, larger chainsaws are heavier to transport and become very challenging to do the right job.

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Bar Length

Why is the bar length a big deal for users? Simple, this counterpart of your new Echo chainsaw ensures the cutting surface you will have with it. For instance, a 20” bar length can take down a big tree, instead of a 12” one. After settling on the material and engine output, you should take a look at the right bar length to meet your necessities. Neither the machine is of no use in extensive works. But choose it by maintaining the power output indeed.

Output Power

It is about chainsaws’ output power. People consider the best chainsaws, a more empowered engine with a huge fuel tank. But this is not the correct opting-out factor. Once a chainsaw might have a big motor, for instance, a roaring 50CC engine with an 18” bar, can cut everything as recommended in its manufactured box. But in real life, it may not do the same. If you have smaller jobs like pruning and limbing your trees, we recommend smaller chainsaws. Because almost all of the smaller ones have instant maneuverability. 

Safety Equipment

Taking account of safety precautions is vital, even if they do not come with the manufactured box. If you have user experience, it is nonetheless to say that you will check all the equipment out of the toolbox

Safety equipment, like goggles, hand gloves, PPE, and so on are not nice-to-have features. You may look for more, as blade guards and stop triggers as well. These are vital to prevent all unnecessary accidents while operating. So check first that they have been installed by the manufacturer and have secure sawing.

View Top 8 Echo Chainsaws, Below-

1. Echo CS-590 || 20″ Timber Wolf Chainsaw

  • Engine: 59.8 ccs;
  • Stroke: 2;
  • Bar Size: 20-inches.

A better aftermarket chainsaw, head start in our Echo chainsaw listing. Also, lightweight and environment-friendly tools that we bet never find the best alternative one like it.

Starting us off with Echo’s 20 inches bar, a 2-stroke motor is a breeze, from the Echo CS-590 series. Did we call it lightweight, why? Because this tool weighs only 17 pounds, it makes your transportation easier in further times. So, isn’t it a lightweight chainsaw? 

Jumping our concept to the operating things mode. Well, as long as it’s a 20-inches saw bar, it is perfect for cutting-off heavy-duty materials and maneuvering thicker trees. Its anti-vibration mechanism lets you get more control over the machine, for each precise cut and during a maneuver. Moreover, this would run okay with an 18” bar, if the oil hole, design, and bar’s bolt pattern are the same as it has. 

Featuring a chain oiler makes your money worthwhile for your machine. You can adjust it at ease, even if the fuel tank is bigger enough to work many times with a once-refilled fuel amount. 

If we consider the power of a motor, the Echo always comes up with the heaviest empowered engine. So, as well it delivers a 59.8CC engine at once from the purchase from the manufacturer. Including a chain breaker for customers’ safety, is handy too. 

What we liked

  • Long-bar length;
  • Safe for both professionals and beginners;
  • Compact design;
  • Powerful motor;
  • Anti-vibration handle.


  • Nothing found.

2. Echo CS-490 || Professional Grade Chainsaw

  • Engine: 50.2 CC;
  • Stroke: 2;
  • Bar Size: 20-inches.

Known as the most professional-grade chainsaw from the Echo series CS-490. Also, a refurbished product out of the toolbox has a tested and certified look to work as a new chainsaw. 

The product CS-490 starts up instant, not a big deal of how hot or cold its 50.2CC engine is. A side-access chain tensioner that schemed something, to allow easy and quick adjustment during maneuver time. That’s why every chainsaw lover found this specialty to buy most from a wide range of Echo chainsaw collections. If we consider the weight factor, you will love it much more as it weighs only 18.7 pounds. 

You can work in peace at your workplace. Because an incredible vibration reduction system reduces your machine’s sound either or keeps balancing the machine’s sound relative to your environment. Worth mentioning that its in-built air filter is very handy and increases your engine’s lifespan as long as possible.  

What we liked

  • Long-chain length;
  • Ergonomic handle;
  • Air filter;
  • Side access chain tensioner;
  • Much lightweight.


  • Consumes a lot of fuel.

3. Echo CS-3510 || 16-inches ChainSaw

  • Engine: N/A;
  • Power Source ‎gas-powered;
  • Bar Size: 16-INCHES.

Are you looking for a solid and mid-ranger chainsaw either? Or, a commercial-based compact design to handle it everywhere in your workshop? You hit the right chainsaw from the Echo CS-3510 series.

With its lightweight functioning, you will like it more for its different schemed things. It is its most reduced-effort starting system, which is not available in every single series chainsaw that you may find on tap. The ignition is so digital, it leads to no trouble at instant starting and further going of this chainsaw. This 12 pounds tool also ensures good portability.

Even the entire process is so simple, for instance, a purge bulb ensures more easy-going. A toolless entry with it will remind you of the rule of thumb. For instance, the fine tuning-up talks about the health of the motor and the air cover, which opens easy access at one tap.

You should always check that the chain is lubricated during its entire usage time. Because the oiler is automatic and can harm for no reason.

What we liked

  • Extremely lightweight;
  • Tool-less tune-ups;
  • Medium-sized saw;
  • Digital starter;
  • Long-chain;
  • Comfortable handle.


  • No cons.

4. Echo CS-400 || 18″ Gas Chainsaw

  • Engine: 40.2 CC;
  • Stroke: 2;
  • Bar Size: 18-inches.

This one is our most cost-friendly option from the Echo series CS-400, with an 18” gas bar. Also, the second most lightweight Echo gas chainsaw in our listing. The weight provides portability without worrying about being in fatigue condition.  

You will really get surprised when you come to know about the fuel tank weight, only 14 ounces including the oil from one purchase. Isn’t it really surprising? Considering the oiler factor, it is being set on auto-mode from the beginning. But you can adjust the oiler machine as per your need. 

Out of the oiler factor, only 2 HP, this small little 40CC engine is holding a kind of huge power package in itself. Besides, it is capable of maintaining a lot of pressure while cutting any material type at any precise shape. 

What we liked

  • Anti-vibration handle;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Adjustable oiler;
  • I-30 starting system;
  • Genuine OEM Echo parts.


  • Must integrate a big fuel tank.  

5. Echo Gas Chainsaw || 14 Inches Bar and 30.5CC Engine

  • Engine: 30.5 CC;
  • Stroke: 2;
  • Bar Size: 14-inches.

Next, the extreme trimmer from Echo with a 14” bar, in the disguise of a gas chainsaw is best for trimming tree branches. Also, better for sizing wood lumber to generate new furniture.

This more than a professional-grade and beginner-friendly product is often chosen for its under 7 pounds weighing. Rather cutting masters found the greatest portability by itself.

The bar length is also a breeze and perfect for small yard work. As long as you use it with care, the lifespan of the blade and motor will increase in your rest projects. Sounds small yet powerful, right? 

Unlike other anti-vibration handles, its handle is so ergonomic that you will not feel pain in your arms while operating your hard wooden piece. The rest of the counterparts are automatic like auto-oiled-up mode fixes up from the instant start-up. If you are an expert and need to adjust, pull down and oil up whenever you need it. 

What we liked

  • Inexpensive;
  • Small but powerful;
  • Beginner-friendly;
  • Anti-vibration feature;
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • Small bar length cuts small tree branches.

6. ECHO Chainsaw || 16 Inches Cordless w/Batt

  • Engine: 58V lithium-ion battery;
  • Stroke: N/A;
  • Bar Size: 16-inches.

We have a 6th head start with this 16” bar length Echo cordless chainsaw, a great model for both professionals and newbies alike. 

In general, chainsaws from well-established brands, especially ECHO, are manufactured with fuel tanks, which consume absolute gas and oil fuel. But this one works with a brushless motor that adds up a bit more power. Also, extend the machine’s run time as per your need, either to avoid worries about durability. 

Its lithium-ion battery and included charger give you a breeze while operating. The lithium-ion battery not only charges in the fastest way but lasts a long time also. This means you have no need to wait longer for battery charging, rather spending more time with your chainsaw as well as at the workshop.

An automatic oiler like others ensures longer chain life, as well as through optimum oiling procedure. An equipped chain break will further help it with more safety concerns. 

What we liked

  • Empowered by lithium-ion battery;
  • Brushless motor;
  • More added safety features;
  • Works quietly.


  • Heavy chainsaw;
  • Not easy-to-portable.

7. ECHO CS-271T || 12 Inches Chainsaw

  • Engine: 26.99 CC;
  • Stroke: 2;
  • Bar Size: 12-inches.

The penultimate ECHO chainsaw from the manufacturer with a 12” length bar. Not that much smaller, about 11 pounds than others but mighty power about 26.99 CC installed in itself. 

Manuverities, for instance, cutting trees or pruning them about 15-inches in diameter, are worth your money, right? Because along the big wood lumbers with the short ones being capable of cutting by such a great chainsaw. 

Unlike other anti-vibration handles, it keeps itself quiet while using this chainsaw at aggressive cuts. So you may have comfortable chops at ease and travel it anywhere in the workshop or room corners. What do you think is not perfect for a professional? Of course, it does from its title. 

But the chain replacement could become a downside for users. Because at first, you have to remove one of its nuts. Then, replace it with a new one which is free with the toolbox.

What we liked

  • Easy-to-use;
  • Maneuverable;
  • Small and compact;
  • Enough gas fuel tank capacity.


  • Not easy to attach a ring;
  • Quite expensive.

8. ECHO 12-Inches Bar Chainsaw

  • Engine: 25 CC;
  • Stroke: 2;
  • Bar Size: 12-inches.

Last but not least. An even smaller option that all have listed above is the Echo 12-inches bar, a gas-powered chainsaw. About 5 pounds, mighty in usage with a 25 CC engine at once. 

We experienced such a smaller but mighty chainsaw, whether the 12” bar possibly fit the CS-2511T model. So we do not recommend not to run on more than the bar length. Though it looks like a toy it serves more than a larger saw. 

Overall the cutting speed and precision scream like a banshee. For example, it used to cut 2 or 3 inches batches up that happen to fall off a small tree. You can get used to it 80% of the time by using it all day long. Featuring a sharp chain can get it up to full speed. We experienced handling 64 acres of wood and it never disappointed us.

We bet this neither to find a better compact design to compete with other well-reputed brands of chainsaws. 

What we liked

  • Extreme lightweight;
  • Compact design;
  • Works like a climbing saw;
  • Great saw chain.


  • Hefty-priced.


How to Maintain an Echo Chainsaw?

Almost all Echo-generated chainsaw models are always handy, so need less maintenance. Before starting to operate one of them, regularly check its gas and air filter. If they are not clean enough, clean and keep clear always up to deal with at any time. Remember to fill the proper oil and gas mixture into the tank. Worth checking out the anti-vibration handle for safe and peaceful mindful works. 

Hope these thumb rules for your chainsaw can provide you with good services for a longer time.

What Size Chainsaw Should You Select?

Do you want a home depot or a professional-grade chainsaw? The answer will lead you to the right one. We mentioned that smaller chainsaws are for smaller jobs, like clearing and limbing. Also, the larger ones are for big jobs, like taking down trees in a single phase. 

If you spend a huge time doing smaller jobs or light yard work once or twice a week, small chainsaws with bars and output power can fulfill your requirements. There are also some other crucial considerations for selecting an ideal chainsaw. It is about operator experience. Newbies and mid-level users should choose mid-level models. The professionals should start with the professionally graded ones indeed.

Which Chainsaw Should I Choose, Echo, Stihl, or Husqvarna?

It is up to your comfort, operator experience, safety features, and other vital equipment that is installed in the toolbox of a chainsaw model. Even if it is about selecting reliable components for the jobs, professionals rather prefer ECHO. 

Echo started its journey in 1972, by signing licensed deals to manufacture eco-friendly products as well. Professionals prefer to put their careers on the ECHO lines, so the quality design and functions of its chainsaws matter a lot. But beginners should not worry at all. Because Echo is also manufacturing beginner-friendly chainsaws, available at your fingertip in the nearest stores.  

Final Words

At the bottom line, you may have a clear concept of an ideal chainsaw to meet your demand. If you are struggling to buy one from the store, rely on our basic buyer’s guide for Echo chainsaws.

Still, other models have plenty of power being the aftermarket best product. We hope for a potential buying and later happy sawing.

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Hello, I am David Rowan. I am a professional contractor with 10 years of experience in home building, different tools used, construction, home remodeling, and other home improvement work. I have already built many custom homes and continued to do several woodworking projects along with how to deal with all categories of tools.

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